Notes, Clarifications & Remarks on Karen Stewart’s Latest Attack-Missive Filled with Extraordinary and Misfed Ramblings Designed to Denigrate

#Bentley360 Report| Ramola D |12/29/2019 

12/27/2019: 8:24 am

Notes, Clarifications & Remarks on Karen Stewart’s Latest Attack-Missive Filled with Extraordinary and Misfed Ramblings Designed to Denigrate 



The Turning of Karen Stewart

1. I am jotting down a few notes in response to Karen Stewart’s “Reply to Ramola” document, posted online, hidden away on her Twitter feed with a tiny link, filled with ramblings, as I continue to ponder what best to note in a Statement on Karen Stewart which I still think I should issue shortly. I am on a plane from Boston to Detroit, sun to my left, high above clouds. The horizon is vast, the chem trails are thick, and the floating box of spies around me are directing radar flickers and heat-hits from all sides as usual—heart, spine, knee, calf, abdomen, head. The weapons are portable, the AI-hive mind is linked, and the Syn Tel’sters are listening.

2. It is most interesting that Karen Stewart, in perfect lockstep now it seems with Ms. SmearCity Katherine Horton, refers to me in this vastly aggressive and misleading document, as #RamolaDharmaraj, it appears, primarily, to create a connection with Ms. Horton’s defamatory page using that name and hashtag, in hopes apparently that the entire WWW will now recognize me as Ms. Horton has painted and as Mrs. Stewart copycats. Those who read my work know I publish today as Ramola D, and have been doing so, for decades. The reason for this choice soon to be published at my website, given the sudden interest in my name by many. However, it is really no-one’s business but mine what name I choose to publish under, and most people of intellect and sense understand this. On Facebook, which does not permit initials as last names, the name I have used earlier to publish, Ramola Dharmaraj, is known to all.

3. I have many thoughts about Karen Stewart today, and I intend to share them with the world. I have published the list of articles, podcasts, and interviews I have done with Karen, I have said enough about my long collegiateship with her, and my treating her always with respect, support, and friendship–witness tweets and threads on Twitter lately. I have experienced the sadness of her current clear betrayal and expressed it openly: Thread 3. My conscience is clear, it is time now for plain speaking.

4. One of my primary thoughts has been: why has Karen suddenly turned into a defamer and slammer and decrier and denigrator? Why has she suddenly publicly turned nasty, choosing to attack, aggress, and put down—in desperate attempts it seems to bury me alive online, absurdly, as “egoistic, narcissistic, obsessed” the very same labels put out by Mr. Andy Spoo’k on his pedo-Satanic meme and by the self-styled leaders of smutty opinion Mr. Ortaine Devian’t, Ella Free, Midge Mathis, Katherine Horton, and co.?

5. This document however clarifies that Karen has perhaps been bottling a few things up for a while and has now splashed her misguided views into sight with abandon.

6. It also clarifies that she has no qualms now about attacking my name and work, in complete contradiction to her stated views, complimentary and appreciative, on my work earlier.

7. It further clarifies that she has no qualms going back on what she herself has stated earlier, to now undermine her own self in order to join in the Smear Fiesta to try hard to name me—against all evidence to the contrary–“narcissistic and obsessed.”

Excerpt/Karen to Ramola/11/30/19


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Where Shall I Start? Let Me Address the Primary Smears and Ignorance

  1. There is no way around the fact that Karen has completely fallen off the wagon here in terms of understanding what has happened, post the break-up of TCFF. Given that she has frequently stated—and says so here as well—that she did not keep tabs on Katherine, she has no clue then that Katherine was the one who initiated and launched a public Slander Fiesta online, starting with her very first video post our break-up and thence accelerated post all responses to her libel and slander. Not having a clue, you might think Mrs. Stewart might want to pursue a clue, by engaging in some basic exploration – but oh no, this is precisely what she wishes to defend, her cluelessness, naming it whatever she pleases “peacemaking, not taking sides, neutrality, morality.” Sorry, obliviousness is obliviousness, ignorance is ignorance, cluelessness is cluelessness. Being an ex-NSA intelligence analyst does not exonerate one from leaving all intelligence behind.

