Reporter’s Note 8: Progress in Making Enquiries, Continued Obstruction Otherwise

Reporter’s Note | Ramola D | November 10, 2023

The last couple weeks have been filled with progress in making enquiries–FOIA requests–my end, spending some time examining the extant records from the two Boston-area hospitals which unlawfully held me in December 2022 and refused to let me leave–matters being reported in process as I proceed here and here–while it seems those who believe it is perfectly alright to remote-access and assault and batter with precision counter-personnel directed-energy weaponry in silence have simply pressed forward, keen to cause harm.

Additional Information, With Letters | 2013-2023: False Psychiatric Profiling

Recent Enquiries and Responses Regarding December 20, 2022

The ECC-FOIA Request Log

An Underworld of Arm-Hitters

Last Monday I made an effort to describe the particular focus on my arm, which clearly needs some Diagnostic Imaging and the help of Radiology–which I don’t expect to get currently in Boston, given the events described in Ramola D | Note on False Psychiatric Labels and Recent Enquiries and Responses Regarding December 20, 2022, alluded to in the preface here–Ten-Step Checklist For All Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Law Enforcement: 21st-Century Citizens’ Clean-Up of Non-Consensual Weapons Testing, MK Experimentation, and Mil-Intel-Contractor Crime: Primary Care Physicians and Medical staff in Ambulances and Hospitals in the Boston area simply can’t follow Plain English it appears when it’s spoken to them by a Brown-Skinned Indian-American Woman Writer and Journalist; of course, certain Boston hospitals have now entered the Black Ops world (of Never Ending Mysteries, Bizarre and Perplexing) and, well-staffed with Upright Front-Men and -Women Centrally Masked with No Intelligence I can discern, have merely become Rendition Sites for reporters.

“There are several parts of my left upper arm which have been harmed: syringe-shot with implants and undisclosed vaccine I suspect, RFID-shot at the beach years ago, something self-assembled in there as well, the whole arm, different parts, definitely being accessed continuously as if a tracking mechanism or drug-release mechanism is buried in there, and then pulse hits to the tendons which seem to be intent on breaking the arm; hits on the nerves which cause electrical pain all down the arm, momentarily disabling it; I have been forced to shield because of this. At night the shielding inevitably falls away, I am hit more and more on top, on my shoulder, on the side. I woke this morning–after several awakenings all night with heat to the spine, hits to the arm–feeling the bruise, unable to shield my shoulder and upper arm, unable to heal with my hand/Reiki hand. My right arm has also been hit; I went to sleep last night with both arms and shoulders feeling bruised. This is how they made me ill 2 weeks ago. This is how they are seeking to make Arthritis appear in bones and joints it appears. Not shielding leaves me feeling completely in pain. Obviously I need to keep shielding.”

—-Monday, October 30, 2023, Afternoon

These assaults on my arm have continued, all through the last two weeks, giving me much grief. Although I’d like to report being calm, safe, and well all these days of late October into November, heart-shaped leaves on the lindens in back turning to gold and the cherry in front exquisite in orange and peach, leaves piling up on the lawn I’ve swept with a broom not a rake, I’ve definitely been made ill, fatigued, weakened by repeat hits, pulse upon pulse upon pulse day in and day out while I worked, electric pulse-hits to arm, heart, head, face, knees, elbows: these are what they call “Intermediate Force Capabilities” and they seek to give Offense.

While the notes in my Logs can get tedious, they record the continuous climb of drones and helicopters across the yard as I read and wrote, the rustlings and obvious provocations of the next-door neighbors as they slammed out of screen doors, banged their car doors. arranged their devices, beeped their devices, and aimed their devices at specific body parts, keen apparently to “get a rise (and response)” while I struggled to pile up pillows, baking sheets in pillowcases, Reflectix and rubber in piles around my arm and head so I could read and write and think as possible.

Researching images (for the prefatory notes in Directed Energy Medical Technologies) I came across what Neurostimulators could do and be, including provide drug-release mechanisms and engage in “chronic pain” therapy–while in fact whatever has been implanted in my arm is striving to create chronic pain. Obviously something I need to research further.

