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Current Post April 12, 2021 | First Posted Online 26/12/2019 | Ramola D

The posts in this log aim to document the daily assaults of a criminal coterie of Federally and State-funded weapon-wielders, who have targeted non-criminal, non-offending, law-abiding citizenry in the USA and worldwide, for purposes of extending their War on Terror domestically, labeling people “Known or Suspected Terrorists,” justifying and expanding their Counter-Terrorism programs and budgets, subjugating Americans in their neighborhoods by deceiving them into permitting their Domestic Terrorism programs against their completely-innocent targets, co-opting them, rolling them into Community-Monitoring programs where they too become accomplices to high-level bio-hacking crime, and thereby bringing Communist, Marxist, Stasi programs of control to all American neighborhoods, while utilizing their targets as human-trafficked-fodder into a number and variety of non-consensual, barbaric, unethical, and inhumane experimental programs of anti-personnel weapons testing, neuro-spying, BCI-AI supercomputing, WBAN-testing, mind-hiving, Internet of Bodies/Internet of Brains-connecting, behavioral modification, brain entrainment, EEG Cloning, EEG Heterodyning, Mind Reading, Brain Modification, Mk ULTRA Trauma-Based Mind Control-all diabolical, criminal, and violative of human rights, human dignity, human intelligence, and human bodily integrity.

The FBI, Infragard, and Cyberwarfare contingent assaulting targets and permitting these gargantuan human rights crimes like to imply that targets deserve their fate, deserve their “loss of liberty,” have done something nefarious to warrant this loss of human rights, and have a dangerous and criminal past: this implication is played out online and in person daily through covert communications and overt remarks: these are part of the Massive Charade of Deceptions manufactured by the completely-criminal FBI in rolling innocents into “Known and Suspected Terrorists” programs, and part of their Rationalizing-for-Budgets and Parallel-Construction activities.

The FBI is conducting criminal activities, and there is no getting around that fact–more to be published on this subject shortly. (Just read FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee’s posts for facts on this subject.)

Geral Sosbee, Former Special Agent FBI, attorney, judge, English professor, Jan 26, 2021:



Note: MDs, DDS, are frequently turned into torturers (& neighbors into armed hoodlums) a la Nazis to cause Target grief.”



Will explain the title of this Diary shortly–it was conceived a while ago. This is a stock photo of a Bentley found online.

12 April 2021 | Drones, helis, Zoomers, Neighbors: Pulse Shots to Head, heart, Private Parts, Face, EYes, Right upper arm, shoulder, elbow, ELFs to Seat, MAjor CyberHacking and freezing of pc

It appears the hobbits in criminal country have officially freaked today for the assaults have been insane and continue. What should have taken less than one hour to complete on video has stretched to over 12 hours today (in addition to 24 hour stalling on PC yesterday) thanks to incessant freezing of the pc, incessant manipulation of the cursor on their hidden networks, incessant interference with video-edits of every kind. The video I’ve been trying to complete and post today is Report 243, an interview with an animal advocate, which seems to be seriously threatening to some in the nether world of diminished IQ and heightened aggression who like to thwart writers, journalists, and broadcasters for fear their crimes will be too closely exposed. 

Notably, not merely am I hearing hits on the roof with every video-edit thwarted, I’m also hearing car doors bang in the neighbor’s driveway and further down the street–from which directions in 360-wise I’ve been pulse-hit all day in the head, right arm, right eye, right shoulder. My right arm and shoulder in particular have been intensely attacked for over 3 days now, with malicious intent to disable it appears–necessitating shielding. 

I wonder which ones of my articles and podcasts lately have been especially effective, given the level of this assault. I was also thwarted and obstructed extremely while working on Report 242, mRNA Vaccines in Focus, and am being stopped from posting the article and video at Before its News with recurring captcha-page loops on every browser. 

This is an outrageous and criminal assault on both my body, my rights, my freedoms, and on Press Freedom. 

Notably, in this conversation we spoke candidly about wrongful-targeting by the FBI of animal rights activists: a huge subject which needs further coverage. The FBI has apparently practiced the Art of Inversion for over 7 decades now, criminalizing the innocent and cohorting with criminals; in this way they have managed to attack people of conscience and moral values who speak out, while paying ex-cons, Mafia, and addicts to infiltrate activism groups, sabotage and play agent-provocateur, and over the past 3 decades, notably the last two since 9/11, rushing into neighborhoods to falsely-label people of conscience pedos, druggies, prostitutes, terrorists, extremists, anti-governmentists, et al, unleashing programs of “community policing” against them, while trafficking them into military and private biomedical research programs, without consent, so they can be assaulted nonstop with microwave pulse weapons & other exotic energy and neuroweaponry, actions which MUST be halted, for the preservation of all humanity. I wonder how much the FBI makes, through these actions of mislabeling and character assassination: COINTELPRO is an avid pursuit with this lot, as I learned yesterday in an exchange of emails with Sherri G after making this post on ex-NSA COINTELPRO plant Karen Melton-Stewart’s latest repeat round of lies, false-claims, and smears on Facebook, the 11 April entry here: Notes on Past & Present TI Activism to Expose Fusion Center Excesses, Evils, & Crimes

It appears that the FBI has been tasked with CONTINUOUS MISLABELING and ‘RE-ACQUIRING THE TARGET” in its Parallel Construction roster: this would explain Karen Stewart’s resolute focus on maintaining lies and false-narratives against me and frequently stirring the pot to post old lies anew and new lies galore on a daily and monthly basis; it would also explain Sherri’s inexplicable email exchanges yesterday. 

If the FBI were an actual and legitimate “bureau of investigation,” I believe they might have been able to figure out it is not wise to mislabel people, unleash Stasi community police on them, and traffick them into terminal, inhumane bio-experimentation programs. 

Being rooted in crime and deviltry, this organization uses government informants and spies instead to “stir up trouble” so it can “acquire” and “re-acquire” all the people of conscience it wishes to quell–because ultimately this appears to be a War on Consciousness; the Luciferian Skull and Bonesters (no doubt populating the FBI) and Freemasons on one side, the innocents and sincerely-striving-for-world-peace on the other. 

Also in operation is the “Operant Conditioning” — blatant MK ULTRA/Behavioral Modification which Geral Sosbee drew attention to today on Twitter. These criminals in the FBI and CIA who suppress, oppress, and repress people of integrity actually believe they can use the STICK method to define AI algorithms of assault against activists and journalists. This I believe is what is behind the current insane assaults on me today, post Report 242 and News Panel 19. All of it criminal, unethical, inhumane: which Legal Counsel on crack authorized the use of bone conductance weapons and millimeter wave weapons on Americans? The FBI and DHS both are in violation of all laws Americans ever had the protection of, and are jointly responsible along with DOD for armed assault on the citizenry. Treason of the highest order against the people. 

Once again, all the parties involved here in assaulting my right shoulder as I write are asked to Cease and Desist their unlawful behavior in assaulting both me and my computer. 

6 April 2021 | Drones, RNM-Mazzeo/150 Pine, Pulse Shots to Head, Face, Right Arm, Private Parts

Drones and zoomers on the street and in the skies again today in apparent desperation to pinpoint the non-consented, unethical, criminal “cervix implant?” The criminal next door masquerading under the name Joseph Mazzeo on the record of house ownership stepped out into his backyard about a half-hour ago (1:36 pm now), using Remote Neural Monitoring on my left thigh, calling out in glee to whoever is now in the Paris house on Elmwood supposedly about the dogs “she doesn’t know where it’s coming from”: Well, as a matter of fact I do. The clear RNM-flicker on my body in conjunction with diagonal directive stepping-out of JM is not a coincidence. Notably, my filming this skunk’s movements from the back-door did not invoke a single murmur of questioning from Mr. Skunk, who fully ignored me–such deliberate ignoring is clear sign of guilt. Of course, given that I am personally NOT speaking to such a profound criminal who is using weapons of war on my body–but will most certainly tell him what an asshole he is if he dares to speak publicly to me–I suppose he and his cronies are seriously confused as to how to approach this matter, while continuing to have him here, using RNM, using scalar radar, using microwave pulse shots–as also the others parked here in this neighborhood–on me. This man however (along with the satanic-shrieking girlfriend) is engaging in more: close-in RNM flickering, close-in scalar radar, close-in bone-conductance, muscle & nerve hits with through-wall-tech, close-in MK ULTRA Psy Ops visual and aural echo-stalking setups, close-in SQUID brain-wave-stealing, close-in Syn Tel listening, close-in implant tracking, co-ordination with the drones above, the DIA plants at 156, others in nearby fusion houses.