  1. Speaking out of her vast repertoire of ignorance therefore, she thence launches attack missiles of the stratospheric kind, suggesting I have engaged in “obsessive” and “stalking” activity of Ms. Horton, when all who can actually follow chronology and content—not a talent attributable to the Deviant lot over in the Containment Ops camp, nor it seems Mrs. Stewart, ex-NSA, herself– is well aware of Ms. Horton’s extraordinary, manic, targeted, obsessive, and malicious defamation pursuit of me for over a year now, and indeed even prior, thanks to the NLP’ing mirroring and echo-stalking she herself outed—necessitating my subsequent clarifications and confirmations, in her very first video issuing defamatory claims against me.

  1. Nowhere in this far-from-pleasant confabulation and reversal of fact does Karen make mention of the fact that she herself spoke out against the smearing and stalking and mobbing run by Katherine and her cronies earlier.

  1. Nor does she mention awareness of actual events as they unfolded. As noted with care on Thread 2, the recent joint effort by myself, Karen, and Millicent to issue a Joint Statement to rebut Katherine Horton’s primary and flagrant and defamatory lie was initiated by a third-party, while echoed by me as a necessity, given the Mobbing attacks, smear campaigns, bullying, and slander all misinformed by Ms. Horton’s #PrimaryLie, engaged in by many—in particular, some quite prominent TI Containment Opsters who have felt the heat of my exposing pen and have sought to retaliate with defamation and slander, always the go-to it seems of the culpable and querulous.

  1. I make no apologies for my analyses, reportage, and assessments, published prior, exposing those whose actions and words have revealed themselves. To me—as to many other principled writers and activists–there is every reason to expose wrongdoing just as much as infiltration and calumny in activism to expose targeting crimes—the latter an effort I’ve been engaged in for over five years now, much longer, may I venture to say, than any of the parties smearing and mobbing me currently, including, now, Karen Stewart, Ella Free, Midge Mathis, and Katherine Horton—and I’ve addressed this as it has crossed my path, especially in The Consequences of Infiltration.

Very simply, those who infiltrate control and gatekeep, misdirect and mislead, control the narrative, palliate the victims, engage in limited and pointless activism, and help the MIIC data-collect, herd, exploit, manipulate, experiment to their heart’s content: keeping the victims placid, available, deceived, pliant, “hopeful” but inactive, ineffective, inert, huddled together “in unity,” engaging in pointless actions, and silenced.

They also help MSM miscast TIs as delusional, as evident in the interplay of limited public protest and interaction with inept or carefully schooled MSM reporters over the past few years by tag teamers Ella Free/FFTI and Midge Mathis/TJ; this was never more in evidence than recently with a protest in Chicago run by TJ, a shoddy POPPCon piece published by the Chicago Sun-Times artist Neil Steinberg, and a handing-over of TIs as mentally-ill by unqualified and unread self-named spokeswoman Ella Free, in tandem with David LaPorte, an academic psychologist unafraid to advertise that he operates exclusively in a fishbowl, ignoring the weapon-wielding realities of the well-militarized Surveillance state—covered here earlier.

  1. Into this melee storms Karen Stewart, completely fogged over with ignorance—which she tells herself is high and virtuous “taking no sides” and self-righteously “walking away”–unable to discern her left foot from her right foot in her fogginess but happy apparently to stick both in her mouth, daring to allege, in a massive misframing of reality, that I came to her “to desperately ask for help” after I had supposedly “dug myself into a hole.”

However, given that she has now established her propensity to freely dispense outright lies—as I’ve been compelled to address closely in Thread 2—in relation to me, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that Karen now chooses to distort fact to her own convenience: it is nothing but pure distortion to suggest any of the above. I have previously noted what actually transpired in the lead-up to recording that Joint Statement (witnessed on email by a third-party)–and I recommend all interested read Thread 1 & Thread 2 for backstory and context.