Technologies of Consequence: We All Need to Speak Out

Let me record here as well that some of the major discoveries I have made lately, which have led to the FOIA requests to the US Air Force for information on recent conferences and planned renewal of energy technology contracts as well as the next generation of ’emerging technologies’ point to technologies of consequence for all humanity: supposedly “non-lethal” crowd-control and deterrence technologies, security and perimeter-securing technologies, noted here and here, which all of us need to be paying attention to, to question, examine, speak out about. Our human rights need to be honored and privileged above and beyond “bio-effects.”

“DETER” on Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announced on October 19, 2023: The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech in Visions of Large-Scale Human & Earth Control (For Humanity to DETER)

Less Than Lethal (LTL) Technical Security Systems (TSS)–Acoustic, Radio Frequency–Sought by the Department of State for “Protection” of Diplomatic Mission Compounds

Curiously, I’d watched “The Diplomat” around this time, and “Top Gun: Maverick” and between the unreal goings-on at the London embassy and the inanities of fighter-plane maneuvers into and out of canyons to supposedly blow up a radioactive plant, it became clearer to me there are actually people–not playing diplomat–who inhabit these spaces in real life, the planes are irresistible, and pilots probably tell themselves all sorts of stories as they engage in Electronic Warfare in civilian territory, on the bodies of their fellow citizens.

Does the Military really require no-thinking, only-compliance from their officers and cadets? What do pilots and their generals do, I wonder, with their thinking brains and minds? Aren’t pilots required to have Math brains too, and some basic intelligence with Physics and Awareness, peripheral or otherwise? Perhaps the resistance to easy acquiescence to “innovative technologies” needs to come from within; perhaps the Ombudsmen within the Air Force and Navy can step forward themselves to address this matter: None of us wishes to be harmed, why are we then being targeted, by Electronic Warfare Planes, by UAVs, by satellites, by helicopters, by rooftop drones?

[Those being targeted may want to keep researching and writing to military men and women at the top; I need to as well, currently, beyond the USAF Ombudsman: Ramola D, Letter to the Ombudsman: Human Rights Violations on US Air Force Contracts, October 2nd, 2023]

Heart Hits for Thinking?

Several times over that week as October turned into November and I swept bright cherry leaves off the front step and darker oak off the walk in front, I was heart-hit directly after a thought. I think I saw the John Kiriakou interview with former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney and his still-wife Katherine Horton on Monday last, and it made me look through some of my older correspondence and think about the many ways some of us have sought to bring light to this entire, unprecedented phenomenon of “targeting individuals” using stealth weaponry for their Torture many agencies in the US Government are still seeking to deny.

Not intending at first to respond in any way to this obvious Cover coverage–on, in a show I hadn’t paid much attention to–thoughts crossed my mind over that week on John Kiriakou, the CIA Torture Whistleblower and the letters he has written, the things he was now saying, the things Bill Binney and Katherine Horton were now saying. I wrote to Paul Baird on Wednesday Nov 1, checking in on correspondence we had had some years ago regarding notions some of us had then of CIA, NSA, FBI whistleblowers helping to expose the crime we were both exposing already with our separate websites. [I have interviewed Paul Baird once before, and featured his work.]

Heart-hits followed directly after–on thoughts. (If Boston Imaging could possibly image my brain–now that the Department of Mental Health, helped along by Quincy Police, Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police, Brewster Ambulance, Carney Hospital, South Shore Hospital, Bournewood Hospital, the Norfolk County Sheriff, Quincy District Court, United/Optum, and a certain Auditing Firm no doubt bristling with AristoCats I won’t name, has rushed to label me Psychiatrically Special–in other words, fit for “No Medical Healthcare Whatsoever, only Mental-Health Mockery and Forced Drugging on a dime” and No Human Rights whatsoever (Being Brown and Female, let’s keep the Journalism Quiet)–they would probably find the BCI implants, the Neurostims, the microcircuitry and motherboards, the “Thought-Broadcasting” units and antennas, the hardware in other words, non-consensually implanted in my brain by obvious Clandestine Criminals, but I rather suspect they’re bought out as well.) Novel, though, the notion of Thoughts driving into the November air drones, helicopters, zoomers, and next-door heart-hitters. Not to mention EMP-hits from satellites or drones.

