David Scott Baker, Kentucky: Complaint for Compensatory Damages/Medical Malpractice–Non-Consensual Test Subject/Directed Energy Weapons

Posted with permission; text of civil lawsuit by David Scott Baker.




1.    Plaintiff District Of Self, a.k.a. David Scott Baker, is a resident of Jefferson County, Kentucky.

2.    KentuckyOne Health Medical Group, Inc. is a medical group in Kentucky that includes among its health care centers in Jefferson County both Jewish Hospital and UofL Health Care. Administrative offices for KentuckyOne Health are located in Jefferson County.

3.    This Court has jurisdiction of this matter under provision of KRS § 23A.010 (1) and the venue is proper under KRS § 452.450 / KRS § 452.460

Statement of Fact and General Allegations

4.    Plaintiff was used as a non-consensual human test subject by those operating in the interest of federally funded research at Defendant facilities. Beginning in 2005 and continuing to the present, doctors and other healthcare workers belonging to the KentuckyOne Health Medical Group and working at Jewish Hospital and UofL Health Care conspired to keep from Plaintiff the source of numerous health emergencies which caused him to lose a home, lose his job, lose his physical good health and to suffer tremendous psychological damage. Due to the medical malpractice and negligence of Defendant during their non-consensual human research, Plaintiff has unnecessarily suffered through 7 invasive surgeries, one of which was to perform a transnasal biopsy of a sphenoid mass. This biopsy led to another surgery on 1/12/2006 to remove what was a left sphenoid subperiosteal hematoma. An 8/13/2007 surgery was for right femoral head recontouring due to acetabular impingement. (The intense pain that led to this surgery became acute after Plaintiff complained of the pain months prior to surgery and was dismissively told “It will go away”. It only heightened across the following weeks and then, after Plaintiff was walking with a cane, the area was X-rayed. It was found that the right femur head was deformed.) Another surgery was an ablation to correct arrhythmia on 5/16/2006. Plaintiff suffered the 5% side-effect of ablation, bradycardia, and as a result he underwent surgery to install a pacemaker on 6/9/2006. Plaintiff now has a permanent blood disorder, antiphospholipid syndrome, which must be medicated for the rest of his life. Plaintiff was diagnosed on 6/05/2006 with intravertebral herniations and mild degenerative disc disease. Due to Defendant’s botched surgery on Plaintiff for injury to his left distal phalange of the second digit, Plaintiff has suffered through the trauma of a portion of fingernail growing from inside his sewn-up flesh and slowly puncturing his flesh from the inside-out. He has suffered through heart arrhythmia, gross hematuria, shortness of breath, a kidney stone, a 10-second long flat-lining of his heart (6/6/2006), nausea, syncope, tinnitus, several life-threatening DVTs, photosensitivity, muscle cramps, multiple bilateral frontal contusions, intracranial hemorrhaging, cardiomegaly, atelectasis, diffuse cerebral edema, seizures, encephalomalacia, a skull base fracture, persistent paranasal sinus disease, prolonged acute muscle pain in his entire body, acute back pain that lasted for a month and that made sleeping itself painful, extreme fatigue, severe itching and burns to his neck and back (of which Plaintiff has photographic and video evidence). At the height of this health ordeal, Plaintiff spent more than 30 days in the ICU, ICCU and standard care ward of Defendant facilities. He has suffered through extreme psychological distress and fear for his life. All of the above is recorded in Plaintiff medical records. Plaintiff has never been given an etiology for this medical ordeal by Defendant nor has Defendant ever even theorized upon the etiology of this life-altering ordeal.

5.    During this decade-long deceit by Defendant, tests were administered to Plaintiff not to identify the etiology of his health problems (an etiology Defendant was well aware of), but in order to record the effects of 21st century weapons of war called Directed Energy Weapons. Plaintiff has never been in the military. Plaintiff has never been in any kind of military combat, fighting nor conflict. The effects of these weapons on Plaintiff’s entire physiology, as recorded in these copious research-oriented tests, were then passed along without his consent to employees of, ultimately, the Department of Defense, in whose hands these 21st century war weapons were deployed. In short, Plaintiff was a non-consensual test subject for the federally funded research arm of Defendant facilities as pertains to these weapons and Defendant was a fully knowledgeable participant in these non-consensual human tests upon Plaintiff.

