New Jersey Police Officer Files Lawsuit Against Chief Of Police, Police Dept, Township of Manalapan, Reports Police Dept Corruption, Targeting, Secret Practices, Blackmail

–Ramola D/Posted 1/8/2018

Lawsuit PDF/9/17/2018: hedden-v-township-of-manalapan-manalapan-police-department-chief-michael-fountain (1)

Notes from Lorraine in New Jersey who provided this PDF in Dec 2018 to ECC, to be fully reported on soon:

This is a Manalapan NJ Police Officer filing a lawsuit via a law firm against the Chief of Police, the Police Dept and the Township. He mentions the Chief’s unruly drunken behavior, sexist behavior, utilizing the Police Dept. financial resources for off duty fun activities. More importantly, and this is where it is good for us, when the Officer spoke out against these things to Internal Affairs, he became targeted. He did NOT use that terminology.  
Read item 24, 33 His gun was taken away from him for reporting the Chief to Internal Affairs. The Officer’s Mental Health was questioned then the Chief Ordered a “Fitness for Duty Evaluation”
Chief refused to permit him back to work and ordered two police officers to go to his home and remove his firearms! The Chief retaliated and fabricated a Complaint against the PO for filing a compliant against him with Internal Affairs
Item 53 He was LABELED an ENEMY with in the MPD!.  
Item 57 – Secret practices amongst the MPD.
Item 58. Chief Engaged in an off duty scheme with Contractors.
Item 60.Threats to Chief authority deemed “treasonous
Item 61. Officer’s complaint to Internal Affairs deemed an act of “high treason“.
Items 62-64: History of retaliating against officers and removed them from their shifts for not attending Chiefs award ceremony!
Item 69-73 Chief’s paranoia about officer sick days.
Item 74 Chief Fountains unauthorized investigations.
Item 75 Chief Fountain kept pictures of the officers in surveillance locations “covered and sealed“.
Item 76: Private and undocumented “investigations of officers were baseless – he deemed them “enemies“.
Item 77. Chief Fountain bragged about maintaining “undocumented files on many officers which contains “dirt” that he can used as leverage in the event an officer complains about anything.”