NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart: Letter to Pastor Jeffress Regarding Fraud Watch List & the Associated Electronic Torture

July 5, 2019

First Baptist Church of Dallas, 1707 San Jacinto, Dallas, TX 75201.

Dear Pastor Jeffress,

I am writing to you in regard to a silent holocaust going on in the USA today, which we have alas, spread throughout the world. I am enclosing articles for you to review as you can.

I am a retired National Security Agency Intelligence Analyst, with 28 years experience.  I ran afoul of the Deep State criminals, who have infiltrated everything, while at NSA when I attempted to request an investigation by the NSA Inspector General (George Ellard), who Trump later fired and replaced due to Ellard’s known corruption.  [Details enclosed in a separate article.]

After dutifully trying to submit an investigation request, I suddenly found myself the object of a fake “investigation”, which was in reality a slander and libel campaign based on total fabrications, as well as the object of group stalking harassment by NSA Security and contractors and later, civilians (Infragard). I had stumbled across something not only unethical but criminal and treasonous and they were out to destroy me.  This is the present day methodology to deal with whistleblowers and circumvent the law, false accusations, vicious harassment, then a fraudulent psychological attack.

Unfortunately, when I first started giving interviews it came to my attention that perhaps hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life were being “ambushed” and persecuted. Many were righteous whistleblowers, journalists who spoke truth, or advocates and activists for moral causes.  But I also met many who seem to have been randomly chosen, in fact most seem to have been.  They all had the above attack methodology in common, sudden fear and hate mongering rumors, 24/7 stalking harassment, etc. but from neighbors and strangers. 

I have come to learn that DHS FBI affiliated Fusion Centers are tasked with throwing innocent people onto their fraud Watch List, creating false dossiers upon demand, disseminating lies, training and running Infragard 24/7 mercenary civilian stalking and harassment teams. (Harassment: break-ins, vandalism, pet theft, mutilation, murder, staged car accidents, hit and runs, vehicle travel impediments, spreading rumors at churches, work, clubs, neighborhoods, prank calls, getting the person fired, etc.) Their “game” is destruction for destruction’s sake and cruelty for cruelty’s sake. Infragard is paid well through under-the-table gift cards of our tax dollars to wage a secret war on innocent Americans. 

A horrific aspect to this is that anyone thrown onto the Watch List is apparently secretly declared without rights, no Constitutional, no human, no civil rights.  Police are told to not allow police reports by this new secret class of “Untouchables” and to NOT render them equal protection under the law. In fact, police are encouraged to protect the harassers and blame the victim if the opportunity arises, even using perjury and false arrest. 

The declaration after 911 that the US has the right to assassinate terrorists is now “secretly” interpreted to give Military Industrial Complex entities the “right” to use war grade poisons, gases and Directed Energy Weapons on these new “non-humans” in their own homes and is a bonanza to gathering “biospecimen data” to present to investors on the efficacy of these new weapons. Covert GPS RFID chips keep the victim targeted 24/7 unable to elude these Police State predators, and covert chipping and nano-injections enhance the pain and lethality of certain weaponry.  When a contractor needs new test subjects, apparently more innocent people get thrown onto the Watch List.

I myself was thrown onto the Directed Energy Weapons Kill List for suing NSA for unjustly firing me in whistleblower retaliation, for refusing to be intimidated into giving up my Constitutional Rights, and for speaking out about 911 indeed being an inside job to promote the Police State subversion of the USA. I have suffered SUDDEN heart damage, bleeding in the brain, a suspected brain lesion, retinal scarring, several bouts of suspected radiation dermatitis from overnight DEW attacks (like those our diplomats in China and Cuba suffered), and a pre-cancerous condition from the DEW fields projected onto my home, my car, my person 24/7 which are known to be mutagenic. Several of my pets have died as well from such affects. The first was “cooked” internally during a horrific early attack in the night that knocked out appliances, and destroyed a router and my iPhone.

I understand that Trump has his hands full but we are being tortured and murdered with these devices and more daily.  Trump needs to SHUT DOWN these secret torture and kill programs and DENOUNCE them. Fusion Center and Infragard NEED TO BE ARRESTED and held as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS and charged with conspiracy to deprive of rights, torture, murder, human trafficking, crimes against humanity, war crimes and treason.

Please pass this on to President Trump and his Spiritual Advisors. We need relief NOW. One of us has just died, murdered, and many more have been murdered or driven to suicide.  The longer this is ignored, the more of us will die. We cannot wait for Trump to win first then address this. No question this was the Beast System sneaking up on a sleeping, apostate world.

Thank you for your time,

Karen Melton Stewart / Kams56@me.com

PDF copy of letter: https://everydayconcerned.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/pastor-jeffress.pdf

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