12:19 pm: Being blasted with precision hits on the implanted object in my left upper arm, reaching through layers of steel and pillow foam, from right next door. Drone currently in sky, hit at left breast on shielding. Sudden scurry of footsteps in the side drive of the Mazzeo Smith house as I started writing the FOIA request for RFP on the DETER  announcement. Still being hit. Frizz of energy at my crown. Arm hit at elbow, and above. I am still shielding. My cell phone has been removed from me and I have no way of recording planes helicopters the man next door or a man appearing on my doorstep calling himself Bryan Tew–who in any case will never be spoken to by me on my own porch or anywhere.

Computer just crashed after I had a thought about what fun it would be to take John KIriakou down (:) after his bizarre interview with Binney and Horton.

–Private Log, November 3, 2023, 12:19 pm

That was the second time in two days that Windows crashed.

“Taking () down” in a manner of speaking–but given what’s at stake here, I have become aware, watching that interview again and viewing his show, The Whistleblowers, it’s possibly a matter of exposing the CIA–which seems to carry on despite all exposure, yet must know its Time has come, many times over.

For instance, the CIA, I suspect, along with other agencies, was prominent in “revising” the Common Rule in 2016–desecrating would be a better word–to permit waivers of Informed Consent for “normative Intelligence activities” while confessing to experimenting on humans inside the USA, in 2012, on Amy Gutmann’s Moral Science report–a little after confessing to domestic spying in 2015 as revealed by the ACLU, and to taking over US post offices, something the “Mail Cover” program–covered here in 2019 by the very same John Kiriakou–no doubt sought to downplay.

“The CIA confirmed that all CIA-sponsored human subjects research is conducted in the United States – not abroad…’” End note 10 on page 172 of the updated June 2012 version of Moral Science.

No Waivers of Informed Consent, PERIOD: The Public Reports Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation and Demands the Common Rule Protect Citizens, Not Covert Activities | Ramola D | The Everyday Concerned Citizen | July 17, 2016

Planted Detectors Beeping, Heater and Furnace Breakdown, Stranger on the Porch

The Wednesday of that week–That’s November 1, the day after October 31, Halloween on Pine (very few Trick or Treaters that I saw) and everywhere else in Amerika no doubt, the day I published Reporter’s Note 7: Interference, Disruption, Obstruction, Sabotage–I was heart-hit in the morning, elsewhere hit the whole day, the left arm continually accessed and throbbed, inflamed, pulsed, including by timed rushers and zoomers on the street as I sought to sweep leaves off the drive, while smoke alarms or millimeter wave scanners screwdriven or power-drilled by unknown parties into the ceiling in the upstairs corridor, the art room, the spare room began to beep in sequence, randomly, as if accessed from the outside.

On Thursday the beeping kept going, the heater broke down, I was rather insanely pulsed all day at arm and heart and head to various effect including drowsiness, fatigue, weakness, I wrote further in my logs ruminating on the lunacy of Psychiatry, its hubris, its stupidity, its dark intent and masking in Prison Guard behavior, I wrote of my awareness of the neuroweaponry in operation on the street: (Excerpt)

I wasn’t supposed to think at all. Over the past couple months when I started shielding those spots on my back and understood I was also being hit on sides of my brain to induce sudden sleep, sudden short term memory loss, sudden wipe-out of syntactic intention as I wrote, that I realized 1) I had been continually “Haldolated” with direct-energy pulse shots to those Klein-Walker implants–suspected–on my back and 2) I was continually being monitored (from right next door) and pulse shot on sides of my head, back of my head with intent to effect direct precision neurodamage as I sought to read or write. This was done to me for months–along with other atrocities of remote-access and attack on my brain and body. The vibrational assaults: ditto. Obviously more to say on all but I need to record these thoughts before I forget them–since that’s being achieved daily through nonstop head hits.

But THAT: I, as a writer, neuro-damaged. I, as a journalist, neuro-damaged. Deliberately. And this too, possibly, because of these Labels. Although I suspect also that the Labels are an excuse, a bit of silver foil on top, to “protect” the asshole neuroscientists who have attacked me, and the military factions who have attacked me. And the neighbors: the fusion center contractors, third or fourth or fiftth party who are mercenaries, sappers, weapon-wielders, robotic, paid to maul, burn, boil, mutilate, disable, destroy. Their own brains taken down. (Souls smudged out of sight.)

