NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart: Letter to U.S. Attorney’s Offices in Maryland and Florida, June 8, 2017

June 8, 2017
United States Attorney

Dear Madam,

Thank you for your willingness to accept an email correspondence from the public. As I said, this topic is best addressed in a way that requires the capabilities of email.

As I said, my name is Karen Stewart, I was a 28 year veteran of the National Security Agency (NSA) at Ft. Meade, MD. I experienced egregious wrong-doing there toward the end of my career which has led me through a multi-year journey that has ultimately exposed criminal and treasonous crimes being committed by people who have infiltrated government outright or have infiltrated or perverted government by association as contractors, or influence peddling of corporate and private interests by the unduly influential – many of whom extract dubious at best, favors from managers about to retire and work in the private sector.

I have enclosed a link to an article about a letter I recently wrote to NSA’s Director, Admiral Rogers, explaining my personal plight, https://everydayconcerned.net/2017/04/02/no-acknowledgment-from-dirnsa-admiral-rogers-of-internal-nsa-misconduct-and-retaliation-newly-reported-by-nsa-whistleblower-karen-stewart/, which eventually led me to discovering a national situation that requires immediate attention. https://everydayconcerned.net/2016/05/26/nsa-whistleblower-karen-stewart-synopsis-of-the-silent-holocaust-taking-place-in-the-united-states/ .

I had innocently discovered a situation at NSA that made me a target of rabid, vicious slander and smear attempts as well as horrific and illegal stalking harassment by NSA Security to protect themselves and higher ups from exposure for criminal and treasonous acts. I had accidentally discovered the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, when I asked the now disgraced and fired NSA IG, George Ellard to investigate the theft of credit for my 2002/2003 award-winning, Operation Iraqi Freedom intelligence report series (witnesses available), which had been estimated to have saved over 2,000 American lives, in order for dishonest NSA management to promote and reward a woman sleeping her way through the NSA Weapons & Space Directorate – which should have been investigated by Security and then many people fired. But protocol was oddly entirely ignored by NSA Security, because they were compromised, as was was Ellard. A honeypot was being run to blackmail W&S upper management and I had called attention to it by accident.

At that point, NSA Security was told by Ellard to find a way to railroad me out of NSA, destroy my career, shut me up, discredit me and even attempt to destroy my retirement and healthcare. I filed an EEOC lawsuit in 2010, which was accepted but is yet to be adjudicated though NSA has made it clear they intend that I do not survive to have my day in court. But this breach of employment ethics is not the issue, it merely leads to the reason I am contacting you. See Memo to Trump:

Having been at NSA for 9/11, I was also aware that certain analysts in my area claimed that they had discovered the plot that was carried out on September 11, 2001 months ahead of time in detail rich enough to thwart it completely and had tried fruitlessly to issue warnings about it. One such man, lives in Pennsylvania and I can put you in touch with him if you can protect him from harm. He and another gentleman who was an analyst in the same office, both told me exactly the same story, though years apart, that not one of the people who had died on 9/11, could not have been saved by the intelligence they had gathered. Not one person had to die. Yet, both men told me of vicious harassment and threats against them from NSA upper management and Security that, were these analysts to try to issue such reports to the appropriate authorities, they would have their careers and lives destroyed. For one, that came true anyway.

The man in Pennsylvania was stalked and threatened by NSA Security for years after he was railroaded out of his job for false psychological pretense by a known unscrupulous NSA Psychologist. (See list of articles below: NSA Articles enumerated – second article, “ J “ is the potential National Security witness in Pennsylvania who can testify that 9/11 was at the very least, knowingly allowed to happen, which is conspiracy, mass murder and treason. Other articles show a history of NSA abuse. Post 9/11. )

Years later (2016), the discovery was made by a real estate agent and entrepreneur (whose name I provide below with her interview on the topic) in Arizona, who was investigating something for me, that several of the 9/11 victims had had such things as life insurance policies, trust funds, and joint-owned properties taken out in their names just before the 9/11 attack by people who were seemingly associated with the Department of Defense, but no relation to the victims, and several states away. The names of 9/11 victims chosen for this search were purposely based on the highly unique names of specific victims, which were unlikely to be mere coincidental dopplegangers . All of them turned up with mystery properties, trust funds, and insurance policies that enriched non-relatives, if not total strangers but with a DOD link.

