A Few Observations on Karen Stewart’s “Troublemakers will be isolated and left out…Abusers, Liars, Obsessive Stalkers, Gossips, Clueless Crusaders or Yellow Journalists”

#Bentley360 Report| Ramola D |1/13/2020 

Two days ago, Karen Stewart made this post on Facebook:

A Recap of the Carnage

Readers may know that Karen Stewart recently launched a smear operation against me, directly after I posted the Joint Statement which included her participation and approval to address an outstanding 1.5 year long lie being maintained by Katherine Horton against me and against many others working as human rights activists exposing targeting crimes, but primarily against me, naming me in fact, absurdly and wrongfully, as responsible for many others’ actions in dropping all connection with her—after their entire lives and courtcases were sabotaged by her. (See Swiss Cheese and Bayonets, Katherine Horton Runs Smear Campaigns for more.)

At the very last minute, Karen Stewart tried to stop me from publishing this Joint Statement directly after giving her approval for the final version to be published, saying it might affect Katherine Horton’s court case which she said then was imminent in a few weeks’ time. After I protested, pointing out why Horton’s court case was not relevant in the slightest to the Joint Statement, and why no consideration needed to be afforded this supposed court case given Horton’s longstanding smear campaign against me and others—which is precisely what this Joint Statement sought to address, post-haste—describing as succinctly as possible Katherine Horton’s many actions and behaviors pointing to her being an unreliable provocateur and saboteur in our midst, Karen Stewart sent me an abrupt and nasty email both “withdrawing support” for the Joint Statement, telling me that she was “beyond disgusted” and wishing me goodbye.

After this peremptory, abrupt, unexpected, unanticipated, and wholly disproportionate response to my email to her—which had sought primarily to explain why I disagreed with her interest in delaying publication of the Joint Statement, and why I felt we should go ahead and publish and be done with it and move on—Karen Stewart retreated into a haughty silence—shared by Dr. Millicent Black, also on this group email list, leaving me to figure out what to do next entirely on my own. The third party who had advised the creation of this Joint Statement was witness to these exchanges and sought to advise Karen Stewart, to no avail: Karen Stewart refused to respond.

As all know, I published the Joint Statement a few days later, after waiting for and receiving no further communication from either Karen Stewart or Dr. Millicent Black, prefacing the statement with a report to mark what had transpired, without divulging the extent of Karen Stewart’s rude behavior—which I eventually addressed in threads on Twitter. (See Ramola D | Statement of NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart for all links to all relevant threads and articles published on this subject so far.)

In apparent retaliation for my decision to publish the fully-approved Joint Statement on my own, in the vaccuum of her and Millicent Black’s silence, Karen Stewart went on a rampage on Twitter, posting several insulting, abusive, and lying tweets against me, all of which I sought to respond to and refute—before she blocked me there, while continuing to gossip online—note, GOSSIP—with a whole bunch of Horton’s and her own cronies about me, literally name-calling, labeling, smearing—all of the activities the Joint Statement had sought to quell—in other words, joining in full-steam with this smear and mobbing operation against me, almost as if she had not participated just then in actually addressing and publishing the facts of how TCFF ended: entirely because of Katherine Horton’s outrageous calls to violence and refusal to acknowledge or address the same when called on it, in addition to various other dominating attitudes and actions from her long-term.

In addition, Karen Stewart published, putatively in response to my first thread addressing her tweets, a completely libelous document against me, presenting a profoundly false narrative of all that had transpired, and filled with false-accusations and slander. I was compelled to respond to this libelous piece over and past Christmas while I was traveling and visiting family: Notes, Clarifications & Remarks …

Now it appears, she cannot stop launching attacks on me variously on Twitter and Facebook, moving from using my name—which she probably understands now is indeed libel and an invitation to a defamation lawsuit—to anonymously but pointedly taking cracks at me and continuing to publish baseless accusations.

Gone is any awareness of my being an essential voice as a journalist reporting targeting crimes for 5 years, or of her being a whistleblower reporting such crimes on her person who was supported, promoted, and platformed at my media sites without question and with full-inclusive-intent for 3 years, or of both of us working together as human rights activists exposing these crimes together for about 3 years.