6.    Records of Plaintiff’s visits to the Psychology Department of UofL Health Care were destroyed as Plaintiff learned in response to a complete records request filed in pursuit of the justice now being sought. The fact that Defendant saw fit to destroy one set of department records of Plaintiff’s decade-long health ordeal calls into question the accuracy, viability and validity of records that Plaintiff did receive in response to his records request. The received medical records do in fact contain gross inconsistencies and inaccuracies as will be addressed further in this complaint.

7.    During appointments and surgeries at Defendant facilities, Plaintiff was often treated, socially speaking, with blatant contempt and disdain and, therapeutically speaking, with extreme unprofessionalism, deliberate malevolence and intentional harm. Indeed, he was treated as what he was to Defendant; a veritable lab rat whose very humanity they were unconcerned with. Contained within Plaintiff medical records received from Defendant is a letter Plaintiff composed on 10/15/2006 and which was soon thereafter mailed to UofL Health Care. Within this letter, to be made available to the court, is an articulation of the utter frustration, futile struggle and, indeed, combative and absurd nature of Defendant actions with regards to Plaintiff’s medical care.

8.    Plaintiff on countless occasions when this health ordeal began and continued unabated for years was nearly begging doctors at UofL Health Care to determine the reason(s) for this onslaught of life-changing health problems so that they might be counteracted. He was met with utter lack of professional competency and intellectual curiosity that was more than disinterest and that, true to fact, was deception; this while Plaintiff was under extreme emotional and physical distress due to being in fear of his life in the face of numerous medical emergencies, such as when his heart flat-lined. Aforementioned letter from Plaintiff to Defendant also substantiates this fact and denotes that Plaintiff was actually told a blatant lie by Defendant. That is, in an attempt to deliberately misinform Plaintiff, he was told that his syncope was the result of panic attack.
Plaintiff had reported no symptoms of panic attack in connection with the repeated instances of syncope and yet, even more profound, syncope is not a known symptom of panic attack. It was later determined that Plaintiff’s syncope was actually the result of heart arrhythmia. Further exacerbating this manner of mistreatment is a note in Plaintiff medical records that he was diagnosed at age 18 with depression and panic attack. This is a pure fabrication. All of Plaintiff’s mental health issues manifested in his late twenties as the damage to his intimacy mechanisms due to being sexually abused at the age of 10 became apparent in his failed relationships. Prior to Plaintiff’s visits to UofL Health Care psychologists during and after 2004, Plaintiff had seen one therapist on two occasions to discuss his sexual abuse and that was right around the year 2000.

9.    Due to the blatant lack of any attempt to educate and heal him by the numerous knowledgeable professionals he was seeing regularly, Plaintiff did his own research and read about dozens of diseases and disorders but could not find any established medical conditions/diseases/infections/etc. which would explain the wide array of life-altering health problems he suffered through. Plaintiff was despondent and dismayed that the singular anomaly of his condition, with its seemingly non-stop ailments, injuries and symptoms, was not drawing more enlightening scrutiny and discourse from Defendant. Again, the letter composed by and sent from Plaintiff to Defendant and dated 10/15/2006, and that is contained in Plaintiff medical records, substantiates this accusation and takes it even further as the letter articulates how Plaintiff was actually instructed by Defendant to not educate himself about the medical ordeal he was going through.

10.    Despite being told to not educate himself (and indicative of why he was mentally bullied by Defendant), Plaintiff eventually discovered that his life-altering health symptoms and conditions and life-threatening emergencies read like a checklist of harm that can be done to the human body and mind with 21st century war weapons called Directed Energy Weapons. For instance, microwaves, which constitute some of the energy waves used in these weapons, have been scientifically proven to alter blood. Plaintiff’s blood was altered and he now has a blood-clotting disorder (antiphospholipid syndrome) that must be medicated for the rest of his life. Another instance is the capability of Directed Energy Weapons to manipulate a target’s heart rate through external stimulation. Plaintiff’s health problems began with syncope episodes accomplished by causing his heart to race in a split second from normal b.p.m. (60 to 90 b.p.m.) to upwards of 165 to 200 b.p.m.

11.    When Plaintiff discovered the source of his profoundly damaging and permanently life-altering decade-long health ordeal, the apparent disinterest of numerous health professionals to discover and discuss the etiology of one emergency after another became elucidated as deception. In this light, all of Plaintiff’s physical impairment as well as the consistently obtuse attitudes of highly educated experts suddenly made a kind of perverted sense, so to speak: the perverted sense being that Plaintiff’s life was expendable in the desire to conduct federally funded research.