This woman was researching the same type of thing in regard to a threat made to me in 2015 by Bill Black, Jr., who was the 16th Deputy Director of NSA when 9/11 was “in the making”. (Note: Deputy DIRNSA Barbara McNamara was replaced in 2000 with Black, who came out of retirement and employment with SAIC at the behest of DIRNSA General Michael Hayden, some say because she would not agree to the 9/11 operation or related issues and he had not such qualms.) When Black threatened me, it was in reaction to a Twitter remark I made about being there at NSA right after 9/11 and being told by multiple first hand sources that 9/11 was preventable (no classified information, methods or means were revealed). Black’s threats implied arranging my death and the researcher has found documentation she claims implicating Black in the same sort of insurance fraud scheme placing life insurance policies, trust funds, and properties in my name and his or mine with affiliated front entities.

Mr. Black is reportedly so enamored with his scam that he has nicknamed himself “the snuffer” (as in snuffing people out), and is even using that to encode and file such properties under that search term and others which he has taken out on other intended murder victims. I was found to have 13-14 pages of “policies, trust funds, and properties” with Black and associates though I in actuality own nothing with anyone other than my husband and that is our house. This research was turned over to the Phoenix, AZ FBI a few weeks ago by the researcher.

By the way, Bill Black (or his son) apparently has a residence in Chicago, IL under the alias “Martin Dooley”.
Xxxx-x Waveland, Chicago, IL 60613

Synopsis of Scam

The scam goes like this, a member of the good old boys’ club, Intel Community, Feds, contractors, powerful people connected to such, reports an intended victim (known innocent person) to an element of the Department of Homeland Security for “suspicious behavior”. Due to former President Obama’s 2013 downgrading of the criteria upon which a person can be put on the terrorist watch list, to “less than probable cause”, no real vetting is done, in fact, overzealous DHS/FBI/Fusion Center types seem to be encouraged to cook the books in regard to fabricating a secret, falsified dossier to ostensibly fit DHS and FISA criteria.

You will note that Congressman Trey Gowdy was filmed grilling a DHS manager before the Congress on whether a person could find out if she or he was on the watch list or if they could appeal being on the watch list if they thought it was a mistake. The DHS official claimed neither was possible and the requests would be waved off under the claims of “National Security”. (Note: it is illegal to classify something merely to hide its illegality). So Congressman Gowdy established that DHS was in full violation of the 4th Amendment. Even more shocking is the claim by the aforementioned researcher, that DHS upon investigation, is actually registered as a “for profit” private entity.

There would seem to be even more reasons in revelations to come that DHS has a profit interest in putting as many innocent people on the watch list as possible.

TRPH- Ex D.H.S. Wife Midge Mathis Exposes the DEEP STATE – Mixcloud

And her research protégé speaking on the scam:

Oregon Senator Wyden, has in the past requested that people inform him of “secret misinterpretations of post 9/11 emergency laws by the intelligence community for their own agendas”, because he has gotten wind of serious abuses. He is right. The DHS, NSA, Military, etc. have been briefed by corrupted officials under color of law, i.e. Homeland Security, that anyone on the watch list is secretly stripped of their Constitutional, Civil and Human rights and may indeed be assassinated without cause or due process. Oklahoma Senator Lankford has been apprised of the thousands of innocent people on the terrorist watch list and has been looking into blanket appeal, removal, and remuneration so that each victim is not forced into financially daunting lawsuits.

This open season on people illegally and immorally blacklisted and targeted is in clear violation of the 4th Amendment by post 9/11 laws that themselves clearly violate the Constitution and the Supreme Court decision and affirmation in Marbury v. Madison, that “any law contrary to the Constitution is void”. Yet this is the legal sleight of hand that is fueling the boom in the Homeland Security scam operation, which has exploded into a fascistic (business merges with government to serve business interests to the detriment of the population), predatory operation, not only robbing the government and tax payers for a fraudulently bloated threat, but actually asset-stripping random citizens and thereby the insurance industry and real estate business, through their murders.


In addition, the failsafe protocols put into place to keep the victims from receiving the appropriate help before they can be murdered, such as equal protection under the law, due process, or even media coverage, are diabolical in their efficacy and cruelty.

The DHS apparatus, which is on record as having consulted ex-KGB and ex- German Secret Police experts (renowned for oppression not protection) in the set up of DHS and its operational protocols and methodologies, notifies the Fusion Centers of a “national security threat” in their area, which brings a financial windfall into the community for law enforcement, affiliated business partners (shareholders), even local media, and the FBI-created “Infragard” or other Community Policing groups, which are paid under-the-table with gift cards, services such as carpet cleaning, landscaping, new roofs, or gifts of new appliances, cars, trips, etc., arranged by proxy entities such as the Lockheed Martin “William Patrick Cox” home business franchise, undefined business.