Yesterday afternoon, this man who clearly has a cyberhacking set-up in his garage, sending constant hits to my PC, stopping downloads, stopping edits, eating up text as I write it, shaking the GUI on this pc which is clearly on a network–unconsented, cyber-hacked–and on a cloud proxy server, preventing access to certain websites, leapt out of his garage and pretended to be picking up a box from his car–weaponized car, sending scalar hits/pulse shots–all of which I captured on camera, something he was very aware of, as he immediately signalled, pulling up his pants in classic stalker-signalling.

Woken this morning again with heat hits to spine, nerve-flickers, pulse-shots.

2:15 pm: Currently sitting on shielding but being nerve-flickered in my right hand, left thigh, and pulse-hit to private-parts ON SHIELDING, which a combo of audible drone, audible zoomers on car, and audibly-moving-about skunk next door–currently egressing in car–are effecting, in apparent desperate desire to “locate non-consented cervix implant” — all in tandem with cyberhacking to stop my own video downloads. What truly pathetic, and transparently obvious skunks. Also being hit viciously in the eye from the direction of 156 Pine/Chen Li Ming house, 153 Pine/Breanna Higson house, parked Murphy cars on Pine, the other 2 houses across street beside them.

Also: I have been continuously hit on my right arm: upper arm, frontal arm, dorsal, elbow, wrist, hand.

3:06 pm: Pulse shots on eye and face and right side of head directly from Lemming’s house. (156 Pine/the MOK bloc).

5 April 2021: News Panel 19 retaliation: Massive Head Hits, Massive Right Arm Hits, Frontal Body Hits

Woke again with massive headache from assaults on head while sleeping, entire day spent in being assaulted while cowering behind shielding and trying to research and do a spot of video-editing and downloading–all thwarted by the Red-Shield Red-Beard Skunk next door, from his garage, as noted in 6 April entry. Will post pics and video shortly.

Noted lemming at 156 (Chen Le Ming) rushing outside with family to engage in Plausible Pretend Playing with child while both he and wife incessantly did the diagonal-tracking and staring at cellphone thing while drones and zoomers sought desperately to track. So this guy–with the Mossad blue and white signaling on his window–and friends in big black SUVS who send brain-grazing-ECG hits to my head is either DIA or NSA or CIA: my thinking is it’s primarily these 3 who are running the Brain-Assault operations and are given the portable ECG weapons, Synthetic Telepathy implants (Red Shield Red Beard, most def), EEG Cloning/Heterodyning headsets and transmitters, Brain-Reading portable devices (Red Beard has one), and MK ULTRA Spy Cop Psy Op setups to fling around their homes, although several others in the neighborhood are co-opted into those Display Psy Ops, notably Joe Murphy with his blue-line-of-lights on fence, unsubtle Blue-for-Police Photic Flicker which he switches on every evening (in March and April, well past Christmas). I could be wrong, I’m told US Navy is famous for MK ops too. But Lemming seems to be connected to the globalists/bankers/CIA-NSA-DIA types. Joe Murphy has his son Aidan Murphy now engaged in Remote Neural Monitoring, using a portable device to flicker nerves on my hand as he walks by with dog: Skull and Bonesters? Freemasons? Working for who? FBI? The FBI is the most accessing domestic fed agency, able to operate in impunity in neighborhoods; if they have now recruited young teenagers to physically assault women in the neighborhood with portable bio-hacking microwave/radar devices calling it “Community Monitoring,” this just shows to what levels of dank filth they have sunk.

The bankers/Vatican/CIA/Satanists who most surely assaulted me after the Jay Parker video posting may well have their own private fleet of weapon-wielders; the street has been filled with fancy cars zooming up and down lately. In addition to the minions’ less flashy ones.

4 April 2021: EASTER Morning! | News Panel 19 retaliation: Extreme Assault: Private Parts Hit, Massive Head Hits, Massive Right Arm Hits, Frontal Body Hits

Woken at 4:40 am this morning with absolutely intense private part hits, forced to get up and go to the bathroom after a very long assault on urino-genital area which I tried hard to shield with multiple metal shields around me–nothing worked, and it is clear to me this was precision urino-genital attack, using triangulated implant tracking on my body while asleep: this is the nature of the assault involving the skunk next door (lights on his kitchen when I looked), plus zoomer on the street, plus of course all the other trackability from antennas and cell towers closeby. I noticed that the shielding over my head–shielding whatever (multiple) non-consented brain implants (blame CIA, DIA, NSA for these, or of course USMC, USArmy too–the heart of the attacks here come from non-consented brain implants after my body was surreptitiously accessed, either at Virginia Hospital in 2005, or in my home here between 2014-2017, or both)–had fallen off, and that usually seems to help the Demonics “find” the vaginal spot they like to attack with high-frequency microwave pulse shots–something they do frequently, necessitating my shielding that area, causing audible hits on the shielding there. I think it is very important to record here that this is what they are doing: they are using precision radar/microwave/scalar/milliwave attacks to attack people’s VA-GI-NAs!!!!! VULVAS!!!! BLADDERS!!!!! URINO-GENITAL AREAS. “They” meaning the jerks flying the CIA-FBI-NSA drones and satellites–that’s US GOV, folks. US GOV and CIA are engaged in intimate, intrusive, invasive, sexual-assault, microwave hits on women’s private parts — and the neighbors of these women are intimately engaged in sexually assaulting them, with these BIO-HACKING electromagnetic weapons. Shocked, anyone? I am recording these crimes to establish definitively THIS is the extent of the carnage. FBI has permitted and is committing this crime, State Government ditto: That’s Charlie Baker and co, the Pilgrim Society fiends and feudalists.

Now, very late the night before I had posted News Panel 19 exposing the “Vampires and Parasites” of the Crown Corporation and allied corporations–clearly I was being assaulted in this fashion in retaliation.

Woken with a pulsed headache as well as the Diabolicals sought gaps in shielding and hit from underneath–very loud microwave pulse shots on left side of head all day on Easter, on right arm and shoulder, pulse shots to frontal area, face. I have had to sit on shielding and with a big Reflectix shield beside me to shield my head after the hits became too much: I was hit to the point of extreme migraine and extreme nausea and could not do half of what I had planned to do today but managed to post and share the videos as well as print an article on the video.

Now the MORONS assaulting me: had they NOT RETAILIATED, not sought to hit me with pulse shots in my head all day, might have experienced a cessation of my writing: I was prevented from doing laundry, cleaning the art room, cleaning the study, working in the garden (although I managed a few minutes of cleaning out the leaves in front around the just-coming up hyacinths) by such debilitating assault I had to sit down and cower behind shielding–and WRITE, for, as they’ve facilitated for over 8 years, through extreme assault, this is what they have most facilitated: my cowering under shielding and writing.

No, it’s not “helping us find ourselves, become the warriors we are”–a favorite myth the Comm’sters kick about, we were self-actualizing and self-potentiating long before we were assaulted, our lives have been so dramatically taken down, so incredibly attacked, we were focused on doing great good in the world before we were hit–it’s really causing us to focus on them and REVEAL their criminality, which apparently is or may be a secret dream of theirs: these fiends apparently are so far gone they cannot stop and roll back their evil, they have to keep assaulting us, so some among us may rise to expose them. Stop retaliating, and I may believe something else, that there’s a modicum of Divine Light in you, that you seek to retreat, that it’s “Negative AI” that’s doing this all….another fond contrivance of the Myth-Makers I don’t believe one bit.

3 April 2021 | Chronic Inflammation Thanks to 153 Pine/Breanna Higson & Co Microwave Pulse Hits to Face, Hits to Pvt Parts While in Podcast

Morning full of head hits and face hits causing grotesque facial inflammation, clearly coming directly from Breanna Higson’s house.

Hit on private parts and on shielding while in podcast for News Panel 19 — from street, from 150 Pine/Mazzeo, et al.

Extreme hits on head right after posting the podcasts, all evening, inducing massive headache.

2 April 2021 | Post Office Encounter Number Two with Harassive, intimidating Psy-Op running Wollaston Postmaster

I need to write at length about this encounter who is clearly targeting and discriminating against me in public for daring to not wear an Assisted-Suicide Self-Harming mask. I’m obliged to speak up for my rights rather vocally it seems, when loons in pants decide to attack and bully in broad daylight.

More on this very soon. The Cease and Desist/Notice of Liability to 150 Pine/Mazzeo house was mailed today.

