BREAKING: Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart Caught Out in Running Targeted Smear Campaign on Genuine Whistleblowers Exposing Fusion Center Targeting Crimes

Report | Ramola D | September 20, 2020

In an extraordinary turn of events illustrating how “the dregs of society” inhabiting Law Enforcement, Security & Intelligence agencies operating out of fusion centers (or apparently, out on their own in COINTELPRO infiltration scams among human rights activists and Intel targets) actually target and attack innocent and upstanding Americans, self-named ex-NSA “Targeted Individual Leader” Karen Melton Stewart has been caught out in running Targeted Smear Campaigns on genuine whistleblowers reporting Fusion Center Crimes and working as human rights advocates assisting the wrongfully targeted (who are being persecuted to death with Anti-Personnel Directed Energy Weapons, Neuroweapons, Nanoweapons, you name it.)

Iconic image of Ex-NSA Karen Stewart with finger on lips, which many have speculated is the secret Masonic signal for silence, and which has previously graced her interviews posted at this site, by this writer

The facts speak for themselves and require no editorializing.

Many are aware that this “NSA Whistleblower” who has been greatly lauded, applauded, platformed and promoted by this writer since her first published print interview with same in March 2016, when no-one touched her story and her name was hardly known, in fact closely supported and promoted by this writer over four years through various articles, interviews, podcasts, further platformed through inclusive collegiality on the now-historic artifact-of-infiltration Techno Crime Fighters Forum, indeed, supported, assisted, praised in various ways has now, in a sharp turnaround of suspected Intel-steering, run–and continues to run–a sudden Targeted Smear Campaign on this writer, since November 2019, in attempts apparently to bury this writer’s vital reportage on the many sordid truths of Mass FISA Abuse targeting today involving both an exotic and not-so-exotic plethora of Extrajudicial Targeting Technologies and implicating a myriad of immoral Defense contractors, Universities, Military divisions, Law Enforcement and “Intelligence” agencies including the NSA in rather blatant human-rights-violative crime.

This writer has had to post a Statement on her journalism to counter this smear campaign, which echoes the Targeted Smear Campaign by another stalwart of modern infiltration and Psychological Warfare, “Dr. Katherine Horton,” whose JTRIG tactics of insinuation and sabotage have earlier been remarked widely at this site, including here. Both these Questionables have published outright lies, as exposed earlier in several reports, including these recent ones:

REPORT & JOINT STATEMENT ON HOW TECHNO CRIME FIGHTERS FORUM ENDED | Correction of Dr. Katherine Horton’s False Narrative Changing Facts


Public Notice, Posted Publicly, Post Targeted Smear Attacks

Targeted Smear Campaigns Run On Many by Karen Stewart: Is NSA a Stronghold of Liars, Spooks, and Spies?

What is increasingly emerging today however on social media through the testimony of various others unlawfully targeted by miscreants in the protected amoral agencies is evidence of Targeted Smear Campaigns on other human rights activists, advocates, and innocents illegally-targeted by this ex-NSA “Intelligence Analyst” who has now proved to the world exactly how and why NSA gets it wrong on so many counts on a nonstop basis, Deception, Deceit, and Disruption-of-Forward-Movement being the apparent order of the day, as expressed in her actions of verbal assault on many–continued to date.

TODAY’S STORY: Karen Stewart Has Published Serious Lies About Another Human Rights Advocate

Karen Stewart’s latest brutal attack on social media has targeted a “Targeted Individual” activist who has sought to help investigate the cases of various people wrongfully targeted, provide support, and help publicize the crimes of Surveillance Abuse they are uniformly reporting.

Amy Rayboun, formerly a hactivist for humanity with Anonymous, describes how Karen Stewart first approached her, among other events.
Screenshot: “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth….in its entirety”

Amy Rayboun, a software engineer with training in Psychology and biosciences who has worked as a “Black Hat hacktivist” with Anonymous, “hacking for humanity,” once worked closely with Karen Stewart (as has this writer), and has spent the last six years researching, investigating and supporting Americans and others worldwide reporting unlawful targeting with Non Lethal Weapons and Neuroweaponsthe dirty little secret governments try to hide, while the One World Government has been brought in thus, on the backs of security service contractors, fusion centers, NSA spying, Defense companies testing non lethal weapons, and Universities testing brain technologies worldwide, has become the latest target of Karen Stewart’s misplaced takedowns-with-lies. (Please see Amy’s extensive bio and statement on her work below the article, for more.)

