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First Posted Online 26/12/2019 | Ramola D

Will explain the title of this Diary shortly–it was conceived a while ago. This is a stock photo of a Bentley found online.

25 Dec 2019

Smear Ops To Hide Non Lethal Ops And Neuro Ops And Protect Intelligence Agencies, US & World Militaries, NATO, UN, Universities, Students, Governments, Media, Hospitals,  Scientists, & Those Shadows & Satanists Behind Them 

25 Dec 2019

I am beginning to suspect that the only way this ghastly serial, complex, and octupine umbrella of programs of human assault using anti-personnel non lethal weapons and neuroweapons being used—covertly, dominatingly, repressively, controllingly–on Americans, Europeans, Australians, people worldwide is going to be fully exposed and demand the full attention of all human and humane, compassionate, educated, and human-rights-oriented people of the world is through the peculiar and unprecedented mechanism of Smear Ops, now being used to vilify and smirch and disappear the truthtellers, activists, and journalists daring to speak candidly and openly of these crimes.

This appears to be the way I and those working similarly to expose these crimes are being attacked, as indicated in particular in recent times by NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart’s attacks on myself and others. (Addressed in Twitter threads at @EccEveryday.)

Note that the schism between Karen and myself—long acquainted, long working colleagues as HR activists online, long active as whistleblower and journalist–has been occasioned primarily by her stated desire and intention to protect and support others—people targeted in Europe–also being harmed by these stealth weapons, whom she imagines are being represented and upheld honorably by someone known now by many–and most certainly by me—to be a very sophisticated infiltration agent, provocateur, saboteur, and plant, whom she imagines—or projects to us all that she imagines—is perfectly innocent, and just another unhappy target of the rogue and out-of-control intelligence agencies and militaries who are daring to use spectrum weapons on us all.

In fact, Karen goes so far as to “warn” others not to name anyone an infiltrator, and makes statements beyond reason to the effect that 99.9% of people imagined to be plants are nothing of the sort.

When all is said and done, if one TI has correctly identified any “infiltrator” I will be surprised. It’s specious, petty, name-calling, 99.9% of the time.”– Karen Melton Stewart, Twitter, Dec 15 

In the process, she takes pot shots at my discernment, perception, and perceptivity, naming me primarily an “obsessive narcissist” with an ego problem, to dare to name Ms. Katherine Horton an infiltrator—whose court case, I had earlier ventured to inform her, was not really worthy of any consideration in regards to need for delay of a long-needed & much-separate Joint Statement rebutting Ms. Horton’s long-standing lies on a much-separate matter–my view, given also the corruption of the entire court system and its complete control by the Intelligence services, and given her previous track record, a move in which I was in fact proved right, as admitted by Ms. Horton herself in her subsequent video “report” where she confessed she had gone into court inadequately prepared, while claiming all manner of DEW disruption to occasion this abysmal lack of preparation.

While Ms. Horton holds a particular coterie of viewers—largely male no doubt—enthralled and hypnotized with her dramatic and entertaining replay of all events she experienced in London as she drove here there and everywhere, chatting to a million cabbies and checking into a trillion hotels way past 1 am, as she recounts, the fact remains that her court case proved completely pointless, and all the many people who gave her testimonials and statements were left hanging, as also Karen Stewart, who nevertheless continues to ignore all factual reality re. Horton and posts repressive “warnings” about not calling people agents, in particular aimed at myself, and in particular, it seems, relating to Horton, whom she continues to chat with comfortably online—never mind that Horton let a hospital kidnap a baby and keep her for several months once, or misrepresented an activist as a hit-and-runner  “activated by head chips” (to his own denial of both accusations) or sabotaged a Belgian scanning project (as reported by the very organizer of this project) or tried to behavior-modify a colleague surreptitiously, with a few obvious splashes of NLP (yours truly) while copying and publishing the witness of others as her own (as reported by several to me) to bolster all public regard of her as a “high-profile target” and genuine victim of extreme EMF assault.

Well, at this point, given the amount of rather mindblowing verbal abuse, slander, and smackdowns directed at me online quite publicly from Karen, and given too this stance of assessing no-one, embracing everyone—particularly all currently active as putative “activists” and reporting victims of targeting crimes—which Karen sports, in addition to her recent statement suggesting she has access to “verified, trusted sources” giving her surveillance feedback on me heavily spiced with lies, I have to say I personally have no idea anymore who Karen really is, who she is in contact with, and where she is coming from. (Also addressed in Twitter threads.)

Very clearly, at the very least, she is in contact with Intel hackers sitting on my desktop and phone, watching video-meetings and listening to phone calls. Very clearly also, these very same hackers (“legitimate,” remember, because the NSA and FBI and DHS seem to think they have every right to sit on my desktop and phone, while the DOD/CIA has been perched there all along and thinks no-one notices) are feeding her high-octane lies. “Making calls….in mass slander attempt” is not merely a lie, it is a smear; it is a deliberate, aggressive, extreme, designed-to-denigrate smear. It is character assassination, because it invites all reading to see me as some kind of demented freak, keen to call people to join me in “mass slander” against her—a base misreading of my character, time, interest, intelligence, energy, soul, self, and being. Peculiarly indicative of apprehension too, since she must be aware she is openly denigrating me with her recent smears and smackdowns online—she appears ready to believe that I would retaliate in kind to slander her, a belief apparently bolstered, if not avidly created and promulgated by these Intel vagrants whom she sadly perceives as “verified, trusted sources.”

12-25-2019; 10:37 pm

I have just read Karen’s new diatribe titled Reply to Ramola, sent on to me by a close friend, and honestly have no words currently. No doubt I will comprehend shortly what might be the best thing to say. It is so full of falsehoods, false narratives, wrongful readings of reality–much in opposition to her own words earlier– and outright attacks on my work and name it blows my mind that Karen could have written it. It also seems to project a level of vitriol and abuse and apparent hatred of me (never evidenced earlier) that seems to come directly from ego and high defensiveness. To say I am horrified and appalled—for her—is an understatement. I guess we are indeed living in the age of Apocalypse—where all is being revealed.

These are just my thoughts of the moment. It is becoming increasingly evident I will have to publish a Statement on Karen Stewart soon.