Nonstop Defamation, Distortion, Denigration by Karen Stewart; No Awareness of Facts and Truth Yet; No Retraction of Lies and False Narratives

#Bentley360 Report | Ramola D | 3/03/2020

It seems that Karen Stewart has once again launched defamation and smear operations on me on Facebook and Twitter, people who have seen these posts have sent them on to me and sent me to them, in particular a series of posts at a page she’s created titled Perps and Nutcases where she’s posted a new series of defamatory posts against me.I am at this point beyond amazed at Karen’s nonstop smear operations—which resemble quite closely Katherine Horton’s smear operations; it seems Karen has picked up where Katherine left off – and a brief read through her misled rantings reveals she is mostly hashing and rehashing her previous distortions and lies, all of which I have previously addressed—please see the links to the many articles and threads in my Statement on NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart…, that is, if interested in examining what the truth is, to see clearly how Karen Stewart has now become, like Goebbels advises, a repeat liar with a passion only she can understand.

My last post on Karen published Feb 6, 2020 followed her ridiculous Threat Letter, is covered here, and remarked further in an Addendum to my statement on her.

I clearly missed her many denigratory and outright lying posts in December and Jan and early Feb on this page since I had no idea she had been posting further libel and slander on me on this page. Many others however have seen and knew of these—Karen does not seem to realize these, as with her Twitter posts, are public pages and posts, everyone (definitely on Facebook) can see them, they are not private, and people have been reading them. It does not take “obsessive stalking” to find her rants and insults online—they are available for all to see. 

I’m quite glad I didn’t know of these posts then, it would have been a waste of my time to respond to any of them. I’ve been inordinately busy the last couple months with articles and interviews, as people can see if they look at my sites and channels, and am glad I wasn’t sidetracked into responding to her nonstop attacks: these posts are filled with distortions of fact (changing what I have actually said and written, and also changing what others have said and written), reckless insults and denigrations, refusal to examine the facts, deflections from her culpability, and outright lies, repeated.

What a sad devolution from the sturdy and respectable friend and colleague Karen once was!

In her refusal to inform herself of the actual facts of Katherine Horton’s self-initiated, endless, and abusive slander campaign on me, her refusal to engage with the factual record of what Katherine Horton did, to many and to myself—spelled out extensively at my site and by others at their sites and on Twitter, her refusal to examine, process, and act on the evidence—fundamental aspects you would think of any base intelligence analysis, yet her persistent interest in calling me an “obsessive stalker, cyberstalking and maligning Katherine” when the record clearly shows without confusion Katherine’s abusive cyberstalking, maligning, and obsessive attacks on me in a Massive Smear Op I’ve been compelled to rebut–Karen has devolved currently into someone who appears to completely lack integrity, principle, or character: I have lost all respect for her.

I have explained why she is wrong in earlier posts, point by point, and unlike her, will not repeat myself. Nor will I stoop to calling her names or suggest she “get help”–as she has done. Yes, she has published an email of mine calling her insane (in the usual way that everyone uses that word, not as a clinical diagnosis which obviously I cannot make–and which species of diagnosis is in any case highly suspect, given the politicizing of social relations through authoritarian psychiatry), but that was a private email, sent to someone else, arriving at her desktop as detailed earlier via cyberhacking–probably from the coterie of FBI/NSA Intel agents she publicly, if coyly (minus full disclosure), acknowledges as her surveillance-feedback-friends–which in her own profound ineptitude she herself chose to make public. Publicly, I have not and will not attack anyone targeted, including herself, as actually “mentally ill” and “needing help” as she has done.  But there is no doubt she has completely lost it in regards to me.

What she is doing in fact is precisely what she says she is Not doing – targeting and attacking someone with smears and lies exactly as the fusion center attackers do, and in fact using their favorite ploy for character assassination: Mental Health Fraud. Karen has actually now distinguished herself with public mental-health smears against me which she keeps repeating. (Some screenshots below. ) She is also spreading lies about me–just, outright, bald-faced lies, which can be seen and proved to be lies by witnesses on our email exchanges, and by the historic record of the emails themselves.