One salient fact to note: I stopped bothering to inform Karen Stewart of Katherine’s sinister doings of defamation, way past, well around Thanksgiving 2018 when Midge Mathis sent around a repressive email striving to silence many of us from speaking out about Katherine’s behavior (many whom Katherine was collectively slandering and spreading lies about)—around when Karen began to spout her meaningless “walk away” mantras, which she then demonstrated by “walking away” from Truth and Fact while embracing Fogginess and Lies published openly on Katherine Horton’s site & rebutted earlier by me & others yet now referred to by her as if real.This after all is what ignorance and refusing to investigate does: it muddies matters to such an extent that one cannot tell what is Truth and what is Lies and that appears to be where Karen is currently floundering–while she comforts herself with further lies, bedtime stories, misreadings, and attacks, in the process aiding and abetting and extending Ms. Horton’s own incredible lies and utter slander. The incredible hubris Karen displays in suggesting I “ran to her for help” has no basis in fact; far from running to her for anything, I have been dealing with Ms. Horton’s attacks on my own, with Melanie, with Frederic, and entirely by myself, in videos and statements for quite a long time, and, given Karen’s fence-sitting and walking away, have had no interest whatsoever in asking Karen Stewart for help of any kind in this matter—and never did. It is beyond hubris really for her to suggest I grew “desperate” and needed digging out of holes and contacted her for help. In other words, more false-accusations and #OpenLies from Karen–extending the outright lie on “Intellectual Property” addressed, with evidence from her own emails, in Thread 2.

  1. Frankly, the entire tone of Karen’s self-constructed narrative here, where she now openly joins Katherine Horton in slandering and false-accusing me, is hubristic and evidence of enormous arrogance: that she believes she can distort fact freely, and most archly and imperiously accuse me, in complete inversion of fact, of “extreme obsessive vitriol,” “shameful obsessive behavior,” in a clear attempt to label me as “obsessive”  without once evincing awareness or making reference to the real and primary facts of my necessary engagement comprising rebuttal and analysis of Katherine’s on-and-on slander and vilifying actions, all while also openly stating she really has no clue what went down here, because she did not follow it.

  1. It is ironic in the extreme therefore that she has started to lecture on Ego and Narcissism now on Twitter, suggesting falsely and baselessly these can be tossed in my corner, while herself evidencing all manner of ego and narcissism, including in her peculiar readings of her Myers-Brigg’s pigeonholing-of-personality-in-a-box tests as somehow superior and supreme.


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Karen Stewart is Engaging in Libelous Slander


1. Before I proceed to further address specifics in this scurrilous and libelous document filled with gratuitous abuse and slander, I wish to note a few salient points that seem to have escaped Karen Stewart’s “neutral, walk-away” eye:

