Newsbreak 38: NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Recommends Informing Judge Trenga Further on the Unconstitutionality of the Terrorist Watchlist

— Ramola D | Posted 9/13/2019

Karen Stewart, Sep 12, 2019, at Newsbreak 38

In a brief conversation yesterday at Ramola D Reports, NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart recommended that all Americans who suspect they are being watchlisted by reason of experienced community policing or Neuro/DEW Targeting contact Judge Trenga to provide him further information on the profound human rights violations and Constitutional rights violations they have suffered as a result.

Newsbreak 38

With her trademark forthrightness and humor, NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart discussed the recent ruling by Judge Trenga of the Eastern District Court of Virginia that the Terrorist Watchlist is unConstitutional and violates the rights of the people placed on it, a ruling made in the case of a group of plaintiffs represented by the Council on American Islamic Relations who brought a lawsuit against the US government after being abominably treated by Law Enforcement and TSA during border crossings and while trying to board flights.

While mainstream media has done a good job hiding the real truth (see the recent Chicago Sun-Times Psy Op Cover Op here) about the extent of the perfidy engaged in by #FusionCenters whereby thousands if not millions of good, honest, non-criminal Americans have been falsely-watchlisted, falsely-targeted, and human trafficked into military and Intelligence weapons-testing, medical experimentation and bio-behavioral research projects which has involved 24/7 surveillance, stalking within homes and buildings as well as on streets, and silent-assault with a multiplicity of spectrum weapons: microwave, sonic, scalar, other–the fact is, Karen explains, that these programs are real and those labelled and dismissed as “Targeted Individuals” reporting these crimes are in no way delusional.

In an article published at Activist Post detailing the abusive programs of community scapegoating and suppression to rival the Stasi run by fusion centers in the US — and fusion centers in the UK, Australia, Europe, Canada, in identical terrorizing wise — Karen has spelled out how people have been wrongfully targeted, watchlisted, and terrorized, all on an unbelievably massive scale.

Karen has also written and sent a letter to Judge Trenga urging him to abolish the false-accusation, rights-removing, Unconstitutional Terror Watchlist and explaining what it has succeeded in doing in terms of running terror and targeting fraud on Americans.

Karen Stewart suggests writing a letter to Judge Trenga to support her own letter informing him of the horrific nature of the extrajudicial targeting program which includes the use of anti-personnel non lethal weapons, aka microwave/spectrum weapons on watchlistees.

Read and download Karen’s letter here: NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart Recommends Sending a Letter to Judges to Abolish Fraud Terrorist Watch List and the Associated Organized Stalking, Harassment, and Electronic TortureRead and download Karen’s letter here

Read Karen’s article on the Trenga ruling and Fusion Centers here:…

Newsweek article on the Trenga ruling consulted in the podcast:…

Second Memo to President Trump sent on 26 June 2019, mentioned in podcast: Once More a Memo

Please visit Karen Stewart’s page at The Everyday Concerned Citizen where she continues to post flyers and letters on an ongoing basis: Karen Stewart’s Column at The Everyday Concerned Citizen


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