Neelu Berry Calls Belmarsh Prison to Ask for Immediate Release of Julian Assange: Treason & Criminal Cover-Up: Belmarsh Privately Owned, Conflict of Interest in Judge Emma Arbuthnot’s Links to Ministry of Defence

Report | Neelu Berry | 23 November 2019

Report by Neelu Berry on the case of Julian Assange dated 23rd of November 2019 

On the 10th of May 2019 I telephoned the Central Intelligence Office of the Australian Government in London, in the public interests, on grounds of Julian Assange being an Australian Citizen, on grounds of him being a protected witness of Mass War Crimes in the Middle East, alleged on the WikiLeaks website, as being committed by the UK and USA following the WikiLeaks release of the Collateral Murder video on 24th of January 2011 (1) (2)

On 19th of May 2019, I telephoned the Australian Embassy in London to demand the immediate release of Julian Assange. (3)  The official was extremely hostile and denied the remedy I sought of Julians’ immediate release, ignoring the Public Interest. 

On 24 May, 2019, I sent an email to the Australian Prime-Minister (6)

On 19 Nov 2019, after the social media publicity about the undisclosed conflicts in the Westminster Magistrates Courts Chief Magistrates Family links to the MOD and GCHQ, I sent an email demanding the Governor reviews the files in the ongoing liabilities of keeping him as a hostage and political prisoners a criminal cover-up.

On 21 Nov, 2019, in a follow up call, it was eventually disclosed to me that all services at Belmarsh Prison are under the control of Private Limited Companies, SSCL (Shared Service Connected Limited) and Sopra Steria Group, which are hired to deny the remedy to political prisoners like Julian Assange.

The above is proof that the entire UK public services have been hijacked by the Criminal Empire which is against the Public Interests and against Humanity

The case of Julian Assange proves that there is a Global State of Emergency in this World War III, all services are bought out by the Pirates with Pirate Currency acting as Invincible Treasonous Criminals and all the whistleblowers must be released immediately if we are to exert Public Interest Laws  and Mandate Gold Prosperity


(2), 10 May 2019 see transcript below

(3), 19 May 2019 see transcript below 

(4) 19 Nov 2019  see transcript below 

(5) 21 Nov 2019  see transcript below 



“Hello you have called Danielle Holden of the Office of National Intelligence at the Australian High Commission in London. I can’t take your call right now so please leave a message thank you. 

Hello yes we are the million supporters of Julian Assange and we demand his extradition to Australia on grounds that he’s been held a political prisoner by the UK state terrorists and this government in the UK is conspiring with the USA to end his life. His life is in danger. He requires urgent medical attention and the government and the Australian Embassy in London will be held fully responsible for all the tortures he’s been subjected to in the UK and in the Ecuadorian Embassy over the last seven years and the false prosecutions against him to persecute him for being a whistleblower of mass assassinations and massacres of civilians and women and children in the Middle East by the USA in conspiracy with the UK and the global media. 

So this is a formal notice of treason against all government officials who refuse to take appropriate action to bring Julian Assange to safety in his country where he is an Australian citizen. The Australian government has so far failed in its duty to his citizens and has conspired with the UK and USA to terrorize him in the last seven years and this is a formal notice against all the corrupt officials in Australia who are continuing to ignore the public interests, to ignore the public demands for his immediate release from HMP Belmarsh to silence him for the truths, and the work of WikiLeaks. 

The Australian government is part and parcel of the crimes of treason that that denying humanity the truth of the terrorism being subjected to this planet by the USA UK pirate currencies in conspiracy with Ecuador and the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and Australian government and the Australian Embassy in London. 

I speak on behalf of the million supporters of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and this is a demand for a witness protection order to be issued by the Australian Government to extradite him to safety where he can be rehabilitated, recuperated and restituted in his job as a journalist. 

Thank you very much indeed bye-bye”



“Hello good morning! 

Hello good morning! We have a situation in London so regarding the responsibility of the Australian Embassy in London for its Australian citizen Julian Assange 

Is this a Consular case? Are you ringing on a consular matter? 

 well it is yeah because Julian Assange is an Australian 

OK so whats your relation with Julian Assange, are you a relative? 

 I’m the spokesperson for the million supporters of Julian Assange 

I can’t talk to you about his case, because of the Privacy Act 

no no he’s a protected witness he’s a whistleblower of mass massacres of civilians 

No no you did not hear me, I can’t talk to you about this case because of the privacy act 

You are criminally covering up his protected witness and you need to protect him

I am sorry but that is a very serious allegation. Mmm would you like to give me your name then

yes my name is Neelu berry 

And what are you alleging that I have done that I am criminally covering up is that what you are alleging

because you just converted my criminal demand that you protect a witness, a protected witness, who is being tortured in the prison in the UK. I have demanded his release and I have demanded the Australian Embassy is responsible for his false prosecution and his false persecution 

It is not an embassy it is a high commission in London

it doesn’t matter what you call yourself you are failing to do what you’re supposed to do for the Australian citizen Julian Assange in the UK was being tortured and he’s been persecuted for being a whistleblower. 

 under the Public Interest Disclosure Act and under the Criminal Law Act 1967 section 4 he is protected from any prosecutions pending the corruption investigations of the mass remedy process of the equity monarchy trusts in the UK 

Can I just interrupt you?  If you have allegations that he is in serious danger or imminent harm you need to report it to the competent authority in the UK which would be the local police not to the Australian High Commission. I am not trying to be rude but I can’t assist you with this. 