This is a NSA whistleblower who touts herself now as the “only NSA whistleblower” exposing targeting – forgetting John St. Clair Akwei who preceded her and who has disclosed more, since he knew more.

Further, a whistleblower who has spent copious amounts of digital space engaging in denunciatory attacks on me, the only continually-publishing journalist on APNLW/DEW/Neuro targeting crimes since 2014 who has been exposing US Government corruption and criminality, as well as in recent times, UK Government corruption and criminality, and daring to insinuate my public addressing of her smears “harms the cause,” “betrays all of us” and affects her work. No, what she is doing–public attacks, calling for public rebuttal–betrays all of us and harms the cause; her assault on my work, name, and journalism is an assault on the worldwide collective exposure I am helping facilitate. It is also inexplicable.

But as I said recently in one of my posts on her storytelling, it may well be that it’s only through these absurd smear operations that news of these horrific targeting crimes will reach a larger public. The Special Opsters certainly are getting frantic. I am sitting in India as I write this, and two Special Ops helicopters have just crossed over my head and father’s home just outside Bangalore as I ready this post for publication. (They may be another kind of helicopter for all I know but they look like US Special Ops helicopters and their timing and direct overhead flyover is remarkable.)

Major Whoppers & Persistent Goebbels-Lies from Karen Stewart: Just Outright Lies–Guess NSA Trains You Well in Lying Outright When You Can’t Be Bothered With Inconvenient Facts

My intent here is to set straight a few major and new whoppers she’s recently published, which warrant correcting, because they are serious smears–not all the rehashed stories and smears, all the nonstop insults, nonstop lies, nonstop confabulations and mischaracterizations, to address which mountain I would need to give up the rest of my life and devote myself to. 

  1. Frederic Laroche’s recent letter to her: Frederic Laroche told me recently he was horrified at Karen Stewart’s slanderous false-accusation public attacks on me and said he would write to Karen and then later told me he had written to her and showed me a copy of the email. I was not in any way involved in this project, which was entirely of Frederic’s initiative and interest. (His letter is below.)

Contrary to the elaborate construct Karen has posted, replete with lies, presumptions, and confabulations, I did not “put Frederic up to it” nor “offer to take her back” nor did I in any way ask him to write to her on my behalf for any reason whatsoever.Frederic is a good-hearted soul and wrote to Karen of his own volition, a clarifying and touching letter where he asked her to “see with the eyes of the heart.” Sadly wasted on Karen, it turns out, since her letter back to him—which I am seeing only now, with her posting of it on Facebook—reveals mainly ego and misreading, not heart. In addition to her usual harmful distortions of interactions with me, where she seems to be working hard to portray me in any light but the real one, bent apparently on creating a new image for me as some kind of fiend.

What he clarified for her also lost on her since she did not follow up with a public apology to me, after his clarification and correction of her false-accusations against me.

There is a second major point to make here though; Frederic unwittingly included in his letter an erroneous statement which I corrected publicly on Facebook when he posted it and privately to him when I read it: he indicated I was “waiting for a peace sign from Karen.Nothing could be further from the truth since I had pretty much given up on Karen after her long attacks on me online; I had told Frederic we used to be great friends until recent events with the writing of the Joint Statement and Karen’s sudden turnaround; I did not tell him I wanted to be or imagined I would ever be friends with her again. One further note to clarify: When Frederic posted his letter to Karen on Facebook, he revised the peace-sign part I had objected to and posted therefore a revised version of the letter; what I have screenshot from his emails above is from the letter he originally showed me, which, I presume, is what he sent Karen. This is Frederic’s post on Facebook–my public comments to him are below his post.

Karen has constructed elaborate stories of my “using” Frederic as a proxy (her favorite story about anyone daring to speak well of me) and seeking to make peace with her. More than absurd since she owes me a gigantic apology—which, judging by her resolute embrace of wilful ignorance and false narratives, I don’t think she will proffer anytime soon, and I am not holding my breath—I am not “making peace” with chaos-makers who cannot discern the FACTS but sling false accusations around and smear endlessly online. Karen has played Befriend-Betray with me, exactly like Katherine Horton, and she is no longer a friend of mine.

Update to this section: I’m not even trying to keep up with Karen’s nonstop slander and mobbing but notice she has made a new post on her Perps and Nutcases page.

