Ramola D Reports/Report #127 | Interview with Max Igan – Fascism Ahead — And How to Avert It

–Ramola D/Posted April 20, 2019

Unique and absolutely stellar sharing of information and ideas  (video link below) from Max Igan, radio host and video producer who hosts Surviving the Matrix at American Voice Radio: https://theamericanvoice.com/ and runs The Crowhouse: http://thecrowhouse.com/ on the subject of the encroaching totalitarianism we are immersed in all around the world and what we can do about it, as individuals, as concerned citizens, as human beings awakening to the intentioned removal of human rights and human sanctity all around the planet.

An activist and thinker who has thrown off the system in more ways than one and lives off the grid while being active in his local community and online, Max Igan points out that the smart phone which everyone carries and uses as a life-companion today is a surveillance device chockfull of sensors and microphones and barometers which essentially is already keeping track of your every move and word and action during the day and is the way the Smart Grid of full-spectrum surveillance is being imposed on us. His advice is to get rid of your smart phone as a first step of denying control to governments and criminals who seek to surveill and control you.

In a wide ranging conversation which covers 5g, smart phones, smart grids, forced vaccinations, neuroweapons, mind control, and targeting, Max Igan offers some absolutely phenomenal advice on how we can break through to freedom in the face of incredibly invasive fascism all around: chuck your smart phone, break out of digitized virtual reality—currently holding us all in thrall online—and connect with your local community, become someone your community will love by doing things for others, setting an example, break out of the grid and control system and live as removed from it as you can, question authority and hold officials in power accountable. He also details how Australians today are suing cell tower companies for assault—and advises that we all begin to search through in our states and counties for laws against assault and intrusions of privacy, and remind telecom companies who own the cell towers of these laws, through lawsuits if necessary, after getting certification from medical doctors on the deleterious effects of EMF radiation.

Shockingly, Darwin, Australia, Max reports is becoming the first Smart City in Australia where China’s Orwellian and intensely Communist system of social credits is being rolled out, where a virtual concentration camp will then be established whereby people with low credit scores—for speaking out, being activists, or questioning or ciriticizing the Government—will be disbarred from entering certain parts of the city. Max reports that news reported in the Northern Territorial Times suggests that the rollout will be in June 2019. Current information I could find on the subject:

China’s system of social credits/coming to Australia:








Al Jazeera’s documentary: China’s Spying Eyes


Wall Street Journal: First Detention, Now Demolition: China Remakes Its Muslim Religion


On the subject of the targeted persecution that good people in communities with spirit and voice—such as myself, included–face as soon as they express themselves in this post 9/11 Orwellian fascist world run by corporate and military and government criminals, Max suggests pushing forward and keeping on going while removing oneself as much as one can from the system may be the answer. I also take away from his conversation that focusing on good that one can do, despite being targeted, is still a powerful focus.

Most compelling is the advice Max gives regarding reconnecting or rediscovering the power of self, going within to find out what one stands for and stands against, consult one’s own moral compass and start acting on it with integrity to protect life, humanity, society.

This entails questioning authority, questioning the Congressmen and women and local governments who have permitted human health assault and censorship—and this is exactly what humans need to do today, he says, when we are being assailed on all sides with encroachments, assaults, and abrogations of our natural rights, freedoms, and health: whether it’s 5G, forced vaccinations, dumbed-down school education, chem trails raining nanobots and heavy metal particulates on us, or cell towers in our neighborhoods and LED lights with 5G pulsing through-wall-surveillance radar into our homes.

While the mass of the human populace may need authoritarian fascism to walk into their backyard or front yard before they will wake up to the criminality of what governments are doing to people, we don’t have to wait for them to wake up, but can begin to start acting in the power of our own individual selves, on our own.

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