Infragard and other proxy civilians (referred to by General Milley as a secret, illegal domestic “hybrid army” which too is unconstitutional) are then exposed to expert psychological group programming to think that they are super patriots protecting their community and nation from the most heinous of evil-doers – the falsely accused and illegally targeted victim – who is then outrageously vilified as anything from a pedophile, rapist, prostitute, wife-beater, anti-semite, conversely zionist, anti-christian or pro-christian bigot, racist, traitor, drug addict, pet murderer, etc., whatever plays best in the community to instill hate and fear beyond reason, and a willingness as a mob to conspire to deny that person his Constitutional rights and to extra judiciously inflict punishment of the individual by the community even lethal punishment.

Protocol of harassment surveillance of wrongfully watch listed victims, based on East German Secret police methodology called “Zersetzung”, which translates to “deconstruction”, meaning the deconstruction of every element in a victim’s life with the ultimate goal of forced suicide, incarceration, forced acting out in reaction to unimaginably inhumane torture and harassment, that gives law enforcement license to kill, or just a murder by the proxy civilian vigilantes by various covert means.

The fake patriot dupe vigilantes (domestic terrorists) are split into groups,
a) Those on rotating shift who are assigned to “cover” the victim by sitting in nearby in cars on every approach or egress to his home for several hours, “surveilling” him, sometimes honking in choreographed tandem in certain patterns to alert him that he is being watched 24/7 (“Cast Iron coverage” in NSA vernacular) to evoke paranoia, doubt, terror, confusion and stress or make such reports to authorities sound delusional, which negates the person’s credibility but also signals those in the know that this person is blacklisted from any normal help.

b) Those who are assigned to sit nearby in parked cars to allow them to follow the target anywhere and everywhere he goes, with the purpose of surrounding, impeding him, annoying him in everyday matters. Often car accidents are staged to enrage, frustrate, vandalize, inconvenience, or cost the victim time and money or even hurt or kill him (once insurance policies have been maxed out by the group. These people also are assigned to stalk the person into and around stores, church, school, doctor offices, to annoy or intimidate, etc.) Again, an attempt to purposely design harassment to sound delusional if reported;

c) Those “off duty” are still incentivized to passively stalk the victim by reporting random encounters in public through a Github social media site for Infragard and other vigilantes. The victim’s cell phone is secretly “tagged”, and if the victim comes within range of a vigilante, their phone alerts them, they go to the site to scroll through the list of “bad guys” and their photos for their area, scour the area, and upon recognition, report via text the time, the location and the name of the “bad guy” whom they are reporting. The intent here is the constant repetition of strangers alerting the victim to constant surveillance for intimidation purposes, no one really cares where the victim is or what mundane he is doing. The “snitches” get $100 per call, according to them.

d) Neighbors who are compensated with under-the-table remuneration for allowing FBI or Fusion Center personnel to use or teach them how to use “surveillance” equipment on the victim. This is a purposeful misuse of the word surveillance as a legalistic sleight of hand and subterfuge for utilizing what can be called “non-lethal” weapons (which certainly are indeed lethal and were always designed to be so, according to military intelligence investigator and weapons expert Paul David Gaubatz, one of my contacts) These “surveillance” devices are then used illegally (18 US Code) by FBI, Fusion Center or Infragard assassins against non-combatant, innocent civilians to “slow-kill” them from anything from induced cancer to induced heart-attack, etc. so the illegal assassinations can be deemed “natural causes” by ignorant or complicit coroners, though anomalies are noted at times but inexplicable to those not versed in such weaponry. Non-lethal weapons are merely lethal weapons used at a limited power, for a supposed short duration. However, the use of these weapons over prolonged periods of time, especially 24/7 for weeks, months, years – wreak havoc on biological entities such as human beings. Lethality is a foregone conclusion.

NOTE: According to P. David Gaubatz, of xxxxxx, VA., the military tested “non-lethal weapons” on truck loads of dogs gotten dubiously, trucked in to bases for military testing after cover of darkness, and killed horrifically with such weapons as weaponized microwave, electromagnetic, ultrasonic and infrasonic, lasers, Radio Frequency, radars, etc. The fake watch list and liberal assassination parameters “allowed” against declared terrorists enabled by illegitimate post 9/11 laws, actually facilitate much coveted but normally illegal weapons testing on non-consensual human beings up to actual injury and including lethality. (These “non-lethal” weapons are often actually classified as Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), which have been in development for about 6 decades and were demonstrably used in Iraq, especially at the Fallujah Airport where the American military could make no gains in the battle until they rolled in DEWs and cooked enemy forces. Since these weapons are not approved by the Geneva Convention, the Iraqi corpses and top 2 inches of top soil showing radiological contamination were buried in a secret location in the desert).