2. The notion of “owing”: Karen brings this up frequently and it is a storyline all her own. I’ve never indicated she owed me anything or vice versa. When she brings it up in relation to her being requested—by a third party, assented to by me—to participate in the writing of a joint statement to counter Katherine Horton’s lies on why TCFF ended given that Katherine Horton was publicly putting out massive lies scapegoating me on this subject, and given that a joint statement from the former opposing group of 3 was well over 1.5 years overdue and should have been published in July 2018 when TCFF closed, but was not, thanks to her own self-confessed fogging-out— she is overreaching in the extreme to suggest she was doing me a favor while bloviating to excess to state I “begged” her to help! I said it succinctly in a tweet, and will leave the matter here–the rest of this thread (Thread 4) where I further clarified that I do not operate on “Favors” like an opportunistic and bribable PR pro as Karen insinuates is linked in my Statement on Karen Stewart:

  1. The notion of “owing” in relation to Pastor Kota: A new fabulist construct from the ever-creative Karen Stewart (yes, she should be a fiction-writer—no wait, she is!), Karen seems to think I have said she “owes” me for a monetary gift I sent her way, to support her fundraising for Pastor Kota. I’ve never said or projected anything of the sort.

Just a week before Karen attacked me full-scale online—and a week after she had posted her inexplicable “Removal” tweet, ambiguously and injuriously suggesting that I had indicated I would remove her work from my site (when I certainly hadn’t, and it was all her “anticipated” fear of removal, as she later publicly clarified), after we tentatively re-communicated to address this ambiguity & matter of her work posted on my site, she had shared with me information on Pastor Kota’s finances; I had offered to help and did. As with all donations I make—out of the funds people send to me, to support all human rights activism and journalism I do—it was a humanitarian donation and charitable gift, no strings attached, not a loan, no expectation of return in cash or kind. Where does Karen get her bizarre notion of my expecting return of some sort? Possibly from a misreading of Frederic’s email, where he mentions it? When Frederic told me he was going to write to Karen to remind her of our previous friendship, I threw out a casual, oh yes, and remind her I recently donated to her fund for Pastor Kota as well! (Implication: As a sign of friendship and continued recent effort to support her fundraising.) This, Karen has once again misread. She has also penned a tome on how supporting Pastor Kota is supporting all TIs and has nothing to do with her; this is absurd, since she is the one who has kept in close contact with him and has made efforts to fundraise for him; there are many TI causes I have supported, hers—for his—is one of them. But she is most definitely the one I sent the funds to, since she is the one fundraising and diverting funds to him—I am obviously respectful and empathetic to Pastor Kota’s work and efforts (I have reported on his travails earlier) to want to donate at all to him, but it is Karen I sent the funds to, a fact that made not a dent in her reading of who I am and what principles and values I operate on as she laid into me with a bunch of lies and false-accusations shortly after. Ultimate Irony: Karen identifies as a Christian and she and I have in the past prayed together–including for this pastor and his team!

4. Further, onQuid Pro Quo Journalism”--Karen has several times accused me lately of “quid pro quo” journalism and favors—demanding favors for covering her story. I had not heard this term before and certainly never in relation to journalism. “Favors” suggests the corruption of politicians, public figures, and law enforcement—Mayors, Governors, Senators, and Chiefs of Police, I understand, in today’s corruption-ridden State trade in favors all around. So do businessmen/women. I understand journalists who take favors and bribes are presstitutes and propagandists of the kind Udo Ulfkotte has written about, and whom I denounce as a matter of course as I strive to understand the machinations of mainstream media, public lies and government propaganda.

Having spent five years voluntarily engaging in advocacy and human rights journalism, unsupported by anyone—until very recently when people began to support my podcasts—and focusing in fact on exposing corruption and crime and “favor”-ridden fascism, working independently to investigate stories, and report facts and truth no-one else is reporting or has, for years, I am not exactly running on “favors” here but a singular drive for clarity and truth.This, like all her many malicious accusations, has no basis in truth.