Quarter to 12.

–November 2, 2023

I was cold, the devices on the ceiling were beeping, a whine started up on the street and I went to the front window to look. A tow truck appeared to be winching up a red car across the street, and taking its time about it. Men milled about talking. I went back upstairs, the doorbell began to ring. I went down to the front and witnessed a man in the window on the front porch, excited and calling my name. He was dressed in brown, as if in a Postal uniform. Do I know you, I asked. I’m Bryan Tew, he said, darting his head at the door which I certainly wasn’t going to open. I’m sorry, I said, I have no idea who you are. The man took off his glasses. Look, he said excitedly, I’m Bryan Tew! With an air of accomplishment. “I drove all the way from New York, you wanted to interview me!”

I closed the sheer and the brocade and went upstairs. A large brown SUV parked opposite the tow truck which had left now U-turned and parked opposite as if to watch my windows and sat there for a while.

Whoever Bryan Tew is, he has no right to “drive all the way from New York” to visit me. But there are two problems here. Like anyone else, I am never likely to open my door to a stranger, nor to anyone I have not met or expressly communicated with. The “Bryan Tew” who has engaged in repressive communication online with me many years ago as with others who are revealing the crimes of DARPA and CIA and academic neuroscientists unlawfully experimenting on the brains of Americans and people worldwide has sought repeatedly–playing “DOD-CIA whistleblower”–to project a mythos of Nashian hypergame-theory echo-stalking on the behalf of apparently demented mathematicians or hyperscientists keen to ravage the brains of Artificial-Intelligence-Neural-Network-Mapping-Without-Consent victims. Stop reacting, he has cautioned beneath my videos. Stop responding, you’ll only keep that cycle of repeat-response going forever. This schtick of Nashian-response he has made himself an online poster boy for I reject out of sight: Those being harmed must indeed speak out and must indeed address the vile actions of Military Neuroscience seeking dominion over human brains. Do not speak, do not report, is a mantra for the damned, seeking to tie down all reporters of mil-intel-private-company crime through silence into endless electronic enslavement.

The thought indeed crossed my mind: If this was indeed the online “Tew,” was he here to stop me responding to the Kiriakou interview of Binney and Horton?

But how do I know who Bryan Tew is? Have I met him? No. And am I likely to entertain people telling me what to do and not to do in relation to video interviews put out by supposed once-CIA whistleblowers sounding increasingly lame about the lie and cover of “Havana Syndrome” as the days go by? No.

The point here is that the US Military and CIA AI-Brain-Harvesting enterprise has engaged in numerous unsavory activities, including that of Voice Morphing, Virtual Reality creating, Mega Gaslighting, Propaganda Creating, Online Stalking and “Victim Handling” in addition to creating false “support groups” as I have previously published on–The Hidden Hand: How NSA, CIA, DHS, and FBI Collude to Keep Victims of their Top Secret (Yet Well Known) Extremely Inhumane Neuro/DEW Experimentation and Operation Crimes (under Cover of Surveillance, Community Policing, Counter Terrorism) Unheard, Unseen, and Powerless for Decades–Installed Support Orgs and Groups, Installed Intel Plants–and almost anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see this is an area for continuous vigilance, thoughtful discernment, and calm commonsense. Neither strangers nor “handlers” are welcome on my porch or my street. And the Kiriakou Binney-Horton interview is definitely one to address, given all that I have done to expose these crimes.

At Pine Haven, 9-11-2023

John Nash, of Beautiful Mind fame, and obviously Mathematics-fame, died I believe with those “diagnoses”–False Psychiatric Labels–of “Schizophrenia.” Reetika Vazirani, Indian-American poet and writer, whose story I have been re-reading lately, also I suspect, one who was targeted, who is supposed to have taken her own life and her one-year-old child’s, has been mythologized as suddenly excessively depressive. These myths and lies from Psychiatry and the darker underworlds they gatekeep and protect need to be increasingly exposed.