Reporter’s Note 9: Uncovering Persistent Crime

Reporter’s Note | Ramola D | November 19, 2023

When public reportage of police weaponry is not made, openly and freely, as one would expect in any open democracy or nation engaged in “elections,” then only crime persists, it appears.

Looking back over my notes and logs for the past week it is clear that what has been directed at me for years now has simply picked up again, not just after I published the “Havana Syndrome” vs Whistleblowers article, and not just while I was writing it, but while I was writing all sorts of other things as well, including FOIA requests and letters to local parties requesting what they call incident reports and medical records after their unlawful capture of me–their unlawful Second capture of me–from the privacy of my home last December (2022), purporting “psychiatric” need, along with it appears the unlawful actions of an impersonating-spouse–right after the Second Worldwide Conference I hosted reporting on Stealth Neuroweaponry and my Living Testimonial and letters of claim sent to a few salient parties succeeding their unlawful First capture of me in April 2022.

Let me remind any happenstance reader who is unclear about what exactly has gone down here that as soon as I mentioned writing a report to in some way condense my 9-10 years of journalism on the subject of anti-personnel DEW/neurotechnology use on the citizenry and Surveillance abuse, held an online conference, visited a doctor for an X-ray to expose the RFID I knew was implanted in my right arm (which had been mauled by then for almost a year prior), informing her that I had spoken with numerous victims of biomedical experimentation crime and was reporting the same, I was pursued instantly and perseverantly over the course of 2022 by an extant police-medicine-psychiatry network (protecting the crimes of the Defense industry) intent on endowing me with False Psychiatric Labels, via their apparently Accepted route now: Trauma and Terror. There is much to report here, and I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg; this reportage I am definitely working on.

Obviously this is not American as we who are older have known America to be.

When Torture Becomes Acceptable to Those Who Are Practicing It

This past entire month and a half, with increases this past week, there has been an insane fixation on my left arm, both sending unnatural and intense signals to the device unlawfully and non-consensually implanted in there, presumably by South Shore Hospital–whose “records” I am just perusing in greater depth currently to find infinite crime, to be reported in full shortly–and as well very sharp, seeming neuro- strikes to a nerve in the inner elbow, almost disabling me. This is in addition to the very sharp electrical line hits all down the arm, and pulsed shots to every part of it, front and back, causing instant pain, stiffening, inflammation and both audible on shielding and shieldable-from, with some difficulty. (I suspect both Radio Frequency High Powered-Microwave Pulse-hits, Pulsed Energy Projectiles: Radar Gun action, Continuous-Wave High-Powered Microwave, and Ultrasonic Bone Conductance.) This is clearly Torture–yet one more of the Ironies to examine here in reporting Torture to NSA and CIA whistleblowers who in themselves cannot do anything about it, it appears, given that our very American 9/11 has unleashed Actual Physical Torture not just on the world, and in particular on the Muslim world through capture, “rendition,” to foreign “black sites,” but also on Americans and all educated people in the world, renditioned in their own homes, neighborhoods, workplaces into situations of literally being Physically Tortured but In Stealth through the use of Stealth Neuroweaponry, and not finding or being able to find reprieve.

I must also note here that these are repeat signals and repeat pulse-hits sent to a very healthy arm and life; had I not been possessed of innate health, innate ability to regenerate and restore, and were I not under the protection of a Divine All-Seeing All-Knowing Intelligence, I would not be alive today, given the intensive assaults I have suffered over the years, and the intensive death-hits or assassination attempts also that I have endured.

Of which, over the past few days, yes, there have been a few.

While helicopters, drones, and suspicious-looking dark cars parked on our street, forcing me, sitting on my couch directly opposite–not shielded it is clear by dry wall and cedar shingles–to rise and tend to my pulse-hit chest, face, knees, arm often, literally to save my life. [I have recorded many of these in writing–fielding one now as I write (at 8:23 pm, Nov 19, 2023), they make for dismal reading.]