Links: https://www.democracynow.org/2006/7/25/u_s_broadcast_exclusive_star_wars

e) Those who are needed for the really dirty work, actual criminals known to local law enforcement, who are needed to conduct the vicious, illegal, sadistic and intended lethal activity against the victim, which those representing the Federal government and law enforcement do not wish their fake patriot dupes to know about as it does not fit into the über patriot scenario painted for the duped proxy stalkers. The criminal activity is engaged in not only for aforementioned remuneration, but also for illicit drugs, suspended or dropped criminal charges or carte blanche for continued criminal activity. These are the pet-mutilators or killers, vandals, thieves, rapists, identity theft experts, and murderers of the victim and/or family members. They are sent to tailgate the intended victim with a mobile directed energy weapon installed the front of the engine, or irradiate any place he goes from store to restaurant to church to a friend’s home, in order to keep the victim exposed to the electronic poisoning of every cell in his body for as much of 24/7 as possible to expedite catastrophic biological failure leading to death. Collateral damage to others, be it the elderly or the very young, or to the entire unsuspecting community, is discounted entirely though the danger to those defined demographics is significant.

See: https://www.google.com/search?q=health+risks+electromagnetic+radiation&rlz=1C9BKJA_enUS710US710&oq=health+dangers+electromagnetic&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l3.15350j0j4&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

f) The last group of conspirators, is comprised of professionals duped by Federal edicts in regard to the watch list and the dubious right of the Federal government to declare a non-citizen, non-human class of people upon whom any abuse may be heaped with proper protection and care from professionals like police, EMTs, firefighters, doctors, nurses, who are either forbidden to actually render aid or persuaded/bribed/coerced to further abuse the victim under the guise of “National Security” but actually for the benefit of normally forbidden but potentially lucrative medical experimentation that is tortuous and also ultimately lethal. These abuses, which often are based on covert, non-consensual medical chip implantations, are not necessarily for the benefit of the arms manufacturers and the military, as are the DEW assaults, but rather for “medical science”, and corporate profits, again taking advantage of the legal sleight of hand that renders falsely accused citizens non-human property of the US Government, to utilize and dispose of as it pleases.

Who is targeted for such abuse? It would appear to be targets of opportunity (estimates are that 70% are older single or widowed women), ex-wives of the power elite or good old boys club, rivals, business partners no longer wanted, outspoken critics of the power elite, those with threatening knowledge of wrong-doing by the power elite such as whistleblowers, fearless journalists, creative people whose ideas and intellectual property is coveted by others, others who may simple have real property or an annuity or inheritance coveted by someone connected, someone whose knowledge or business is seen to infringe upon another’s earning potential, petty vendettas, asset stripping, or a certain genetic make up or anomaly that interests certain parties to exploit. Some are targeted to produce incited reactions to set them up for incarceration to fill privatized prisons, or private mental health facilities to facilitate yet more illegal experimentation, or to produce active shooters such as Myron May, to further the agenda to rescind the 2nd Amendment. The matrix of Federal employees, contractors, medical labs/pharmaceutic companies, real estate/land development companies, in “the Alliance” is staggering but quite real. Some know quite well what they are involved with, others are dupes. They form the real existential threat to our country, rule of law, and civilization as we know it. It is a Shadow Government/Crime Syndicate operating below the surface, feeding off of the populace and economy just as a parasite would, though at such a rate that the host, our country, will indeed be killed off, set into a state or anarchy or simply a thugocracy, a kakistocracy of predators and prey only, with real skills and civilization-supporting productivity lost.

In past years, under President Obama as well as President Bush, laws were applied or ignored or even misapplied at the whim of the Whitehouse, with no regard to the Constitution, and many entities, such as DOJ, FBI, etc., simply followed suit with the example of blatant lawlessness set by scofflaw and therefore arguably illegitimate leadership. However, with this new administration (Trump) there seems to be a genuine concern for “We the People”, the Constitution, Human, Civil Rights and integrity. The Federally institutionalized sociopathy if not psychopathy towards the citizens of the USA would appear to be waning, no longer tolerated with depraved indifference and even vilified as un-American if not treasonous. For years proper authorities have been ignoring legitimate pleas from innocent citizens illegally put on a whimsical and seditious kill list, which has never been acceptable in a civilized world, but for these authorities to continue to ignore this subversion of the US is indeed criminal and treasonous, and is described as “misprision” in section 4 of 18 US Code, I believe. A real investigation is needed, and the application of laws regarding such crimes, like those specified in 18 US Code section 241 & 242, conspiracy to deprive someone of their Constitutional rights either by civilians or under color of law, among many other laws delineating domestic terrorism by law enforcement as well as civilians, have to be applied. The Constitution demands it as the supreme law of the land, not mere suggestions.

