Second Letter to Sheriff Ward from Judge Anna

Re-posted with many thanks, from This is Judge Anna’s second letter to Sheriff Ward of Harney County, Oregon, dated Dec 19, 2015. In relation to her first letter, posted here, regarding the Hammonds.


Please see to it that my SECOND Letter in support of your position gets delivered officially and with Witnesses to Sheriff Ward and any and all other federal “county” franchise officials, BLM staff, etc., They need to know this information ASAP for their own sakes as well as everyone else’s. 

Dear Sheriff Ward, 

I have already sent you and the other “federal law enforcement agents” one letter. I did not expect to have to send you two. 

There are two kinds of people in this country according to the Definitive Treaty of Peace known as the Treaty of Paris, 1783, Article III and they are– “the free sovereign and independent people of the United States” and the “inhabitants”– British Loyalists and subjects of the British Crown who were allowed to stay here after the Revolutionary War. 

These are political statuses and as the Expatriation Act explains, the government is forbidden from interfering with our choice in the matter. 

This was more recently reiterated by the Geneva Protocols of 1949, Laws of War, Volume II, Article 3 forbids tampering with anyone’s political status– and it is a capital offense war crime if you do. 

The Hammonds and the Bundys have all made their political status choice very clear. They are members of the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States.” They have self-declared their status and have given you Notice of the same and it is not within the powers of your office to alter this decision or offer to interpret anything about it. 

You and all your misinformed buddies owe the Hammonds and the Bundys “essential governmental services” under Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2. And a HUGE apology. 

Those “services” do not include armed extortion, trespass on their private property, or any false claims or presumption of any ownership interest in them, their land, or their other assets. 

Cattle rustling, as you and your friends need to be reminded, is a capital CRIME in the western states and if you boys get out of line, these ranchers are well within their rights to invoke the Public Law and hang you all from the nearest trees. 

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you know that. 

Are you clear on this point, Sheriff Ward? Do you know the difference between Public Law and corporate codes, statutes, or regulations that apply ONLY to corporations and government agents?

Good. Now you can all go home and tell whomever is misinforming you that you will not carry out criminal orders nor act under color of law against the people who are in fact paying your pay checks. 

Start doing the actual job you were elected in Good Faith to perform, or step down.  A job is not worth murdering people over –especially a job for any employer that requires you to violate The Constitution and commit crimes.

Right about now you and the other men you called upon are ramming around feeling pretty powerful, checking out all that “federal” gear you’ve been given under the guise of “federal revenue sharing”— but, stop a moment and consider—the federal government is just a corporation like GE or Sears— and it’s broke. 

It gave you all that equipment thinking it could get you to go steal property belonging to Americans to pay for its own private corporate debts. 

And here you are, ramping things up with the Hammonds. 

Does Sears have a right to rustle cattle? Fence off grazing rights? Threaten Americans in their homes? 

Neither you nor anyone else employed by ANY corporation has any right or authority to do any such thing.

You are acting as a commercial mercenary under color of law and if you hurt a hair on any American’s head you will be held fully and personally accountable for it as a war criminal attacking peaceful non-combatant civilians who are protected persons owed your Good Faith and service.

Ask yourself–Where is your commission from the Secretary of the Interior and where is his authority to trespass on private property in your county? 

You don’t have any such commission and there is no such authority. 

It just plain does not exist.

You won’t be doing your bosses any favors by committing war crimes against the American people– because the American people will, if provoked enough, rise against you —and the Russians and the Chinese know who to blame. They will join in and happily destroy the Federal United States because of the same sorts of brainless criminality it has employed throughout the world and also because it owes them a ton of money. 

So I suggest you  just accept the facts and let the “governmental services corporation” go bankrupt like any other corporation that ignores its shareholders and overspends its budget goes bankrupt. It is not the end of the world if the service company goes bankrupt.  It has done so three times in 100 years and we are all still here.

Your actual employers— the people— will still be here and if you provide them with the service you contracted to provide, they will probably keep you around. 

You have been given full and Due Notice of the unlawful nature of your activities to date and the false nature of your presumptions against the Hammonds; you have also been given Notice of their political status and a free analysis of the likely consequences of continuing on the road you are on.

Nobody can say you didn’t know what you were doing if you continue this harassment—there is no plausible deniability left and no public bond, either. 

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

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