Reporter’s Note 7: Interference, Disruption, Obstruction, Sabotage

Reporter’s Note | Ramola D | October 30, 2023

Directly After (In Summary)

Right after the events described here recently about an unwelcome visit to my doorstep the week of the 19th replete with mal intent, leaves falling, cars zooming on the street, noise harassment in this neighborhood picking up in a few hours and a day, I was made subject to specific and rather focused assault on my left arm, elbow, hand, with enough focus and variety in bio-effect to assure me numerous weapons-technologies, disguised variously as Public Safety no doubt, or Deterrence–were being used in rather sustained and reckless ways on me.

The intensity of these assaults–achieved in stealth, footsteps beneath a window at dawn (on Friday/Oct 20), directed pulse shots as if from a radar gun pressed up against a wall from a specific direction, as if at a diagonal from across the street, audible on shielding, pounding away in desperation–tell their own story. Writing about non-lethal weapons, about directed energy weapons being renamed technologies (Health now referred to as Bio-safety) reporting on what’s only very slightly referred to in documents–such as the LET Program report–declassified it seems with reluctance, apparently has to invoke retaliatory mania from the paid mercenaries lodged on this block who come out at night and lurch out in day equally to launch pulse-shots, waves of heat, sprays of nanotech*, nerve-hits on nerves at elbow and inside same, at shoulder and outside arm, blasting unlawfully-placed implants, self-assembling nanobioelectronic devices, RFIDs sharpshot at beaches, all explosively enough to intend disabling.

*Fiber-optic Nanotech or pressure-release Nano MEMs/GEMs seem to have been the latest treat sprayed from a spray bottle from right next door by female Mossad mafia darting into backyards and out that week as I stepped out onto the deck, causing intense heat flares at neck and upper back with radiation pulse hits, exploited by the DEW-wielders on the block including the blonde (and-LE-friends) one involved the most in April 2022’s Abduction of the Journalist; I witnessed, on Oct 21, a Ductless man (“New England Ductless”) on a ladder engaged in work next door rush to the back and wave a red and yellow spray bottle in the air directly after a direct hit sent my way of a particularly privacy-invasive nature from his direction–as if advertising his next plan of offense. The cell phone had already been stolen by then, with other pics in it of neighborhood Gestapo including the female mafia. Is this all Stealth or is it Private Battery, Private Threat?

Two effects are sought I think: one, to play that hot favorite, the Mental-Illness game of Paranoia and Delusion: She’s crazy, she’s paranoid, she’s delusional, whenever Stealth Weapons and Stealth Methodologies (such as Stealth Fabric and all above) are mentioned; but the other, more straightforward yet resolutely covert–in clear desire for fascist, feudalist separation of the classes, the Armed Weapon-Wielding class from the more-educated Silenced Targeted–seeks ruthlessly just to disable. This latter, it appears, with intent to trigger a “Crisis” event, with sudden breakdowns, calls to 911, calls to ambulances, calls to be driven to hospitals–where the Psychiatrically-Labeled can hope only to be treated as lame in limb and cerebral cortex both–particularly invidious given the intended use of ambulances, in 4th Reich-style demand for repeat encounters with the very entities who have earlier engaged in unlawful capture, abduction, trafficking–not noble, not comprehensible, not normal, not sane, and not acceptable actions for Any so-called “Emergency Medicine” First-Responder unit, obviously complicit with the secret Gestapo operating Weapons-at-Arm’s-Length from right next door–a few Next-Doors….

From my logs for October 21, the Saturday after that visit:

“Two nights ago, that is Thursday night and early Friday morning–not this morning, but yesterday morning very early I was hit in the left upper arm intensively with repeated pulse shots at high intensity penetrating 2 layers of steel and reflectix sheeting–I had to use more plus other soft damping stuff under and around me to save my arm which still became very sore when partially exposed. The arm is in extreme pain now and has been all day yesterday. The right arm is also being hit. I am being prevented full range of motion, my arm is frozen, and every passing plane and drone and neighbor is accessing that left arm–it must be Bluetoothable as well which means this is a vaccine now, someone has vaccinated me without telling me–this is vaccine injury and vaccine implantation.

