Reporter’s Note 3: Personal Update, September 2nd, 2023

Ramola D | Reporter’s Notes | September 2nd, 2023

I’m making a note here today because I think it’s important to record that I have once again experienced rather intensive whistleblower-journalist retaliation the past couple days as I sought to communicate with family on last year’s actions against me which I have reported only partially so far (for good reason), and as I sought to post a couple of documents surfacing Directed Energy Weapon technologies (listed here now), and the unlawful testing of such weapons in the anti-personnel range on civilians–an issue of special interest to me, given the base reportage I have been making of such weapons-testing being applied on my person, since 2013, often reported at this site, and clearly accruing from actual weapons-testing contracts, which I have sought in the past using FOIA requests to find out more about from US government bodies, especially the US Air Force and the Federal Aviation Authority.

At Pine Haven, Sep 2, 2023

Starting from Wednesday night, August 30, through the whole of Thursday August 31, I was rather intensely hit with heart frequencies which I was compelled to shield from using orgonite and steel and Reflectix, using shields in duplicate against me as I slept. This was in addition to other neurobio hits on nerves, face, head et al. Not merely were there aerial vehicles, zoomers on the street, and the sound of the large microwave generator from the house two doors down where it seems such has been installed since 2014, I was also hit in the heart rather intensely and subjected to sudden directional high frequency sounds while working on art closer to the street.

It’s important to note that what I have been reading about, researching and seeking to report currently are the very US Airforce weapons testing contracts which I partially received information on in 2015 (and posted here and here earlier)–and some of which information may have been disappeared through cyberhacking on Muckrock where I made my requests from, such that I am only now reading and re-reading these communications, while working currently to iron this out at Muckrock as well–which I am seeing now I need to further report and follow up on. Looking back, I think the entire roster of FOIA requests and reporting I was doing in 2014, 2015 was somewhat torpedoed by other ventures to report the surveillance-abuse and military-testing that took up my attention perhaps (I will have to go back and check some of this), but these answers from USAF et al may also have been delayed; looking at the dates of some of the responses from agencies posted at Muckrock I am noticing a few discrepancies, and I certainly did not know when responses came in much later. Notifications from Muckrock seem to have been erratic and episodic; again, this is something I have started to check with them and aim to follow up on. But the other thing that happened mid 2016 or so I think was a lot of being pulled into COINTELPRO style infiltrator action, sudden other “media” setting up around and disappearing my work, the setting up and running of Techno Crime Fighters Forum, then street theater among self-named activists, which later devolved into smear campaigns and time-wasting and led to my being-deflected from basic print reportage. “Support organizations” around those reporting unlawful military neuro/energy technology use on them have greatly thwarted the exposure of these crimes. (I have spoken and written on these subjects both here in personal report sections, on podcasts, on social media, and on Substack.)

It is 11:22 pm, and I am being once more hit at the heart as I write. Yes I am shielding, and I am safe, but clearly the weaponry being used here seems a little fixated on sending me biohacking messages. I do hear a plane high in the distance, I do know satellites seem to hang directly above, I do think houses are broken into and emitters or repeaters installed in attics or basements (might well be the case here) from what I learn from others, and I have been given enough awareness via helicopter flights directly overhead, again tonight, that the Aerial Vehicle runners seem a little concerned about reportage of their doings. However, I have no choice but to report the information that needs to be reported, for the welfare of the reading public, and for the safeguarding of our human communities.

Doing FOIA requests and Privacy Act requests is a very simple thing for all to do, they are a way forward to finding out more about what government agencies and departments are doing. As people may know, I have established myself firmly on the land and soil of the USA as an American, while the government I refer to here is the medley of corporations comprising US Inc. in the maritime jurisdiction which are indeed responsible for the weapons-testing-on-humans contracts which should never have happened nor be continued, and therefore who indeed must be scrutinized and held responsible. Some info on these weapons-testing contracts surfaced by media since 2006 can be found here: US and NATO NLW Weapons Testing Thread. I will be reporting further on this subject.

The two documents posted so far this week, from the DoD and a Congressional service presenting military DEWs can be found under Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Documents.

I’m just learning that Anna von Reitz has also just spoken of DEWs post the fires in Hawaii, another subject I hope to explore further and briefly cover, and as many of us know who have followed HAARP and weather modification and other directed-energy technologies for a long while, it is a very vital one to understanding how these technologies have now entered the worlds of everyday life, Health, Justice, and others.

I hope to return this coming week to podcasting again.