Physical Assaults with Energy Weapons: A Barbaric FBI-CIA-DHS-DOD Construct Savagely Imposing Life Sentences on Select Truthtellers & Continuing Stealth Assaults with Impunity, Using Falsified Cover of Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Extremism

Writer & Journalist’s Report | Personal Report | Ramola D | Dec 7, 2021


While these records are being maintained for a personal and public record of profound energy weapon assault on an American journalist and writer, they are intended also as a lasting record of the crimes against humanity being committed on millions today by an evil and corrupt State which is waging a unilateral war on humanity.

For background and context please read my letters and pleas to public officials who continue to stonewall all requests and demands to stop these unlawful assaults on my person, especially this one::

Treasonous Betrayal–Local Govts in USA Permit Inhumane 24/7 Rape, Assault, Battery, Burns in Bio-Hacking Crimes by CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, Military, Special Ops, UN with EMF Spectrum/Sonic/Scalar/Neuro Weapons Hidden as “Surveillance”: American Journalist Blows Whistle on Atrocities

Few people unused to these kinds of assaults themselves would be prepared to believe that such extreme atrocity is being inflicted on the citizenry by the military, police, and intelligence agencies as well as their proxies in neighborhoods, neighbors deceived into believing they are acting as upright citizens as part of Neighborhood Watch and Infragard–or neighbors paid as contractors to deploy these weapons–while they assist in terrible cruelties with radar and acoustic neuroweapons on people whose lives they have no idea about, but are prepared to believe mountains of lies about, from practised Psy Ops and deception maestros, the COINTELPRO contingent from the local fusion center, FBI or DHS or CIA. (The CIA engages in domestic operations–and has stated to Amy Gutmann (top cover artist herself for Nazi atrocities from both CIA and DOD, please see this) that they are experimenting on people only inside USA–see the Bioethical Commission’s Moral Science report of 2012; this can hardly be believed, but it is evidence of acknowledged CIA experiments on Americans inside America.)

Pre-requisite to all physical assaults on the citizenry with energy weapons–for experimentation, operational purposes both–is the condemning of the subject as a terrorist, danger and threat, violent extremist, and mentally unstable–this the FBI, DHS, and CIA/DOD accomplish, working together, one to lie, the other to brain-entrain the surrounding populace, friends, family, neighbors, employers.

Clearly, as reported earlier, I too have been the subject of such lying and framing; the physical assaults on my body for 8 years now I have written extensively about: from the beginning, I have been under extreme-atrocity all-over assault, and I continue to be, while the assassins in my neighborhood continue to operate in impunity.

DECEMBER 7, 2021

Today, loud hits on the radiator, side walls and roof of the house continue to signal the FBI-CIA-DOD-Luciferian assault on this house and home, and this writer: to be clear, they use these loud LRAD hits to signal the break in their AI-based Remote Neural Monitoring when mere conscious breathing or meditation interrupts their 24/7 fixation on spectrum-device-run neurosurveillance, through-wall-surveillance, and intimate bodily surveillance–all of which should be more accurately titled perverted neuro assault and physical bodily assault which is what it is.

Over the past 2 months since the Oct 13 post at my Bentley log, the extreme physical assault with pulsed microwave and millimeter wave weapons, ultrasound and precision radar weapons in conjunction with noise harassment, cyberhacking, and vehicular stalking on the roadways has continued, and intensified with the publication of podcasts exposing the UK justice system, the Great Virus deception, and numerous articles exposing the grave dangers of the COVID vaccines, published at my channels and website over the past two months.

While there was a period of seeming quiet for a brief while, this has changed now, to a resumption of drones and helicopters sent frequently over the house, rattling UPS and FEDEX trucks storming up and down the block along with a plethora of other vehicles, several parking in neighbors’ driveways while the stream of eye-hit microwaves, throat-hit microwaves, body-hit microwaves, and brain-hit microwaves proceeds as before from the same houses where identified weapon-wielders sit–several around this block, particularly 150, 156, 153, 146, 145–several more.

At night, several of these houses light up their CIA MK ULTRA NeuroMod photic-flicker strings of lights flickering at high frequency, some in pointed colors, such as the Murphy house which likes to play police-minion with blue flashing lights and Agenda-21-minion with green.

The Feds are apparently desperate to send me a FEDEX message with Xs in chem trails marked frantically in the sky behind and in front of the house and several FEDEX trucks pulling directly in front of me or crossing my path on a drive out yesterday to Braintree while 2 ambulances screeched past me lights flashing and sirens blaring and a Quincy Police car just pulled out or U-turned into a cross-road to make himself visible: both parties are engaged in the weird sentient-simulation, hypergame-theory, echo-stalking and threat-throwing game all agencies are involved in. Those targeted are subjected to their gaslighting, while the rest of the populace in thrall to their badges imagines all’s well with the world.


