Predator Drones and Microwave Hits: Hubris, Bullying, and Terror From Those Who Say They’re Quelling Terrorists

Personal Report | Ramola D | 2/02/2022

This morning I made a few posts on Telegram, to record what has been happening here the past night and morning, shortly after I posted tweets calling attention to the unlawful mask edicts in Massachusetts, which are causing our children grave harm–and about which I have written twice to the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education and Board, as well as to local officials in Quincy, including about constant testing for a non-existent virus, to no effect–except physical retaliation on the streets and in my home.

Here are the posts, and tweets included:

Telegram post, Feb 2, 2022/

Some people cannot publicly criticize local government without immediate retaliation — while some others on MSM national TV can excoriate, rip apart, ridicule, tear down with ease—what is that precisely? The face of fortressed tyranny?

This tweet to #MassGov calling attention to their unhealthy, arcane, medieval, torture-edicts masking schoolchildren in school 8 hours a day, unable to breathe, heated up and coming out in rashes at their noses and mouths, made dizzy in school, filled with headaches, fatigue, lethargy, lack of motivation, fear, psychological damage to last a lifetime, prevented from seeing their friends’ faces, taught to fear a non-existent and invisible putative germ no one has proved to exist, taught to accept bullshit-edicts coming from a crazed Commissioner and a tyrannical government completely out of touch with real health, physical, psychological, and mental, taught to bow down their heads and comply with rubbish non-health “mandates,” taught not to ask questions, gagged in fact in class from wanting to or being able to speak—this is modern Massachusetts? Educated bastion of the free world?—well, posting this tweet caused instant retaliation in my home last night: my child suddenly experiencing extreme nausea (that’s an EMF attack, directed), Predator Drones suddenly flying overhead and hovering overhead while my heart was hit intensely, and a night and morning filled with microwave weapon hits on my head, which I am yet to recover from—from multiple directions including overhead drones, overhead antennas and portable weapons from neighbors’ houses, parked pickups and sedans on the street who have made special trips to this street in a blizzard and post-blizzard to park awkwardly in the snow to hit, plus the usual fusion-house-neighbors’ houses and vans: let me assure the world, THIS is Modern Massachusetts, a Mafiosi-ridden hive of deceit, treachery, covert assault, rigged for silent-smart-grid takedown and instant retaliation for daring to criticize the maniacal, tyrannical, under-educated figureheads in the Dept of Education and Mass Government who are tormenting our children to death, who don’t answer letters, who don’t read the studies, and who don’t care to preserve health, sanity, harmony, justice, community, truth in Massachusetts.

As I have started to note lately, Amazing Polly and Sarah Westall don’t report being hit with microwave weapons for speaking out, running podcasts, and expressing their minds—why exactly am I being singled out….? Am I really doing something more extraordinary than them? I hardly think so.

But here is a clear case of discriminatory targeting of a journalist, writer, and speaker who sure as heck is not going to be silenced by Mafia in government who use silent Predator Drones, Microwave weapons, cell towers, antennas for their dirty work of silencing those they have chosen to single out for Microwave and Drone-inflicted death—which no-one is supposed to speak about, no-one is supposed to notice—what shall we call this? Banana republic Massachusetts? Yes, most definitely.

Here’s the tweet—and Mass Gov may be assured I will not be staying silent when being battered with celltower and antenna spectrum weapons in my own bed, in my own home: when you choose to assault a writer, you are choosing to be further exposed.

And another:

There were others, a couple below:

Telegram post, Feb 2, 2022/

In the past, however, those focuses which have yielded immediate and intense retaliation from the coterie of well-shielded criminals who just happen to own fleets of drones, pickups, sedans, spectrum weaponry and chunks of frequency ranges on celltowers have been

  1. writing to Massachusetts officials with information on mask studies, information on lack of isolation of the famed non-existent virus, and requests to stop mask-mandates for children, stop pushing the horror vaccines causing death and disability, stop the false “health emergency” which is destroying lives and
  2. exposing the very clear agent provocateurs and saboteurs in activism to expose Govt crimes using spectrum weaponry and neuroweaponry, as I have indeed been compelled to do, given their targeted attacks on my name and work: I speak especially of Dr. Katherine Horton, Midge Mathis, Karen Stewart, Ella Free—there have been others.