12.    Plaintiff was told that the tinnitus he experienced during his ordeal was a 1% side-effect of one of the 31 drugs he had been administered during his care. This is false due to Plaintiff experiencing tinnitus even to the present day and the sole drug that he any longer takes is Coumadin. Coumadin does not have tinnitus as a side-effect.

13.    Within Plaintiff medical records are conflicting medical notes about the same issue. Several references are made to Plaintiff drinking “occasionally”. This is incorrect. Several other references are made to Plaintiff having quit drinking in February of 2001 and of not drinking at all thereafter during the entire time-frame encompassed in Plaintiff medical records. This is correct.

Also contained within Plaintiff medical records, Dr. Deam notes that “patient has had syncope since his closed head injury in December of 2005.” This is false. All of Plaintiff’s syncope was prior to this last syncope on December 22, 2005. Plaintiff fell from dizziness subsequent to this date but experienced no more syncope. (Dizziness is noted as a possible side-effect in at least three of Plaintiff’s medications taken post-12/22/2005.) As well, this page of medical records states that Plaintiff “notes profound diaphoresis and lightheadedness, and then passes out.” This is also false. Plaintiff’s syncope was absolutely without warning and instant. All revelation of syncope episodes came in the moments after Plaintiff recovered sensibility. Plaintiff has never reported these symptoms as preceding syncope. Plaintiff’s mother and several coworkers were eyewitnesses to the December 22, 2005 syncope which resulted in his cerebral contusions and they can attest to the instantaneousness of the moment. It was without diaphoresis and lightheadedness, as were all of the syncope episodes Plaintiff suffered.

As well, the episode which alerted Defendant to the heart arrhythmia which was the actual cause of Plaintiff syncope happened while Plaintiff was hooked up to a heart monitor. Attending Defendant staff witnessed zero diaphoresis and lightheadedness because there was none then or at any other moment preceding syncope. Furthermore, there are other notes within Plaintiff’s medical records which correctly state that Plaintiff reported no warning symptoms to his syncope.

Couple the panic attacks that are shoe-horned into Plaintiff’s medical records with the repeated reference to “DEPRESSION” in the ADM DIAGNOSIS lines of page after page of his records and it seems there is some intent to present Plaintiff as more psychologically dysfunctional than he is or was. (Plaintiff can demonstrate his extreme mental acuity as well as several rare talents he has mastered during his life should it be necessary to deter the idea that he is psychologically impaired.)

At the same time as Defendant seems intent upon highlighting Plaintiff’s psychological issues, Defendant presupposes to dispossess the medical records of Plaintiff’s horrific experiences within their Psychology Department by claiming that no records exist. This is an odd duality that raises several red flags as it seems the most assured way to demonstrate Plaintiff’s mental health issues, should that be one’s intent, would be to produce the records of Plaintiff’s time spent within the Psychology Department of Defendant facilities.

Also within medical records regarding his May 16, 2005 visit to Defendant facilities is a note labeled as GENERAL and presumably written by Dr. Deam. This note reads: “This is a pleasant white man in no acute distress.”

This is an odd observation to say the least. Plaintiff acknowledges that he most likely was pleasant as he tries to be pleasant with all people he encounters and even in the midst of obstacles and turmoil. Plaintiff trusted that he would receive adequate care without displaying histrionics to indicate the dire state of the health problems engulfing him.

Plaintiff also recognizes that “acute distress” has a specific medical definition but can’t help but say that the very declaration by Defendant that Plaintiff shows no signs of “acute distress” is to surmise that he could have such signs. Thus, Defendant acknowledges Plaintiff’s exposure to extreme trauma in this off-handed way and yet seemed at no other time across many years to be willing to directly acknowledge Plaintiff’s extreme trauma. The repeated depersonalization of Plaintiff throughout all he has been through gets upended almost by accident and in a manner which, not ironically, is meant to downplay the obvious physical and mental ordeal clearly laid out in #4 of this civil complaint.