Whistleblowing on State Troopers Offering Monetary Bribes to Incite Snitching on Neighbors in Tallahassee, Florida

In a video posted today publishing “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth….in its entirety,” Amy Rayboun also discloses, in a stunning revelation indicting Florida State Law Enforcement (which does need further, extensive coverage), that she was offered a monetary bribe in hundreds of dollars to snitch on a neighbor, in a startling and unexpected call paid to her by these not-so-upright LEOs right after she met and spoke to Karen Stewart.

Video Posted on Facebook:

Lies and Smears Posted by Karen Stewart on Facebook

On September 18, at 3:08 pm, Karen Stewart made this post on her erroneously-named “PERPS and NUTCASES” page on Facebook where she regularly posts attacks, lies, and smears on many, in this case attacking Amy Rayboun extensively while also taking pot shots at other well-known activists and writers such as Galina Kurdina, Barbara Hartwell, and this writer.

Opening salvo to the Now-Famous Trashing-Others Post by Ex-NSA Karen Stewart, Sep 18, 2020/Whole Post Here

The text of this post is re-published here below:

PERPS and Nutcases/Facebook/Karen Melton Stewart

September 18 at 3:04 pm

Some perps and nutcases are so extreme and unrelenting that they deserve their own pages, like Ramola Dharmaraj, but she has low-rent, trailer trash competition that deserves recognition in her sheer gaul and depravity … several years ago I asked Amy Rayboun privately and politely to NOT fight with and curse people ON MY FACEBOOK page. She was an Anon, NOT a TI. She and another nutcase, Cynthia had gotten into a spat so nasty that people were complaining. Amy claimed “calling her a d1ckh0l3” did not count as an obscenity because she had not correctiy spelled the word ?. I messaged her to please stop or just take it to her own page. I asked her to pretend it was her mom’s home and she had asked her to just respect her rules. She got nasty, accused me of “infringing upon her first amendment rights to defend herself” and said she HATED her mother so would NOT do HER a favor much less me (this from a middle-aged woman with grown kids). So I blocked her. Midge Mathis and I had discussed how problematic she had shown herself to be. She was in it for ego and adoration, claiming to be a “lightworker” for TIs, getting their information, then NOT safeguarding it. She had complained that various 1-night stand meth-head males had gone through the paperwork of her TI “clients” which she had carelessly left out in the open, to get private info like social security numbers, dob, addresses, etc. for ID Theft !!! Midge and I were horrified. When we asked her to NOT be so careless, she became severely abusive and we let the TI community know we could no longer support her efforts. Signs were she saw a money opportunity for herself and her adult kids, who were life failures like she was. All seemed involved in drugs.

Since we cut her off of course she has had an ax to grind for being outed for what she truly is, a scam artist and fraud. When Ramola threw her own tantrum in the Fall of 2019 that I could not be forced or tricked into appearing to attack Dr. Katherine Horton for her, she began searching for anyone with an ax to grind to try to portray me and my integrity as “the problem”. She found Galina/Helen Kurdina who I had stopped from bullying Sherri G. a couple years back, and I inagine Amy R. quickly sought her out as a platform to launch her own attack, hoping to gain credibility capitalizing on Ramola’s education and standing since Amy had none. Things fell apart when much to Ramola’s chagrin, Amy and Galina went after each other like two unsophisticated, drunken whores. After Ramola’s efforts to portray them as “innicent victims” when they were obviously both nasty grifters.