I have gone past marveling at how extraordinary this turn of events is.

Falsified Information Gained in warrantless surveillance of an american journalist By Unscrupulous, Lying Snoops in the US “Intel Community”

Events in the last couple weeks have established that Karen Stewart is now being fed surveillance intelligence gained from unscrupulous members of the so-called Intelligence Community who spend all their time monitoring video-meetings on my desktop, emails I send, phone calls I make–instead of focusing on all the spies and liars and traitors selling American secrets to the Chinese or provoking unecessary wars in Iraq or Iran—and then feeding her distorted, lying versions of the same, such that she instantly reacts on Twitter with insults and false-accusations; she has done this twice now, and in both cases leveled horrific insults, labeling me a “petty, dishonest person” and falsely accusing me of engaging in “mass slander attempts” in one, while accusing both myself and CIA Whistleblower and independent journalist Barbara Hartwell of, outrageously, being engaged in paid libel operations against her in the other. (See Thread 4Thread 2 and Thread 5.)

I want to pause here for effect: Ex-NSA Karen Stewart is being fed surveillance information from my desktop and phone activities, by, it can only be concluded, FBI and NSA and DHS mavens, paid to snoop, spy, surveil, and LIE and DISTORT whatever “intelligence” they glean from snooping and spying. They have now been caught out in these lies.

Note also that I function in the world as a journalist currently: This is unwarranted spying and surveillance of an American journalist’s affairs by domestic Intelligence Agencies, who are then constructing a fabricated record of my doings, and handing over a folder of Lies to a former NSA intelligence analyst who once worked closely with me, and whose case I have covered extensively–in clear attempts to stir up trouble and incite and promote character defamation against me and others.

Whether she believes those lies readily or whether she is being propelled by some darker agenda I have no awareness of, her actions in taking immediately to Twitter and posting these lies and abusive insults have the effect of her standing behind these lies, and using them to attack my name and work publicly. I have addressed these lies, and so has Barbara Hartwell, although I am sure we could both say a lot more—I frankly think what she imputes to Barbara and me as being bribe-takers and givers is beyond outrageous, it is extreme calumny and defamation (Thread 4).

However, nothing is stopping or stemming the spate of lies issuing forth. This is why I am addressing this matter today.

In her post above, I have little to contribute regarding Bryan Kofron/Justin Carter, whom she writes about. I too found his testimonial remarkable, and sought to interview him. He did not respond to my requests for interview—I emailed him a couple times as well as contacted him on Facebook and I believe left voice mails as well. He did go on Ella Felder’s show at the time I believe, and she offered once to provide his contact information to me—which I already had, via public means. I understand that others, including Midge Mathis, met him in person. I recall he posted a video where he appeared to be interviewing himself—after which he was widely discredited by many, including callers on Ella Felder’s show. Ella herself described him to me on the phone at that time as a “perp” – a term she freely used, and one I do not use at all. Bryan Kofron fell off the collective TI radar and “vanished” quite a while ago; it is astonishing that Karen Stewart should talk about him vanishing now.

“Perps,” Plants, Infiltrators—And Those Who Cannot See Them

I find it interesting really that Karen Stewart now uses this story about Kofron to tell a little cautionary tale of not calling anyone a “perp” and have to wonder, given her attacks on me for daring to speculate on Katherine Horton as a double agent—playing victim & activist both, with a saboteur/NLP agenda which appears to indicate she is working for someone-– if there is a set-up aspect to the entire Bryan Kofron phenomenon which includes her usage of him now in her cautionary allegory:

“But no, here we are baselessly denouncing one another as “perps” like we know what the hell (pardon my “French”) we are talking about, when we do not have such knowledge or training at all “to out double agents”. Oh, give me a break. I was in the intel community almost 30 years… how often do you see me screaming “perp”?”–Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart also recently stated that 99.9% of those accused to be infiltrators were nothing of the sort.