In addition, a 5G antenna has showed up on a street pole on Elmwood, literally 3 houses away from where I sit now writing and 3 houses from where I lie, sleeping: and yes, I have noticed the immediate change this antenna has wrought–very close skin-hits with skin-burns, grazing of nerves and tissue at level of skin in precision hits targeted at my right (writing) hand, fingers, elbow, fore-arm and upper-arm; EEGs remotely done, targeted at parts of my head, particularly in bed, so I have to yank a pillowcase stuffed with steel baking-sheets and Reflectix over that part of my head immediately to avoid being brain-fried–their fondest dream no doubt, but with their sticky fingerprints all over such profoundly invasive, classified, top-secret stealth assault, so I wonder how they can engage in such extreme high-tech assault and imagine it will not be known, they will not be found out, held liable, held accountable (to non-existent standards of bioethics and neuroethics which power-players like James Giordano have been installed to obfuscate), be known, be named, be labeled the major criminals they are in doing this; high-frequency assault on all sides of my upper arm and shoulder so I have to use several such shielding pillowcases on all sides to thwart the 360-degree scalar radar assault as best I can–and still be hit.


I want to note here for the record the following extreme-assaults conducted on my body in night-and-day physical assault and battery using energy weapons from all parties named above.

  • Continuous sadistic and abrasively painful REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING with tracking radar used on nerves in my left calf, right calf, left knee, right knee, right gluteus/hip/bottom/sacral region by the residents of 150 Pine-John Mazzeo, Samantha Smith, and 156 Pine, Chen Le Ming and wife.
  • Continuous attacks all day while sitting, working at computer or home, lying down on spine, face, head, eyes, lungs (back) using microwave pulse weapons audible on shielding from houses around the block and parked cars–causing facial inflammation, tissue injury, damage to eyes, clogged nose, inability to breathe, stiffened muscles, and painfully damaged lungs.
  • Intense and painful attacks on skin and nerves of right arm from zooming cars which park close to hit or park diagonally to hit.
  • Intense electrical attacks giving the feeling of being electrocuted on right arm at night — when lying down–from parked cars and neighbor houses.
  • Precision electroshock hits on different parts of body at the sadist’s whim when lying in bed at night to cause mini-electrical shocks all over the body–have been hit this way on the soles of feet, ankles, arm, wrist, elbow, stomach, at different levels of remotely applied electrical wattage–clearly some form of microwave and transducer equipment is being used–might be coupled with nanotransducers from chemtrails/contamination of food and water supply.
  • Precision hits with force invoking pain coming from above–whether drone or satellite–onto right arm at night.
  • Multiple microwave pulse hits at specific heart-destruction frequencies aimed at chest from above and from parked cars at night (when lying prone).
  • Precision heart-hits aimed at heart from multiple locations including neighbor-houses causing intense pain at heart, congestive pressure at heart, and pressure all over chest.
  • Precision throat-hits aimed at the thyroid gland–a military maneuver seeking the destruction of endocrine health and causing pain and throbbing at the thyroid.
  • Precision hits at the liver, kidneys, pancreas, private parts.
  • Sinuous scalar skin-radar at private-parts when sitting, standing, and lying down, necessitating continuous shielding. Essentially, horrific and perverted genital intrusion and abuse, from a distance; REMOTE SEXUAL ABUSE WITH RADAR WEAPONS. (Reported by all women-marked-as-targets I have interviewed.) Daily life is a constant round of shielding to avoid asssault.
  • Inducement of incontinence through precision bladder and private-part pulse-microwave hits when out shopping, walking, or sitting or lying -down using vibrational ELF weapons–if not properly shielded, this can induce incontinence; if properly shielded, this makes audible hits on the shielding. Induced by portable devices carried by assassins camouflaged as shoppers, residents, drivers.
  • Powerful microwave pulse hits on head on specifc days when working on specific articles or podcasts, mostly exposing the corruption and crime in the US and UK justice system, the lies of the establishment regarding COVID, and the deaths and suffering from the vaccines–as well as the scientific analyses of the vaccines as well as EMF harms.
  • Extreme-assault frequency signals sent to a buried RFID in right upper arm which has been covertly sharpshot into my arm (laceration in arm appeared overnight) similar to the RFID sharpshot into my left upper arm several years ago on a Cape Cod beach, reported earlier: the high-frequency signals sent recently have been intensely painful, necessitating the creation and wearing of small shielding patches, which are also attacked as drones and UPS trucks are despatched immediately to pierce through the resistance through any means possible, often succeeding in breaking through the resistance and crippling the arm with repeated, sustained blows. Just because this intense and extreme assault is being conducted with radar weapons does not mean this is not PHYSICAL ASSAULT AND BATTERY: this is most definitely physical assault and battery.
  • Extreme-assault frequency hits on this covertly-sharpshot RFID and upper arm while driving, while parking, while inside stores, (shiny colored pickups and white vans both hot favorites for upper-arm stalking and hitting) and while inside home: clearly this is a multi-person, continuous, multi-stalking operation intent on physically assaulting, mutilating, traumatizing my upper arm and shoulder into a state of stupefied agony–to what end and to what purpose? And with what permissions, approvals, laws, and legalities? Does the FBI-CIA-DHS-DOD-Freemason-Luciferian-Satanist mechanism believe they are well-protected by extant laws to attack me wholesale in this manner? These attacks contravene all treaties, all conventions, all laws protecting human rights–national, state, international, natural, common, and God-given.
  • Persistent and audible pulsed-microwave hits on shielding to “find” arm at night, working from the outside in and making it to skin level, sending sharp pulses of pain into arm–which is currently injured and cannot be lifted. This is coming from multiple sources but primarly from John Mazzeo/Samantha Smith at 150 Pine.
  • Periodic assault with microwave weapons at night, spraying pulses of heat on shielding and body at night to break the sleep cycle and especially harm the REM deep-sleep cycle, and sending precision-pulses of energy to neck and spine–possibly covert spinal implants or pressure-release energy nanotech–to release extreme skin-heat all over body, either with microwave pulse devices or infra-red heat-producing devices.
  • Vibrational ELF sent to seat at couch when sitting and to bed at night when lying down, with intent to permit precision-radar-hits on possible cervix implant.
  • Constant radar hits on side of house, and gurgling sounds projected into water pipes.


  • Continued daytime noise harassment from zoomers, motorbikes, leafblowers at unnatural volume, sudden street drillers, tree cutters, tree planters, trash trucks, in conjunction with tracking hits — they’ve had a hard time lately with their tracking thanks to meditation throwing them off and compensate with loud noise harassment.
  • Massive and atrocious cyber-hacking preventing the slightest bit of flow in video-editing and writing online, including remote control of keyboard signals currently being applied–to be reported in detail shortly.
  • Massive shadowbanning, strangulation, censorship and disappearing of my articles, podcasts, and social media posts online.

All of these are acts of belligerence, combativeness, military aggression, violence, abuse, torture, and terrorism. The agencies, military, law enforcement, and their contractors engaging in these acts are not “keeping the law,” not “saving the country from terrorists,” not “preventing crime,” “not deterring violent extremists,” not “restraining the mentally unstable,” not “keeping the streets clean of crime,” but committing unspeakable crimes, war crimes, and crimes of terrorism on innocents, law-abiding citizenry, and non-criminals: in this case, also on a writer, poet, journalist, artist, teacher, long-time human-rights and animal-rights volunteer and community leader in caring for the homeless, the visually-impaired, the vulnerable and running creativity workshops for children and adults.


Now considering that the kind of reportage I do is not that different from what the above-named indy media also do, I wonder why I am being hit in this fashion and they aren’t?

Take a look at the numbers on the subscriptions and views at their channels and mine and notice the difference there as well.

There is no earthly reason for this targeting of my person, my voice, my work, my writing, my broadcasts.

Once again, I am reporting this for the record, and all participating are advised to cease and desist their actions of extreme cruelty, sadism, and barbarism in inflicting such clearly unlawful atrocities on my body, brain, life, and work. By any standard these are profound and grave crimes against humanity in violation of any law on earth or the heavens. Whatever clump of lies the FBI-CIA-DHS-DOD contingent has told themselves and everyone else regarding me to warrant, permit, sanction, legitimize, rationalize these massive assaults on me, the fact is they’re all engaging in atrocity, criminality, perversion, torture, sadism, cruelty, barbarism, and physical assault and battery. Violence, aggression, brutality, savagery, barbarism: all in private, all in stealth, using known-to-be-in-operation DEWS, RFID markers, nanotech, neurotech, using “classification” covers, using “investigation” covers, using “counter-terrorism” covers, using “counter-extremism” covers, using “Neighborhood Watch” covers, using “deterrence” covers, using “community-based-research” covers, using “community mental health intervention” covers–that is what these horrific assaults by US Govt–FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, DoD–represent. This is worse than the Nazis, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, and Lenin. Nothing warrants these assaults. They MUST BE STOPPED.

I advise all people all over the world: listen to mislabeled “targeted individuals” and the agency and military whistleblowers exposing covert targeting with energy weapons, RFIDs, nanotech, neurotech, and daily overt social persecution including very-unique and primary FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee from their videos and websites and articles online: sift the Disinfo from the Info–cybertrolls abound–and recognize the truth of the genuine testimonial. Absolute atrocities are being committed– in silence, in stealth, using the “Smart Grid” of drones, satellites, helicopters, police cruisers and Sheriff’s pickups, camouflage-sedans used by US Army, USMC, US Navy, US Airforce, CIA, Special Ops and Joint Terrorists, microwave antennas, celltowers, and portable devices–all day and all night, all over the US and world, as spelled out here in 2019 and here in 2017. And here in 2018 and here in 2021. Well-protected by the lies and cover operations from a most sinister and craven media apparatus, frequently publishing mockery and lies to cover the dissolute truth of this depravity. All of this can be stopped, and must be stopped.