  1. To accuse me of.”obsessively stalking” ANYONE, let alone Katherine Horton, the Saul-Alinsky-tactic-employer who has openly and publicly targeted, cyberstalked, libeled, and slandered me with multiple false-accusations and Goebbels-style repeated lies, is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  2. To accuse me of “obsessive and relentless cyber-pursuit of #Dr. Katherine Horton” and “continued obsession (1 ½ years) long after the fact” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  3. To misrepresent the facts of a nasty Smear Operation from a few disgruntled Opsters and publish untruthful distortions of fact and presumptuous misrepresentations of my response as “TI’s on Twitter apparently did not appreciate her continued obsession (1 ½ years) long after the fact and expressed ire at her in increasing numbers such that she finally felt overwhelmed” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  4. To dare to allege and imply—despite all chronology and careful reportage, supported by reports from others, also published–that I engaged in manufactured “embellishment” as in “sought to embellish her perceived personal insults with accusations of acts of “mirroring” by Horton and other behaviors unwitnessed by anyone else” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  5. To so grossly misrepresent the facts and completely invert the actual Truth as to present me as “continued pursuer” and “pusher” chasing down ANYONE let alone Katherine Horton–whose nonstop defamation attacks on me are at this point legendary–while (absurdly) “adding more accusations and allies” as in “As time progressed #Ramola Dharmaraj continued to pursue #DrKatherineHorton, Horton continued to react, and #Ramola Dharmaraj added more and more accusations, and allies, – garnering more pushback from Horton fans” is inversion of fact, grotesque distortion, false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  6. To misrepresent and distort my real words & suggest that “#Ramola essentially remarked that she had no concern for what might affect others counting on Horton” and “dismissed my concerns” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  7. To falsely allege—especially in face of her and Millicent’s own words on email approving the JS we worked on together, while indicating she had witnessed something for months (which she characterizes as “extreme obsessive vitriol”) she later has claimed she never kept track of, as in “the JS was reluctantly agreed to by Millicent and myself because of the extreme obsessive vitriol we had witnessed for months” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  8. To misrepresent and mischaracterize pejoratively and falsely as in “#RamolaDharmaraj in an apparent further desperate attempt to seal the deal, even after I had agreed to it, attempted to “guilt (pressure, manipulate) me” into agreeing to the JS by accusing me of “betraying” her by NOT engaging previously in the apparent daily Twitter War”is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  9. To misrepresent so blatantly and wrongfully as to say “She was even dubious and then appeared outraged to learn that I had NOT followed every single insult each had hurled at the other nor spent hours listening to their video bile” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  10. To mischaracterize my words in email as in “Ramola’s comments insulting my character and judgement for NOT misbehaving for a year and a half certainly ARE in email” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  11. To mischaracterize my responses and accuse me of being “willing to sabotage a case that could help TI’s in Europe and perhaps all of us” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  12. To falsely accuse me of “devoting my life to “punishing” another equally flawed human being based on my flawed human judgement (and hurt feelings)” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  13. To accuse me of “gratuitous paranoia” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  14. To accuse me of “engaging in prolonged combative behavior” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  15. To misrepresent facts and mischaracterize responses as in “She was even again reminded of it recently in the emails in question and chooses to misrepresent the time frame to fabricate yet another accusation of my “taking sides against Ramola” by not snapping to her wishes like an automaton” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  16. To manufacture actions and falsely-accuse me of “(sickly) sacrific(ing) your friends who try to take the logical, high ground and keep you from sullying your own reputation, for blind hatred” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  17. To allege I am guilty of “blind hatred” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  18. To restate that her own previous false-accusations of delusion, narcissism, combativeness are true and “too close to home” for me is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  19. To falsely-allege, mischaracterize, presume, project, and falsely-accuse as in relation to Frederic La Roche and the entire thread she has purported to reply to, still without reading previous reportage which clarifies completely what Frederic said and did really, as in “from the above vagaries, spin and misrepresentations, I am not sure I can trust anything Ramola reports at this point, especially when she is emotionally engaged. And Frederich LaRoche saying that he had felt pressure from Ramola to lie about Katherine certainly needs to be explored” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  20. To impute a history of false-allegations and mischaracterize with impunity as in “The “It’s not ME, the problem is with ALL of THEM” argument is never convincing, especially with a long history” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  21. To fabricate events and attribute fabrications and malicious intent to me in dangerous and blatantly false misrepresentations as in “Behind the “exposing” of people who she went to first to help her attack Horton, but who wisely declined, all who suddenly she has found are “Disinfo Agents and perps” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  22. To falsely-accuse, false-label, and mischaracterize my reports as in “the narcissist’s defense mechanism of playing the victim when caught in bad behavior” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  23. To falsely-allege I engage in “demonstrable spin” which she cannot demonstrate as in “She may want to look up “facts” vs “demonstrable spin” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  24. To falsely-accuse and falsely-label me, egregiously, as engaging in “substandard, sadistic, and bullying behavior” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  25. To falsely-accuse and falsely-label me as having made fabricated statements on “Horton being Satan” as in “It would appear that despite her theology degree, she does not consider Horton to be Satan as you have authoritatively pronounced her” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  26. To falsely-accuse me in implication of commandeering some kind of “chasing” action by others while existing as some sort of potentate (with coattails) people fear to “displease” as in “These “independent observers” all have previously joined in the “chase” shall we say, of those who have displeased Ramola. And have blindly defended her before, not being strangers to her coat tails” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  27. To falsely-allege and impute harassment and intimidation to me as in “I posted her above emails including my tweets which THEY had screen-shot and sent harassingly to me to intimidate” is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.
  28. To falsely-accuse me of “stalking another woman” and “trying desperately to enlist anyone/everyone” “creating your own truth” “perverting facts for your own agenda” as in “Yes, because stalking another woman a year and a half and trying desperately to enlist anyone/everyone is so very “normal”. And maybe “creating your own truth” (Yellow Journalism). Which unfortunately, now taints all your other work since you cannot help but pervert facts when it is for your own agenda “ is false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander.