Stealth Weaponry, Secrecy, Journalism, Harm

The thing about Stealth Weaponry of any kind is that if Journalism does not fully uncover and address it, then it continues–this we have seen now for 29 years, since that 1994 secret memo drawn up between the Departments of Defense and Justice–reported here–and if Journalism falls into a Black Hole of Propagandism and Accepted Manipulation, as has been the case with the making-overt of media lies through the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act in 2012, overtly permitting the dissemination of domestic propaganda within the United States–this in addition to years, decades of Information Operations and Psychological Operations from the Military, inclusive of the creation of “troll armies” benefiting both the FBI and the Military, while purporting to benefit the American populace, then it becomes easier for the former to exist in a state of armed antagonism with the latter, which unfortunately is the situation we have today. It is obviously however not normal for a government to be at such odds as to use Stealth Neuroweaponry on its citizenry. Whose government is it, whose laws are these, whose weapons are these then become questions more than naturally rhetorical.

All this while other governments–such as Israel’s–also continue in their propagandizing and construct-creation while we witness much (Israeli) carnage being re-unleashed on the world. A situation it seems now that ordinary Israeli families themselves, also harmed by today’s new wars–which seem to be yesterday’s old wars, multiplied, may know the truth of. It’s that construct of class and caste, true Godliness versus private-sector secrecy, profiteering, elitism perhaps, which builds the dividing-line.

Israel’s presence in the US–to high number inside the Department of Homeland Security and interestingly, in Massachusetts and in many other States through technology consulting in particular–makes the current situation particularly curious. We now have Israeli “dual citizens” actively working both inside the world of supposedly securing US security while also engaging in actions of harm against Americans, a scenario I have become witness to daily.

Witnessing Actions of Harm

Witnessing actions of harm against others has become a daily activity for most Americans, who are also now engaged in actions of harm against others through being pulled into activities of “monitoring” their neighbors and other strangers via “Next Door” “Infragard” “Neighborhood Watch” “Community Policing” and other such with loud sound harassment, ultrasonic and microwave devices, and much else–making America Amerika and Massachusetts apparently a Nazi state.

These actions and activities become particularly prominent in areas where Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, and National Security students–graduate students, monitors, spies, and fusion center mercenaries, often retired police or military veterans–coagulate, each intent on their own focuses of nonstop brain-spying, brain-decoding, neural-network-mapping, trauma-inflicting, overt-surveilling, daily-harassing, and daily-provoking, using Stealth Weaponry.

What American Neighborhoods Have Become

I have lived long enough now in this neighborhood and this town to see quite clearly how exactly and who is engaged in actions of harm–using stealth “monitoring” and “devices”–against me, from right within this neighborhood.

This morning for instance as I stepped out onto the front porch to pick up the newspaper and bring in my groceries–given that my car keys have been removed, again by an impersonating-spouse, and I can no longer drive myself anywhere to exercise my own freedom, this in supposedly the free USA where driving is the norm–instant zoomer activity bringing people down to one of the houses on this street with a transient population engaging in stealth weaponry use commenced, with people stepping out of cars and house to instantly send pulse-hits recorded on my arm.

This is a kind of Mafia action that most of those “targeted” for abusive “Neighborhood Watch” have become unfortunately familiar with, but which has become commonplace now, as if this is in any way normal, sane, or civilized, and accepted, by people in neighborhoods, by “Wards” “Precincts” and local City Councils and Mayors as if acceptable.

Merely to illustrate, from logs for today, as I was writing, a little while ago:

The neighbor’s car just pulled in and an RNM flicker touches my left calf: It is 5:34 pm and this is exactly how this neighbor continues attacking, from close quarters, in absolute impunity. A few minutes ago, a drone or helicopter sounded above. Honks from his car now call again to this drone–which I imagine must be being despatched from Sea Street, the local police headquarters, since these show up so quickly, when cars honk for them. Both drones and helis I have noticed often show up within three minutes. Right now I don’t hear a drone yet. There is a tightness at my chest from energy weapon hits directly opposite which is the direction of the shed in the Le MIng house, the sunflower house on Norfolk Street, the Khazarian house on Norfolk. Earlier, holding up my audible shield, I noticed pulses from a few different directions including these and a few more, in intended 360.