14.    Very striking within Plantiff medical records, and indicative of deliberate manipulation, is an entire incident report that is wholly incorrect. There is a report of Plaintiff’s syncope on 9/27/2005 that is actually the syncope which occurred on 12/22/2005 and that appears elsewhere within his medical records. The 9/27/2005 incident has facts incorrect other than simply the wrong date. It states in this report that Plaintiff passed out at work and that his mother was there and that she drove Plaintiff to the ER. In the actual 12/22/2005 incident referred to in this incorrectly dated report, Plaintiff’s mother was indeed at his work when he passed out. However, she did not drive him to the ER. In the actual incident, an ambulance was called to Plaintiff’s work and he rode in the back of this ambulance to the ER. Record of the ambulance run to Plaintiff’s work on 12/22/2005 is also included in Plaintiff’s medical records. The 9/27/2005 syncope occurred when Plaintiff was sitting in his van at a stoplight at 12th and Main St. He drove himself to the ER in the wake of this incident. However, within this greatly erroneous report it does correctly state that Plaintiff denies dizziness or any other warning signs to the moment of syncope. A report of an incident dated 3 months prior to the actual incident and that, furthermore, gets large details of the incident wrong is of concern to Plaintiff and indicative of the instances of falsification within his medical records.

15.    Plaintiff medical records show the activity of 73 different medical doctors across the course of his care. Plaintiff contends that this constant rotation of different faces within his care was specifically to prevent him from gaining any sort of momentum when he questioned the nature of and reasons for the sudden and extreme decline of his once good health. That is, he could ask a question of one doctor, not get an answer and then never see that doctor again for a chance to reiterate his question. At one point during his care, Plaintiff got so frustrated with this blatant lack of answers that he verbally lashed out at one doctor and stated plainly that he wanted to see a different doctor; this in hopes of finally getting some answers. This understandable frustration paid no dividends as Plaintiff continued to get no answers from any of the 73 doctors listed in Plaintiff medical records.

16.    Other than the visit to hand-deliver his medical records request, Plaintiff’s final visit to Defendant facilities was for an invasive surgery that was to replace his depleted pacemaker battery. Just as was the case with Psychology Department records, the medical records for this invasive surgery are missing from those supplied to Plaintiff in his complete records request filed in order to detail his civil case against Defendant. Due to these missing records from Plaintiff’s file he is unable to supply the exact date of the surgery and he is unable to name the Defendant staff involved in the surgery.

Nonetheless, this final surgery was wholly indicative of the perpetually unprofessional, inconsiderate, devious and dubious treatment Plaintiff has endured throughout his time at Defendant facilities. At this surgery, which took place sometime very late in 2014, Plaintiff was prepped for surgery, sedated and placed upon the operating table before the cardiologist who lead the surgery asked Plaintiff if he would prefer to have his pacemaker replaced with a new pacemaker that has a longer battery life than the battery of the pacemaker installed in 2006. Plaintiff recalls being supine upon the operating table, disoriented and slurring his speech when this question was asked.

Due to the implication from the surgeon that this was a good idea, Plaintiff simply agreed. Plaintiff greatly supposes that such a sequence of events is not even close to the standard protocol for surgery. Plaintiff has no idea what the motive of this professional cardiologist was. The cardiologist would simply have had to explain the purpose of this change of pacemakers to Plaintiff prior to sedating him and placing him upon the surgery table. The odd, inconsiderate, unprofessional and justifiably questionable nature of this incident is wholly in accord with the demeaning depersonalization of Plaintiff across a decade of his care in the hands of Defendant. Grouped with the entirety of Plaintiff’s treatment it seems as if Defendant, for reasons unknown to Plaintiff, wanted to ensure that a new and different pacemaker was implanted into Plaintiff and that this was the most assured method of that happening. Of course, such a question of motives must be answered by Defendant staff who performed this surgery; staff whose names Plaintiff did not receive in his records request.

17.    Plaintiff has in his possession copies of the patents for the destructive directed energy and microwave weapons which were used to destroy his good health.

18.    Plaintiff spoke of his ordeal and the use of 21st century war weapons on innocent citizen victims at the June 25, 2015 Louisville-Metro City Council meeting and two Air Force officers saw fit to attend this meeting. The subject of Plaintiff’s address to the City Council was the only issue spoken of at that meeting that had to do with the United States’ military. As well, Plaintiff has discovered a 2006 quote from then-Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne where he advocated using Directed Energy Weapons on American citizens in order to determine their viability in foreign wars. Plaintiff has a 2015 Directed Energy Symposium event calendar in which these weapons and their uses are topics of expert speakers. The contacts for the various talks at this Directed Energy Symposium were members of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Core and Raytheon, a Department of Defense weapons contractor.

19.    Plaintiff has located patents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for these weapons and other technological devices used against his bodily health as well as against his property. Plaintiff contends that the reality of these weapons is clear and convincing, their use upon innocent citizen victims had been publicly endorsed by those wielding them and the symptoms/ailments/disorders/injuries he suffered and suffers are consistent with literature about their detrimental capabilities.

