NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart: CIVILIAN DUPES & the Police State, “Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the American People”

So, someone with authority (DHS / FBI / FUSION CENTER or even Civilian INFRAGARD) came to you to enlist your help, you, who has little to no law enforcement training whatsoever.

They said one of someone in the area is a suspected “threat” and they need your help to “watch” them. They don’t have enough proof or evidence to arrest or even question the person, mind you, but they need unqualified CIVILIANS to intrude upon the person’s life, who they just told you is “a threat”, theoretically endangering the unqualified civilian’s own life and their family’s – for gift cards.

The authorities will either have you put on a schedule to follow and report every little thing the person does or will give you a “device” to train on the person’s home (and everyone in it) 24/7. Oh, and if you follow them by car or by foot, you are also given a “device” to train on them while they drive, walk, bike, visit friends, go to the doctor, get groceries, etc. Of course, the device is trained on them and anyone/everyone near them as well. And YOU are told to be careful of the device yourself, proving it is unsafe. Smell a rat yet?

What are you told this “device” is? Are you told it is “surveillance equipment”? Are you told it is “sophisticated mind control” to keep the target from “becoming violent”? Or did they tell you it is a device classified as a “Directed Energy Weapon (DEW)”, a weapon of war, that kills and injures silently? Did they tell you it is illegal for civilians to possess much less use on other civilians? Did they tell you that it is also illegal for any authority, Federal, Military, State, local, to use these weapons on unarmed, non-combatant civilians? That this is classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity?

Were you told that this operation is secret and if you tell anyone you will be put in prison? Were you told, don’t worry, your actions are “sanctioned” or even “protected” by “secret laws” or the “secret interpretation of laws”? Did you know no one is immune from prosecution for committing crimes under unconstitutional laws? (Supreme Court decision, Norton vs Shelby)

Did you know both authorities and civilians can be prosecuted for conspiring to deny someone their Constitutional rights as well as conspiring to torture and murder? Such attacks on civilians are treason and punishable by death. And you are the patsy for plausible deniability. You will be denounced as a terrorist.

The Deep State (criminal cabal within government) is human trafficking innocent people with the fraud Terrorist Watch List scam to grow the Police State, enrich and empower themselves with millions of tax dollars to fight a practically non-existent enemy. How is it your “secret target” has no terrorist connections, no criminal record, no bad reputation UNTIL targeted by the Deep State traitors? How is it you have NEVER seen them commit a crime or do anything “suspicious”? Note: the more so-called terrorists, the more MONEY people make on a testing military weapons on human beings for profit. Get it?

Judge Trenga ruling 2019: Flyer created by NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart

Download PDF copy and read the flyer in full here: https://everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/new-columnists/nsa-whistleblower-karen-melton-stewart/nsa-whistle-blower-karen-melton-stewart-flyer-in-response-to-judge-trengas-ruling-terrorist-watch-list-is-unconstitutional/