My coverage of Karen Stewart’s situation and experience was prompted always by interest in exposing ongoing crime and the targeting injustice and retaliation she has endured, which is similar to others’ experience; her story has helped support others’ stories—I was doing basic truth-focused journalism. Her aspersions and allusions to “quid pro quo” expectations of favors is an absolute lie and yet another example of her current dive into utter delusion on all matters concerning me.

5. The speciousness of this staged query re. my writing demonstrates the field of counterintelligence infiltration where play and interplay of inane query and conversation is used for agenda, in this case character assassination.

Obviously, this person could have read the whole article and figured what it was out her/himself. But (says s/he) didn’t. Emphasizing the mythos of “attacking everyone in the TI community” instead. Interestingly, this is also a containment operation tactic since my exposes of infiltrators, plants, limited hangouts is to be characterized by the smear-artists as “attacking everyone.” Which Karen upholds, in her lack-of-intelligence-analysis.

6. “Yellow Journalism” or “Yellow Intelligence”?

Karen has taken to calling all my journalism “yellow journalism” particularly focusing on the smear-rebuttal articles I have posted on all the various controlled-opposition parties running smear attacks on me, including Katherine Horton, Midge Mathis, Ella Free and their friends. She exposes herself as a tool, witting or unwitting, of the criminal perpetrators of targeting crimes in this; I have no need to defend my journalism, neither its calibre nor its content, it speaks for itself, and rises quite calmly I think above all specious and devious attempts by Deep State deviants to discredit, dismiss, or deny its truth. Karen’s version of “NSA-intelligence-analyst” observations of my work on the other hand, and the false, distorted, libeling Intel by her military/Intelligence friends –which she herself publicized on Twitter—indicate a depth of “Yellow Intelligence” to rival the tabloids.

  1. Intelligence Community experience, counterintelligence, and discerning infiltrators:

Newsflash to all ex-NSA-intelligence-analysts practicing Yellow Intelligence: You don’t have to have ever worked in the (Non) Intelligence Community to discern infiltration, chaos-creation, agent-provocateurship, gate-keeping, censorship, sabotage of activism and activists; activists in every field do this everyday, and many in the TI activist world have corroborated my every expose of plants and infiltrators so far, including top TI activists whose judgment I trust implicitly. Karen is not one of them. Her repeat interest in striving to dismiss my analyses and exposes here really does suggest high-anxiety to protect infiltrators—and crush the truth-tellers. Her attitude of “no one is an infiltrator” is more than laughable—and I am sure every NSA spy she herself knows is doubled over. And her insistent decrying of my discernment in this regard, now with frantic reference to the famed “Intelligence Community” which is running bio-hacking, neuro-hacking torture operations on millions is more than suspect: why is she protecting infiltration—and infiltrators?

  1. Her reference to Dr. Seth Farber decrying my judgement: I wrote to Dr. Farber with a screenshot of Karen’s post here running a mental health smear on me, and he reports that Karen has twisted and distorted his words. (Surprise surprise—her usual MO when she runs Smear Ops.)

Dr. Farber: “This is a misrepresentation–I assume unwitting: “he had asked Ramola but says he can no longer trust her judgment.” I said the opposite! ...I never said I  would not work with you because I could not trust you–or your judgment. …Karen is mixing up different things...I am sorry to hear Karen has become so vindictive to you. At the time she said you rejected her friendship..”

She has also clearly lied to Dr. Farber; the only person who “rejected anyone’s friendship” here is Karen; her entire Public Smear Operation and Falsehood-Dissemination Operation on me was launched right after I disagreed with her on needing to wait to publish the Joint Statement. Our third-party witness to our email exchanges can confirm as I can that Karen explicitly cut ties with me in blatant rejection of our friendship at that point, leaving me to sit around wondering how to deal with the Joint Statement—already approved; this was discussed earlier in threads and articles linked here. She has also posted a tweet saying I “blew her friendship” — but this was clearly an enacted decision on her part, not mine, to end our friendship and start a slam-and-smear campaign instead. It clearly wasn’t much of a friendship either, I am reminded by others, if she could spend 1.5 years in the dark about Katherine Horton’s outrageous smear attacks on me, not bother to get her facts straight about who attacked and mobbed who, callously condone Katherine’s verbal abuses, slander, and sabotage of others (particularly Melanie and Frederic), and then continue to support Katherine through her unchecked mayhem, fence-sitting and pontificating to me about “walking away” like a demi-god without a clue or ounce of sense. (Notice she is quite unable to “walk away” herself from my smear-rebuttals of her BS; she jumps right back in and smears some more.)

