“NSA WHISTLEBLOWER” Ex-NSA KAREN STEWART DISCREDITS HERSELF: The @RobertSau Account, Pruriently Titled “Ramola’s Sphincter”

Report, Originally Posted in the Statement on Karen Stewart | Ramola D |6/3/2020

Just recently discovered by a friend and sister activist, NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart’s alias Twitter account, @RobertSau, which she has pruriently titled “RamolasSphincter” and used for the publication of extreme smears, lies, insults, libel, false narratives, misrepresentations of fact, obsessive posts of hashtagged names and epithets featuring me.


Karen Stewart has now posted statements at her “Perps and Nutcases” page suggesting she is not the author of the now-pulled @RobertSau account, which can hardly be believed, given the sameness of the voice and words in both accounts, her named one and this one. It is fairly clear to all reading that she is indeed the author of both, the same level of deranged and misled obsession is evident in both–really giving rise to the question, what on earth is she doing? She seems in fact to be constructing an imaginary owner for this account whom she then addresses, as she notes below– a weird, multiple-persona scenario suggesting deep disassociation or mighty pretence, take your pick. Her multiple aliases across Twitter, her many email aliases all seem to point to a repeat fixation with aliases, lurking on others’ channels, and acting very much like a spy, as noted to me by an ex-CIA counterintelligence analyst: “A sure sign of an agent is the use of multiple aliases, multiple names.” To establish the truth of this for posterity, screenshots captured at this account are posted here. Readers are welcome to make up their own minds. Given the depth of depravity evident in this account, and the incredible extent of the defamation, smears, lies, and libel Karen Stewart has splashed online against me, I have no qualms whatsoever publishing the actual scummy tweets she has made here which clearly show not just me she is the author, but prove so to everyone familiar with her writing style. Karen is ex-NSA, with many NSA and FBI buddies, who have helped her publish lies about me–as proven earlier (E.g., “I’m told Ramola is calling people in a mass slander campaign against me, Verified, Trusted sources”) her suggestion here therefore about this account not appearing in her list of Twitter accounts June 1 as “proof” this account is not hers is laughable: when the NSA/FBI hacks people nonstop and she has proven lying NSA/FBI friends who can cyber-hack in and send her my emails (when I am trying to send them to someone else not her) or lie to her about my phonecalls, how is any list she cites proof of anything, when the entire @RobertSau account reeks of her touch? Who would do what she has done? Who would use these prurient user ids and images? Who would pretend she can then speak to a fictitious fabricated “owner” of this account whom she strives to project is not herself, while giving herself away in countless tweets? Who would fixate on me to such an extent she has to create a whole new account dedicated to slamming me online with lies–and sending such slamming tweets via tags to various Intel whistleblowers? This is one seriously unhinged lady.


While she has maintained open Facebook and Twitter pages in her own name, with smears and false-allegations I have carefully rebutted and addressed, step by step, in several Twitter threads, personal essays, and statements, the creation of false-name accounts with similar and searing slander has obviously escaped my attention—no-one knew about this Twitter page.

This site has been reported to Twitter for wrongful use of name and harassment.

Those who have actually believed Karen’s deceiving statements and mis-characterizations of me should take a good look at this site to recognize she is publicly displaying a sad and venal fixation on me, and thinks nothing apparently of smearing also the wonderful, freethinking critical thinkers and writers who have followed her smear campaign from the very beginning and sought meticulously to correct her misreadings and misrepresentations of fact, efforts she rewarded by then calling them sycophants and followers “riding on my coat-tails.”

She has also, incredibly, slandered CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell by calling her a CIA agent and handler, while naming me a CIA asset (the CIA must be rolling in the aisles—they’ve been working hard on assassinating me (outspoken journalist, exposing their and everyone else’s crimes) for years with Remote-Access Radiation heart-hit weapons (I literally have to 24/7 shield at my heart to stay alive), and they have persecuted Barbara Hartwell ever since she voluntarily left the CIA, for her integrity and her honor, in refusing to become a Mockingbird propagandist).

Karen’s pet peeve appears to be narcissism, which she wrongfully attributes to me, building all her other accusations of infamy around this trope. However she is also building a false reality construct here, in a deliberate attack on my name, in efforts apparently to besmirch and destroy. In this construct, she paints me as someone who “picks fights,” “controls,” “bullies,” “manipulates,” behaves “without boundaries,” “asked others to attack Katherine Horton,” “stalked and hounded and smeared and persecuted Katherine Horton for years,” “fights with everyone,” and “slanders everyone she cannot control,” “calls them double agents,” etc.

