Instruments of Revenge and Retaliation: Stealth Spectrum Weapons, the New Barbarism

Personal Report | Ramola D | June 29, 2022

Imagine a world where you didn’t need to deal with people openly and honestly but could just make a phone call and let loose the local Mafia on anyone who exposed your rampant crimes–particularly a journalist–and get them to bring out your favorite weapon of choice, the Stealth Weapon Arsenal of microwave weapons, millimeter wave tech, ultrasonic tech, acoustic neurotech et al and just drive by their house and park on their block or enter one of your local Mafiosi pals’ houses on the block (planted beforehand, with strategic house buys) and send in targeted pulse hits to their head, body, organ of choice, genitals, eyes, face….any part really of their anatomy that you chose to target.


Marines from 1st Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST) Company fire non-lethal munitions during a riot control demonstration. The FAST Co. Marines conducted a week-long non-lethal weapons certification training exercises here in conjunction with the U.S. European and U.S. Africa Commands’ NLW conference and capabilities exercise. The non-lethal munitions can be fired from the M203 Grenade Launcher and the standard issue Marine Corps shotgun which allows commanders to integrate non-lethal capabilities into their organic weapon systems.

Imagine setting up high-frequency antennas on people’s houses and rooftops, 5G transmitters on a light pole, sensors and trackers and emitters in your fusioneer-paid-mercenaries’ yards, lawn equipment, children’s playhouses, chassis of parked cars, trash cans, garages, sheds: tricks the Navy teaches, your police know, and your paid mercenaries contracting with the IC (Intelligence Community) and told they are “deterring violent crime” have been well-trained in.

Imagine being well-supplied by the local police force and fusion center–state police force–with formidable remote-access gadgetry of this nature which would let you–or your paid minion–seat himself or herself comfortably in their own vehicle, basement, attic, garage, or kitchen and track and point and shoot interminably at your Nemesis’ thighs, knees, eyes–with complete impunity and complete cover, no questions asked, no answers given.

Imagine being able to commandeer large-scale machinery, contracts, and trucks to roll into their street or block–with some new Plausibly Deniable reason for same, whether excavating sidewalks or repairing water pipes–and get your Trojan-horse workers spend their time jackhammering, excavating, power-bulldozing and power-whining, to send noise harassment into the neighborhood at all hours of the day and night.

Imagine being able to divert planes in a steady stream to fly at a diagonal across their block, directing the altitude, speed and slow grind vibrations of the stream of planes, diverting the planes from their normal routes flying in across the Atlantic or the continent to land at the nearby city airport but with an absurd detour which takes them right over your exposer’s backyard.

Imagine installing CCP fiends in nearby houses to leap out and engage in NLP sharp-hits, start yelling and shouting at high volume (never mind if in English, Chinese, or unintelligible squawks like the chickens and rooster you also have their immediate neighbors install) to issue noise-clatter warnings each time your journalist-Nemesis-exposer now-turned-target stepped out into her backyard.

Imagine using your Remote Neural Monitoring wand to flicker nerves and muscles and eyelids as well as activate all the local dogs into a shrill frenzy of barking as she read a book in the backyard.

Imagine switching on the High Pulse Hits and Extremely Low Frequency hits from all sides simply with AI you have carefully programmed on your now-completely-biased digital track-and-repress system so your target wakes to the throbbing of heads and pillows, hard pulse shots fired into her temples, face, throat, genitals, and as the day progresses increasingly succumbs to the extreme attacks of ongoing 360-degrees pulse hits on head, face, spine, lungs, temples–her breathing afflicted, her eyesight affected, her head a mess of concussive migraine, while your paid mercenary fusioneers from right next door stay safe in their cars and houses, banging doors, shouting at high volume, yelling at their kids as told to, Plausibly-Deniably shielded by their cover, pulverizing your target in between breakfast and dinner, lunch and cocktails, getting used, day after day, month after month, to hurting people.

Imagine being able to send helicopters and drones warningly over their heads or just to track and find them inside their houses–between kitchen and bedroom, bathroom and bed–when your local minions tearing up and down the street lose the tracking signal they’ve been pursuing for just a mini-billionth of a second.

Imagine being able to send a ravaging pulse of bone-conductance weaponry or RNM with high-frequency vibrations right to their sciatic nerve or vagus nerve and hold it there, sending shooting pains down their thighs or lungs–whether from a drone, a parked car, or that nifty gadget your well-paid informant has parked in their home or hood of car.

Imagine being able to commandeer a number of trucks–trash tracks, construction trucks, UPS trucks and USPS minivans, utility vans and pickups–to drive by at high volume and have drivers park and point to take readings of non-consensual RFIDs, biofields and brainprints, energy signatures and breath at close quarters, no-one the wiser because you have set this up as a “Black Operation,” the kind you are certain nobody will know about unless you tell them.

Imagine being able to point therefore with this excessive arsenal of energy devices not merely at your target in her home, in her private parts so she is violently assaulted–in secret, in stealth, from a distance, no pawprints, no guns fired, no loud shots, no visible evidence–and frankly, molested, yet has no way of measuring or proving such extreme assault or indeed is so instantly debilitated she cannot attempt to find meters or take measurements of any kind but has to rush to protect herself.

Imagine being able to send death-pulse-hits to her heart while she stands at her sink or stove, or waters her plants, or sits on her couch, or exercises.

Imagine being able to send minions to follow her around on hikes in local parks and woods, backpacked and well-equipped, to attack her bladder or her heart, and imagine too how you could do this to pretty much any young woman or girl, older woman or man, out in a park, or at the beach, inducing leaks and drips, heart attacks and strokes, cutting short all her attempts to exercise for health or energy. (While at the same time tauntingly sending runners, bikers, and power walkers right across her path as “Nudge” and “Behavior Modification” pointers to NLP-urge her to exercise since you’ve been surveilling her browsers and brain and know she’s keen to lose weight–the weight you’re able to induce on her body through sustained precision assault: Double Whammy of Drips and Nudge, that’s active harassment just to induce further annoyance and trauma, imagine, what a coup.)

Imagine being able to park a rooftop drone over her head or the neighbor’s SUV in his driveway or a white van with antennas and generators such that you can send a persistent stream of high-vibrating frequencies in a swath of Ultra Wide Band Radar or Precision Radar to her spine, to the specific spots on her spine where you’ve ensured self-assembled nanotech or installed an RFID chip, to cause nonstop, harassive, provoking, irritating and painful vibration of her spine, her bones, her cells of every kind–as quietly as you can–while also vibrating her couch, her seat, the exact spot where her body meets the couch so she cannot sit at length, writing to expose your crimes any further.

Imagine being able to direct a number and variety of energy signals–since you’ve taken some trouble to set up a rather mega Black Op around her now with a plethora of fusioneers, trackers, stalkers, bots, and drones right there in her neighborhood–to the many different parts of her anatomy as she sits or lies down: to her left ear, her right ear, top of head, back of head, heart, stomach, spine, seat, knees, liver, pancreas, heart, elbows et al so she vibrates all over (for daring to expose your nonstop inhumane use of weaponry on the bodies of millions you have chosen for subjugation and assault, marginalization, disappearance, death) and cannot think, or read, or write, or sleep.

Imagine being able to brain-entrain her spouse and siblings, kids and parents so they are unable to assimilate the facts of the matter but are persuaded into believing she is paranoid about stealth-hits with stealth-weapons and try sending her off to psychs multiple times, gaslighting her, refusing to believe, listen or accept even the recordings on meters she’s made, dismissing all of it as paranoia.