Dr. Farber also relayed to me that he had earlier exchanged notes with Karen regarding Katherine Horton’s long smear campaign against me—which it appears Karen misrepresented as well (how could she not, she never followed it, and still seems to have no clue Katherine Horton was the one who launched a smear campaign here, and then proceeded to obsessively cyberstalk and echo-stalk me online for 1.5 years); he had told her he thought it was poor judgment to name people as infiltrators without evidence. I have since written back to Dr. Farber with my clarification and point of view on this matter; the evidence of people’s words and actions does count—Katherine Horton’s many troubling words and actions mark her–not just to me–as an agent provocateur and infiltrator. But the fact remains that Karen has muddily mixed this remark of his with a storyline of her own making to furnish another absolute lie (that Dr. Farber had said he could not trust my judgment).

Karen Stewart is Now Maliciously Focused on Character Assassination and Creating a False-Reality-Construct on Ramola D

It appears from a recent exchange I had with a prominent TI activist that Karen is holding sway in the splintered “TI community” with her nonstop Goebbels lie–that she is a saint (with “morality”) and I am “fighting with everyone” — a convenient way to ignore the facts regarding actual Controlled Opposition infiltrators, smear campaigns, mobbing campaigns, gatekeeping, Containment Operations, Holding-Pattern-Ops (Hint: Talkshoe Conference Calls and “Support” Groups), and Spokesperson Ops to keep reporting victims of DOD/DOJ/CIA non-consensual neuro-experimentation crime disappeared as “Mentally Ill.”

The Yellow Journalism BS: A significant point to note here is that Karen is operating on her “fighting with everyone” trope which she uses comfortably to camouflage her refusal to name anyone an infiltrator, even when evidence of same is staring her in the face; my exposés of agent-provocateurs, saboteurs, pattern-holders, misdirectors, Disinfo artists, gatekeepers, controlled opposition & obvious plants are then reframed in this trope to “fighting with everyone.” Nope, I reserve all rights to expose as I see fit, because I think it is Hugely Important to drop all time-wasters and gatekeepers and NEVER let yourself be influenced, managed, manipulated by Influence-Operations from this Psy Ops/MISO/JTRIG coterie which seeks to keep reporting victims in an apathetic state of reliance on their BS. Two, I reserve all rights to expose and report all Smear Operations from this very same cadre, which is exactly what I have done on my site, which continues to function both as a media site and blog and, in addition to basic truth-focused investigative and advocacy journalism, has been compelled to record personal attacks, smear campaigns, and influence campaigns directed at silencing my voice and freezing my journalism—as famed NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart is now also doing.

No whistleblower worth her salt would slam an investigative journalist engaged in similar pursuit, exposing crime in high places, let alone one who has prominently covered her case – unless she’s throwing in her lot with the Controlled Opposition mavens and seeking to shut down the voice of truth-telling journalism. What really appears to be happening here is that Karen Stewart (playing Queen Bee) is protecting the motley field of Controlled Opp – because this is the MO of the Mockingbird Psy Oppers, to instal a bunch of Disinfo agents in the field and keep the field floundering for years, decades, skirting the deepest exposure – and imagining she can then edge me out as “yellow”!

Karen Stewart is Also Attacking Other Prominent TI Activists

Karen’s current vitriolic attacks on well-known Canadian activist Galina Kurdina which she has been running alongside well-known infiltrator and gatekeeper, quite-possibly-usurped-id “Julianne McKinney” suggest exactly this, that she’s playing Defense quite actively now, keen to hold hands with all installed plants and shut down real activists who won’t fall in line behind her and march to her misled drums.

Extraordinary, absurd, and ludicrous. 

The “No Consideration for European TIs” Persistent-Lie: .Another whopper previously addressed many times over. The amount of verbiage Karen has expended seeking to convince people of this notion she pulled out of her rationalizing head is truly a marvel.

