Tyrone Dew: Letter to Rohinie Bisesar

Dear Rohinie,

My name is Tyrone Dew, I read about your story and felt compelled to contact you. I know you aren’t mentally ill! I believe you’re a victim of Directed Energy Weaponry nonconsensual human experimentation. I’ve experienced the horrific effects of Directed Energy Attacks for several years. I wrote about some of my experiences and because every publishing company denied me, I self-published August 13, 2013.

33 days after self-publishing there was a tragic event! A 34 year old young Black male named Aaron Alexis who was an information technician for the Navy committed the September 16, 201e tragic mass shooting on the Washington Navy Base. He complained to authorities for several months about his attacks to no avail! Eventually like most victims of Directed Energy attacks he was misdiagnosed as mentally ill and prescribed medication for technological abuse.

1 year and 2 months after publishing my book, a young Black male named Myron May who was a successful trial attorney for the District Attorney of New Mexico resigned from his career complaining about being a victim of Directed Energy attacks. He detailed some of his experiences in 3 YouTube videos before going to Florida State University on November 20, 2014 committing a  mass shooting.

I don’t condone the violence but I do understand the frustration of having your life ruined from being a victim of Directed Energy attacks and everywhere you seek help, instead of people believing you’re a victim of non consensual human experimentation, they’re believing you’re mentally ill.

I’ve personally interviewed former CIA engineer Dr. Robert Duncan who’s helped with research and development of Voice of God weapons. He admits in the interview knowing I’m a victim and the CIA and Military are using citizens as targets for a nonconsensual human experimentation Directed Energy Weapons “no touch torture” program!

He admits it doesn’t take a microchip implant for Directed Energy Weapon attacks to be precisely effective on the human target.

I was a scholar athlete and successful internet entrepreneur who resided in Huntington Beach, CA. Nowadays because of my life being ruined as a victim of Directed Energy attacks;  I’m a destitute homeless author doing all I can to raise awareness about the atrocity being committed against us!


Targeted Individual Awareness


Tyrone Dew