2. Frankly, this entire document, filled with inversion of fact, false-accusation, outright misrepresentations and lies, reads to me as Pure Libel.



There is Only One Truthtelling Here, In the Face of Clear Libel.

Karen Stewart is Peddling Egregious Lies & Slander: Vital Points to Set Straight


  1. Contrary to the confabulation Karen has currently pumped out, the Joint Statement was worked on shortly after a third-party suggested it was an important thing to do and I concurred, given the false-narrative and open lie Katherine Horton has continued to maintain on her site, on her tweets, and in her videos as late as October 2019, in fact occasioning and presiding over a Mobbing smear campaign on Twitter based on her lies. There was no desperation, no holes to be dug out of, no appearing enraged, no guilting, no pressuring (there was much time between emails), no loss of dignity and self-respect as Karen suggests in her absurd wording. The emails back and forth as the draft was finalized were respectful on all sides, and were witnessed by a third-party. This has now been addressed more fully in Thread 2 on Twitter. I will post excerpts below (over the next couple weeks, after initial publication of this text) to show the tenor of emails on all sides.
  2. Karen’s attempts to delay the publication of the statement occasioned a disagreement previously explained, referred to and reported, in the Report & Joint Statement itself, in tweets, and in Thread 2 on Twitter—after Karen posted several insulting and slanderous tweets on Twitter, freely available on her timeline, and referred to/reposted in threads on my timeline. Excerpt from my emails countering her demands that we wait have been published on Thread 2 and will be reposted (over the next couple weeks, after initial publication of this text) below.
  3. Karen’s confabulation of Katherine Horton’s obsessive targeting, cyberstalking, defaming, and slander of me and others for 1.5 years since TCFF closed appears to be based entirely on her self-confessed and also obvious complete lack of knowledge of how this transpired and played out, which ignorance she continues to defend. She is therefore not in the slightest bit qualified to comment on what occurred, given the immensity of her ignorance. Despite this fact—the invalidity of commentary from someone not equipped with the facts—she has also made self-contradicting statements to suggest something she has “witnessed for months” and has attacked me with impunity, labeling me, crudely and incredibly, as all sorts of a criminal and delinquent: stalker, egoist, narcissist, obsessive stalker, pursuer, and more. In this Karen appears to be displaying a sudden hatred and resentment of me—never evidenced earlier; at the very least she is engaging in open false-accusation, defamation, libel, and slander, openly attacking my name, reputation, and work.

4. “The specifics which cannot be scrutinized” are in her own abrasive and false-narrative tweets, responded to by me on Twitter (after which she blocked me there); nothing vague here, given that I responded specifically to what she said. I posted some in my recent Tweet thread on Barbara Hartwell’s article, Setting the Record Straight on False Statements Against Barbara Hartwell: Thread/Setting the Record Straight

5. Regarding “disparaging remarks about her character and judgment,” again, this has been addressed in Thread 2 as also in Thread 1. My disagreeing with Karen’s interest in delaying the JS was predicated on completing the task that was already taking up our time, which needed to be finished and closed, and which related solely to the historic matter of the JS. My views were spelled out in my letter, excerpted below. Given Karen’s continuous claims that she did not track Horton’s slander campaign, my remarks that had she done so, she would understand the need to not-delay are completely appropriate.

6. “In Ramola’s opinion, KH is an agent provocateur. And Ramola Dharmaraj is willing to sabotage a case that could help TI’s in Europe and perhaps all of us, based on that opinion.”

I do not think it is my opinion alone—based on clear evidence, previously reported– that KH is an agent provocateur. However, this mis-framing of my responses and accusation of a “willingness to sabotage” is both a slur, insult, and slanderous and baseless false-accusation. The “case that could help TIs and perhaps all of us” was not relevant to the matter of posting the JS, nor, given who was behind it, could it be seen as a “case that could help TIs” except by someone sadly misled by the many misleading antics of Katherine Horton.