Karen Stewart and I – as human rights activists working in the same space, seeking to publish the truth about “targeted individuals” have not agreed on all matters, particularly on the issue of infiltration in TI activism, where she has published that 99% of people thought by anyone to be Intel plants are not, and I have published, with substantiating detail, my findings that the people who have crossed my path and sought to control and manipulate my witness, words, reportage, commentary, or thwart activism efforts, or sabotage activists’ lives and work appear to be infiltrators, of whatever precise Intelligence, military or other persuasion I don’t presume and cannot tell, but like anyone else can and have speculated on. As a consequence of this difference, we have chosen different routes. Karen has embraced nearly all working in the TI activist space (except those she has chosen to attack, from their and observers’ reports) and I have stepped away from some as people’s actions and gatekeeping became problematic—always striving to work with people as I could, and stepping away only when their actions in speaking of MIIC victims as mentally ill to reporters or in deprecating and dismissing my work while welcoming agent provocateurs and saboteurs onto their Boards or participating in smear campaigns against me became unacceptable. This action of integrity and principle on my part appears to enrage her; she incessantly writes of my “calling people double agents” (a reductionist falsehood on her part) as being a primary crime (next to narcissism—or perhaps deriving from it!)

Her attempts to paint me as controller of people, attacker of many, solicitor of attacks on Katherine Horton comprise clear defamation: these are defamatory false-allegations–with no evidence, misrepresentations of fact, slander, and libel, scrupulously addressed by me in previous rebuttal-of-smear articles & tweet-threads.

Infiltration, deflection, gatekeeping, censorship, and controlled opposition are sad factual part of the TI activism world – and curiously, it is often those engaged in these activities who protest loudest that they do not exist. As a writer and journalist committed to Truth, I have published my findings as they arose—something many have assured me are helpful in their understanding of the entire TI activism space, which is not covered by larger media, and remains mostly hidden away on private email groups, conference calls, and social media chats and discussions.

Those who know me know that the stories she tells about me are absurd, misrepresenting, and false. Nearly every group email fracas we have both been witness to or previously participated-in-addressing she has now reframed and misrepresented to paint me in an aggressively deleterious light. I have previously sought to set right her stories, in numerous Twitter threads, articles, essays, and a Statement to which I’ve kept adding – including in it as well Cassandra’s thoughtful witness thread (posted above, in the Statement on Karen Stewart) pointing out the facts in both Katherine Horton’s and Karen Stewart’s long defamation campaigns which ignore facts, repeat falsehoods and false allegations, and reframe all legitimate commentary as libel: something they continue (as for instance, labeling my legitimate op-ed on Binney and Wiebe as libel).

I remind all that I do not run smear campaigns; I publish facts, I publish opinion marked as opinion, I publish sourced reportage, and I have rebutted smears, incessantly.

I can no longer spend time on Karen’s repeat-lies and repeat-slander and misframings and have long consigned her, as also Katherine Horton, to the forces of the Universe for an awakening to reality and Truth.

People will think what they think and do what they want to do – I have no control over any of it. But all interested may wish to examine the history here closely — recorded for all in writing, in my many articles and threads, and in the independent articles and threads of others – in order to understand what the truth is. And drop in anytime at my video channel and my livestreams and read my articles and books to figure out or see who I really am – my politics, my thinking, my respect for and inclusion of people and meeting them always on equal ground, my commitment to Truth, Justice, Freedom, Humanity, Earth, Animals, Life, Peace, Harmony, Consciousness is out in the open for all to see.

Karen Stewart’s absurd and repeated mischaracterizations of me as a “malignant narcissist” are patently comical and completely false. This Twitter account on the other hand which she has been maintaining, in clear personal vendetta against me, in deliberate effort to attack my name and work, and from where she tweets to others her skewed visions of me display unhealthy obsession and unchecked ego; the name itself (Ramola’s Sphincter) points to a hate crime and harassment.

This information is posted in the public interest and to clear my name.


Obsessive/Compulsive, Outrageously Vulgar, Morally Repugnant, Cowardly & Reprehensible: Egregious Calumny Against Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell by “Righter of Wrongs, Robert Sau” (aka Karen Stewart?) & Mob of Social Media Harpies

Barbara Hartwell has since penned a new article on this subject of the @RobertSau account which disappeared overnight last weekend right after a conversation with a friend who happens to be a lawyer…

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