Well, this is her stated opinion. It is not mine, nor is it the opinion of many, many intelligent observers in this space. I’ve written about this before, and I continue to think the high number of infiltrators among TIs—which many see–has made it possible for the military, intelligence, and medical criminals who are non-consensually using the bodies and brains of TIs to flagrantly run in plain sight their Cowardly New World Beta neuro-experimentation/subjugation operations by quelling all internal questioning, suppressing and subjugating from the inside, while media-propaganda-criminals from the outside play tag-team and name all TIs mental cases, not to be listened to or heard by the rest of the “normal” reading public (See the Neil Steinberg/Ella Free/David LaPorte article.)

Wittingly or unwittingly, Karen Stewart is playing into this Control Mechanism with remarks such as these, where she makes reference to her Intelligence Community background as if it necessarily confers expertise on her; far from it, given the level of naivete these remarks indicate. All activist groups are infiltrated: civil rights and liberties groups know this. Karen Stewart worked for the NSA, not the ACLU, nor, it seems, did she work for the NSA in a counterintelligence capacity, so, contrary to her implication here, working there for 30 years is not in any way a certification of knowledge regarding infiltration, agents, or “perps.” She has previously communicated to me as well that she did not have the knowledge of counterintelligence that I had gained, from a study of the subject via reading CIA and US Army counterintelligence manuals. So, how exactly is she to be seen as an expert here, to make idiotic pronouncements about 99.9% of those accused not being “perps”? She is not an expert in counterintelligence—nor apparently, a reader of same.

False and Aspersive Accusations and Allegations

Next, she issues a second dire warning, where she says people’s “Internet presence” will be researched by lawyers and used to disqualify them from class actions—which reads remarkably like a warning to readers not to stick their necks out and call anyone “perps” or risk being called a “poop-slinging monkey…and fractious, unreliable, unhinged” etc., and likely to be bypassed as putative client. This reads as nothing less than a repressive military influence-operation of the category of Psy Ops or MISO the NSA probably freely indulges in.

I note as well that class-actions are often raised as ways to end targeting crimes, but the nature of these fusion center and government crimes and the nature of the bought-and-sold judicial system as well as all reported evidence of previous court-case experiences by a handful of targets who sought with various degrees of success to sue the government make it difficult for me to believe that class-actions will actually occur, or can possibly bear fruit. I am exploring various options currently; individual speaking-out and publishing of affidavits, articles, letters, statements, and books seems to me to be a lot more powerful than nebulous and dubious class-actions which may go absolutely nowhere—but enrich unscrupulous lawyers’ pockets.

“By the way, people do not realize that lawyers will research your internet presence and if you are a poop-slinging monkey, as J.J. so aptly put it, you will never be included in a class-action. You will be deemed fractious, unreliable, unhinged, untrustworthy, unreliable, etc. NOT a good witness, NOT a good client.

“No matter what kind of “erudite site” you think you have or supposed valuable work you have done “for the community”. Trouble-makers will be isolated and left out, not because “I” say so, but because lawyers will not include someone who poisons their entire lawsuit by BEING ABUSERS, LIARS, OBSESSIVE STALKERS, GOSSIPS, CLUELESS CRUSADERS, or YELLOW JOURNALISTS, etc. THEMSELVES. People like this, succeed in finishing themselves off for our stalkers. Arrogant TI’s who deny justice to others will find none themselves.”–Karen Stewart

What I want to focus on here is precisely this closing paragraph, where it begins to become evident she is alluding to me—within her previous falsely-accusatory paradigm—where she makes reference to an “erudite site” (her own previous words in referring to my media site), and “supposed valuable work…for the community” (more than supposed, I think) while throwing in a number of labels which she may or may not be leveling at me or Barbara Hartwell, but some of which language she has indeed used against us. Her final note “who deny justice to others” appears to make allusion to her own baseless fabrication that my refusing to delay publication of the Joint Statement in some way could affect the fate of others’ cases—a wise decision, it turns out, given that Horton’s court-case, which may be extended interminably, went nowhere, as per her own video reports of showing up in court without needed paperwork–and makes a rather repressive and intimidating pronouncement really.