31 March 2021 Wednesday 3: 29 pm | Overhead helis, Drone-trackers, Vibrators, Heat-hit Sleep-deprivers, Neighbor Stasi, Cyberhackers

What looked like a possible Special Ops heli crossed directly over my car as it was stopped at a traffic light at the East Milton Square junction about an hour ago–too slow to get my phone out to snap a pic–flying low enough to rattle the air pretty loudly, while lines of jeeps, pickups, and SUVs poured in usual high-speed-stalker style across from me as I drove to the print shop and thence to the post-office and back. Just prior, I had found half the world sitting on my pc in Firewall settings–and haven’t evicted them all yet, but am learning who is spying on every word I write. Here’s a hint, from PeerBlock:

PeerBlock History 2021-03-31 13.46.25

Why Dow Jones, MIT, the UK Govt Dept of Work and Pensions, multiple telecoms, academic networks, Universities, school districts would be accessing my computer is beyond me — but clearly large-scale data collection, machine learning, artificial-intelligence, brain-theft, data-theft, PC-theft projects are underway, running Internet of Things networks. More to be learned, before I draw more accurate conclusions, but this is being recorded.

Each of these entities–who do not have my permission to spy on my PC and my work are also advised herewith to Cease-and-Desist immediately; each can expect a Notice of Liability shortly with a bill to pay for snooping into and slowing down my pc. And hello, I do plan to send you all my bill for cyberhacking-without-consent.

As I write, I am being pulsed at heart and head, including from directly opposite from the dark blue NSA-house and from above and behind. The Mazzeos–who no doubt are waiting with bated breath for their C&D/NOL, most definitely headed their way–have not stopped their assaults all week: scalar-radar, bone-conductance-weapon hits on spine, hip, back, tracking radar flicks on nerves on calf, private-part hits on shielding.

In addition, attacks on Facebook, WordPress ads–“osteoarthritis” ads while being hit with bone-conductance-weapons on muscles and bones of right leg, knee, femur from Mazzeo house, from random houses on walk yesterday evening. Evidence that the stealth-operators using weapons are working for the clinical healthcare/medical and pharmaceutical industry in an organized crime syndicate creating disease for profit.

The number of attacks on my body–from so many directions, in so continuous a fashion–is so singularly shocking that “no-one will believe it”–what they’re going for.

Constant CCTL radar-flicks on left eyebrow and under left eyelid; constant face hits and head-hits–recorded from Breanna Higson’s house this morning directly on my face, around 8:30 to 8:45 am after waking up; hits from all sides.

Heart-hits from the SUVS who zoom in and park. Pulse shots from the “New Way Capitol Waste” trucks on street today, Wednesday.

Constant overflight of helicopters and drones yesterday and for the past few days–these are as usual pressed into service when the Street-thugs and parked-suv-thugs on the street lose their tracking signal.  I have recorded some action on walks here and at Blue Hills and will post here shortly. Yes, I am stalked on walks and private-part hit by stalkers, knee-hit by shielded stalkers (stealth-radar-fabric and parked-cars); the shielding I wear audibly records the hits.

Regardless: I haven’t given up going on walks and don’t plan to. Now why would this particular line excite the interest of the PC-snoops-on-my-PC who like to suddenly expand the window to draw attention to something? (That’s doing it twice.) Cogent communication might help–and hello, I really don’t need your little “nudges” and “prompts” to live my life: I can take a walk with out being prompted by you…This is in fact precise evidence of the kind of incredible HUBRIS behind these hacker-stalker-watcher assaults.

I must note as well: exacerbated, intensified, savage, barbaric, crazed assault of my right upper arm where it appears a tetanus shot injected in Fall 2017 by Brigham and Women’s Hospital has installed nanotech-RF or a mesh of sorts/quantum-dots/who knows being activated from external RF signals. Assaults from above on the fingers, bones, wrist, elbow, upper arm of my right hand–my writing hand–while working on my article reporting the Carnicom disclosures yesterday and today tell me some of these Black Opsters are freaking a bit and working hard to damage my writing hand and arm: such incredible cowards. Previously, I was hit quite intensely in my right hand when writing to expose Karen Stewart’s lies. (Evidence she is 100% a Black Op.)

22 March Monday 2021 | Massive Heart Hits in New Assassination Attempt Post Manuscript Submission

While I am recording this a week later, I have been meaning to note the intensity of this attack on 22 March from early morning until rising, with zooming SUVs and trucks on the street and pulverizing shots aimed directly at my heart, impacting off shielding loudly. The very loud zooming on the street which accompanied this attack–which included overhead helicopter and drone flights–was highly noticeable, and followed a very late submission of my fiction manuscript online (past 2 am the night/early morning before) to the publisher who has waited a few months for the completion of my edits. Why exactly this would exacerbate the Killer Class in Quincy I have no idea, but they do seem wedded to the notion of non-stop assault and assassination-when-faced-with-exposure. Perhaps they worry that the publication of my second short fiction book will lead inevitably to their own demise. Who knows. I found the timing odd, but the attacks were intense. The date 3/22 no doubt is a Satanic date where they seek Sacrifice — the Boulder shooting supposedly killed 10 people on March 22 (no idea if this really happened or was another false flag with crisis actors.) 322 is the Skull and Bones number — and no doubt these thugs are involved in the current assaults on myself and others.

23 March Tuesday 2021/1:52 pm | Fury and Frustration from FBI Drones, Planes, Helicopters

Just a few minutes ago, as I sat on my couch writing & reading, a small plane or helicopter tore upward directly over my head, at 1:35 pm. At that precise moment I was in the middle of an email back to an Internet Id naming himself “Tim Young” who has been sending me emails of a confused nature, assuring him that he is wrong about Katherine Horton and Karen Stewart’s slanderous attacks on me, that they are both most definitely Intelligence agents and frauds–as I have consistently proved at this point, in numerous articles, with evidence.

Prior to that, I have been finetuning my Cease and Desist to the first set of neighbors who will receive this missive shortly, Joseph and Samantha Mazzeo, at 156 Pine, who are employed either by the CIA, DIA or Mossad to use neurotech, RNM tech, LRADs, scalar radar, and microwave pulse shots on me–like several other neighbors employed by the selfsame thugs and goons who will also receive C&Ds shortly.

In addition I have been further exploring Quantum Grammar, what :Russell-jay: Gould has done, what :David-wynn: Miller has done, what :David-Michael is using in the way of language and protocols for his claims, who exactly all are, what exactly is going on, what has authority, what is binding, what means something and what it means, whether Quantum Grammar is authentic, whether what the Purple-Thumb-Community is doing is meaningful, and what I think about all of it–an ongoing venture I will write and podcast on shortly, when I am clearer about it all.

While doing so, I have been sitting on my couch, noticing the zoomers on the street, the drones in the sky, and the ELF-vibrators next door, busy sending vibrations to the couch and as usual seeking to assault private-parts, efforts they have been unsuccessful at this morning.

That plane or heli over my head was flying at top-speed and seemed to be conveying fury and frustration.

This morning, as also last night, I was hit with microwave pulse shots to head and face, pulse shots to back of spine, seeking to inflame implants, pulse shots to private parts. Cracks on house quieter, but lots of cyber cracks and blank screens as I tried to access certain sites on the Internet, particularly this one: sovereignny.org.

As I write, I am being hit from all sides with microwave pulse hits–which the R-Shield confirms (loud pulse hits on shield). (Reflectix/foam/cookiesheet shield)


20 March 2021/7:58 pm | Further record of in-hood crime

Recording continued heart-hits and ELF vibrations on couch as I worked earlier this evening and currently: direction, the Mazzeo/Norton garage, the corner green house, home of transient weapon-wielders. From above: satellite or drone, sending a cavitation probe to throat then issuing a sharp crack on the side of the house: marking the position of my body in this room, on the couch: state of the art Stealth Monitoring of Cavities with Remote Access weapons, ultrasound possibly, I’ll have to look up the patents: throat, stomach their top favorite cavities to probe. Posting for a reason, to record the extremely-intrusive unwarranted search of body and property by these CIA/DIA/NSA weapons: incredible, hubristic invasion and assault.

Recording at 7 pm in shower brain-hit on right occipital lobe, rather insistent, needed shielding immediately. Noticed the big black SUV–DIA thugs?–parked in front of Li Ming’s house when I came down; visiting again apparently, with Remote Access neuroweapons effecting EEGs through-wall, that’s either DIA or DARPA. No, I Don’t need your help with my pineal gland thank you, no need for stealth assault calling it “assistance” or “therapy” or whatever current lie you are calling it; brain-reading is IP theft, and brain-assault is brain-assault.

Recording, while in bath, helicopters twice flew overhead, while zoomers zoomed up and down street apparently unable to track; parked cars on street (end of street) honked for help, while high frequencies were sent to ears, and the rubber-flicker-nerve-monitoring from Mazzeo/Red Beard’s house or Li Ming’s house kicked in on calves.

