Non Lethal Weapons Documents Obtained from Wikileaks

Reference Report | Ramola D | March 10, 2021

The following documents have been downloaded from Wikileaks files and are being posted here for reference in the study of the history of use of non-lethal weapons and human rights abuses in relation to the use of non-lethal weapons on people. Note, some of these documents are not exclusive to Wikileaks. John Finch has long circulated the document posted at Wikileaks on email groups, and posted it also at Peace Pink, Soleil Mavis’ web site.

John Finch’s Document recording 100 Torture Case Summaries:

DescriptionTraining document for non-lethal weapons capabilities within detainee operations

US DOD Non Lethal Weapons Capabilities and Use in Detainee Operations 2005-6-30/History of First Use of NLWs in Somalia by USMC recorded here:

NOTE: At Wikileaks and online, information on the use of non-lethal weapons by police and military in-house in America can be gained by using these terms in Search: predictive policing, detainee operations, Safe City concept, prevention of drug addiction, anti-personnel DEWs, counter terrorism.