As anyone can tell from my channel and website, I have never stopped working with and helping publicize the reports of people targeted in Europe, am in touch with many, work closely with many, have helped support many, and continue to research the use of non-lethal weapons and neuroweapons in Europe as well as elsewhere internationally. My disinterest in recognizing Katherine Horton’s supposed efforts for European TIs is based on solid factual history of her failings in this regard; my disinterest in delaying publication of the Joint Statement for her supposed court case was based entirely on her own actions against me – reported earlier ad infinitum. Katherine’s court case was never about European TIs in my view—and it turns out I was right. In my observation, Katherine Horton is not really engaged in helping people, but she puts on a good show (with stolen information, as reported, from many) and many believe her; in actuality, her actions and words have greatly harmed many—facts that Karen Stewart completely buries in her newfound protectionist blather about Horton.

Cover Your Ass (Half-Assed) BS: Karen has essentially dug herself into a pit here, and is reaching desperately for justification, in classic play of what “rationalization” is all about.

Instead of examining the facts and seeing the truth of what has transpired, apologizing for her errors, and moving on, she sinks deeper into the swamp of lies, fabrications and distortions she has created and brings out fresh false-accusations to sling in my direction. No, I publish smear rebuttals only because no-one has a right to publish smears and lies about me, and I have a right as does anyone else to address the lies and smears being bandied about, which are defamatory, libelous, slanderous, and seek to create a false image of me. Do I respond to every single trolling remark people make about me online? No. Do I respond only when someone who has worked with me or known me before is spreading lies or when someone I do not know is publishing something especially damaging about me? Yes.

In the changed world of today’s Information Warfare battlespace, it’s not CYA which prompts responses to public lie-spreading, it’s basic Smear-Rebuttal in action; the proper response to smears and lies, in my view and many other journalists’ and public figures’, is to address the smear and set the record straight.

False-Premise-Narratives: In looking at the many false-narrative posts she has made on Facebook, a common theme emerges: Karen starts with a false premise and then whips herself into a fury of castigation and ridicule. Beyond absurd, when her base starting point, like fiat currency, is pulled out of thin air. In this way, she convinces herself I “have sought to take her back, using Frederic,” “use proxies to attack her,” “think she owes me, quid pro quo, for journalistic coverage,” “think she owes me for donations to the Indian pastor she supports,” “cyberstalked and persecuted Katherine Horton,” “begged her to rescue me from mobbers and smear-artists online,” and so on. She directs this at others as well; when anyone following the mayhem protests and points to facts, they are “riding my coattails” or “CIA “handlers””. Is this a base flaw in her reasoning apparatus or a NSA counterintel strategy to destroy public name, image, reputation? In the process of discussing her false premise and whipping herself up into a fury over falsities, she seems to be convincing a lot of her (planted, cybertroll?) followers who respond with “Likes” and “Shares” and leave asinine comments online or attack openly with grasping-at-straws accusations and arrogant put-downs, such as in the case of Susan Olsen (Targeted Justice Board Member) who posted a public attack followed by an autocratic and baseless putdown when I responded. My corrective response to her hubris below.

There is no doubt Karen Stewart is working overtime to damage my public image and reputation, to cast me very wrongly as a character of her own imagining–whom she then adorns with further insults: “malignant narcissist” “cyberstalker” and other such. I have been absolutely aghast at what she is doing, and honestly amazed at the level of her hubris. She has taken a wrong turn in her reasoning and then kept going, in misled attempts at defending herself from reality when facts and truth are pointed out to her–facts and truth she has proved she wants not to see.

Who I am as a writer, thinker, podcaster, journalist has not changed through this mayhem of attack, and will not change. In the past couple years of being character-attacked and smeared online by many, particularly, it now seems, by two former colleagues, one a clear infiltrator and agent-provocateur, and the other a former NSA analyst turned Yellow-Intelligence-embracer and character-assassin, I have learned a great deal about counterintelligence, Psy Ops/MISO, Psy Warfare, Info Warfare, and COINTELPRO. Clearly my (nonstop) work is making an impact if this level of attack is to be aimed at me. Clearly also, my stance of refusing to go-along with infiltrators and Disinfo agents has set off the Mockingbird controllers to come after me with a pickaxe. My work and principles continue. I will hope that my writing, journalism, broadcasting, reportage, and human rights activism speaks for itself, and that my character and integrity shines through. In this murky world of counterintel and sabotage which seeks to shut down full public exposure of these most heinous bio-hacking & neuro-hacking crimes against humanity run by absolute infidels in government, it is God-guided principles and clarity of seeing I seek always that lights my way.

