Repeat Abuse from the Section 12 Lady Next Door, Using Her Entire Family This Time

Personal Report | Ramola D | August 27, 2022

August 27, 2022; Time: 6:03 pm

Bentley/Log of Events:

About 15 minutes ago I returned from Blue Hills, after 1) being stalked by a screaming, red-light flashing Brewster Ambulance on Quarry Road (well protected by Plausible Deniability of being an ambulance, of course) and 2) tailgated by a pale blue SUV on Beale Street.

(Note: I have published a FOIA Request Report with Brewster’s contract with the City of Quincy in it, and ever since then there’s been Brewster Ambulance stalking of me in Quincy; Brewster was central in the unlawful Psych Kidnap of this writer on April 14, 2022.) It is important that I make a public note of this: I am reporting as a journalist that I am being retaliated against — yet again — for basic journalism.

The moment I opened the door and got out of my car with the dog, I heard Ms Dementia – whose name may be Kimberly Johnson – and her loutish beau whose name may be Inner Demon from Rings of Hell start shouting at high volume behind me:

Pervert! Child Molester! (This was the man)

Don’t you do that again! Don’t do it again! Don’t record my kids! (The woman) Also: No-one cares about you honey! You’re a nobody!

And: She thinks we work for the FBI-what a joke! If I did I wouldn’t be living here! I’d be living in a mansion!

One of the kids ran in front of his dad’s car in the driveway (directly opposite our driveway) and shouted: Call the cops! Call 911!

I was so shocked by this entire verbal assault I turned at the side-gate at end of our drive and looked at them. I have made it a point, from the time of the April lunacy run by this woman to absolutely avoid her and not say a word when she’s out there shouting. I could not believe what they were doing. The man was standing by the telegraph pole at the end of his driveway and shouting. The child, who looked about 5 or 6, turned his back to me and squatted – sticking his bum in the air. A second boy came running into view.

I pulled out my phone and held it up; if Blondie wished to further distinguish herself with loud verbal abuse–as she did the last time, and Mr. Lout too, I wanted to record it. Immediately, both boys started shouting: She’s video recording us! She’s recording us! Shall we call the cops?

Then Mr. Lout came over and began to scream out a little ditty and do a weird dance in front of his SUV – which I apparently didn’t record properly since I’d hit the wrong button. I do have some of the antics though – and frankly he did look like Satan’s best friend since he was dressed in matching shades of red and bopping about like a lunatic.

I spoke (quite quietly) into the phone thinking I was recording, stating I was meaning to just record the moment, and relaying some of the above, ending with “This is so execrable I’m going inside.”

Which I did, going up the side steps to the side door and fumbling in my bag for my keys whereupon the elder boy shouted: Call the cops! She’s recording us through her bag!

(That would be something.)

Further shouting was going on as I went in and closed the door. Now, as I had driven out earlier, this winsome twosome had leapt out of their house shouting Cody! Ryan! And Oh My God! (a favorite echo phrase used by many weird harassers around me) – I have no idea if these are the names of their kids but the sudden leaping out and shouting just as I exited my home was peculiar. On that occasion too I tried to record part of the pantomime they were exhibiting then, although it was voiced: the man leapt out to the sidewalk and looked at me and waved. (Note, we are obviously not friendly neighbors after the incident they unleashed in April; this was a classic case of Departure harassment.)

This was followed by the current show as I got out of the car: now from both these incidents of clear Arrival-Departure harassment, it appears these two are engaged in active street theatre harassment, active false-allegation harassment, and active defamation and slander: clearly they are working very hard to attack me verbally and abusively, very loudly in public.

To what end? To trigger me into yelling back at them again, so they can call their favorite friend from QPD again, and run a Second Psych Hold on me, they think? Really?

How amazing is this lunacy they’re exhibiting.

I haven’t got through reporting the entire April 14 fiasco yet, nor addressing it properly. And here we are, new lunacy from these two horrors And their children – whom they have schooled and trained to attack others (me certainly) abusively and absurdly, at high volume.

Let’s remember first and foremost: these two have been engaged in monitoring harassment, Neighborhood Watch harassment, noise harassment, and EMF tech harassment (EMF signals from their house and their friend’s armed pickup all the time, recorded on my shield and meter) since the day they moved in last year.

They’re not the only ones engaged in this, but they are definitely the only ones who have dared to shout bizarre pedo-accusations at me in the street – where do these come from? What island in hell have these two escaped from? What is their intention here? Are they projecting their own pedo behavior on others? That seems to be the MO of the entire pedo-criminal crime syndicate based in Disney and Hollywood, CPS and DCF.

And I think the answer to circle back to here is: These two are engaged in the most execrable crime, using EMF tech on others, paid to do so in fact, and they’re doing their best to criminalize and victimize the victim of their paid assaults—doing all the loud shouting mainly for show, since they are busy trying to build a false-reality-construct here of their kids being filmed, and of me, their victim, being an abuser/video-recorder of kids/etc: Character defamation to rationalize Neighborhood Watch harassment.

I should add that ever since the April incident, tons of kids have suddenly started appearing in my way—I mean deliberately in my way, with young families literally running to cross the road as I’m driving, or running out of the Y as I enter, etc – there definitely is some kind of weird intended attempt to place very young kids in my path, completely baffling to me, but apparently all part of this construct our resident crime syndicate is striving to build.

This is the state of America today and the state of Massachusetts – when people can surreptitiously operate EMF tech out of their homes and cars, while rushing to attack their victims in public with false allegations, lies, and horrible pedo claims like these two are doing. Then call the cops and get a Section 12 going – something in which several parties participate: the Dept of Mental Health, the Police Dept, the Hospital involved, the Ambulance people.

But this is exactly the formula used on thousands of people today, who have been unlawfully targeted by a failed conglomerate of agencies, who are being harassed in ever inexplicable ways. Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers

Tremendous efforts to get a mother, a writer, a poet, a teacher, a journalist suddenly acquire a new profile (they wish!): as a pedo case And Mental case. Incredible!

It seems they want very much for a writer to write about them – this entire bizarre scene is certainly providing me subject.