Amy thought she would “embarass me” by illegally releasing documents filed by perps in Florida who had stalked, harassed and both assaulted me and my elderly parents with DEW almost all of 2016 (I reported them over 50 times to law enforcement to no avail) and the male, Chris Hines Dean, a known cokehead with a long criminal record of substance abuse and battery, had actually come to our property, rang the doorbell, hid, jumped me, and split me lip with an ambush punch. I fought him off with a flashlight. Since his nasty drunkard mother had slept her way through the Sheriff’s Department, a supervisor rushed out to tell deputies to lie on the report to blame me “so Renee’s son won’t go to prison”. The mother filed a whopper of a fairy tale charge and the known dishonst assistant DA tried to maliciously prosecute me but was pulled off the case to face another lawsuit that she habitually prosecuted people she knew were innocent. The replacement assistant DA refused to prosecute “the dog of a case” (which ludicrously claimed a known drug addict with a long history of abuse, who ambushed a woman on her own property was the “victim” and the woman he attacked, who had worked for the NSA and had held a TS/SCI clearance almost 30 years, who obviously had NO criminal record, and was significantly older and smaller that he was, “was the perpetrator”!)

Despite the laundry list of perp lies filed by the perp mother, the case was dismissed and sealed because the second assistant DA knew the Sheriff’s department had dishonstly mishanded it. Amy knew this too but chooses to purposely misrepresent and TAKE THE SIDE OF substance-abusing, low-life scum, like herself, who took money from the Fusion Center to try to murder and frame me, in an effort to curry favor with Ramola, who had published my write up of the attempted frame-up and miscarriage of justice incident back in the Fall of 2019. Yet, Ramola said not a word to correct Amy’s lies because it served her own dishonest agenda of lies. And Amy knowingly posted perjured information dismissed by the State of Florida as if it had merit, with NO mention of the full story. Wrap your head around the fact that Amy and Ramola would embrace known lies by proven perps to viciously smear me in petty vengeance for standing my ground against THEIR lack of moral integrity, so typical of malignant narcissists like them. Oh, and Amy, due to a severe lack of education and sophistication, merely throws back my educated assessment of her/them as MN’s due to her utter lack of knowledge of or education in any area of psychology much less basic psychology, and her complete inability to formulate a different assessment of anyone else, due to her complete ignorance in the topic. Having been assessed by professional tests at NSA and by two independent mental health professionals for my lawsuit against NSA I have rock solid proof that I have not a trace of the Amy/Galina/Ramola severe personality disorder that undermines the TI community.

I was surprised by Amy’s claims that “I” have been stalking HER for years? Would love to see proof of that delusional claim. And that she had charges pending against me? NEWSFLASH for the mentally challenged: You can file papers claiming anything (as drunkard Renee did) but they will not go forward if they lack merit and credibility. In other words, you can accuse me of shooting Abraham Lincoln in 1865, but that does not mean you can have anyone act on insanely delusional charges. But keep spinning your pathetic drug-stupor lies and I will be glad to set the record straight for the smart people. You are welcome to keep the stupid ones. Oh, and how is the fantasy lawsuit going against Anthony (Red Pill) and his wife, who you also have stalked and slandered/libeled and threatened to sue in yet another drama queen, emotional tantrum of yours because THEY called you out on your bad behavior with them?

I am so glad Ramola has chosen to align herself publicly with known trash like you, Galina, and Hartwell.

(This writer will indeed respond further to the false-claims and smears included herein directed at her, separately, in a separate article, stay tuned.)

That almost every word in this extraordinary diatribe is false was shown up clearly by (certainly very well-educated) Amy Rayboun, whose response clearly illustrates that Karen Stewart has posted the most inexplicable lies, in efforts apparently to destroy her credibility and her name.

Here is Amy Rayboun’s response, which addresses all false-claims and accusations made by Karen Stewart:

Opening lines to Amy’s response to Karen’s slander/Whole Post here

Text of this post here below:

Amy Rayboun, Facebook/Sep 20, 2020

true TIs…i am going to address these LIES…in fact ALL of them…where to start? let me state that Ramola Dharmaraj nor Galina nor Barbara Hartwell nor myself are trash as #KarenStewart slandered to dehumanize ALL of us to make us out to be.