It is 12:49 pm–had to take a break for lunch. But let me note here in continuation of that thought, I thought it was police radar pulse weapons doing that…

This was radar pulse hitting at very high intensity, on and on for 30-45 minutes as I tried to hold on to sleep early in the morning.”

–Private log, October 21, 2023

[And it seems there are indeed police living on this street now, as I noted-with-query in my October FOIA request to Quincy Police, with no true acknowledgment in their response yesterday on that and all subjects queried–more to say on that subject obviously, in a report that is upcoming.]

Increased Energy Technology Instalment Next Door During DETER publication

Since that weekend until today, these unlawful stealth assaults on my arm have continued. In tandem with much else: vibrational energy tech on par with what was sent my way last November, with added specials for the heart: fibrillation playing defib at a distance–from next door, from a garage opposite, a backyard away, parked cars, pickups, and larger station-wagon/Range-Rover-style SUVs parked on the hill across–powdering of “synth”–a mesh of high frequencies–swished into the room, filling the air with subtle high-pitched sound–on top of which one presumes further sound projection is intended. In any case, I have been keeping logs–and having logs crashed on my desktop by apparently the hackers next door, while nerve hits accompanied same; helicopters and planes flew across the yard and house while I worked on the DETER and Less than Lethal articles, with much intent attention from above and below on arm and heart and brain–a lot of neuro and nerve weaponry in play it seemed.

Dishwasher Sabotage and Battery Using Remote Access Electrical Activation Disruption Weaponry

On Wednesday–Oct 25–the dishwasher broke, and poured water onto the floor and down the steps and into the basement, not switching off when switched off, activated it appeared from someone outside, either the house on the left or the right, accelerating in cycle, increasing in heat, pouring more and more water into the basement. Fuses did not work–as if controls were fixed and outside the house. (Part of this house feels rigged as if a Smart House–without consent–fans starting up on their own, fridge temperatures oscillating up and down.) Plumbers called in desperation did not respond. Finally one in a circle of those who seem to be the only ones left in the mysterious wargame ongoing here came over to help vacuum the water from dishwasher and basement. The motor finally stopped. In a log being kept on email (given all the crashes in files) I wrote:

“…the dishwasher does not have a plug point and plug in view to pull. The debacle of the unstoppable motor and the hot water being pulled up continuously to drip down into the basement must be recorded. It was Very concerning, and the possibility of water affecting wires down in the basement, creating shorts, creating a fire, creating electrocution ALL came into my mind–and must be considered by all. How on earth could ANYONE engage in such desperately irresponsible behavior as attacking our dishwasher? This is CRIMINAL behavior. I could be dead, if an electrocution scenario came to pass–is that what they want, my death on their hands?”

–Private Log, Oct 22, 2024

Death and disabling intent of course, seem to go hand in hand here, with the zooming weapon-wielders. Although in this case it’s the neighbors on either side who are suspect, one in particular responsible for an earlier hit on the dishwasher, the other apparently having a party of saboteurs over during the entire episode of basement-dripping–meaning, it could have been either or both.

