Report 226 | Jan 12, 2021 | Emma McCauley | Supporting Survivors & Whistleblowing on SRA & Child Abuse

Ramola D Reports Broadcast Center | Video Link | Jan 31, 2021

Correction from Emma (Thank you!): “Lieutenant General” not Attorney-General.

Whistleblowing conversation on the whole phenomenon of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and child trafficking to pedophile networks in the UK with Emma McCauley, a mental health counselor, therapist, and energy healer who is also a reporting survivor and in touch with other SRA survivors who not merely have been exploited and abused as children but who find their own children being taken away from them, often returned to the abusers by complicit Child Services, Police, and courts.

Emma relates how such abuse at tender ages results in disassociation of self and identity—what is termed DID in conventional psychology, Disassociative Identity Disorder—and how the abusers use techniques of Mind Control, creation of alters, hypnosis, and use of triggers to create multiple personalities in the psyches of the children they abuse, so as to facilitate extreme abuse and torture, trauma and intimidation as well as ensure the clouding of memory, a diabolical way to keep their victims from telling on them.

The recovery of memory is a long process, Emma reports, and sporadic in nature; she has been able to collapse alters and remember various events in her childhood, both the dark abusive ones and some happy ones of friendship with one childhood friend in part whom she reconnected with later in life and eventually married.

Emma hopes, as does this writer, that the telling of her story will encourage others and help bring their own stories forward. Those who have experienced such abuse and seek support and advocacy are encouraged to connect; Emma hopes to work with others in the field of counseling and law and help bring abusers to book through both exposure and lawful prosecution, possibly through common law courts..

Also discussed is the wrongful arrest and jailing of barrister Wilfred Wong, longtime SRA exposer, who was trying to help a mother recover her child from the clutches of an abuser when arrested and miscast as a pedo-trafficker himself; these are false charges which need reversing. Wilfred Wong recommends that people on the outside use the situation of his incarceration to highlight and expose SRA and child trafficking and work to bring these atrocities to an end.

Ramola D Reports | Report 226 | Jan 12, 2021 | Emma McCauley | Supporting Survivors & Whistleblowing on SRA & Child Abuse



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Link for video discussed in interview: Services, Fam Court Corruption and the Satanic Agenda