Well you’re just proving to me that you’re subservient to the state terrorists in the UK, USA and Europe. you’ve just confirmed that to me. 

Yeah OK 

The Australian Embassy is subservient to criminals 

This is the Australian High Commission 

How can you say you’re not a criminal. you don’t have a defense. you’ve just admitted it to me. 

You don’t know me. You don’t know my role 

You have not provided any remedy. You are an expert at denying remedy even your telephone services is like a 

Have a lovely day but please don’t call here again, you are ringing the High Commission 

You are unfit for public service. you do not need to attend for work tomorrow. you are removed. 


So can you give me your telephone number please 

Why do you need my telephone number? now you’re intimidating, harassing and blackmailing me. 

No not at all 

you are now behaving like a terrorist. you haven’t provided me with a remedy that I seek. you’ve obstructed my remedy and now  you wish to persecute me for denying me my remedy. so what kind of public service is that? 

Can I tell you who I am and what role I have in the UK as a consul? 

Please do 

So as a consul, I am posted to the United Kingdom and under the Vienna Convention, the consul under the Vienna conventions, I am an internationally protected person, so for you to ring up and make accusations against me that is something that I can take action against 

okay well I would love you to do that because I will tell you what what 

Sure if you provide me me with your telephone number and address and I will do that 

right okay so who you need to write to is equity lawyer Edward William Ellis 

Your name please 

No because I work on behalf of equity lawyer Edward William Ellis okay so you need to write to him I’ll give you his email address and his telephone number which is 07788371717 

And can you give me your telephone number please and address you are making this call from

you’ve got my telephone number from the telephone 

No I don’t 

Now you are threatening me because you me 

By asking for your telephone number?

yes you are because you haven’t provided me with any public service and you’re threatening me with legal action for demanding public service for demanding the the rescue of Julian Assange who is an Australian citizen. 

My advice to you is if you have imminent concerns then you need to speak to the appropriate local authorities 

You are totally unfit for public service and I hope this call is recorded and sent to the Commissioner for your immediate dismissal. 

The commissioner 

 the High Commissioner. this is a formal complaint against you for embezzling public money in public office, denying remedy 

Yeah Ok! thank you for your call! have a nice day” 




Good afternoon HMP Belmarsh how can I help you 

Hello hi there is it possible to speak to the governor please Mr Davis 

Can I ask who’s calling 

Yeah my name is neelu Berry I am a private investigator for the Crown, Lord Bishops and the Royal commissions 


I won’t be able to put you through to the governor but I will certainly try his secretary 


Hold the line one moment 

Good afternoon 

Oh hello I don’t know if you are aware but on social media there’s been an outbreak of corruption against the chief magistrate of westminster Magistrates Court relating to Undisclosed information to the links that her husband and her son which have a direct conflict with the criminal extradition proceedings of Julian Assange.  So I just wanted to put the governor on notice of those.  I wanted to send him the email to basically so he’s aware of what the public are aware 

Of course yes 

There is a public outcry and you know the USA has been trying to criminally cover up its mass assassinations in the Middle East and WikiLeaks has obviously exposed how the USA has been sending emails all around it’s criminal Empires to carry out the false flags all around the world.  

So Julian Assange has basically been kidnapped in the UK by the Agents of the USA and obviously Belmarsh Prison is holding him without having the full picture of what is really going on and so these emails will put the governor in the position where he can consider his file on Julian Assange and whether he needs to review the file and do the right thing which is to extradite him to Australia where he is a citizen. He is an alien in the UK he is an alien anywhere except in Australia.  I believe his 80 year old…. 

Is it possible you could email the email that you suggested you are going to to the email address I give you.  As I say I am covering, I am just doing the basics I didn’t want to decline your call. 

Sure sure thank you 

If I give you the email address 

Obviously there needs to be a coordinator for his extradition to Australia so it would be his 80 year old father who has come over so is it possible I could get his details and put them into the email 

And copy him in so he knows that whatever decisions you make after you review the files will be coordinated with him.  Is that ok? 

