NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart: US Government Abuses




Directed Energy Weapons are being tested in your neighborhood non-consensually under the auspices of DHS / FBI / Fusion Centers under the guise of long-term “Terrorist Watch List investigations”. Complicit neighbors are poisoning you and themselves for under-the-table tax dollars. Electromagnetic energy causes Cancer in all  biological life. The unborn and children are most at risk. DNA damage is likely.

HISTORY of COVERT ABUSES In the 20th Century:

  • Project MK Ultra, Subproject 68
  • Mustard Gas Exposure on soldiers in gas chambers
  • Deadly Chemical Sprays over U.S. Cities
  • Intentional Exposure of Guatemalans to Syphilis, left untreated
  • Manhattan Project: Plutonium & Uranium Injections
  • Agent Orange Injections Given Prisoners
  • Operation Paperclip – WWII Nazi Scientists given US Citizenship
  • Puerto Ricans Injected with Cancer
  • Department of Defense Exposes Blacks to Extreme Radiation – 7500 x normal X-ray
  • Operation Midnight Climax – CIA Brothels in NY & SF exposed Clients to LSD
  • S. PACIFIC ISLAND Radiation Fall Out / PROJECT 4.1
  • TUSKEGEE, AL 400 Black Sharecroppers Exposed to Syphilis, left untreated.

SEE:  EverydayConcerned.net ; FreedomForTargetedIndividuals.org

Karen Melton Stewart, retired NSA Intelligence Analyst

PDF version for a Flyer: NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart: US GOVERNMENT ABUSES