Quincy City Clerk Queried Regarding Filing a Criminal Affidavit, Immediate High-Tech Assault After

Personal Report | Ramola D | Feb 12, 2022

Quincy City Hall

Recording, for the purposes of public record and for all others in this country (united States of America) being unlawfully targeted and assaulted night and day with Spectrum Weapons, Smart Grid technologies, and institutionalized harassment AKA State-sponsored terrorism run by the Organized Crime Cartel–which has infiltrated government–using “Surveillance” and “Counter Terrorism” as excuses to assault and batter the citizenry in open and in secret using what they are naming as “crowd-control technologies,” while also permitting the operation of pernicious classified operations on the citizenry by the DIA, CIA, US Army, US Airforce, US Navy, US Marine Corps, NSA, FBI and other covered parties, using installed “fusion houses” with planted mercenaries in neighborhoods:


I sent this letter by email online to the Quincy City Clerk, marked online at their website as one Nicole Crispo, and will follow up shortly if I don’t hear back from her. The letter was cyber-hacked as I tried to send it in, with the page stalling at the “I am not a robot” Captcha function, so I am not certain if the page went through. I rewrote the original send and tried once more, same thing happened. So I am recording it here, for follow-up shortly, and also because I need to report on the intimidation and retaliation shortly after.

LETTER OF QUERY/Ramola D to City Clerk, Nicole Crispo:

Dear Ms. Crispo,

In your capacity as City Clerk, can you kindly let me know with whom, how, and where I can file a criminal affidavit of complaint and claim for damages against the City of Quincy—as a sovereign American and State National protected by Common Law and the united States of America Constitution– for 8 years of massive crimes of harassment, assault and battery, character-assassination, profession-destruction, and medical harm I have suffered, and my family has suffered – for no reason whatsoever – in my own home, in Quincy, Massachusetts—and which continues!– thanks to the actions of clearcut crime permitted or executed by the City of Quincy using Smart Grid Technologies, organized community harassment, and vehicular and drone/helicopter/plane harassment? As a writer and journalist with a 22-year background in college teaching, children’s teaching, and community volunteering, who works everyday to help educate, inform, and assist people in Massachusetts and the world over, and who is in no way a criminal, a “suspect,” “terrorist,” “extremist,” “radical” or other wrongful label that may have been placed against my name by a criminal coterie of Mafiosi working in local LE or FBI or the local fusion center (a common way of targeting and assaulting people, my research and reportage finds), it is beyond sane, rational, comprehensible, or acceptable what the City of Quincy has done. (It is barbaric, actually.)

I have just learned about the Affidavit process and will be drawing up my Affidavit shortly—as a writer and journalist, it is imperative that I place this matter in the public record, and that I put in a claim for the major damages as well which I have suffered, and for which I should be provided reliable medical treatment. Please visit my website everydayconcerned.net and click on Personal Reports under “Disclosure on Targeting” to learn more about how incredibly I have been and continue to be assaulted, night and day, in Quincy—where I am literally being treated worse than an animal, with the use of covert-RFID-implants, and Active Denial System technologies pouring heat into my body at night, in my own bed. Several parties are involved and I will name them all as best I can. My affidavit will present the facts.

Please be aware also I claim all my rights as a sovereign American and state national, and I wish to record my affidavit as a sovereign American under common law, and am not in any way appealing to the statutes of corporate law—which have clearly failed me, and which clearly the City of Quincy does not keep.

I will be most appreciative if you could kindly let me know if I should bring in my Affidavit myself—so you can witness and notarize it, since I notice you are a Notary—or if I should send it by email certified or registered, etc. I look forward to hearing your information and counsel.

I may be reached also at XXXXX.

Sincerely, Ramola D

Science Journalist and Writer

Sovereign American

Virginia State National

Yes, I have just learned about this process and will be further exploring and embarking on it. While I wait to go through the process of becoming a Massachusetts State National, I have for long claimed the status of being a Virginia State National, as described in my PUBLIC-NOTICE: DECLARATION-OF-NON-CONSENT, and I most definitely claim my status–as everyone should–of being a free and sovereign living being and American with God-given, not State-given, rights–all of which are currently being and have long been severely trampled.