President Trump has already affirmed that he knows about egregious abuses with domestic surveillance, he even has said publicly and recently that the abuses he is learning about are so big that they ought to be our number one priority as a nation. The famous Civil and Constitutional Rights lawyer Larry Klaymen, has been apprised of this situation and threat to our nation, and has President Trump’s ear. Mr. Klayman has acknowledged to me shortly ago that he has been apprised of my circumstances, among many others, as an accidental NSA whistleblower, a wrongfully accused, wrongfully watch-listed, black-listed, and kill-listed innocent American citizen, whose illegal targeting proves Federal and specifically NSA and NSA personnel involvement in this crime syndicate that has infiltrated, perverted and subverted the US government as a tool to be used by the Deep State crime syndicate which for all intents and purposes, is Murder Incorporated, making billionaires and overlords of those who betrayed the country and commit treason and war against it at this very moment.

This “take-over”and subversion of the US government by a crime syndicate must be dealt with now before it is too late. Start with my case, ask the FBI in Phoenix, AZ to forward you copies of the documents showing Bill Black Jr. aka Martin Dooley, intends to profit from my murder via the sham DHS/Fusion Center/Infragard covert war on and asset-stripping scam of innocent Americans falsely and ludicrously secretly accused of terrorism. Demand to see how and why and by whom my name was put on any Watch List, be it fraudulently or the real Terrorist Watch List (if there even is one?), or whether it was put on a fake Watch List and presented as authentic to misuse Homeland Security entities and/or law enforcement such as FBI, Sheriff’s Departments, Police Departments, etc. as brown shirt thugs and murderers by the purposeful misinterpretation and misapplication of post 9/11 law. I can tell you to demand such information from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in Tallahassee, Florida from 2015-2016 (Oct), then demand the same information from the Maryland Fusion Center, which has contracted the slander and libel-based stalking harassment, and 24/7 DEW assaults on me, my home, my family since November 2016 to present. I would guarantee that the contract kill transferred to the Maryland vigilante assassins when I returned to Maryland to take care of some things and that with guidance from the real estate expert I mentioned above, you could find a lot of life insurance policies, trust funds, and properties unknown to me, unauthorized by me, in the state of Maryland. This unholy “Alliance” (see Infragard membership!) is operating as a profit sharing partnership – based on victims’ exterminations. DHS, NSA, Fusion Center owners, etc., are becoming blood money billionaires under the noses of the remnant government. Please share with DOJ Head Jeff Sessions, Congressman Trey Gowdy in his new Homeland Security position, new FBI Director, Christopher Wray, and of course, President Trump.

There is now a record that you received this, please act on it. I will be sending out, cc’ing numerous others as well, to include journalists not afraid to tackle this topic, journalists who know the courage of our Founding Fathers must be found again or we perish as a people and nation.

Thank you,

Karen M. Stewart

NSA Articles enumerated – Criminal abuses following 9/11

First article:

2005 – names Dr. Dina Wieczynski and other fraud NSA Security psychologists used to purposely circumvent the No Fear Act in order to retaliate against protected whistleblowers.
“NSA Accused of Psychologically Abusing Whistleblowers.”

Second article:

Jan 2006: “NSA Allegedly uses false psychological Characterizations to Curb Whistleblowers.” – Don Soeken

Third article:

Jan 2006: “NSA Accused of Psychologically Abusing Whistleblowers.” – Sherrie Gossett (Parts I & II)

Fourth article – Gives names and titles of Q Group villains:

Jan 2011: “Young Males Sexually Harassed at NSA” – Dr. Eowyn

Fifth article:

Feb 20, 2014 ” EXCLUSIVE:Former NSA employee Speaks out on its corruption “

Karen Stewart speaks out on NSA Corruption

Midge Mathis exposes the Deep State (DHS/Watch List scam murdering innocent Americans)

TRPH- Ex D.H.S. Wife Midge Mathis Exposes the DEEP STATE – Mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/The_Red_Pill/trph-ex-dhs-wife-midge-mathis-exposes-the-deep-state/

Karen Melton Stewart
NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.

Witnesses to my employment, my award-winning work, its theft, my persecution, available upon request,
psychological experts (plural) to vouch for my soundness of mind, available upon request.

Letter sent to the House Special Committee on Intelligence Oversight in 2016 available upon request.

Letter sent to the House Special Committee on Intelligence Oversight in 2016 available upon request.

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