Covert Intel Signaling

Covert Intel Signaling: A New Page to Follow and Expose C/overt Intel Shenanigans Hidden in Plain Sight/#RevealTheirCrimes

Just a brief post to share the fairly visible Covert Intel Signaling going on behind Jack Ma in this clip, where a bevy of onlookers (press? security? random guests?) take it in turns to rub their (own:) facial anatomy in noticeably peculiar form. Who are they signaling to? Someone sitting opposite who has the power to do something? Someone who then signals back to one or the other of them? And what exactly do they do next, after all the mad signaling? Raise cell phones up toward the back of Jack’s head? Sudden picture-taking or short-sighted reading—or just a nice new-fangled Zap! from an App to send a little Neuro Twinge to Jack’s brain?

Never forget: even if Intel won’t tell you: This is the Age of Remote Neural Monitoring, Remote Neuro Modulation, and Remote Behavior Modification. PLUS: The Age of DEWs, modified cell phones doubling as microwave weapons, AI monitoring, and Millions of Minions to surround a single high-profile Person of Interest.

It’s also the age of Masonic Lunacy—one mantra of which appears to be: Do it in broad daylight! Do it in front of cameras! Just don’t confess—do it in silence, do it in plain sight!

So: I was initially looking closer, on Dr. Katherine Horton’s request, to find the spots in the latter half of this tiny clip where I first noticed the loony cell-phone lifting and ear-pulling. And guess what else I found: more covert agents, more covert signaling, lots of tension and loony reaction to words, phrases, concepts floating out from Jack Ma’s head. Spot the Agent may become a new pastime very soon on any public occasion like this–to beat PlayStation and Xbox and whatever else. Just look at the guys–and gals–facing the camera.

I started midway, or close to the end when Jack Ma, founder of the Alibaba group, net worth $35 billion, started to speak his mind about Globalization.


Note guy in front Lifting his cell phone and finger-talking


Lady in Blonde on right strokes her nose


Joker in back pointedly gains eye-contact and pulls his right ear


Darn that didn’t work. Try the left ear now, cover the lobe, Yank!


This is a rewind to earlier when the guy in back lifts his phone

Literally, once you start seeing this stuff, you see All of it. You have to actually go back and watch it from the start to see all the mayhem, because it’s actually continuous, it merely breaks out in a rash at key points.

The lady in blonde (haircolor comes out of boxes and salons after all in this day of chemical fiat and frenzy) is not merely pointing to her right nostril, she’s fanning fingers over lips, denting her right cheek, rolling her eyes. The guy in front with the tie and glasses is visibly getting tenser and tenser with the mention of “Globalization needing to be improved by becoming more inclusive and diverse,” ditto the young loon in spectacles behind with the penchant for ear-pulling.

Mention of the Flat Earth as metaphor sets everyone on edge! (Makes me want to check out that Flat Earth again!) The dapper gentleman in back pre-empted all by leaping to his feet early on as soon as Jack Ma was questioned on his take on the US-China relationship as per Donald Trump’s meeting with him.

And they’re all alternating between gazing in terror at their phones and vapidly at thin air while taking in the astonishing originality issuing forth from Jack Ma, where he points out US job-losing and economy-crashing is quite closely allied to US fascination and focus on WAR, not China stealing US jobs!

For your viewing pleasure–and there’s a longer video of the conversation online at YouTube too. Here’s to taking apart all this secrecy signaling and covert neurowhacking: these Intel freaks may think they have a deep dark secret way of communicating here, but I’d like to say to them: Game’s up Boys! (And ladies in Blonde.) We’re onto you. 

And This is just the beginning of taking it all apart. Stay tuned on this page to more Intel dissecting as we go along. As ongoing recipient of Intel hubris and reporting victim of Intel crime, it’s not exactly easy to refrain from dissection, generally. 

Hard to draw major conclusions from this little bit of close analysis, but I’d venture to say that people like Jack Ma–Chinese billionaires, not probably US Deep State puppets–are of High Interest to the control-freak Deep State crowd, frissons of tension surround their public appearances, and more than four agents (four are visible here) may be recruited to surround such figures, sit behind them, receive and transmit covert Face/Hand signals to other agents opposite, who re-transmit back instructions on NeuroZapping from Apps. And they’re not on an Electronic Cybernetic Telepathy Network, they’re using Cell Phones and Hand/Face signaling like mute or sneaky tribes along some ancient river!

Just speculating!

–Ramola D/11/11/2017