But in both cases, the retaliation has involved massive focus on heart-hits, with a flurry of street UPS/FEDEX/USPS/random truck and drone action to assist. A couple weeks ago, publishing my Christine Massey interview and her open letters also led to sustained heart-hits from these zoomer and drone infidels. Is Pharma connected to DARPA, NSA, CIA, FBI? It seems I am being given direct proof of it. Noting this here, #ForTheRecord.

Back in 2010 when Barack Obama “made a joke” about predator drones coming for you, it’s possible he was–as the Luciferians do–winking in plain sight, because drones are now being used, inside the USA, to inflict death-hits from a distance, with directed energy weapons, synthetic aperture radar, millimeter wave and infra-red surveillance and other not-so-top-secret-when-hitting-writers-who-research Electronic Warfare weapons.

I have been heart-hit by drones on numerous specific occasions, they are used continuously in ISR sorties night and day, as I have experienced, over my house and neighborhood for 8 years now, and they were here, maneuvering, whining, moving, positioning, targeting, and heart-hitting, at 11:30 pm on Feb 1–guided as well by the ground crew–the installed assassins next door on several sides, the zoomers on the street parked to track and hit.

I can attest to all that Obama wasn’t joking, that the “Deep State” comprised I see clearly now of Pharma, local government, local FBI, CIA, DHS, and the shadow government billionaires, imagines itself immune to all US and international law as it scrambles drones, small planes, and FedEx vans to hang over writers’ heads and send out tracking radar to locate beating American hearts–from above–and send precision pulses of directed energy to heart-hit with deadly intent to clearly kill.

Note: My laptop is being frozen by the usual cyberhackers next door as I write this.

Lately as well, it seems a 1000 satellites have been parked above this house, their hits occur all over the house for a number of reasons–moving from room to room or browser to browser.

It is incredible, unseasonable hubris for anyone to be targeting me for any kind of hits let alone death hits by drone at night, and later and all through this morning, including after my Telegram posts, by day, with intense microwave weapon attacks pounding at my head and chest–from parked pickups and alien cars on this street, from neighbors’ houses and antenna-emitters, from parked USPS vans, trash trucks, recycling trucks–to the extent of bringing me to a state of excruciating migraine and pulsing nausea, forcing me to lie down and take cover under shielding–on which the hits rained like rain, perfectly audible and perfectly evident, for hours.

I learned also from my daughter after she returned from school she had suffered too: she had felt sick and nauseous all day. So, this is what Massachusetts State Government has permitted: the assault of teenagers in high school, in their schools, with microwave weapons. I have known however that this permitting of assault of children has been long ongoing; I have noticed and written about my child being hit in school in 6th grade when she was at Thacher Montessori, at the Milton Public Library in my presence, in the swimming-pool at the local South Shore YMCA pool, at numerous swim meets, and by her own report of nausea at pools, at every pool she used to train at: the systematic assault on a child–eugenicist and racist and hate-centric–to destroy her health and well-being, degrade her performance, and affect her output, strength, intellect, and energy.

The hits for nausea I have learned, target the thymus gland high on the chest and solar plexus–and sure enough, as I shielded my chest, I could hear and sense the targeted precision hits on orgonite and Reflectix as I felt the nausea subside–and the sound brigades start up, driven by AI and drop-off of backtracking radar to send off ISR alerts and local minions and trucks as they continuously do.

There is much more to say about these deadly microwave hits, which lasted for hours today, and which clearly sought to destroy my health and my daughter’s–it is profound hubris for local spies, FBI, and fusion center minions to be reading my social media posts and viewing my interviews and deciding they need to batter me to death for daring to use my brain and my voice, and for excavating and publishing the truth and facts on a scamdemic they have been willingly participating in for 2 years now, permitting the death of thousands from the deadly vaccines–which too I have helped to expose.