I am confident my record of unselfish journalism in face of nonstop retaliation with AI-driven EMF assaults establishes that I am most certainly not one to “deny justice” to anyone, and in fact go out of my way to publish notice of injustice from people around the world, not just in the USA—yet it is clear from the allusions here that Ms. Stewart seeks to thus unjustly and wrongfully label me.

Targeted Character-Assassination Operations

In my recent long response to a whole spate of such false-accusations, much along these lines, but addressed directly to me, I pointed out to Karen Stewart that her use of such terms against me was patently false and libelous. However it has not stopped her from continuing to use them. This is the primary point I wish to note in this writing, that no matter the extent of factual rebuttal of her false-claims I have made—and that others have made, notably writers Barbara Hartwell and Cassandra, and Dublin Target on Twitter– nothing seems to have any kind of effect on her. She simply ploughs on regardless, referring to me or alluding to me in these false and defamatory terms.

It follows that she might well keep on doing the same – curiously, engaging therefore in exactly the same kind of targeted character assassination operations the FBI, NSA, DHS and other Fusion Center operatives and contractors engage in against targets – unless she is stopped with a lawsuit, which as many know, is not the route I am pursuing currently to secure justice, for a variety of reasons—but I am indeed documenting all occasions of libel, for the record.

I am also indeed pursuing justice, and regardless of the peculiar warnings Ms. Stewart has posted here, hers is not the last word on any matter, including that of seeking or finding justice.

She would be well-advised to cease her nonstop defamation and slander—but given her past refusal to cease and desist, I have to wonder if she is going to go on making these aspersive allusions and false-accusations, which she might well do. In this, she resembles Katherine Horton completely—who also could not stop her libeling and slander once she started; neither so far has actually “walked away” as Karen Stewart has often suggested I should.

“Troublemakers” and Other Community-Policing Patriot Act Language

I will also note that Karen Stewart’s use of the term “troublemaker” echoes the very language used by the FBI in their completely-bogus “Countering Violent Extremism” and Patriot Act/Freedom Act surveillance programs, where “community monitors” seek to label outspoken civic warriors and human rights/animal rights activists “troublemakers” in order to socially ostracize, blacklist, and character-assassinate them—and permit the neighborhood use of electronic weapons on their person, effected by drones, satellites, helicopters, cell towers, neighbors with portable weapons, and zooming cars with tracking technologies who come in to neighborhoods to park, track, hit. Most targets are being named troublemakers in their own communities by such “Community Police” initiatives. And they are indeed being “isolated and left-out” in their own neighborhoods by having all neighbors monitor, surveill, watch, deride, decry, electronically-track, electronically-hit, and isolate them.

Has Karen Stewart become the “Community Police” Dear-Leader of the TI Containment Ops Community now? She is certainly using their language.

Targeted Trashing, Baseless Accusations, False Narratives Against a Journalist

I want to also note a few more salient facts on Karen Stewart’s sudden and nasty smear operation on me. She went public with baseless accusations and attacks on Twitter directly after I opposed her desire to delay the Joint Statement by publishing it—after attempting to reason with her and being met impetuously with rapid-fire insults and goodbyes. She then expanded her defamation campaign extremely, and continues to publish aspersions and allegations which are false, referring fairly obviously to me, even if she now has ceased using my name to name-call. In other words, she is seemingly working hard at trashing me, after a perceived fallout with me while finalizing the Joint Statement.

However, and this is my point: She did NOT trash Midge Mathis and Richard Lighthouse of Targeted Justice publicly when she had a falling-out with them after Richard Lighthouse published calls to stalk public officials—felonious crimes—in his e-books, occasioning calls to the FBI by Legal Director John Christiana, and high concern by her, revealed in private phone conversations, and eventual “stepping-away” by both from Targeted Justice. Karen Stewart in fact did not publicize or publicly address why she left Targeted Justice. It was John Christiana who had the spine and decency and sense of public accountability to address this matter publicly by revealing all in his Open Letter to the Global Targeted Community, privately emailed and later publicly posted by CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell, recently read out at my channel on Report # 144.