FIRST; regarding Cynthia Simon,i posted the screenshots and in a previous post clearly explains the evidence of truth.i told Karen i had every right to defend myself to Cynthia’s verbal attack.i told Cynthia to “stop acting like a d1ckh0l3”. btw, purposely misspelled!?! 😂 so back to when i was in anonymous (under the alias Teresa Reed) prior to me becoming a TI.i became a true TI when i was targeted due to my association with helping TIs… Anthony and Karen both participated in perpetrating against me for NO reasons except their own…personal reasons.

SECOND; my MOTHER (although i do not know how my mother bears any relevancy to my works on behalf of true TIs).i do NOT hate my mother and in all actuality i love her very much.while my son and i have been homeless for the past 6+ weeks; we have been residing with my mother and my father.truth is NO ONE gets along 24/7 with their mother and father and no we do not have a perfect relationship.but i do not hate her nor did i make that statement to Karen that she claims.that is a LIE!

THIRD; i have been working with true TIs now for 5-6 years.i have not ever done the work on behalf of true TIs with any anterior motive i.e. ego,adoration,and money.Doris Clause (alias Midge Mathis) and Karen were constantly talking about individuals; sizing them up. Karen NOR Doris have proven to be stable enough to diagnose and prognose any individual; particularly myself at that point; i was aware Karen and Doris were slandering me (see screenshots of Karen claiming aka LYING that I sent Doris a abusive email.😂 let me state that i do NOT need any money and have NOT ever taken any money for the works i did on behalf of true TIs.

FOURTH; i have done previous posts stating Anthony sent honey pots to my home explaining the first honey pot (Alan Slominchinski) was a meth head. did i know when he came to my home? NO.did i know i was being set up when he came to my home? NO.regarding the works on behalf of true TIs and their case files; i do NOT keep social security numbers.personal and case information was always kept on a USB drive and carried with me at ALL times as it is to present day.what is this about ID theft? i have NO clue what Karen is talking has it occurred as of yet? NO.

FIFTH; what “money opportunities did i see for myself and my children? we all seemed to be on drugs.” Karen is getting really creative with her LIES.again,as i stated in the live video “TRUTH in its entirety” i am on medication for brain tumors.regarding my children, neither are on drugs.wait! my son smokes weed…does that count!?!? 😂

SIXTH; Ramola and i became acquainted when Karen began her onslaught of brutal targeting attacks against her.due to my works on behalf of true TIs, naturally i stood in support of Ramola.i did NOT seek Ramola out for a platform or anything of the like.i had created my own platform in my works on behalf of true TIs and i was always content with it.if i had wanted other platforms like “radio and tv”; i would have pursued it…i chose NOT to because i loved my works i did for true TIs.furthermore; how did i ever capitalize off Ramola’s education?!?! i,myself,am well educated as i earned ample credit hours equivalent to a master’s degree because i loved school 😂

SEVENTH; Galina and i had a misunderstanding,however; recently we both apologized and squashed it. Galina and i are fine and get along quite well actually.

EIGHTH; i did NOT post the court docs regarding who Karen truly is TO embarrass her.(LIE!) rather i posted the court docs to make other true TIs aware of who Karen truly is and in effort to protect true TIs i also posted the court docs.

NINTH; i was not present when “mishandling of Karen’s criminal case”occurred.was it mishandled? i do NOT believe it was as Karen was charged criminally for criminal behavior. Karen claims i took money from fusion center to try to murder and frame her!?!? again i do NOT need any money NOR would i accept any from fusion centers.

NINTH; yes i claim that Karen you DO continue TO stalk, harass, berate, bully, exploit,slander me and you have for some time launched your first slander campaigns against me with your “staunch warrior” who is actually a meth head; Anthony have continued your same criminal behaviors and criminal acts against me since! i have only issued rebuttals of truth and remained protective,supportive of true TIs.

TENTH; the present criminal and federal charges initially filed by myself with TPD yet the investigator who took the case actually filed the charges AFTER he reviewed the evidence presented to him.he referred the case to the FBI where it is present day.FYI Karen; Anthony and his other flying monkeys face the same charges.