NOTE REGARDING DEATH-HEART-HITS DURING THIS WRITING: Predictably enough, I have been positively whacked with remote-radiation heart-hits through the writing of this piece, even though I am here in India, and have traveled between two cities: heart-hit and head-hit pretty intensely at home in both places, at restaurants, in church, while on the road.  As reported before, it’s exposing the Counterintel traitors that invokes the most vicious heart-hits, which are obviously assassination attempts seeking to take me out before I finish the exposure. Karen is most definitely a protected party these days if I can be hit to this extent while writing about her. (Forced to use extra orgonite, metal-sheet, small-metallic-pan shielding, even in public.)

NOTE REGARDING REPEAT LIES, FALSEHOODS, DISTORTIONS: I cannot keep covering what Karen keeps saying and won’t even bother to try–I have written enough reams here!–but her repeat lies are the Goebbels-lies and she keeps waving them about like a red flag.

Injurious Repeat Lies: Among the most injurious and defamatory are (my supposedly) “trying to get everyone to gang up with me to slander, libel, persecute Horton,” and “spent a year and a half cyberstalking and slandering Horton,” where she would not join in (my supposed running of) “an endless insane blood feud and try to raise a TI army of brainless immoral perps to “pursue and punish” like those Infragard/fusion center psychopaths we purport to be fighting.” Further, claiming that I (supposedly) invented report of Horton’s “echo-stalking” after she was  (supposedly) wronged by me first by my “baseless slander” and have (supposedly) started to name others agents and Containment Opsters after they “wisely declined to assist in my mad pursuit of Horton.” These falsehoods and inversions of fact and false accusations have been addressed elsewherebut she ignores all fact, all correction, all information, and keeps repeating them as if true. 

Silence regarding all her many fallouts with many in Targeted Justice and Targeted America but full-on focus and endless defamation of me, the writer/journalist:  This too has been covered elsewhere, but is worth noting, over and over. Karen Stewart has made it her personal mission to attack and smear me online while remaining peculiarly silent about her many fallouts with other well-known TI activists, whom she hasn’t taken to the airwaves to attack and smear. Ask why. Could it be she wishes to shut down the too-much-truthtelling journalist while raising up the entire Mockingbird/CIA/NASA/NSA/FBI Containment Operation she herself has now become a part of? Remember, the classifying-crime DOD/CIA lot are running BLACK OPERATIONS on the US and world populace; it’s to their benefit to keep only a fraction of the truth surfacing, by keeping TIs hidden as mentally ill and delaying the disclosure of this deadly, barbaric, cruel, sadistic, grossly human-rights-violative, supremely abusive, absolutely INHUMAN, fully INHUMANE Remote Access Anti-Personnel Non-Lethal Neuroweapon use on TIs (and thousands, millions of others who don’t even know they are being targeted with stealth microwave/neuro weapons), while they keep on making profits off their bodies and brains via unethical, non-consensual experimentation, weapons-tests, and weapons-development. 

PUBLIC NOTICE TO ALL: Karen Stewart, like “Dr.” Katherine Horton is maintaining a False-Reality-Construct on me over yon at her Facebook and Twitter pages, replete with distortions with pretty much every single verb and noun she attaches to my name. Read at your own risk, prepare to be appalled, marvel at the Stewed-up character Karen creates and come away with a #FalseNarrative #FalseImage she keeps adding to like a termite. I am pretty much done with bothering anymore what she says about me, it’s ALL Lies! Lies which echo the lies, amazingly. Libel and Lies, Inc.

Two liars, holding hands across the Swiss banks and NSA corridors of crime, keen to erase all truthtelling and truthtellers and raise up a fictional reality fit only for the snakes they have become. Or perhaps always were! 



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