It is profound hubris, unlawful, and illegal–yet they have told themselves it is legal to batter and attack, using stealth weaponry they roll in under “surveillance” and continue to do so.

The hits on my right arm have not stopped either and I have been constantly shielding–almost a year since they started to batter my arm.

There is much more to be said also about related attacks: intense cyberhacking and cyber-parallelconstructing and neurotechnology assault from right next door and months now of burning infra-red and ADS heat-assault in my bed at night from the Mazzeo mercenary next door and parked assaulters on the street, which I will write about separately.

Beating people up till they collapse onto couches, beating children to make them nauseous, targeting a mother’s head and heart so she can barely stand, let alone mother her also-beaten child, is apparently A-OK with Charlie Baker, Maura Healey, Thomas Koch, and the rest of them: their MO in fact, a new and unique way to acknowledge letters, pleas, complaints: No need for Italian mob bosses and dark alleys anymore, just pull out a Predator drone or two and turn up the microwave weapon-hits on heads and arms. Then pretend these deadly weapons don’t exist, are not in their arsenal, not on the streets and in the skies, not anything but “peace-enforcement,” “deterrence,” “crowd-control” and other milk-and-water terms which are abject lies.

Essentially, these government figureheads and agencies have become Mafia with DEWs–while permitting the CIA to go even further and run “trauma-based mind control” assault and battery, and the DOD as well to run “remote sensing” and “cybernetics/AI control” and “ISR” assault and battery–terrorists with terror weapons, used on the unarmed, the non-combatant. A new form of military subjugation of the citizenry–done in silence, with lies, spectrum weapons, neuroweapons, and multiple covers.

This, they believe, gives them an edge–curbs dissent, quells the daring, seals their position as power mavens who rule with an iron fist, carefully sheathed in layers of deception and public virtuosity.

In reality, they are revealing themselves as deadly, nasty bullies without souls: this is bullying, on steroids, and powerfully malicious. It is also criminal: I’d like any of them to point to a section of US Code, NDAA, international law, or any other bogus Act of God they’ve granted themselves as entitled right, where it’s written it’s perfectly ok, admissible, and advisable to batter me to death with drones, emitters, and portable energy weapons?

Parallel-constructing is what they fixate on, what they rush to do–witness NSA spy Karen Stewart’s incredible 2.5 year attempt to disappear me as a journalist out of sight, right on top of Intel plant Katherine Horton’s 2.5 year attempt to evade the facts of her saboteur/agent-provocateur actions against others by publishing lies about me, both seeking to pin false labels on me, witness FBI efforts to smear me to neighbors as a deadly danger in their midst, in a continuous way, remarked here earlier and more recently here–in desperate efforts to get their targets-of-petty-malice-vendetta-racism-fear to live up to their illegal targeting and commit a crime (or be accused of a crime by others, such as the sadly swamp-ridden ladies named above), to vindicate their illegal targeting: but I am not the one committing crimes here, nor am ever likely to be. (Another question for the Attorney-General Maura Healey: Is it ok to commit a crime with a weapon in Massachusetts, if you can pretend that weapon doesn’t exist? That, after this one: Who is the one using a weapon here, on whom? In point of fact–multiple weapons, no, a whole slew of weapons, an arsenal of exotic weaponry. Perhaps she has not read this report addressing covertly-installed RFID implants, also a deadly weapon, being sharp-shot into people in Massachusetts by her own cronies, her “public-private persons” employed by the agencies she has permitted to roam free and wild like anacondas all over the state.)

I am definitely the one speaking my mind, and for that I neither apologize nor expect to cease; the truth is, the message the Class Bullies of Massachusetts are trying to send is: it’s dangerous to speak your mind, for that we’ll make you pay. They of course put themselves above the law in taking this stance, and acting on this stance, using real weaponry.

This is the real state of affairs today–and it is as far from the dream of freedom and sovereignty behind the founding of this country as Massachusetts is from the moon: absolute, criminal Mafiosi behavior marks the behavior of “government” today, and it needs to be continuously called out, not acceded to.