Further: Karen Stewart did NOT trash John Christiana or others publicly whom she had disputes with when she broke away recently from Targeted America, which seems to have folded up shop—with no public announcement—and no-one seems to know in fact what exactly set off that break-up, since nothing has been divulged publicly. Viewers and readers may recall the hopeful and optimistic conversation Karen Stewart, John Christiana, Hope Franklin, and Ann Marie Anderson had on my channel on Report # 139, when they shared their dreams and hopes and intentions for Targeted America. Private conversation Karen Stewart has had with me later indicates to me the nature of the dispute that led to her and Ann Marie Anderson breaking off from Targeted America, but she herself has not made this information public—although she should. The public has a right to know what happened and why Targeted America does not appear to exist anymore; if I am wrong in this conclusion (that Targeted America no longer exists as an organization), I am open to being corrected, and invite all former and/or continuing members to set the record straight, and indeed come on my channel if they wish, to publicly do so.

Further: Karen Stewart did NOT trash Eyerly Felder–”Ella Free” publicly–after her very pointed betrayal of TIs with her peculiar and wrongful statements to Chicago Sun-Times reporter Neil Steinberg about “a portion of Tis being mentally ill,” although in private she stated that Ella had grossly “driven out of her lane” in doing so. In fact, not long after, she went right back on the Free-for-all show in support apparently of such betraying, non-intelligent behavior.

Further: Karen Stewart did NOT trash Katherine Horton publicly after the break-up of TCFF, nor during the long smear operation Horton has run against me and others, and in fact has now professed absolute ignorance of Horton’s nonstop slander, sabotage, and lies. Currently in fact it appears that she is supporting and upholding Horton’s defamation-actions and lies by protecting her publicly as NOT being a “perp” (using her own language), plant, or infiltrator, and simultaneously denouncing me wholesale for rebutting Horton’s lies and calling her out.

On private email lists—witnessed by many, Karen Stewart has previously surfaced extremely hostile verbal attacks on others. She has now turned these sorts of reprehensible verbal attacks on me publicly.

It is rather chillingly obvious to me therefore that Karen Stewartseeking apparently to protect others by NOT trashing them publicly after disputes and disagreements with them—nevertheless seeks to publicly attack and trash, in targeted form, the only real American writer and journalist (after CIA Whistleblower and journalist Barbara Hartwell, journalist Vic Livingston, and journalist Deborah Dupre) who has consistently made the issues of Fusion Center criminality and corruption, Non Lethal Weapons attacks, Neuroweapon attacks, Non Lethal Weapons Testing, non-consensual clandestine military and Intelligence experimentation and implantation, continuing MK ULTRA operations by the CIA/DOD, public and prominent by writing about and interviewing targets and whistleblowers, researching and publishing analyses and reports, reporting on FOIA requests, writing Memos to the President, letters of protest to various parties, avidly speaking out for self and others, and maintaining a running journalistic operation at her website for five years, and her video channel for two and a half years—at great risk to her life and health, both of which have come under extreme persecutory attack and outright, longstanding nonstop assassination attempts with remote-weapon heart-hits and head-hits and bodily-hits the past three years in particular, as reported earlier.

Here’s the point: This ex-NSA Intelligence Analyst, now being propped up and fed Disinfo and Lies from the NSA/FBI/DHS surveillance mechanism unlawfully monitoring an American journalist’s communications, has embarked on a Targeted Defamation attack on the very journalist doing major work in exposing targeting crimes at great risk to her life—who, indeed, helped put her own name on the map, and is taking the most flak for doing so.

It is a most pertinent question: why exactly has Karen Stewart singled me out for public trashing built on completely false grounds—while she protects, makes up with and lauds and applauds all others, many of whom clearly are running Containment Operations to limit the disclosure on targeting crimes? Witting or unwitting: is she Deep State now?

I note these matters for the historic record.


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