7. “Again, I have not obsessed with either side’s #SmearCampaigns and as you can see from the above vagaries, spin and misrepresentations, I am not sure I can trust anything Ramola reports at this point, especially when she is emotionally engaged. And Frederich LaRoche saying that he had felt pressure from Ramola to lie about Katherine certainly needs to be explored. “

One, There are no vagaries, spins, and misrepresentations when pages of reportage, tweets, and hours of video response have been dedicated to clarifying and analyzing what Katherine Horton has done to many, as reported by them in their own words and voice—Frederic, Melanie, Melanie’s child, roomfuls of people let down at one European scanning project (and more), as well as to rebutting Katherine’s endless smears; Karen’s refusal to read the reports, watch the videos, and understand the context does not make these references “vagaries and spins”; it appears rather that she seeks to defend Katherine without knowing the context.

Two, Karen can certainly not trust anything Ramola reports because she has established she has not read it. Can anyone trust anything they have not read? The vast amount of reportage, based on information from involved sources as it developed, that I have published on these matters escapes her scrutiny. As noted earlier, no-one can comment on anything they have no knowledge about. Here Karen reinforces her own inability to be trusted on any statement she makes.

Three, The crack at “being emotionally engaged” being a disqualifier has to be a joke, given that it is my emotional engagement with all matters I report which gives rise to the deeply-scrutinizing, deeply-probing, deeply-questioning, deeply-ruminating quality of my reportage, which balances the rigors of classical journalism with thoughtful, fact-based commentary and hard-hitting candor, which, I would argue, makes my work readable and reliable both. Were it not so, my reports would not be read, nor apparently be so profoundly effective as to warrant nonstop smear campaigns from all and sundry, including once-respected former colleagues like herself-who, I might add, has frequently assured me my reportage and writing was stellar, “the best,” and my website a primary site for all readers worldwide on matters relating to targeting and surveillance crime.

Four, The confusion of Frederic LaRoche’s words was indeed explored and Karen missed it, as she has missed all reportage on the matter. Reported in Swiss Cheese and Bayonets and in videos referenced therein, with inclusions from Frederic’s statements disengaging from Katherine after her actions of reported sabotage in writing false statements on him in an affidavit and publishing his emails without permission, the whole matter was clarified long ago. To be very clear: The aspersion being cast here by Karen  to suggest that I had “pressured” Frederic to lie to Katherine – a false reading, clarified by Frederic, reported in full – is not random; Karen appears to be trying to accuse me of pressuring people–in support apparently of her confabulation and false-accusation that I had pressured her while writing the JS. She is also clearly leaning on Katherine’s website reading her rubbish and believing it.

Perhaps Karen can explore why Frederic continues to work with me and not Katherine, and why my Investigative Reporter statement written for him after he explicitly feared sabotage of his case by Katherine publishes the acknowledged truth of his matter while he has publicly confirmed Katherine’s “Expert Witness” statement publishes lies.

As apparent throughout this scurrilous document, Karen is casting untrue aspersions and further engaging in false-accusation and false insinuation.

8. “Behind the “exposing” of people who she went to first to help her attack Horton, but who wisely declined, all who suddenly she has found are “Disinfo Agents and perps”. What a wild coincidence! Imagine that!”

Alarming and absurd both, it appears that Karen has lost all sense of perspective and all memory as well in her daring to accuse me of going to people to “help me attack Horton”: I recall perfectly that Melanie, Thomas, and myself asked others such as Midge to speak out publicly last year while we sought to issue a joint Cease and Desist to Katherine to stop her open libelous slander of all of us; this was not “going to others to help attack someone,”  this was asking others to have the spine to stand up to the defamatory attacks of Katherine Horton and condemn them publicly with a joint Cease and Desist. (Rather, they have now embraced her, with Midge repressively putting us all down—establishing that Targeted Justice is not really about Justice but supporting Targeted Slander, Defamation, Smear Campaigns, Calls to Violence, Sabotage of Activists’ Lives, Sabotage of Activists’ Cases, Whipping up of False Hope from some like Katherine Horton while promoting the Targeting and dismissal of others, like me.)