I should also add, I have previously let the local State officials in Quincy and Massachusetts know this, in my letter describing their unlawful permitted-or-executed assaults on my body using Spectrum Weapons, by presenting my status as a live-life-claimant (see my autograph line at close of my letter), free living woman, and su’veran (as everyone really is, if only you would claim it), which they have and continue to completely ignore: Treasonous Betrayal–Local Govts in USA Permit Inhumane 24/7 Rape, Assault, Battery, Burns in Bio-Hacking Crimes by CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, Military, Special Ops, UN with EMF Spectrum/Sonic/Scalar/Neuro Weapons Hidden as “Surveillance”: American Journalist Blows Whistle on Atrocities.

It is inexplicable to me that the “covered agencies” operative in my vicinity would wish to continue their atrocities on me while I am clearly demonstrating to them I am not going to “shut up and take it” — but that is what they are doing. Perhaps they are unclear as to what their rights are in this matter: they have none. They are engaging in Unilateral, Asymmetric Weapon-Use on a defenseless living woman and mother: that is not Hybrid Warfare, Asymmetric Warfare, Stealth Warfare, Crowd-Control, Threat-Deterrence really, as US DOD documents like to project, it is bullying, cowardly, and blatantly criminal One-sided Physical Assault and Battery on someone who is weaponless–and would never use a weapon against anyone, being against all weapon-use–defenseless, law-abiding, non-criminal, in addition to all else (I do happen to be a stellar citizen with years of highly recognized teaching, journalism, writing, and community service behind me and au-courant, I haven’t stopped working for the public good, which has marked my entire professional career, personal orientation, and private life).

But this is what they are doing: they are continuing their assaults on me, regardless. Obviously therefore, I will be continuing my reportage and my search for remedy. I must declare however at this point that, by here recognizing, meaning, dispassionately observing, the continuation of their Assault, in no way shape or form am I consenting or “volunteering” to be a subject of their scrutiny, surveillance, or assault and battery, another aspect of their fraud-making on paper, they do like to pretend everyone is a “volunteer” (when they are not being cast as “felon” “enemy combatant” “alien” and so on, that is). As I have stated before: the Spectrum Weapons and other exotic military weaponry they are using are very very difficult to shield from, particularly since they have set up this weaponry in a 360-degree assault-strategy all around this house and neighborhood–and are literally using: fusion-houses with installed mercenaries wielding portable weapons, celltowers, cell antennas, concealed emitters, transmitters, radiolocators, SQUIDs sitting in neighbor SUVS in drives and porches, rooftop drones, hovering drones, zooming-in FEDEX, UPS, USPS, Amazon and other vans, parked and well-equipped SUVs and sedans on the street, plus, installed devices in flooring, walls, basements, attics, plumbing using service-people who enter the house to fix things to do so. That’s a lot of rigging-up and infrastructure-set-up–which translates into quite a neat packet of pounds which local governments are wasting money on–and that is what they are doing to all whom they target and assault for life-takedown with EMF weapons, lies, and Psy Ops called “community policing”–because “you’re just too smart to let alone,” literally (I have heard a weapon-wielder point to me and say to another “She’s very smart”…so, this is a reason to destroy my life with EMF weapons?} Crime with a capital C, run by the State and City: that’s Organized Crime, and it has a Mayor and City Council running it.


While writing this missive (letter to City Clerk) on my laptop, immediate noise harassment started up on the street with the very loud snow blower/leafblower noise which several neighbors, and several contractor landscapers have run in this neighborhood for 8 years now, at specific times, and in very close contiguity, in clear assault, as I have stepped out onto my porch, yard, driveway, street, or worked privately on my writing or videos, inside my home. I have recorded much of this, when I could. I did not, at this time, get up to investigate this noise, since I was also being, coincidentally–that is, by Organized Narrative Disruption techniques (DARPA/DHS) run by the Cyberhackers and Brainhackers operative in this entire scam of Social Engineering aka Social Destruction–interrupted by timed phone calls and sudden family conversations (family members of targets, also targeted, most insidiously, are 100% being brain-entrained, non-consensually BCI-implanted whether nanotech BCI or microtech BCI, and hit with Neuro-influence weaponry–easy enough to do when the Brainhacker is installed next door as a paid mercenary), but I was certainly aware of it. Noise harassment is Intimidation and Noise Assault and Battery, and thanks to the City of Quincy permitting it, has been applied in this neighborhood like a Weapon for 8 years now.