The extent of the assault is beyond astounding: this is over this afternoon and evening, nonstop, even while in the bathtub. 

Clearly the helicopter species believes they’re entitled to engage in such intimidation–just continuing their nonstop monitoring and surveilling of a writer in the bathtub while real criminals are out committing crimes. Well, as I’ve learned, the FBI is a criminal agency, pursuing people of conscience whose intelligence it seeks to quell.

These organizations and people can expect to hear from me shortly: I’m not going to run out of words anytime soon.

20 March 2021/11:22 AM | High-Frequency Microwave Weapon Bladder Hits from Drones, Parked SUVs/Cars on Street, Neighbors’ Houses, Heat Pulse Hits from Mazzeo Driveway and House

I was woken this morning at around 6 am with intense bladder hits and private part hits of the kind to invoke instant visits to the bathroom, which any woman hit with these weapons is familiar with, these assaults were clearly being executed by a 360 degree attack, with hits pulsed upward from below–several directions –diagonally up from several houses and parked cars on the street, hits from left–Li Ming house, hits from right, Mazzeo house, and hits from above from the drone. Piling up shielding around my body helped shield briefly, but since our Non Lethal Weapons wielding Diabolicals merely factor in resistance into a computer and amp up the frequencies, proved temporary: I was in fact profoundly pulverized and assaulted: this is a War Crime, attacking a woman’s private parts, in bed, forcing waking (classic aspects of US Airforce SERE torture, CIA interrogation torture, and DOD Just-for-kicks Sadism); I was able to determine the directions of these attacks from the audible hits on the shielding, the directional nature of these, both upstairs and downstairs, after I had just gotten out of bed, using the Reflectix-foam-cookie-sheet-shield to audibly record the directed pulse hits from their source on street, cars & houses. I WILL be reporting this assault further. Who perpetrated this assault?

Writing and publishing about the FBI a day ago would implicate the FBI, in retaliation: Ramola D | Seeing the Light: From Activist to Illuminator

Writing and publishing about the whole lot of them 2 days ago would implicate the whole lot: Ramola D | A Note on Techno Crime Fighters Forum

This FACTUAL statement, to be continuously reported and repeated perhaps did it:

The extreme assault on private parts last week after publishing a podcast exposing Satanism, which lasted 2 nights and 3 days was echoed today in these extreme assaults on bladder and private parts of this American woman writer and journalist. The wording “33” is painted twice on rocks on Quarry Lane, which I witnessed while driving past after a visit to the Indian store last Thursday, where I was hit in the store with the same bone-pulse hit the Mazzeos are using on my hip, from behind, by a young blonde-headed woman who has previously stalked me along with another young woman into school meetings/functions at Central Middle School a couple years ago, and followed us to Tanglewood one summer to the music festival there–sitting behind us twice at the school functions and striving to track or hit (while I used orgonite to shield), speaking Russian: evidence of the Globalist, NWO, One-World Army of Assaulters running these orchestrated stalking-and-hitting crimes, while working clearly with FBI/DHS–who permit them to operate freely inside America, evidence of human-trafficking therefore, by FBI and by DHS. The implication: this is a Freemasonic, Luciferian, Satanic operation, these particular sexual-parts hits after exposing Satanism?

In support of that possibility once more I am being treated to the famous MK ULTRA symbolism of red-shirted people walking white dogs: not a coincidence, which hundreds of targets report. A woman sauntered across our sidewalk midday yesterday, red-hooded sweatshirt, white Bichon Frise in tow.

A CIA/DOD/DIA coterie of Satanists?

This is sadism unloosed in America, as it has been unloosed all over the world.

Heat hits, acoustic hits, plasma hits: Once more I was woken last night with heat pulse hits from the Mazzeo drive way and house, seemingly sent upward from the weaponized car they have, which I certainly hope the gods come along with boulders to take out soon, which Red Beard uses freely as an ELF weapon. I must have been woken around 3 am, and the shielding I use helped fend off the loud acoustic hits, the pulses of heat coursing upward, the vibrations sent to the bed in their efforts to dislodge me from the bed, but their hits at 5-6 am, amped-up, intense, savage and brutal in their assaults–on bladder, vulva, vagina–forced me out of bed and to the bathroom. If anyone reading this is flinching, pardon me, but I am striving to stay meticulously detailed, since my intent most definitely is to convey the extreme brutality of these sadistic, depraved, thuggish monsters who use drones, helicopters, satellites, cell towers, rooftop antennas and portable devices to target with precision and assault with bestiality: these are calculated, cold-blooded acts of atrocity and unmistakeable crimes against humanity.


Let me also mention I was treated last night and this morning in bed to remote electroshock hits on foot, neck, leg: I have experienced these targeted electroshock hits before also on my head. Again my purpose here is to record being hit with deranged conducted-energy devices which are shatteringly inhumane and should be banned.


My purpose here is to also note, for the Legal Counsel in the DIA, CIA, DOD, FBI reading this, that these very lawyers have permitted these atrocities: they are culpable, along with the Generals, the Agents, the Heads of agencies, for the casual, sadistic brutality they have sanctioned, they should be held accountable.

The extreme assaults I have been subjected to last week and this one, similar to the ones sustained on the premises of Central Middle School in March 2018 at the school Science Fair are evidence of completely out-of-control insane depravity at these agencies and military divisions. “Trauma Based Mind Control” and provocation of PTSD seems to be their intent, as many have noted. Retaliation of journalistic/writerly exposure of their crimes with further savage assault and atrocity–plausibly conducted, from a distance, using Violence in Silence “Non Lethal Weapons” (now labeled “Intermediate Force Capabilities” by the DOD, who seem to recognize now these are actually weapons which can destroy human bodies and brains–with particular focus on sexual parts, urino-genital parts conveys their own perverted obsessions with sex and assaulting a woman in her sexual, root chakra region and her urino-genital region.

Since they like to also convey their intentions with symbolism, frequently laying their symbolism of “leaking” around me when I write or broadcast–men suddenly using sprinklers in the neighborhood even in winter, cars getting in front of me and leaking water from exhaust pipes–perhaps they think assaulting a woman’s bladder is perfectly okay in needing to convey their desperate panic at their horrid actions being “leaked” to the populace, or news of the Black Ops technologies they use being divulged to one and all. Tiny heads-up to these small-minded, large-ego’d sadists: Nothing I write about comes from the “classified” world, the weapons I mention all exist in the public-domain, in one form or another, exposed on Defense web sites, in CIA declassified documents, stored in patents that can be found online. Weapons I have no idea about are mentioned as such: I detail their effects as used on me and on others. Those who classify weapons they then use freely on people seem to forget they are themselves breaking all cover of “national security” by doing so, by bringing these weapons and their atrocities to public view via targeted assault, by setting the scene for public reportage of these crimes with these weapons handed publicly, with public funds, to the ex-cons and drug-addicts and other ruthless, ethics-less minions who take these contracts to assault people in their beds and burn them alive: these would be the lawyers and the generals, the secretaries of defense and directors of intelligence.

Their general Modus Operandi in casting all reporting victims as Mentally Ill, Schizoid, Schizophrenic, Paranoid-Delusional has been broken down forever by the clear exposure currently of the documentation I have published proving they are engaging in vile experiments on people and vile weapons-demos and weapons-tests on people, and certainly has failed utterly in my case: their desperate efforts to influence my own family to shut me down and silence me by getting me to “get help and get pills,” efforts which always ramp up when I am becoming especially visible and loud with my disclosures offer specific evidence that they are still trying to have me dismissed publicly as a-credible, unreliable, “mentally incompetent”: something they have not achieved, cannot achieve, and will not ever achieve, and the smarter Diabolicals amongst them clearly know it.

The fact is, this is the way the DOD and CIA have historically operated: cast all their non-consensual subjects and victims as paranoid-delusional schizophrenic mental patients needing incarceration in a mental institution or prescribed neuroleptic drug-fed neuro-degradation; this is what they have done to every single target currently of their crimes.

The way the FBI operates of course is Parallel Construction and False Files. They freely fabricate as if it is their birthright, spread smears, rumors, innuendo, lies, get the “Block Captains” watching their targets, move their infiltrators into the social circles of targets and proceed with provocation, harassment, contrivances, and set-ups as MO to invoke lawbreaking action, then move in for the kill with handcuffs and convictions.

This would explain all the MK Ultra patsies involved in mass shootings, stabbings, and the latest, the sex killings of several Asian women in Atlanta reported on March 15– which, interestingly enough, in terms of time period, coincided with exactly the time period March 14-17 I was being assaulted mercilessly in my private parts with intense radio frequency or/and ultrasonic hits. I noticed also the mention of “sex addiction”–certainly in the storyline of the killer here but also as a trope suddenly being played out in ads and articles online: this is most definitely one of the modern “disorders” that are being invoked through the stealth use of Radio Frequency Weapons on people. The timing of these parallel hits also brings to mind the demented mania of the Gladio Terror Chessboard which Marc Delantre has whistleblown on: the Black Opsters running that chessboard like to convey that they are running on Hypergame Theory and take their killer cues from the actions of innocent targets, webbing targets and their crimes in an increasing compendia of crime, striving to implicate targets: the fact is, they are the only ones engaging in uber-surveillance, neuro-spying, and media censorship here, their retaliations, ricochets, reflexes to being exposed are criminal.

Yes we are dealing with lunatics here, and sadists, absolute control freaks, egoists, and demonic fiends: who else would be running experiments to turn balanced human beings into unbalanced serial killers? Further proof the ABC agencies are no longer fit for purpose and need to be disbanded, along with the entire DOD and DOJ who harbor such extremely evil operations in their midst.



2:15 PM, March 20: Earlier today I filmed briefly an Amazon Prime van parked for long moments in front of the Mok/Li Ming 156 Pine house, one house up from ours, directly facing me and sending microwave pulse hits to the bed where I sat facing the street, my face and heart, later to the shielding I wear in my underwear (clear evidence of fixated focus on my private parts, and evidence of the depravity here where an Amazon delivery-man is permitted to send tracking pulse hits to a woman’s private parts: that is called HUMAN TRAFFICKING, by the FBI) as I stood in the art room fronting the street with my phone held to the window, to record the moment. I noticed sometime during the few minutes of this recording the Murphy’s door opening and Mr. Murphy I presume standing in the door in his red sweatshirt–a color used when the Opsters want to yell Warning! Warning! (of their own crimes being revealed, clearly)–just standing there, like a harassive presence, as he has frequently done in the last 8 years, or his wife Kristen has done, or children, Aidan, Quinn, and Kiera have done–each of these children schooled to watch, monitor, harass their neighbor, directing pulse hits at hand, seat, heart (Aidan Murphy, Joe Murphy, pointing their cell-like devices at me while in art room, driveway, in my car), cavort in the CIA Psy-Op Synthetic Telepathy team style down the drive way or across the street (Quinn, Aidan–the latter, a six-foot-tall teenager actually skipping once, waving his arms about like a loon while doing so), point cell-phones or cell-like devices at me while outside (Kiara Murphy), all color-coded to echo. I’m surprised Joe Murphy did not charge out to ply his eardrum-blasting leafblower as well, as he has frequently done for nearly a decade now. Joe Murphy apparently has access to surveillance-feeds off my phone or cameras aimed into my home, to warrant a sudden “monitoring” action, when I was well inside my house and recording a paid-harasser using the same Remote Access Human Control technology he has used himself on me.

20 March 2021/1:15 AM | Heart-Hits from Quantum Tunneling Weapons/Scalar Radar Weapons/Drones/Next Door

It’s 1: 15 am early Saturday morning currently but I want to record briefly what has been happening on March 19, Friday and March 18, Thursday–as well as earlier this week.

A car just pounded up the street currently — time does not stop these maniacs, night before it was 4 am when I heard the pounding up and down the street, and night before that 3 am. I can also hear a drone, at a distance.

March 19 Friday: Which is what I want to record currently. All afternoon and evening today (Friday)–for several hours as I sat on the couch, working, a drone hung in earshot while cars and SUVS zoomed around the block apparently in frantic inability to stop my sitting still–ELFS sent to the couch — much more discreet than usual, they’re used to pounding the couch with vibrations– did not work; my shielding was obviously working. I was also being hit directly in the eye, the face, the side, the heart–from all the usual houses engaged in these attacks–156, and the 2 houses up the street, on Granger, on Norfolk, and from right next door. Clearly some intense tracking efforts were going on — and they culminated in nonstop heart-hits from close-in, only possible through quantum tunneling effects or/and scalar radar effects of some kind — multidimensional weaponry which yet needs to hit from the outside: the Reflectix/foam/sheet shield held up recorded sharp pulses at the left side, right side, frontal, while the hits on my heart began to feel uncomfortable and obvious, I had to keep increasing the shielding.

Note the ENTANGLEMENT/OCCLUSION WEAPONS LISTED HERE, in a DOD Propaganda Video on Non Lethal Weapons: Clearly posted in the Public Domain; Quite possibly the Quantum Tunneling Heart-Hit Weapons I’m reporting–information from a publicly-accessible DOD Non Lethal Weapons website, first reported by me here.

The heart hits seemed to come also from direction of the 150/Mazzeo/Norton garage, the green house at Elmwood-Norfolk corner, and from 156 Chen Li Ming, from where pulse hits on face and head also seemed to emanate. Planes circling the neighborhood. All this post the Illuminator article and TCFF article a couple days ago. Message: “Yes we do so want to kill you.” These heart-hit weapons could be used to take anyone out, and probably have worked well in the past.

I was also hit with skin-crawl radar from 156, continuing private part hits, from both directions really, 156 and 150, each on either side of our house. The zoomers seem to specialize in orchestrating microwave pulse hits, once tracking is complete.

March 18, Thursday: Witnessed Samantha Mazzeo next door at her kitchen sink jerking about between her laundry room and kitchen after I was hit intensely in the hamstrings–back right buttock–with a bone-sweeping radar pulse from the direction of her house, a new way of hitting the Diabolicals are using, sending bone-conductance hits which penetrate the flesh, causing a sizzle of electrical shock, experienced on right hip, inner right arm, right elbow, top right arm while sitting on the couch earlier, back to their driveway just behind the wall where their weaponized car sits. The back hit Thursday came after using the rowing machine currently parked in the family den also with back to their driveway and house, in line with their laundry room. 

Apart from that the usual daily spate of microwave hits on face from Breanna Higson’s house, heart-hits and skin-crawl radar hits from the direction of the 156 Chen Li Ming house and 150 Mazzeo house, as well as diagonally from further down the street–the 3 CIA/NSA fusion houses across the street.

17 March 2021, Wednesday | CAPITOL Waste Trash Services

Recording here that around 9 am on Wednesday March 17 as I sat on my bed I was hit in the face, heart, and seat–private parts–by microwave pulse hits coming from up the street. Walking to the art room window fronting the street, I saw the all-white Capitol Waste Trash services truck pull up to our house and the man in a neon sweatshirt with curly grey hair who had clearly been sitting in his truck earlier sending pulse-hits to my body jump out and pull our trash cans to the truck, avoiding looking at anything but the cans, looking guilty and well-aware of what he was doing. My phone had not been charged or I would have recorded him. This trash service company has been LONG involved in attacking me; Trash day has always been a day when I am sprayed with virulent pulse hits from those trucks, several times a day in fact as they circle the block, leave trash half undone, return as if plausibly, and generally make a nuisance of themselves on the street to everyone else while assaulting me–and who knows who else–brutally with pulse hits to the head, heart, body, private parts. Again, this is HUMAN TRAFFICKING to a private company, permitted by the CITY OF QUINCY, the MAYOR OF QUINCY THOMAS KOCH, and QUINCY POLICE. The City of Quincy, Mayor of Quincy, and Quincy Police are therefore engaged in human trafficking, and in the deployment of soldier mercenaries fraudulently concealed as trash-servicemen, using military weapons on the civilian populace. Further, the Israeli/Mossad connections here still need to be investigated. The White color of this truck ties it to the white UN SUVs everywhere, including used by the Russian blonde stalker at the Indian store: evidence perhaps of the NWO secret-policing going on, and secret-human-trafficking as well. 

16 March 2021 | Microwave Hits from All Sides

Recording the assaults, and posting a brief video below. Cell phone frozen while filming, so video stopped, and photos unable to be taken–messages of storage issues. This is from stingraying, I suspect from the very backpack stalker walking across the Breanna Higson and Joe & Kristen Murphy driveway, visible at end of film before it stops. Photos I took had wiped out the license plate when I viewed them on the pc — accompanying Cyberwarfare cracks on roof as I did so.