Secondly, my exposing of the people I mention in Thread 1, which is what Karen refers wrongfully to here, still stands, and is known to all. These people were first referred to by Karen Stewart in a tweet:

Karen’s lack of clarity on the people mentioned here and her inversion of facts suggesting I have “attacked them” seems to stem from her forgetting of her own tweet (reposted above) and the real history behind each of these personas.

The Disinfo they promote is what is being referred to here, again, described earlier in reportage, in emails to her, and threads including this one which Karen has not followed. The fact is, Karen follows nothing, but springs out of nowhere to attack me, having no hold on the substantive issues previously addressed, with each of these personas—truly absurd.

9. “Again, how am I “supporting” #DrKatherineHorton?

By not joining in calling her a poo-poo head for you and your playground clique? By allowing her to KEEP the affidavit I had COMMITTED TO and given her LONG BEFORE the demise of TCFF ?”

Quite apart from the middle-school mania of this confabulation, Karen’s reference here to an affidavit she had given Katherine does not address her own ability at all times to withdraw her affidavit had she seen fit, from someone who has established herself to many as questionable, dangerous, and destructive of real activism in numerous ways. Clearly she did not see fit, translating to a clear support of Horton and Horton’s questionable endeavors. Notice that Karen had no qualms about “withdrawing support” for the Joint Statement after she had committed it to me for publication, but refrained from such withdrawal with Katherine: again, clear evidence of supporting Horton. 

Karen also forgets that she had told us recently–after being asked–that she had met with Katherine on the latter’s recent visit to the US and had provided her with her information, making the matter of her support current.

10.“You calling Ella Free a criminal is actual libel since you have zero proof of any criminal acts on her part and likely never will.”

This appears to indicate that Karen is unable to read plain English since she has completely misread my statement, where I certainly did not call Ella “Free” a criminal although there are no doubt –or should be–laws regarding aiding and abetting media propaganda criminals such as Neil Steinberg and The Chicago Sun-Times in the publication of falsehoods and lies which mislead the reading public and keep Surveillance Abuse and Military Intelligence Experimentation victims victimized and misrepresented as mentally ill schizophrenics who should not be believed when they report attacks with microwave weapons and neurotechnology.

11. “ It would appear that despite her theology degree, she does not consider Horton to be Satan as you have authoritatively pronounced her. I have no proof one way or another of her being “an infiltrator”.

Perhaps Karen had a particularly revealing dream on this one since I have not pronounced Horton to be Satan, authoritatively or otherwise, although that might well be the case according to Karen, who brings up this possibility.

Karen’s not having proof of someone/anyone/Horton being an infiltrator is not proof of them not being an infiltrator, since last time I checked, Karen was neither God nor head of the NSA, FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6, BND, DOD, British Empire, Vatican, Freemasons, Zionists, Rothchild-Inner-Circle, Privy Council, CFR, Trilaterals, Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, Mossad, or anyone else—who Might have such proof.

She does however play God convincingly, and appears to imagine with her classic–and clearly duplicitous–claim of “taking no sides” “neutrality” she IS God. 

12. Hosting her work: To her own loss, Karen’s work will be removed from my website now that 1) she has clarified what was certainly not stated as such before, that she now wishes it to be removed; and 2) she has established she wishes only to attack, false-accuse, defame, libel, and slander me and my work. In point of fact, her current storytelling in this document about her supposed conversation with me and others on this subject directly after I posted the Joint Statement follows on the open and outright lies posted in her “Intellectual Property” tweet, which I addressed in full in Thread 2: her previous communications, displayed there in excerpt, have all suggested her interest in maintaining her work at my site. My coverage on her however and my earlier re-postings with commentary of her work as well as all videos with her, which constitute part of my journalistic and human rights activism repertoire and record, will remain.