At 6:05 pm: Continued pulse hits on shielding over chest, from the direction of this man’s shed–the garage rather, converted into a shed, which has been the source-site of years of heart-hits at this point, frequently reported. Pulse hits aimed at the heart also aimed from the other house directly adjacent-the Le Ming house, from above. Yes it is this close, this known, and this obvious.

–Private Logs, November 19, 2023

Mercenaries Who Attack Appliances and Heating Systems: Further Targeting

Over the past three weeks on three distinct occasions the heating system in this refurbished yet over-a- hundred-year-old-house broke down. Clearly it was being accessed from the outside by the neighboring mercenaries, intent on revving up the heat cycle–something they have done over and over, breaking it down over the past years–igniting in some way the furnace so as to be able to send in standing waves into the room on the basis of which a carrier frequency, vibrating couch and body could be sent: this in fact is one of the ways that extremely high knifing up-and-down frequencies have been directed at me at various times since last summer, to harmful effect. The heater’s constant screeching to a halt and failure to switch on brought the first service-person out, sudden spurts of steam and water brought the second, sudden electrical buzzing brought the third.

Each assured me they had fixed the problem, “no worries” now. The first regaled me with a story of being a treecutter prior and learning how trees had a lifespan by noticing death throes inside the rings or some such: “Everything has a lifespan” he said as if meaningfully and indignantly to me while I was being sprayed with heat pulses at my neck from the Le Ming house and chest frequencies while something blinked red from a pocket on his overalls: was this some sort of reminder of Death of some sort? The second, who did come on short notice, at night, insisted on scaring me with possibilities of the burner suddenly exploding or catching fire to the point that I had to question him on this obvious horror–really, is that what one says to someone when they’re working in their house to fix something? “It’s just the worst case scenario” he hedged when pressed. The third entered the house with blue medical gloves on, something I thought of only afterward, fixed the buzzing almost immediately then asked if I could replicate it, saying it was possible I was imagining something was concerning when it wasn’t. In any case, the burner, or rather, boiler worked after that–but what exactly was happening here, that so many sudden “accidents” should occur in such a short time?

Yet another scenario where those (living closeby) paid to sabotage, interfere, target, harass, provoke–using actual weaponry to do so–are engaging in seriously dangerous actions of harm, which could have powerful repercussions for them too.

[This neighborhood has already lived through a house fire — this incredible event, which occurred in the summer of 2012, not merely burned a whole house down, it also charred and damaged the next-door house close to it; people should not be idly playing with notions of fire at all–and yet, they are perfectly happy it seems using remote-activation weapons to attack old boilers, and destroy appliances–the dishwasher recently a case in point, and so many others in the past.]

Cars Without Shock Absorbers, Leaf Blowers Ditto

Cars without shock absorbers or sound dampeners have torn down this street in the evenings, can be heard at night a few streets away or on the highway. Vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers at high volume are still being operated although I’ve noticed a few of the people on this street are beginning to use softer ones now.

At Pine Haven, November 15, 2023

One can only pray that those who are actively engaging in actions of harm on others, paid to do so, are hearing the sound of their consciences awakening. I pray for the children of Gaza and Israel both, the children harmed by the “Covid-19” vaccines, a subject I need to return to reporting. No child, no infant, no college-going child should be taking these vaccines: Read and share this latest from The Expose in the UK who’ve analyzed recently shared UK Govt data–the 4-times vaccinated are dying, regardless of age group. Pray for the children and youth of this generation, that they might live to see a better tomorrow.