ELEVENTH; in the plethora of college courses i took included psychology courses,criminology, and other courses relevant to mental health.regarding ASSESSMENTS; that is a skill i acquired during my medical courses and one i became very good at! in fact and truth; very similar techniques are used in TI case assessments and progress notes.therefore; Ramola’s nor anyone elses education would “benefit me” but my own!

TWELFTH; i hold a high level of respect and camaraderie for Ramola, Galina, Barbara, and other true TIs who fight each day for innocent people who are being maimed,tortured,and murdered by those who CHOOSE to participate in war crimes committed against humanity.(if i missed anything please point it out so i may clarify it with #TRUTH)👊✊💜

Amy Rayboun TI investigator,researcher,advocate and human rights activist

Not much further needs to be said.

This information is posted in the public interest.

The libelous attacks Karen Stewart has launched on many and the abusive Targeted Smear Operations she continues to run on many, including this writer, necessitate the publication of Truth and Facts to inform others, clear names, address slander, and set the record straight, for history.

Amy Rayboun’s Bio and Statement:

Targeted Individual Amy Rayboun ~ TI investigator, researcher, and advocate for Targeted Individuals (TIs) all over the world.

She has been investigating TI cases for five-six+ years and has advocated and acted as a platform on behalf of TIs for a one+ year. When she became a TI investigator and researcher she was a member of the collective group,Anonymous.

During my stint in Anonymous, I took on the role/job as a hacktivist and researcher. A hacktivist strives to hack for the good of humanity, for justice in exposing corruption, and for exposing covert war crimes against innocent people. “My specific duties as a hacktivist included the exposing of covert war crimes committed by the government, the exposing the operatives utilized to commit war crimes against humanity, the exposing persons who perpetrated the corruption of war crimes, and the identifying the alphabet agencies and sectors of the government involved in the war crimes committed against humanity, technically, my hacktivism in Anonymous is what led me to my work on behalf of TIs and the TI community. Due to my hacktivism shifting from anonymity to Targeted Individuals, I chose to leave Anonymous.

Presently, I work on over 40 Targeted Individual cases worldwide. I work with Targeted Individuals (TIs) from Africa, Japan, Denmark,Hawaii, United States, Venezuela, Syria, United Kingdom (Great Britian), Russia, China, etc…one thing i enjoy most being a TI investigator, researcher, and advocate is not only working with TIs all over the world; but i am blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the most intelligent, diverse, kind, ambitious, brave, talented, skilled individuals. in working together, Targeted Individuals and myself have achieved some significant accomplishments. a few of the most critical accomplishments achieved in working with TIs are the following: the identification and exposure of the main ‘program’ as Joint Non Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWP) in which ALL TIs are blacklisted in; the identification of several warfare tactics, techniques, and inducements that JNLWP executes; and the compilation/creation of the list called ‘TI Resources and Countermeasures List’.

The TI Resources and Countermeasures List contains inexpensive resources and effective counter measures identified by TIs that helps to reduce and thwart the unrelentless attacks of targeting. my education background consists of a plethora of colleges and universities. i hold numerous awards for phi theta kappa, nationwide deans list, college deans list, honor roll, etc…presently, i hold a dual degree in both the medical and technology fields. I obtained my Associate of Science degree as a medical assistant.

Due to experiencing corruption in the medical field, I chose to pursue my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology (IT) as a Software Engineer (SE). as a SE; i read, wrote,executed, and debugged different coding languages from HTML to Python to JavaScript to SQL. i utilized my educational background and newly acquired skills as a hacktivist to not only hack for the good of humanity but to achieve the significant accomplishments through working with Targeted Individuals for the past five years to present day. My hope for humanity is that many more TIs will come forward and seek help to unite with other TIs so through collective action there can be impactful activism to induce positive change.

“The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I? Light up the darkness.” ~ Bob Marley



Amy Rayboun’s Thread on Twitter, 9/20/2020 posting this response