Modern Day Religious “Shunning”, Courtesy of DHS Fusion Centers – Karen Melton Stewart

Ephesians 5:11 – Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of evil,
but rather expose them.

Some churches have historically practiced “shunning” to let a congregant know that he or she was outside God’s will and needed to return. Today churches are being asked to again participate in a shunning that is ruining and actually killing innocent people. Many churches have been approached by the secular Department of Homeland Security affiliated FBI Fusion Centers and/or their civilian “partners” to participate in activity they describe in patriotic terms, which involves “surveilling” their neighbors or perhaps fellow congregants. This “surveilling” actually involves actively stalking the person and spying on them in assigned shifts… for money. They are encouraged to report everything no matter how mundane, and even encouraged to blacklist and overtly harass the person in ways to alert the person. This is intimidation as well as organized stalking, all of which are crimes.

At the same time the church is being told this is “legal”, when it is not, they are also being told more lies in regard to the person being targeted. They are told the person is “suspicious”, but somehow national security and law enforcement just can’t seem to catch them doing anything wrong. Vague, unsupported accusations from terrorism to treason to pedophilia are bandied about without real evidence. Citizens are enticed to secretly plot to deny the person their Constitutional Rights (18 USC § 241) and contribute to a community effort to make them so miserable that they leave, or are framed and incarcerated for “acting out” in the face of 24/7 community-wide slander, abuse, and even blackballing to ruin them, or they are driven to suicide. Covert weapons in the family of Directed Energy Weapons (akin to the misnamed “non-lethal” weapons given to militarized police), which are little known to the public, are also used on them with the blessings of DHS and the FBI to torture and even kill them, which DHS claims is “for the greater good”.

What DHS FBI Fusion Centers and their vigilantes do not tell you, is that the person is innocent, like hundreds of thousands of others on the fraud Watch List, and is being made a scapegoat to be used to bloat the Terrorist Watch List, to increase the power and budget of the growing police state and to suppress our freedoms forever. And that under the guise of patriotism, gullible Americans are selling themselves out for under-the-table blood money.

This Homeland Security ruse, is fascism, not patriotism, and it is the beginnings of the New World Order system to usher in the Antichrist and the slaughter of Christians and good people everywhere. There is a silent holocaust going on in the USA, that will soon rival Nazi Germany. We who are spiritually awake, are asking you to investigate and warn your congregations and local authorities of this sophisticated deception as well as resist and speak out against it so that tyranny may not usurp God’s blessings and will to reign here.

Karen M. Stewart

NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.