I’m not at Liberty to say I don’t know I would suggest for the time being just email to the email address that I’ve given you you and wait for the response back asking questions. 

ok thanks 




Good afternoon HMP Belmarsh how can I help? 

hi yeah I sent an email to you a few days ago regarding the immediate release demand for Julian Assange 


Can I speak to the governor please 

Unfortunately you can’t,the Governor will not speak to anyone any member of the public over the phone

Why is that 

Its procedure 

If you want to contact the governor you have to put it in writing

Under what law 

This is the procedure we have 

Under what law 

I am telling you now I don’t need to state a law we have procedures set in place they won’t accept the call if try to Phone through to them they will reject the call. I am just trying to advise you

I spoke to his secretary last time, i’m can you put me through to his office 

They won’t take the call if it is a member of the public 

Well they did the last time I called 

Unfortunately they may have, but I’m not going to because I am aware of the procedures in place.  I am not going to put you through because they won’t take the call 

what’s your name 

My name is Jack 

Jack what is your surname 

I don’t have to give that over the phone 

and what’s your job title please 

I am a switchboard advisor 

And so what authority do you have to deny the call through 

Because we work at the switchboard.  The prison put in place procedures where we decide, where they give us information and we have the procedures in place whether the call goes through to certain departments and whether it doesn’t.  The public can’t speak to the governor 

Well the governor is a public servant and the governor has to be providing a public service so if he’s not providing a public service then why are we paying for him 

As a means of Contact by a letter as I explained to you you have to write to the governor

I’ve done that as I say I sent an email through I’m following it up because I haven’t had a response 

When did you send the email 

two days ago 

The governor has a lot of mail to get through the governor has 28 days to respond 

well it says 20 in the email so you’ve just made that up 

I have here is 28 days in writing and I don’t have a procedure I’m not sure what email you’ve had 

it’s called businesshub 

Yes ok that’s fine I’m not sure 

are you based at Belmarsh yourself 

No I’m not

so where is your call center based 

South Wales 

so is there anybody taking calls in Belmarsh in itself 

If you phone into Belmarsh you come to the switchboard and the switchboard will transfer you to the right department if necessary, but like I said we have procedures in place and I’m not going to but a member of public through to the governor because they won’t take the call

Well I’m not satisfied with that so I’d like to file a complaint 

If you want to file a complaint you have to put that in writing 

I can try and put you through to one of my managers if you like 


Hold the line please 

Hello my name is Linda I’m the team leader here in this department.  My understanding is that you wanted to speak to the governor in Belmarsh regarding a prisoner is that right?

I didn’t catch your name 


and what’s your job title please 

Team Leader 

I was put through to the governor’s secretary two days ago when I called so I asked to be put through to the secretary the same as two days ago and I was denied 

My understanding is that these are the directives that we have you are asked to email in and they have 20 days to respond and you’re not inside that time scale 

I know but it’s urgent I can’t wait 20 days because the guy is Julian Assange is likely to die within that time. 

unfortunately we can only go with the directives that we received from the establishment and unfortunately there isn’t anything that we can do for you.  You can send another email you know by all means marking it as urgent, marking it as high priority but obviously I can’t confirm, you know, how quickly they will come back to you 

 um I don’t accept that so 

Unfortunately there isn’t anything else we can do for you 

what number directive was that? what year was that? 

This is the information we have we are third parties that handle the calls, and we have to go and with the instructions of the actual establishment and there is no more I can do for you I’m afraid.

And what is your company called? who is your CEO of your company? 

That’s really besides the point anyway 

This is the information we have that you need to email in

Who is your CEO of your company? 

Right let me just check whether I’m actually at Liberty to disclose that information for you

Place you on hold 

thank you for waiting right I’ve actually now been told that you do need to actually go to the MOJ press office because you’re a member of the public you need to go through the press office to get any information 

so what about your CEO? 

yeah I could give you the details so our CEO is John Nielsen 

John Nielsen 

our company is SSCL which is shared services connected Ltd 

And what is your registration number

I don’t know i’m afraid 

 are you registered as a as a private limited company 

yeah we are part of sopra steria 

well there’s a conflict I need to put your CEOs on notice that Julian Assange has been subjected to the proceedings before Judge chief magistrate judge lady Emma Arbuthnot who has recently been caught not having disclosed the links that her husband and her son have with the secret services and the GCHQ. 

Ok well I can’t fast any comment on it, if you contact the moj press office you will be able to find that number on their website and that is all we can advise that you can do in this case

the reason why I can’t do that is because Emma Arbuthnot’s husband has links with the MOD which is directly in conflict with Julian Assange being held in Belmarsh prison the UK the UK has no jurisdiction he’s an Australian citizen 

unfortunately what we do here is to give advice regarding the establishment and if we can get the call put through we do. we can’t get involved in anything else. Unfortunately I am not able to to help you any further

this call is recorded I have recorded this call 


and I  will be making it public and you need to let your CEOs know of their liability of denying and remedy to Julian Assange 

I’ve given you the information and unfortunately I can’t help you any further today but thank you very much for your call thank you 

You are participating in a criminal cover-up 

thank you