Remarkably, this past week, the decibel-volume of noise harassment has been somewhat toned down — all the more reason therefore that this bout of Assault stood out yesterday.

Planes also immediately began to cross the backyard.


So, yesterday evening and night, I was immediately retaliation-hit with major heart-hits as I sat, stood, cooked, read, wrote, in my back-room family den, kitchen, bedroom, head-hits with heat-producing microwave pulses, and private-parts-hit with trying-to-track intense EMF hits, as well as hit on my upper arm and shoulder: again, as I have often noted, I will note here again that these are not “symptoms,” these are not “sensations,” these are loud, audible hits on shielding I wear at my heart and on my person, occasionally getting through and hitting my skin, muscle, and organ below, necessitating further shielding–which I was immediately compelled to amp up, since the intensity was such, especially at my heart, to cause immediate seizure and collapse if I did not.

I was also hit on my knee, private parts, eyes as I stood in the kitchen.

Let me specify where I was hit from: the Mazzeo house and Le Ming house right next door on either side, the number 151 house opposite where a new buzz-cut man with three kids has moved in as tenant in the Brianne Higson house, engaged with his wife night and day in sending EMF pulses into my house and onto my body (as Brianna Higson also was)–he was lurking outside in the snowy cold, SUV on in his driveway last night (witnessed by me through the front dining-room window), as I was being hit with vibration-hits to spine, back of head, and seat in the den, which is in line with his driveway and SUV; the house in immediate back, houses across the street, house in corner back, and SUVs and sedans parked on the street, as well as from above.

Throwing a bunch of shielding Reflectix and baking sheets in pillowcases over me as I tried to sleep did not fully shield the many different exotic weapons being used–the hyperscalar radar, the heart hits from various angles, the head hits–neurotech hits–ear-hits and temple-hits to induce EEG heterodyning and forced-breath-exhalation (a favorite trick being aimed at me these days as I try to sleep), the gross cavitation body-tracking weapons aimed at my throat, stomach, intestines to induce stomach-growling and internal-burping sounds, the radar/microwave face-hits aimed (from the street, from underneath, from above) at my eyes, nose, mouth so I could barely breathe and was forced to uncomfortably draw shielding over my eyes (well of course, the whole thing is deadly uncomfortable, since I am forced to lie on shielding, use shielding inside my clothes, and prop up shielding all around me and over me), the vibration hits on the bed (another favorite trick, to induce very close bio-assault, spinal vibration, private parts vibration) and on my private parts–which requires me to shield these parts nightly with many different bits and pieces of deflective steel, foam, stone, rubber shielding, sudden ultrasound high-frequency hit on my ear (which many people wrongly call tinnitus, a directional hit in my case which I can stop by changing ear-direction, which necessitates shielding my ear with a propped-up steel sheet or burrowing deeper into pillow shielding under my head)–all while hits on the roof, sides of house, radiator signaled satellite/drone, deliberately-loud, acoustic radar “surveillance” hits when I moved, breathed, or they lost their BCI-tracking or RFID-tracking.

Sound pleasant? Yes, this is a nightly assault, using the military’s barbaric Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating strategies, implants, and spectrum-grid, but amped-up last night. And yes, I am being tracked and hit as I sit on the couch and write, right now: 12:03 pm, Feb 12, 2022.

Further: I was also pulse-hit at night, several times–on numerous spots and on the bed, waking me up, with intense heat to spine, back, face, body, my entire body radiating heat.

(Using a loaf pan against my spine, to shield, I can hear the audible pulse hits on it: clearly the technique is to pulse-hit the spine at special spots with microwave pulse-hits, whether I am microtech-implanted there or nanotech-implanted, at these spinal spots I do not know, but I 1) have this audible alert when hit with these nightly-heat-hits and 2) have experienced and recorded the beeping, indicating RF implants, using an RF detector. Proper medical scanning and removal of non-consensually-placed RF tech is something I most definitely need. On this subject also, I will state that I suspect I am being hit from very close-by with these heat-hits, not super far away–from the neighbor’s SUV below my window, or from one of the neighbor fusion houses or parked cars on the street fairly close-in.