Overlay of Family Over Family: Cyberhacking Does It

The same night–of October 25–I was treated to an interesting bout of Voice Morphing, from one who is not my cousin but earnestly played cousin. Of course, we hadn’t seen each other for years. Her voice however, seemed to have slipped into a more remote past than I could recall. Younger, more Indian than I ever remember her being, she waxed concerned about doctors, doctors’ appointments, mammograms, an eternal round of kowtowing to this particularly American-disguised-as-Western Medical MK (her own), pointedly mentioning breast cancer in her family. (I strove to educate her on natural healing and the dangers of grinding mammograms into breasts, and she appeared to listen, to my concern.) Insistent on learning what I was doing (probably wanting a tearful blow-by-blow of the dishwasher debacle, either CIA or DIA manufactured) she gave herself away as overly defensive when questioned on her authenticity. “I’m the one,” she said. “I’m the one who mixed those Rum and Cokes when your brother was home with us and I’m the one you knew when you were dating that German guy.” “What German guy,” I asked (okay I’m extrapolating a bit here but the gist is: I grew up with this cousin, this kind of instant anecdotal narrativizing clearly was coming straight from the CIA ). (And no there were no German guys to date where I was growing up.) But yes, Voice Morphing is a thing, and the “classified” Non Lethal Conference of 1993–and its private (CIA) whistleblowers–surfaced it.

More cousins–or rather one, twice–began to come out of the woodwork, proving themselves to be Agency-aware and steeped in unsuccessful morphing methodologies–some I did not recognize at time of occurrence. This is a phenomenon I’ve taken a while to figure out but I guess with the CIA in our midst playing New York Times and Torture Whistleblowers both, not to mention Pharma insiders-with-conscience and Hollywood-all-hidden we all have our learning curves. An overlay of “family” has been placed over Contacts on my cell phone–a phenomenon, unflinching since last year, suddenly giving way to plausible deniers. Voice actors, voice morphers, voice cloners: not exactly something I can distinguish between. All this to both enact and signal a closing-in?–an exacerbating, a heightening of the innate-Terror used to apparently draw me closer and closer to the point of no return: of complete brain takedown, a series of “Section 12″s the (illegal) MO, the Red Label of “Mental Illness” the key. The replacement family, the alternate family, the non-existent family: via radio morphing of voice, personality, thence action–not failsafe, but to be guarded against.

[Merely as an aside, let me pause here to say: There IS no such thing as “sophisticated Delusional” nor “highly intelligent Bipolar” nor “functional Schizophrenic” nor “above average intelligent but Paranoid and Delusional” although the DSM Steering Committees have deceived a lot of doctors and educated professionals into thinking so; it is only through (the larger networked elitist-social-milieu of) complicity and kickbacks they’ve gotten as far as they currently have–and they know it; what’s more urgently needed is Turning Them Over to reveal the facts of deadly drugs and vibrational technologies being used, past and present, to shift people from center, self, core, will, Godhead. Psychiatry is not Healthcare, nor is it Medical Science, it is Drug Pushing, Lie-Spreading, Fabricating Need to Drug: Doctors and psychologists and scholars and investigators need to turf it out.)

Voice Morphing Cousin Cloning and Evangelical Shenanigans

A few days earlier–right after the incidents of attempted house-entry by “mental health lawyers” noted here, a man had called out of the blue and left a message on my answering machine, purporting to be a husband I had never met of a cousin younger than me I sadly haven’t been in contact with for years. This man (a complete stranger) assured me he was in Boston on an evangelical mission and would come and see me on the Wednesday following (the day the dishwasher broke). He sounded pastor-like and settled in his intent. I ignored this message thinking it must be a hoax. He called again a couple days later sounding a little more conciliatory and cloying. He named my sister–the one who is a doctor–and addressed me using the Tamil appellate for Elder Sister: Akka, a word I hadn’t heard from any of my cousins or siblings pretty much forever. [Tamil being the language the British Empire decreed I must never be taught: my mother tongue, and one of the oldest languages in the world, vying for first place with Sanskrit and Hebrew and all the other tribal languages the world over the British Empire never really could touch, possibly the oldest language, and no-one would ever know, because that’s still being kept a secret.] I was beginning to wonder if a (double agent FBI) Tamil pastor from the Boston Sangam closeby (I hadn’t known existed for mostly the entire time I’ve been in the Boston area) was going to show up on Wednesday and make a racket ringing the doorbell so the new police parties living across the street now with Blondie could pop by and push the door open and call their favorite friends from EMS for a “check-in on the neighbor” spree (replete with straps on stretchers and syringes no doubt and a new mental asylum–and a new Psych Label–set up for a new (Illegal) Committal).

I emailed the cousin’s family and asked if any relative of theirs was planning to pay me a visit, assuring them they were welcome to visit anytime but no-one needed to pay me an emergency visit–since that would be the kind of thing Indian families would do, at least, when they can. I heard back from my cousin’s elder sister–or email avatar/CIA family-overlay thereof–in the negative, on Tuesday night: no, no-one they knew was going to visit me.

Then the other cousin whose Voice-Morphing alias had drawn me in the first time a few weeks earlier because I used to be one of the few rare cousins she permitted into her inner circle made a call midday on Wednesday October 25 and left a long message. I think it was only after the dishwasher broke and the flooding and dripping occurred and the “I’m the one” cousin called that I realized I needed to do something about this Tamil evangelist scene. The inner circle cousin was informing me the younger cousin’s husband was certainly passing by, he was certainly an evangelist “doing ministry” and there was nothing to worry about, he was only coming to “pray with you” on Thursday, October 26. “Don’t be afraid of opening your door to him,” she said. “I don’t know much about him” she had said, a moment earlier. “Only that he’s an evangelist, he sings beautifully…”

I wrote, not quite immediately, to a few members of my vast extended family and informed them No, this man CANNOT visit me.

Part of what I wrote:

“…I am not a fan of PRAYER with strange men, and I will not be opening my door to anyone uninvited tomorrow or anytime–I am absolutely not opening my door to strangers, and especially not to anyone whom I have not personally spoken with, vetted, communicated with, scheduled. It is not normal for ANYONE to barge into anyone’s house, either here in the US or in India, without prior confirmation of visit, normal interaction and mutual agreement. I am not confirming visits by you leaving a voice mail on my machine. Voice Morphing today ensures such messages cannot be trusted. I am aware as well that my cousins and family have been impersonated on phone and email — this has happened to others.

Please read my account of 2 strangers intending unlawful “legal guardianship”, mental health defamation, and human rights termination landing at my doorstep last week.

Perhaps you do not know that there is an ever-expanding racket to impose on women living alone and rush people via impersonation fraud into “Incapacitation” fraud and mental asylums for forced drugging–especially attempted by Surveillance Role Players in Wargaming scenarios for purposes of juvenile egoism, Land grabbing, and House Theft. Not to mention disappearing journalists exposing crimes.”

–Email excerpt, October 26, 2023, 12:18 am

I also underlined the obvious.

“…why on earth would someone I have never met suddenly be deputed to “VISIT” me without prior conversation with me?) “PRAYER” is also highly concerning here; this is an obvious ploy.

It is not Fear by the way which keeps me from opening the door or talking to strangers, it is Prudence and Wisdom. These are STRANGERS. It is no small thing, strangers–saying they are lawyers, doubly concerning–appearing at my doorstep last week with clear intent to remove my basic human rights and disappear me. I have published a Notice, both on my door and on my website to let people know this is CRIMINAL.”

–Email excerpt, October 26, 2023, 12:18 am

Delay in Every Way

At Pine Haven, Oct 30, 2023

I haven’t spoken here of the helicopter transits over my head at night, the apparent Electronic Warfare special planes or fighter planes crossing the clouds over Elmwood two nights ago, the lawnmower cacophony indulged in by the whole of this block, shiftings of leaves turning yellow at dusk, the two heart shaped lindens in the back, screaming of engines down this street–no doubt at choice moments in my rustling through papers and jotting down notes, still attempting to finalize and complete my letters, my notices, my articles, my FOIA requests, my reports, particularly regarding the events of December 20-29, 2022, but also before and after–because they’re connected–but clearly, there is a need for me to continue speaking and writing as I do, to stay in the public eye, and to return to my broadcast journalism. Which I will do, soon.