What this film records is the parked car on the hill diagonally across from where I am sitting right now, and just before, when I was being blasted with microwave pulse hits to my face, to induce a runny nose, and being hit in the eyes–as well as being hit openly in the chest from a multitude of directions including above (drone hits) and from that car. This is frequently how the Black Ops fusion-contractors do it, park on the hill with their portable transmitters and antennas in trunk or hood, so very Plausibly Deniably, while pulses of directed microwave hits attack.  Let me note as well that that house on the hill is one from where pulses of microwave hits have frequently been recorded, for several years now. The man in that house has been witnessed wearing the Psy Op echo-stalking colors, engaging in the full-on-primed-to-harass stare as I drive by, and also has his pickup parked at strategic points on the hill to hit. That black pickup is currently parked above the silver SUV which is ours. The female stalker can be seen walking up the hill.  The backpack-stalker species is being used to “take readings” when tracking becomes particularly difficult for the Bio-Thieving Criminals, readings I suspect of bioresonance frequencies, energy signatures, brainprint and heart-EMF signatures, while also being equipped with a variety of instruments to Stingray phones into oblivion, GPS-track various non-consented forcible-implants, all while lollygagging in a neighborhood she does not belong to–the giveaway backpack marking her immediately. Let me note as well that car pulled off and disappeared shortly after I filmed.

Meanwhile Joseph Mazzeo/Red Beard Assassin next door revs his engine desperately to track, drives out, returns, uses his radar-flicker on my calf, works in tandem with the drone which replaces the helicopter earlier driving overhead while I rose from the couch. Sadly for them (radar flick on inner right thigh right now, as the external activation of the furnace here fails to help) I’m very aware of what they are doing and what I can do to stop their tracking: subjects for another day.

Recording for now the facts: once again woken with intense heat-pulses, hit from multiple angles since early morning as I lay on bed, later as I sit on couch, go to the kitchen, go to the bathroom: heart, private parts, breasts, eyes, right upper arm, right elbow, right inner arm, right cheek, left cheek, chest, left ear, back of head, top right side of head, top left of head, vibrations to the couch, back, sides, kidney, liver, lungs–any wonder that I need to sit on shielding, be surrounded by shielding as I work? 5:20 PM EST, Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Posted on Twitter today March 16 & the next day March 17:

FBI/CIA Zionist Cyberwarfare: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1371614059968221186.html

FBI COINTELPRO: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1371880071049383940.html

15 March 2021 | Naming the Attacks, Naming the Attackers

Now I’m aware that not everyone producing videos and posting them online is being attacked as I am. If that were the case, we would have heard from everyone involved what has been going on. Amazing Polly and Sarah Westall sure as heck are not being hit, they are being held up and supported I suspect by the same Zionist/Jesuit/Roman Mafia shadowbanning me online, constricting my reach, while theirs magnifies by the minute (Just looking at the figures online is enough, to show where the support is, and who is affiliated with who.)

To those who have no clue that Remote Access weapons are being used on people this will come as a shock. But if it were not for people like me — and all the others — speaking out about HOW we are being hit, no-one will know what these weapons are capable of doing, how they are being used, and how criminal they are.  They should be BANNED.

Now the entire ten days since that last post I have been woken at night with intense heat pulses sent to my spine, microwave pulse hits on my head and heart, radar flicks on my body as the neighbor “Joseph Mazzeo” moves about in his driveway (2 feet from the side of the house) and starts up his car and uses his radar-flicker like the degenerate he is, and the sound of drones cracking on my roof and sides of house, with zoomers on the street parking and hitting–they seem to be part of the USAF’s DCGS (now working with other military/Intel groups as well, just check Wikipedia), tracking in tandem with drones/small planes, sending helicopters when unable to track. Helicopters and small planes have Synthetic Aperture Radar and deliver radar flicks to nerves as they fly overhead–I mean right over the house, or very close.

The tracking–of non-consented implants–is their obsession, and once precisely tracked–through it appears a combination of on-street zoomers, drones, and aerostats/satellites, then the spray of microwave pulses from local cell towers can begin–obviously this is when I need to move or up my shielding; note, all this time I am probably sitting on my bed or on the couch downstairs or in my study at my desk–always on top of shielding–trying to read online or a book, or write online, or post online, or conduct an interview, or post a podcast.

Note, for the record: Right after the writing of that paragraph above, a drone-shift on the roof sounded and a flick hit the orgonite shielding at my heart. All very real-time, these attacks, during this post–clearly this is a real-time activity for the NSA/CIA/FBI/DHS/Special Ops/Mossad running these attacks.

Note also, this is the quintessence of State assault and battery. Violence in silence — or plausibly deniable near-silence with inexplicable cracks.

I should also note that one of the main implant-tracking actions engaged in by the zoomers, the drones, the large trucks, vans and pickups, and the V-8-engine-running assassin next-door, is non-consented-criminally-implanted-vaginal-implant tracking (my own gynecologist responsible, I suspect, and I do remember when it could have happened/to be further disclosed in a book shortly)–constant sending of ELF vibrations to seat of chair–hence the sitting on shielding–of different kinds and intensities, from a multitude of directions, and with a variety of means, including (nonstop–a hundred times a day) remotely-activating the On-cycle of the central-heating in the house, or the air-conditioning in the summer (raising the electricity bill enormously; a situation I tried to explore with the electrical utility National Grid, met with prevarications and obfuscation nonstop “no they Didn’t have the records and statements from the time we moved into the house”–oh yeah, right; National Grid can expect a Notice of Liability very soon), all to manufacture ELFS used as a base or carrier frequency to float a more intense tracking frequency on; the reason I personally am able to stop these assaults on my body is knowing when to move when hit.

In the past ten days I have continued to be hit as before — and the zoomers are still on the street, the drones ditto, the neighbors ditto – sleep-deprived (meaning, woken at night with heat pulses, woken early in the morning with heat pulses), assaulted with sprays of microwave hits particularly when the trash trucks come by every Wednesday morning–and YES I will be investigating those trash trucks, whom I have been long observing, long monitoring: CAPITOL WASTE SERVICES and SUNRISE. I’m especially keen to find out if these are Israeli contractors–as a lot of Israeli firms have now roosted in Massachusetts, and certainly it appears a lot of red-headed Khazarian types are running these trash services these days. These trucks in fact don’t just come by on Wed morning but come by on demand along with UPS and FED EX when tracking-Rd’s-non-consented-vaginal-implant is especially difficult; the red-bearded “Joseph Mazzeo” next-door seems to be intimately connected with the Trash Truckers, as a recent episode revealed when he dashed out to warn them off–after picking up Intel a certain annoyed writer (trying to rest at 6 pm after being sleep-deprived for days and being sprayed with heart-hits and head-hits from the direction of the street where they had pulled up) would be filming them–Intel from NEURO SPYING, no less. Proof to me that Red-Beard next-door is very well hooked-up indeed on Synthetic Telepathy to the BCI-AI supercomputing network which the NSA, CIA, and Mossad are all privy to, I suspect, and which is what “targets” are non-consensually linked to/BCI-implanted/BCI-spied-on/BCI-read/and probably, BCI-written-to, in hopes of totally destroying targets’ brains.

I am also being hit from the transmitter on top of  Red-Beard’s chimney, and have witnessed in the icy cold the waves of energy dispersing outward from it. Is this a 5G transmitter? It could be, judging from the burns on my legs — which are still not fully healed, and which are still being attacked. A transmitter on one’s premises to send radiation to a targeted neighbor is criminal, and this man needs to be reported to the (probably useless) FCC — something ELSE I have to do.

Further: on Friday, after writing a Cease and Desist to Mazzeo (oh yes he will be getting it soon), a helicopter marked my exit to the car to take the dog to the beach, helicopters overhead at the beach, then a helicopter overhead as I returned home and walked up the drive to the side-door. Red cars zooming by frantically. What’s the message? “We’re freaking out”? “Don’t you dare”? “You can’t do that”? Oh yes? Watch me. (Oh right, you are already, I shouldn’t say that.) But: Your time has come.

Two things to note: They’ve gotten somewhat sneaky lately: they’ve toned down the number of loud hits on the radiator, number of loud zoomers on the street–they’re still doing both; they’ve toned down the volume on the cracks on the roof and side of house–they’re still doing it; their use of the neighbors (most of whom are now special fusion center-plants, some who have been co-opted) has continued–lots of red-wearing, and absurd loud-voicing, and outdoor hanging on command; they’ve toned down the number of drone-flights and helicopter-flights–yes they are still doing both.

The second: since posting Jay Parker’s (Report 240) interview yesterday I have been severely attacked vaginally–through multiple-tracking signals, I suspect, signals from SUV on street in front of the 139/140 MK ULTRA house, signals from drones parked above, signals from 153 Breanna’s house, signals from 150 Red Beard, signals from 156 Chen Li Ming–all morning, from early hours to waking at 8 am and beyond, all day till midday, one of the most intense attacks I’ve had, just an extreme, depraved, sinister attack, with a continual sending of intense radar/milliwave/ultrasonic signals to my private parts, audible on shielding as pulse hits, intense on skin and nerves. This is profound and severe Assault and Battery. I suspect Ground Radar is also being used. Further, with drones and helis coming by today when the zoomers couldn’t track, tracking was not looking for a nerve at the left-eye–a favorite spot of theirs–or a nerve on the knee or calf, as before, but sluicing the private skin of the vulva: THIS is what USAF biosensor surveillance is all about today: how much privacy can we invade, how depraved can we get? Why are they running tests on sending intense radar signals to a woman’s vulva? Who approved this? Who authorized this? This is rape tech. The vulva, the vagina are the most sensitive parts of a woman’s anatomy: how dare the US military/Intel community attack a woman’s vulva or vagina? Several times, the drone or small plane or heli flew by closely, sending signals to my vulval region, forcing me to continue trying to shield–all hell breaks loose when I shield of course (oh we lost that vulva! Quick, start honking and zooming again!); this is beyond depravity. These are not just “Black Operations” they are Insanely Criminal operations.

Clearly my recent post on Satanism and the other interview on Sat with Peggy Hall triggered the Satanists to pull out their sex-and-private-parts obsession.

Finally, before I forget: there have been HAARP attacks here too, all weekend and earlier–wind rattling the pane in very peculiar ways–one clue from Red Beard and Daddy Dear this morning as they moved about on the driveway probably installing little gadgets–next thing you know, the rattling and blowing begins at the study window.

I’ve also heard the stealth-radar-cloaked spies at the window, rustling about, taking their readings–this seems to be the domain of the Chinese spy house, 146, next to Red-Beard’s–a house inhabited by a steady succession of Chinese types, frequently changed, just like the one next to it, 142, now the Zionist fusion house, but prior to that the Chinese/Vietnamese fusion house. I still remember the 2 young guys there coming up to our house to take readings, walking away when I looked out the window at them; walking to the opposite side of the street in front of their house to triangulate when the zoomers sought to track, cowering away from my camera when I lifted it to take a picture of them as they sat on the front steps. 142 was the house burnt down, which stood in shell for a year, then sold to developers who rebuilt, and sounds of ELF vibrations from there directly after, and a series of young guys coming to live there, lights on late at night exactly in parallel with mine–now the case with many on this block.

5 March 2021 | Retaliation by Local Public Officials, Commonwealth Fusion Center, Boston and Quincy Police, CIA, Vatican, post Letter of Notification, Cease and Desist, Affidavit of Fact Sent to Them

Two days ago, right after an interview at my desk, exploring the reason for the sudden burning and lesions appearing like blisters high on my inner thighs, using my Reflectix-&-foam-over-steel-baking-sheet-shield I discovered I was being pounded on both legs  (at high volume on the shield) furiously with microwave pulse shots coming from a couple directions–one, the neighbor’s shed at 150 Pine Street where the new CIA-planted fusion-house contractors Joseph and Samantha Mazzeo have taken residence, supplanting Richard and Matthew Norton as prime weapon-wielders, with much equipment stored in their garage–as also their V-8 engine car–and two, the street, where for the past week, black, white and grey sedans, SUVs, and FED EX trucks have been pounding up and down the street, intent on assassination or assault and definitely achieving the latter–directly after my mailing off of Cease and Desists to local public officials, described here.

Treasonous Betrayal;Local Govts in USA Permit Inhumane 24/7 Rape, Assault, Battery, Burns in Bio-Hacking Crimes by CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, Military, Special Ops, UN with EMF Spectrum/Sonic/Scalar/Neuro Weapons Hidden as Surveillance;: American Journalist Blows Whistle on Atrocities

This latest assault on my body in fact–which I had noticed as rash and burning last week and thought was caused by chafing of my own clothes–occurred directly after I had published and spoken openly in video broadcasts of my encounters at the Beale Street Post Office where I handed the Postmaster my Courtesy Notice to Businesses and he flung it back at me, yelling his head off about Presidents issuing mask mandates while the clerk standing by read me a lecture on why people need to wear masks to safeguard their “droplets.”

Businesses Have No Business Demanding Anyone Wear Masks: Courtesy Notice to Businesses, Massachusetts

Enforcing Mask Slavery and Succumbing to the COVID Psy Op: Hostility & Ignorance at Wollaston Post Office Followed by EMS/Police Stalking in Quincy

Newswatch 7 | Know Your Rights, Speak Out | Latest Articles, Videos, News

Because the inflammation, rash, and burning on my thighs had so increased in intensity, which no amount of flax seed oil, castor seed oil, lavender oil, and aloe vera, known from my past experience of effecting healing with 100% efficacy in a couple days, had helped ameliorate over the entire week, I was forced to curtail my movements and walking both indoors and outdoors for several days–given that the abrasions turned to blisters had formed high on my inner thighs, preventing ease of movement–and so had not been able to take the dog for walks, go to stores–or hand out any more notices, possibly exactly what the Black Opsters blasting me between the legs with microwave pulse shots–or milliwave pulse shots–had hoped to achieve.

This offers insight therefore into who precisely was behind this particular assault on my body. All week, there have been zoomers on the street, drones above, and the usual assaults of heat pulses on my spine, microwave pulse hits on my head, and intense, obvious assassination heart-hits each time one of the zoomers parked–in front of a neighbor’s house–and let loose a volley of hits at my heart as I sat at my desk: of this more below.

It is interesting and significant that the large SUVs, open-bed and closed-bed trucks, suddenly zooming in were white: a UN New World Order color of truck, that black SUVs and pick-ups also zoomed in–Vatican, DOD colors, and that small black cars zoomed in–Vatican, CIA, along with oversize FED EX trucks, vans and semis, UPS trucks-CIA, and Amazon Prime large-size trucks-CIA.  (My speculations here, obviously, based on past observations.)

Writing to a Governor, a Mayor, an Attorney General, a Secretary of State, a Head of Police and telling them to stop assaulting one with lethal microwave weapons apparently is an excuse for brutal retaliation from the FEDeral EXecutioners watching the airwaves. The zooming and drones and neighbor-action with the radar flicks and burns and heart hits began right after the letters were emailed–this is not to say they were not happening before, they had merely quieted down for a couple days as I worked on the letters on my computer, they picked up again with increased and evident intensity right after I sent off my emails, followed by a print mailing. Intensified hitting at the heart–on my shielding, occasionally on my heart–is something I have been subjected to after particularly exposing articles, podcasts, or mailings: this is what began to happen directly after that letter of Notification was emailed to Thomas Koch, Charles Baker, Lt. Col. Christopher Mason, William Frances Galvin, and Maura Healey.

But this burning of my inner thighs is completely new and has never happened before — which makes me think it is definitely connected to my recent encounter at the Post Office and my candor in speaking and writing publicly about it.

Who did I write about in these recent articles? The Beale Street USPS Postmaster, local Quincy Police, Boston EMS, and local fusion center contractors trailing me into parking-lots and stores with “Covert Comms.”

Someone locally doesn’t like me going into stores and handing out Courtesy Notices to businesses–and using my voice to defend myself–and thinks it is perfectly okay to come by with some precision milliwave active denial systems weapons to burn my thighs from a distance and effect some house arrest.

Is this what today’s “Policing” has come to?

Local police is obviously going right along with Charlie Baker’s unlawful “orders” for residents to wear masks; the key of course is not to claim “residency” within the corporate slave-compound of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a slave-ship sailing the sewers of the Roman Empire’s Maritime Law construct (quite literally; sewer-work is immediately started on in Quincy in my vicinity each time a particularly powerful podcast hits the Internet–they do believe they are “letting in the See” onto the obvious land) but to claim domicile — as I indeed have, as a state citizen (of Virginia) on the land of the original Republic, not the diabolical and clearly-criminal US Corporation.

Local police in Massachusetts are armed with “crowd-control weapons” which they are also euphemistically calling “peace enforcement weapons.” Evidence for this can be found in Wikileaks.

For eight years, I have been hit with microwave and milliwave weapons, among others. Both on an obvious weapons-testing program–and the US Air Force, General Dynamics Corporation, the Department of Justice, the City of Quincy, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will soon receive their bill for this non-consensual use of weaponry on my body–and in apparent operation of “crowd-control weapons.”

To this day, local police and governments have not announced the facts known to me and others: that they are using these weapons on people, that they are permitting their use on people by military divisions operating with impunity against Americans, that they are engaging in human trafficking, permitting people to be trafficked into multiple Intelligence, military, and biomedical research projects–involving bodily cruelty, brain theft, neurodegradation, constant trauma, deception and Stasi policing in communities, and life-takedown for house-arrest and ease-of-access for non-consensual experimentation.

Local police in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the USA are heavily Masonic, kowtow to the FBI and CIA, and seem to be run by Israel and the IDF.

