2018/09/17 Report by Neelu Berry

–Posted 9/17/2018

10:55 a.m: I went before Mr. Justice Baker in Court 37 Queen”s Bench Royal Courts of Justice in London to request the order of Mr. Justice Garnham from the hearing on Friday, the 14th of September, 2018.

The usher snatched the documents I had got from the table and demanded I leave even though the judge was by himself without a hearing taking place.

Judge’s Clerk Steve Jones stood up and whispered to Mr. Justice Baker.

I told the judge I was putting on the tape that I had been promised the order from Friday on Monday morning and I had been promised a call from the Out of Hours Judge and Clerk but was denied the Out of Hours Services by Mr. Justice Garnham.

I waited outside for the order. Two security guards arrived, then a female security guard and then another two security guards. They told me that I would not to be allowed to go inside the courtroom. A female usher said she was new and she was told she was not to let me in.

I informed her that I did not wish to go inside, I was just waiting for the order that Mr. Jones had promised me for Monday morning. The security guard went inside, came back out, and said the order would be ready at 4 p.m. on 18th of September, 2018. I was escorted out by a large Black male security guard.

13:00: I arrived at the auction in Great Queen Street and served the documents on a female, Megan Mamo, Corporate Sales Manager. She stated that her client was Asset Management Group, that she had received various emails with Court documents and attachments including the Police Report but she refused to give the name of the person she was dealing with. She repeatedly stated, “I advise you to contact Optima legal services.”

13.25: I served her with 27 pages, many of them double-sided, and asked her to give me a photocopy stamped and signed as a receipt. She refused to sign and stamp the receipt and returned the originals after taking copies of the 27 pages.

Included in the 27 pages was a Police Report filed online as advised and assisted by Anthony Badaloo and a copy of the bogus Writ Possession used on 20th of July 2018.

She gave me the 100+ page bundle of legal documentation relating to my property including title deeds at Land Registry as of 5th of November 2009, to look at, which I have retained in the hard copy, which have been made available for downloading from the Internet to any third parties in a breach of confidentiality and Data Protection Act.

Lot 132 started at 3:45 p.m. I proceeded to go to the front and gave notice to the auctioneer and Divisional Managing Director Mr. Chris Glenn that he was money laundering stolen properties and that my home was not for auction. He started the auction at £400,000 and ended on the second bid at £416,000.

I was violently manhandled by two Black men, assaulted, dragged and pushed out of the main hall and denied entry to collect my belongings. Lee Can’t has made a video recording of the incident.

What is stated above is true.

Neelu Berry