13. “it does follow the narcissist’s defense mechanism of playing the victim when caught in bad behavior. She may want to look up “facts” vs “demonstrable spin”. And she may want to look up my proven Meyers Briggs tested rare personality type, INTJ for some insight. Supremely logical, incorruptible. And remind herself that I have several professionally administered and evaluated psychological evaluations through my ex-employer, the National Security Agency (NSA) which I handily passed and am vouched for in addition by two independent senior psychologists. I am not looking to “disappear you” but from my life.”

While Karen’s reliance on a completely bogus and unreliable psychology test as the Myers-Briggs which I too have taken once—recognizing how multiple-choiice answers permit only pigeonholing-of-personality-in-a-box—is touching and indicative of a rare innocence, if not clear naivete, it is also absurd for anyone to recommend that their character be seen as “supremely logical, incorruptible” because of an external assessment by a test rather than by their actions and behaviors as is the case with the rest of us. Her characterizing and denigration of me as a “narcissist” “playing the victim when caught in bad behavior” is both evidence of her falling into the mobbing smear campaign against me as well as complete disassociation from reality, which I think others can see too. Ironically she appears to be displaying ego and narcissism herself, as she touts her INTJ supremacy.

14. “Yes, because stalking another woman a year and a half and trying desperately to enlist anyone/everyone is so very “normal”.

And maybe “creating your own truth” (Yellow Journalism). Which unfortunately, now taints all your other work since you cannot help but pervert facts when it is for your own agenda”

The outright false-accusation and slander in this, based on a false premise, and her pejorative misrepresentations can be traced again to her ignorance of Katherine’s actions and her apparent desire to insist I sought to “enlist” people – when no enlisting of anyone for any reason occurred.

The only creation of “own truth” “yellow journalism” and “perversion of fact for own agenda” stems from Karen here, since her entire document is filled with scurrilous lies and libel, premised entirely on ignorance and refusal to accurately inform herself.

15. I am exhausted with trying to rebut Karen’s extensive slander–on top of Katherine’s extensive slander, and other Opsters’ extensive slander–all through the last days of 2019, while I am traveling and visiting family, while I am being heart-hit, head-hit, face-hit while writing, while flying, while driving, while eating out or eating in, and am going to be ignoring any further attacks and smears for a while. Honestly can all this get any worse than it has already? It seems to me the outer limits of idiocy by these Opsters in striving to label me Mental has already been reached. That seems to be the key focus: to disappear me–key writer, key journalist, key human rights activist reporting targeting, surveillance, military, and Intelligence crimes (statement of fact, not ego, I may add, take a historic look at the dearth and paucity of  journalism in this space)–as deranged and unreliable.

As I close this, I want to make one note: I have taken care not to paint Karen as she has sought to paint me, as delusional and mentally challenged. This is indeed the primary way targets are being disappeared, and it is the way Ella “Free” has betrayed targets. Now Karen’s turn apparently – but as I noted, all this plus later tweets she has made suggest she is being manipulated by sinister “whitehats” she wrongfully trusts into turning and being turned by them into a gigantic containment operation herself.


16. I must also note, as I have published earlier, that during the writing of this piece I have been hit extremely (to migraine) with microwave pulse shots in my face, on my head, on my spine, neck, back, here in Michigan in my in-laws’ home, others in the family have also been similarly hit, and I have been and am, as I write, being subjected to stealth heart-hits which I necessarily have to shield from–in cars, in restaurants, at home. I have noticed in the past that speaking in podcast to Intelligence Agency whistleblowers and exposing false-narratives/countering slander are the two primary actions which elicit the most intense AI-run, DEW retaliation on my person: what does that tell me? That False Narratives are very very dear to the Deep State running these operations, and the maintaining of False Narratives, Controlled Opposition, Infiltrators, False Prophets via Psy Ops and Slander Ops is very much their strategy au courant, and they will aim their top guns at anyone who dares disrupt their Stealth Ops and poses a clear threat to their Predation in Secrecy. In this case, they have co-opted NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart and unleashed her in libelous attack against the very journalist who covered her own case, worked with her, showcased her work, promoted her, protected her public image, and formerly admired and respected her, for years–just because, it seems, said journalist has been revealing a little too much truth lately. There’s a coup. 

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