20.    Solidifying Plaintiff’s victimization as an expendable non-consensual living human test subject of federally-funded research is a relentless, coordinated and orchestrated harassment campaign of his person and property over the past year that has no viable understanding unless placed within the context of preventing him from filing the very civil complaint before the court in his pursuit of justice. This harassment campaign, which Plaintiff has anecdotal evidence, photographic evidence and corroborating witnesses to, has involved theft and vandalism of his property as well as harassment and stalking of his person as he goes about his life. One of these many incidents that is highly indicative of the pairing of the destruction of Plaintiff’s health with the harassment of his property was a brand new CD/MP3 player in his vehicle which stopped working while the vehicle was parked overnight. One of the patents which Plaintiff located while researching the destruction of his health can direct energy at circuits from a distance and destroy them. This is exactly what happened to the circuits in Plaintiff’s new $300 car stereo that quit working while both the vehicle and the stereo were turned off. It is impossible for the circuits in a stereo to burn out without a power source and this incident is fully explained in the context of Plaintiff’s ordeal and the range of modern technology used to decimate his health as recorded by Defendant.

Cause of Action

21.    Plaintiff likens the ordeal of Defendant’s federally funded research on his person to that of prisoners of war subjected to physically and mentally tortuous experiments at the hands of Nazi “doctors” during World War II. Defendant has engaged in medical malpractice and medical negligence as is recorded in his medical records and the accompanying letters Plaintiff had the presence of mind to write in the years when his ordeal began. The medical malpractice and medical negligence will be further revealed upon deposition of each and every Defendant staff whose name appears in Plaintiff’s 1843 pages of medical records. Defendant has engaged in intentioned destruction of medical records by its own admission. Defendant has engaged in illegal unauthorized disclosure of medical records to a third party as is highly sensible due to Plaintiff’s experience and as will be revealed upon discovery. Plaintiff has suffered loss of wages due to the years he was incapacitated by Defendant. Plaintiff will incur future economic damages due to Defendant. Plaintiff has endured emotional pain and suffering due to Defendant.

Count of Medical Malpractice

22.    A health facility’s sworn duty within their profession and the general understanding of their purpose among the public is to heal, cure and knowingly offer therapeutic methods for fixing/improving a patient’s health when it is less than functional or when it is in decline from natural detrimental influences or from injury by outside forces. That is the general expectation of true and honest medical care in the community that Plaintiff resides in and that Defendant operates business within. Defendant went against the very essence of this idea and in the desire to participate in this federally funded research acted as conspirators in and note-taking observers of the destruction of Plaintiff’s good health. As well, the malevolent comportment and less than standard medical care of many of Defendant professionals during their deceptive and duplicitous actions compounded the mental suffering of Plaintiff during his ordeal.
To be clear, Defendant has never once, across a decade, offered one single explanation (or even a theory to be explored) for the decade-long health ordeal that ruined Plaintiff’s health and livelihood. In the interest of their own objectives, they simply submitted him to dozens of tests to see how his body was affected by the violent attacks he was subjected to.

Count of Medical Negligence

23.    In pursuit of their federally funded research objectives on a non-consenting victim, Defendant saw fit to disregard Plaintiff’s mental and physical health to an extreme degree in the face of the sworn duty of their profession to heal and to cause no harm whether through action or inaction. Due to failure of Defendant to disclose their knowledge of etiology of Plaintiff’s copious health problems, Plaintiff had a de facto loss of chance of cure despite that the cause of his health problems was not a debilitating force which occurs naturally.

Count of Intentioned Destruction of Medical Records

24.    Once Plaintiff became aware of the scope and depth of crimes committed against him by Defendant, he requested the totality of his medical records in order to pursue justice. During the ordeal Plaintiff suffered through, one of the most contentious interactions (prior to learning of the criminal nature of what was committed against him) occurred between Plaintiff and Dr. Vance, as well as other members of the Psychology Department at UofL Health Care. A very clearly articulated letter of complaint about Dr. Vance and which describes an absolutely horrible experience was written on May 26, 2006 and hand delivered to the Psychology Department. Plaintiff requested this letter be placed in his patient file and it was not placed in his file. A second letter written on November 26, 2008 to patient advocate, Jan Cox, went unanswered. Then, after Plaintiff realized the truth of his situation and he requested his records, the Psychology Department records request form was returned with “No Records” written across the top of the request. Both of the above referenced letters are in Plaintiff’s possession and can be made available to the court. Both greatly substantiate Plaintiff interaction with the UofL Health Care Psychology Department as well as state clearly some of the inexplicable animosity from Defendant that Plaintiff encountered during his health ordeal and that has been referenced throughout this complaint.