I woke unable to breathe–being hit directly in the face to the point of being clogged-up: here is the answer, by the way to the falsehood of Germ Theory and the fake COVID fake pandemic: EMF weapons pointed at your nose and face can induce mucus clogging, runny noses and streaming eyes in minutes–I have personally experienced this several times (immediate sniffles and cold from audibly-recorded face microwave-pulse hits); the intensity of hits will define the immediacy of the reaction.

“Flu season” I surmise is nothing but timed and periodically amped-up EMF assault on the populace using the celltowers, HAARP, GWEN towers, power-lines while chem trails are also amped-up: a combination of radiation assault and chemical/syn bio assault from the skies. But it is also targeted facial assault, and I experience this everyday. I have never been able–not that I would want to–to wear the famous Mask for instance because I am being masked daily by the Fusion House and portable weapon-wielders, even in public, out and about. Pointed at my face, microwave pulse hits cause my face daily to swell, my eyes to stream, and my nose and trachea to be clogged so I can barely breathe–happens often, and is being done at a low-level constantly to keep me from breathing properly: this no doubt is inducing damage to the lungs, to my blood circulation, to my brain, their intention, to disable my breathing, health, will, personal agency.

Really wonderful Public Health enterprise, being run in Quincy, with the knowledge and participation of Quincy City Hall: just suffocate the residents/citizens/sovereigns as you please, especially those who know how to write or speak. Isn’t it wonderful what a few Stealth Weapons can do? Nobody needs to know. Just point and shoot–and make sure you tell everybody locally you’re “Monitoring a Terrorist.”

I have forgotten when last I was able to breathe freely in my home– I am being face-hit daily to impede my natural breathing. Using aromatherapy helps.

Being eye-hit too, regularly, as I read, write, work on my computer, or run podcasts.

Clearly, assault on a journalist for purposes of “murder and maiming for profit” as Anna von Reitz has spelled out, in relation to the COVID vaccines.

Finally–as I was being smothered, suffocated, burned to death in my own bed, a helicopter roared overhead–having momentarily lost tracking and needing to establish I was right under, right there, nerves on knees and calves flickered repeatedly to radar as it buzzed over my bed.

Is this crime? I think so. Is this torture? Yes. Is this trauma? Yes. Is this Physical Assault and Battery? Yes. Is this Atrocity? Yes. Is this barbarism in the extreme? Yes. Wouldn’t the people of Quincy enjoy knowing they are assisting in tormenting, torturing, persecuting, burning, beating up a writer in their midst, night and day, as they assist in radar-tracking, GPS-tracking, and permitting the weapon-wielders to park in their driveways to park and hit?

The fact is: many people in Quincy know, and are actively engaging in this Assault. The ones living next door and wielding the weapons believe they can keep making a living assaulting and battering their neighbor, night and day (what sad lives). The Dirt-Ops Intel agencies, LE, and military divisions running these operations in broad daylight and under cover of night using their Plausible-Deniability parked-cars and stealth emitters believe they can get away with all, under Classified Cover: Inhumane, Unethical, Barbaric, Savage, Murderous, Criminal doesn’t seem to faze them one bit. Reason therefore for this writer to continue exposing them. How do they pick up paychecks for Open Assault and Battery, Torture, and Terror? Is that the job description now: Join the CIA/US Army/Navy/Airforce/FBI/Sheriffs/Local Law as a contractor and engage in sanctioned Torture and Terror using Radar and Microwaves? Never fear, you won’t be outed for casual-sadism and garden-variety-crime?

I mentioned to Nicole Crispo I was being treated worse than an animal. And the fact is, I am.

I won’t however, permit these incredible criminals to get away with it: My writing and reportage of these crimes will only increase.

Including exposing local physicians, persuaded by the local Organized Crime Cartel using the CIA, DOD, DHS, FBI to cover for their atrocities to lie to conceal medical evidence of criminal, non-consensual RFID implants used for Torture, not exactly Healthcare or Public Health now is it: Local Quincy, Massachusetts Doctor’s Office Colludes to Conceal Medical Imaging Evidence of RFID on X-Ray, Signpost to Ongoing DoD/DOJ/CIA Energy Weapon Assault: Crime on Many Counts

Once again, I ask all involved to Cease and Desist this unholy, fully criminal, illegitimate, illegal, and unlawful assault on me and my family.

For everyone in Massachusetts keen to declare your status as a true American and cut out of the corporate hellhole of crime which US INC has become, please follow my podcasts, and take the requisite steps shared here: