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Need to Know Report No. 4: California Fires: DEWs, Lasers, Agenda 21?

Dec 16, 2017

Dr. Ed Spencer, retired neurologist and avid researcher from California, was my guest this morning to report on the state of affairs in his part of the world, north of San Francisco, while the highly concerning Thomas fire continues to rage in the south, apparently setting records for longest-running red-flag-warning period in history.

Highly recommended, videos from Jamie Lee of A Plain Truth.Info, especially this one, part of which I played:

We looked at a few articles on the fires in Southern California currently, including this one from NASA.

Article here at on Agenda 21 linking Strong Cities Networks and Mega Regions that we looked at:

Megaregions on the America 2050 site:

Wildlands Project Map:

Rosa Koire, who has written and spoken extensively on Agenda 21, featured here:

Ed’s recommended sites, on the subject of drilling for primary water coming up from the magma at earth’s core:

The great UNCED video which Ed had us watch, narrated by George Hunt, and recording the voices of Jacob Rothschild advocating a Second Martial Plan and Maurice Strong and an investment banker calling humans “cannon fodder” is here:

I had lined up a few videos to play, at least in part, but since the NSA/CIA sitting on my laptop decided to slam that window closed–cyberhacking, sabotage, intrusion into my privacy, all of that!–I didn’t get a chance to play them. Mostly of directed-energy weapons systems and lasers developed by the military and by Defence contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin. I’ll post a few links below and plan to do a Follow-Up video to Report  No. 4 shortly.

Need to Know Report No. 3 on Weaponized AI, Killer Robots, Nanobots:

Live Chat on Need to Know 3-Weaponized AI

Apologies to all, and heads-up re. the NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, DHS, Pentagon hackers: This broadcast was sabotaged by the usual cyberhackers sabotaging my podcasts lately; audio was visibly and obviously taken down. I will re-do this program shortly. However, I aim to leave this video up as testament to sabotage today on Google Hangouts and Youtube.

Audio starts in around 4 minutes.

Here are the important websites mentioned today:,,,


The Slaughterbots video/–

Stop Killer Robots animation video:

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Interview with Professor Tony Walsh:

Micro Air Vehicles:

Nano spy drones, insect drones:

Ingestible origami nanobots:

Articles here:

Need to Know Report No. 2, Spotlight on Psychiatry Subverted, Interview with Melanie Vritschan

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