Count of Unauthorized Disclosure of Medical Records to a Third Party

25.    Plaintiff medical records, as an actual (as opposed to theoretical) record of the capability of the modern weapons used against him, were disclosed to a third party so as to enlighten that third party upon the real-world specifics of effects of those weapons on a living human being. Plaintiff surmises this illegal disclosure as an obvious sequence to the initial attacks and subsequent deception by Defendant which decimated his good health. Plaintiff’s belief in this sequence of events is bolstered by the interest of military officers in his City Council presentation. Plaintiff’s belief in this sequence of events is furthermore strengthened by a frightening and intimidating extremely low fly-over of his St. Matthew’s residence at approximately 10:30 a.m. on the morning of February 5, 2015 by a U.S. military helicopter and that was in reaction to Plaintiff’s attempts to expose this crime. This Army green war machine flew so close and so directly above Plaintiff’s home on the morning of 2/5/2015 that if the chimney on Plaintiff’s St. Matthew’s residence was twenty-feet taller it would have been knocked over by this war machine. (Plaintiff notified the Louisville office of the ACLU of this almost unbelievable incident and will depose ACLU staff to validate this claim if need be. Plaintiff left town for several months on 2/11/2015 in direct response to this chilling incident.)

Plaintiff expects the illegal disclosure of his records will further see the light of day during interrogatories and depositions.

Count of Loss of Wages

26.    Plaintiff’s health ordeal left him both mentally and physically incapacitated for years. He lost his job in December of 2005 and has not been employed since. Defendant actions are directly responsible for Plaintiff’s loss of wages.

Count of Future Economic Damages

27.    Plaintiff must pay out of his own pocket for medication that he needs for the rest of his life due to Defendant actions. Plaintiff must pay out of his own pocket for gas to drive him to both doctor offices and pharmacies in order to obtain his lifelong medication. Plaintiff must take time out of his life which could be otherwise productively spent whenever he must visit doctors or pharmacies in the future due to the decimation of Plaintiff’s health by Defendant. One certain example of this fact is the occasions throughout his life when he must have his pacemaker battery replaced.

Count of Emotional Pain and Suffering

28.    Plaintiff’s very personality and worldview of humanity have been severely negatively impacted by Defendant’s federally funded research on a non-consenting living human being. Indeed, one of Plaintiff’s oldest and dearest friends, whom he has known for 30 years, said early in 2015 exactly this: “You haven’t been yourself for about 10 years.” Plaintiff’s quality of life has been decimated and he continues to suffer daily from the fallout of this ordeal. Plaintiff’s life expectancy has unquestionably been abbreviated. Plaintiff has endured great emotional pain and suffering both in the form of his health ordeal and the accompanying natural fear for his life. Plaintiff has also endured great emotional pain and suffering in the form of intentional and cruel harassment of his life, property and person and that began in mid-2014 and which continues to this day. Plaintiff contends this organized and deliberate harassment is intended specifically to discredit Plaintiff’s soundness of mind so that his pursuit of justice in the face of Defendant crimes will be hindered or obstructed to the point of failure.

Case Distinction

29.    Plaintiff asks that his case be considered as extreme and unprecedented. Though some (but certainly not all) of his ordeal lies outside of statute of limitations for certain medical malpractice litigation, the all-encompassing nature of the deception and the egregiousness of the offense as being the very antithesis of care and healing should allow that his case be dealt with as exceptional and he be allowed to present the entirety of the facts as of a single and continuous piece regardless of the dates of particular offenses. In pursuit of their federally funded research, Defendant has deceived and misinformed Plaintiff across a decade and the realization of this deception was severely inhibited by the inherent trust normal citizens have with regards to highly educated and knowledgeable medical professionals. It is this very trust and overwhelming presumption of authority that is enjoyed by the medical profession among the public at large that was knowingly wielded by Defendant to put Plaintiff in a submissive disposition during the many moments when he questioned the nature of his care and the absence of any pursuit of an etiology for what he continues to go through.

Hereby, Plaintiff requests a jury trial and seeks $100,000,000 in compensatory and punitive damages from Defendant.

Dated, this 10th day of November 2015.