This is nothing but domestic terrorism, and I will continue to document this in detail.

I do not know obviously who exactly is behind this particular gruesome assault on my body, but I’ll venture to guess it’s the FED EX CIA/FBI. And if the FBI thinks it’s the CIA, maybe they should be doing a better job distinguishing themselves as separate: from where I stand–looking at history, looking at testimonial from whistleblowers like Geral Sosbee, Barbara Hartwell, Bob Levin, it seems to me these 2 agencies in particular–along with the most venal divisions of the DOD–are behind the most brutal assaults on the populace. (Although listening to Julia Davis and reading testimonials from other like Ryan White it looks like DHS, Secret Service, DEA, ATF are all just as bad.)

In any case I am just wondering who in particular is all riled up because I dared to raise my voice at the USPS and at the UPS store and tell people I didn’t need a mask, no-one needed a mask, and they had no business telling me I should wear a mask–judging from the intimidatory actions of Quincy Police and EMS showing up at Pageant Field right after my visit to the PO, I would think they had something to do with it. They and the Governor’s office–because I’m daring to point out his orders are a joke: completely unlawful and based on thin air–which makes me think the CIA may be involved, since aren’t they the guys connected to the Pilgrim Society, the Vatican, the Crown corporation, the whole British-Venetian construct propping up the Governor for the US Vatican corporation, and therefore this entire COVID Psy Op too…? Could just be the LAWYERS though, for those are the guys who actually do tell the Governor what he can and cannot do, including pull off full-scale deception on the public through unlawful orders he has no business broadcasting. The lawyers of course have to have henchmen, since they like to sit in offices with fancy suits on — or trail writers to the post-office wearing orange and blue flowered masks, as a certain maven did, roaring up in his Avalon right after I made it to the parking lot, and rushing ahead of me in line the day the Postmaster tried to bully the writer — so I have to wonder who the Governor’s office employs. Mass State Police in camouflage? Could be.

No President, Governor, or Mayor Can Mandate Wearing Masks, Taking Tests, Taking Vaccines, or Self-Isolating: These Are Not Laws Anyone Need Follow, They Are Outright Deceptions

Whoever it was: they have no right doing what they did, and they can have no expectation of cover assaulting a writer.

It is beyond insane, that fully armed, weaponed-up bullies in the local fusion center, protecting the Mayor, the Governor, should pursue people who don’t believe in using arms or weapons for anything by anyone and whack them night and day with deadly microwave and milliwave weapons: to disable them physically, to degrade them mentally, to repress their public influence, and to silence their voice. This is exactly what is going on here.

I want to write further, to discuss the nature of the retaliation I have faced the last 2 weeks since sending off those letters, but I’ll close here for now and pick up shortly.


25 Dec 2019

Smear Ops To Hide Non Lethal Ops And Neuro Ops And Protect Intelligence Agencies, US & World Militaries, NATO, UN, Universities, Students, Governments, Media, Hospitals,  Scientists, & Those Shadows & Satanists Behind Them 

25 Dec 2019

I am beginning to suspect that the only way this ghastly serial, complex, and octupine umbrella of programs of human assault using anti-personnel non lethal weapons and neuroweapons being used—covertly, dominatingly, repressively, controllingly–on Americans, Europeans, Australians, people worldwide is going to be fully exposed and demand the full attention of all human and humane, compassionate, educated, and human-rights-oriented people of the world is through the peculiar and unprecedented mechanism of Smear Ops, now being used to vilify and smirch and disappear the truthtellers, activists, and journalists daring to speak candidly and openly of these crimes.

This appears to be the way I and those working similarly to expose these crimes are being attacked, as indicated in particular in recent times by NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart’s attacks on myself and others. (Addressed in Twitter threads at @EccEveryday.)

Note that the schism between Karen and myself—long acquainted, long working colleagues as HR activists online, long active as whistleblower and journalist–has been occasioned primarily by her stated desire and intention to protect and support others—people targeted in Europe–also being harmed by these stealth weapons, whom she imagines are being represented and upheld honorably by someone known now by many–and most certainly by me—to be a very sophisticated infiltration agent, provocateur, saboteur, and plant, whom she imagines—or projects to us all that she imagines—is perfectly innocent, and just another unhappy target of the rogue and out-of-control intelligence agencies and militaries who are daring to use spectrum weapons on us all.

In fact, Karen goes so far as to “warn” others not to name anyone an infiltrator, and makes statements beyond reason to the effect that 99.9% of people imagined to be plants are nothing of the sort.

When all is said and done, if one TI has correctly identified any “infiltrator” I will be surprised. It’s specious, petty, name-calling, 99.9% of the time.”– Karen Melton Stewart, Twitter, Dec 15 

In the process, she takes pot shots at my discernment, perception, and perceptivity, naming me primarily an “obsessive narcissist” with an ego problem, to dare to name Ms. Katherine Horton an infiltrator—whose court case, I had earlier ventured to inform her, was not really worthy of any consideration in regards to need for delay of a long-needed & much-separate Joint Statement rebutting Ms. Horton’s long-standing lies on a much-separate matter–my view, given also the corruption of the entire court system and its complete control by the Intelligence services, and given her previous track record, a move in which I was in fact proved right, as admitted by Ms. Horton herself in her subsequent video “report” where she confessed she had gone into court inadequately prepared, while claiming all manner of DEW disruption to occasion this abysmal lack of preparation.

While Ms. Horton holds a particular coterie of viewers—largely male no doubt—enthralled and hypnotized with her dramatic and entertaining replay of all events she experienced in London as she drove here there and everywhere, chatting to a million cabbies and checking into a trillion hotels way past 1 am, as she recounts, the fact remains that her court case proved completely pointless, and all the many people who gave her testimonials and statements were left hanging, as also Karen Stewart, who nevertheless continues to ignore all factual reality re. Horton and posts repressive “warnings” about not calling people agents, in particular aimed at myself, and in particular, it seems, relating to Horton, whom she continues to chat with comfortably online—never mind that Horton let a hospital kidnap a baby and keep her for several months once, or misrepresented an activist as a hit-and-runner  “activated by head chips” (to his own denial of both accusations) or sabotaged a Belgian scanning project (as reported by the very organizer of this project) or tried to behavior-modify a colleague surreptitiously, with a few obvious splashes of NLP (yours truly) while copying and publishing the witness of others as her own (as reported by several to me) to bolster all public regard of her as a “high-profile target” and genuine victim of extreme EMF assault.

Well, at this point, given the amount of rather mindblowing verbal abuse, slander, and smackdowns directed at me online quite publicly from Karen, and given too this stance of assessing no-one, embracing everyone—particularly all currently active as putative “activists” and reporting victims of targeting crimes—which Karen sports, in addition to her recent statement suggesting she has access to “verified, trusted sources” giving her surveillance feedback on me heavily spiced with lies, I have to say I personally have no idea anymore who Karen really is, who she is in contact with, and where she is coming from. (Also addressed in Twitter threads.)

Very clearly, at the very least, she is in contact with Intel hackers sitting on my desktop and phone, watching video-meetings and listening to phone calls. Very clearly also, these very same hackers (“legitimate,” remember, because the NSA and FBI and DHS seem to think they have every right to sit on my desktop and phone, while the DOD/CIA has been perched there all along and thinks no-one notices) are feeding her high-octane lies. “Making calls….in mass slander attempt” is not merely a lie, it is a smear; it is a deliberate, aggressive, extreme, designed-to-denigrate smear. It is character assassination, because it invites all reading to see me as some kind of demented freak, keen to call people to join me in “mass slander” against her—a base misreading of my character, time, interest, intelligence, energy, soul, self, and being. Peculiarly indicative of apprehension too, since she must be aware she is openly denigrating me with her recent smears and smackdowns online—she appears ready to believe that I would retaliate in kind to slander her, a belief apparently bolstered, if not avidly created and promulgated by these Intel vagrants whom she sadly perceives as “verified, trusted sources.”

12-25-2019; 10:37 pm

I have just read Karen’s new diatribe titled Reply to Ramola, sent on to me by a close friend, and honestly have no words currently. No doubt I will comprehend shortly what might be the best thing to say. It is so full of falsehoods, false narratives, wrongful readings of reality–much in opposition to her own words earlier– and outright attacks on my work and name it blows my mind that Karen could have written it. It also seems to project a level of vitriol and abuse and apparent hatred of me (never evidenced earlier) that seems to come directly from ego and high defensiveness. To say I am horrified and appalled—for her—is an understatement. I guess we are indeed living in the age of Apocalypse—where all is being revealed.

These are just my thoughts of the moment. It is becoming increasingly evident I will have to publish a Statement on Karen Stewart soon.