Imagine how powerful and invincible and all-empowered you could believe yourself to be, so well-shielded, so well-camouflaged, having sworn all your minions, mercenaries, police, fat cats in local government to secrecy, paying them well for their silence and their crime–which you persuade them is virtue–as they do for you the active dirty work of physical, neurological, psychological, social assault and battery of your target, battering her shoulder and arm, spine and head, stomach and private parts, face and eyes, all in stealth, but most effectively, causing massive injury, bodily trauma, cellular breakdown, chronic inflammation, swollen cheeks, disease, debility, death: imagine, what a coup.

Imagine being able to pull all of this off with some overt public funding you acquire to “deter violent crime” “prevent extremism” and “protect the community”: that’s right, no need to imagine any of this since you know exactly what you can do and how, what you are doing and have been doing, what you continue to do nonstop now that a steady stream of Stealth Spectrum Weapons is available and is in use.


Around the country, and around the world, people are reporting being targeted and hit by local police and local governments with Stealth Spectrum Weapons, used in revenge, in vendetta, in retaliation–whether for reporting crime and corruption, calling out local criminals in power (that’s government, police, or any organization), or simply speaking out for their children and communities in face of corporate, profit-centered abuse), along with sustained harassment, daily persecution, and life-takedown with COINTELPRO.

This has become a way of life now in the USA, with neighborhoods being galvanized to “monitor” and “community-police” the targets of vendetta, a convenient cover for paid mercenaries, also playing “innocent neighbor” monitor-and-community-police, right in the midst of the neighborhood, to pulverize their targets to death.


Exposing neighbors however seems to be seen as the ultimate taboo by the fusion center runners of avid crime and corruption–since these are their foot soldiers, the ones intimately involved in that mega Black Op, which primitive Nazi protocol decrees need be dealt with only with Spychiatry, the Go-to for all exposure-of-corporate-government-and-police-crime.

Exposing neighbors is what I have been doing recently, hence, it is clear, their recent Kidnap And Trafficking operation on my living being: Ramola D: Press Release, April 30, 2022: Neighborhood Watch Harassment & April 14-19 Section 12 Involuntary Psych Hold on Defamatory False-Claim: Police Crime & Police Retaliation for Truth-Journalism

Exposing neighbors is being warned against by those who should know better, a subject I addressed here: The “New Way” of Stealth Urban Spectrum Assault: Yes, Microwave Weapons Are Being Used From Neighboring Houses & Parked Cars, Utility Vans, Service Trucks | Not just Drones, Celltowers, Antennas, Satellites: Countering New Disinfo from Richard Lighthouse

Entrenched now in neighborhoods, made comfortable with bought houses, rented houses, and other neighbors also installed to 360-degree attack, the weapon-wielding contingent and their overseers seems to believe the whole world should conspire to protect their demonic operations, all including their victims, by maintaining a complicit silence on this subject.

Exposing neighbors therefore is something everyone being targeted and hit with Stealth Spectrum Weapons should do on on ongoing basis.


Returning to revenge, retaliation, and vendetta practices by police, military, intelligence, and governments: This is precisely what gets people “targeted” “watchlisted” and “watched”, the petty response of tyrants who embark on lifetime programs of revenge in response to questioning on chem trails, vaccines, and School Board actions, to exposure online or in person, a subject I spoke about in The Truth Ambassadors podcast and which I have reported in numerous articles including recently:

Revealing the Hidden Hand Leads to Instant Malicious Retaliation | Which Reveals Richard Lighthouse Connections to Intel #HiddenHand Criminals

Quincy City Clerk Queried Regarding Filing a Criminal Affidavit, Immediate High-Tech Assault After

Retaliation, Tailgating, EMF Battery in Massachusetts Following Candid Reporting on Toxins in the COVID Vaccines and Missteps by Mass. Dept. of Public Health & Mass. Commissioner, Education in Forcing Dangerous Masks & COVID Vaccines (Already Killing Kids) on Schoolchildren

Ramola D | Twitter Suspends Account After Tweets Exposing Shoddy Vaccine Reportage by the New York Times, Retaliatory Tyranny in Massachusetts for Journalism, and Lack of Ethics in the Promotion of Brain-Altering Neuroweapons by Georgetown University’s Neuroethics Chief Dr. James Giordiano

Many whistleblowers have addressed this subject as well, including FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee, CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell, and MI5/Mossad/CIA whistleblower Carl Clark.

FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee Pulls Back the Curtain on Criminal FBI-CIA-DHS-NSA Torture of American Whistleblowers, Select Journalists, and Thousands of Illegal FBI Targets of “Counter-Terrorism” and “Deterrence” with DEWS, Neurotech, Social Harassment: People of Integrity Must Rise

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Ex-CIA and MI5 Agent and Whistleblower Carl Clark Reveals Covert Electromagnetic Torture of Civilians by Intel Agencies in US/UK/Europe/Asia with Directed Energy “Non-Lethal” Neuroweapons

Truth Ambassadors podcast

In The Truth Ambassadors podcast, I relayed the question the resident psychiatrist at Carney Hospital, Dr. Trout, asked me before I left: What about retaliation, he asked. What are you going to do to your neighbor? (He meant the one who ran a Public Abuse, Public Bully, Loud-Voiced Smear Operation with a False-Claim on me, and called her lieutenant buddy, Terence McDonnell, in QPD who came over with a passel of lies and a crew the next day to run the Unlawful Kidnap–detailed here.)

This was an opportunity to address this subject of Revenge and Retaliation against whistleblowers and the community-minded by those (in local law and government) who practice it, using Stealth Spectrum Weapons wielded by their minions in the neighborhood–which is also exactly what happened to me in 2013, when I was first targeted by Sinead Walsh and Alexander Steffan of the School Board at Adams Montessori School when I spoke out about babysitting fees, as well as by Tackey Chan, the State Representative from Quincy whom I asked about chem trails, which I have reported earlier several times, including here. (Please watch that podcast for this discussion.)

My point being, Revenge and Retaliation and Vendetta are being practiced in a rather industrial way by police, governments, military, intelligence (this species including informants and provocateurs such as the woman at 153 Pine who targeted me), as a matter of course, and not by the people–who whistleblow, who speak up, who champion others, who question crime, corruption, and injustice–they are targeting for revenge assault with DEW/Neurotech/Life Takedown.


This woman in fact (to whom I am no longer speaking) seems to feel so strong a sense of entitlement and being-shielded by her local cronies in the practicing-crime-in-uniform section of Quincy that right during that first week after I returned home, she yelled out to me to “remove her address” from my website: Is there any compelling reason I should do that? Somehow, after her starring role in subjecting me to a Persecutory 6-day Kidnap and Trafficking Operation at Black Ops Site Carney I am still writing about, I don’t see it.

In addition, she has returned to her overt “community-monitoring” ways along with the rest of her fusion center friends who drive armed pickups to the street and park in front of her house and up the street–from whence issue microwave pulses–(which also issue forth from her abode, as I have reported earlier, and which still do), in which she is involving her kids as well it appears, who have dashed out of her house yelling my name when I drive in.

In other words: active ongoing harassment, just as before, with some added flourishes.


All of this as prologue to report that on Sunday June 26, right after publishing my Newsguard article on June 25, Saturday: The Perversion of Journalism: Newsguard, a Pharma/Arms/Govt Propaganda Upholder, Therefore Misinformer Misleads School & Journalism Students on Misinformation, I woke to extreme ELF (extremely low frequency) hits on my head, face, high-frequency heat-producing microwave pulses all over (audible on shielding), which continued all day in a brutal 360-degree attack inducive of extreme headache, facial inflammation, bodily hits, heart hits, which persisted along with an intense and extreme attack to private parts the night before with insistent energy hits–I suspect a combination of microwave pulse hits and ultrasound–which also persisted during the day along with bladder hits.

These profoundly invasive and extreme and clearly inhumane and barbaric assaults with Stealth Spectrum Weapons are not the actions of sane, moral, decent, upright people, but their opposite: these are the actions of people who have acquired extremely powerful stealth energy weapons and are using them in extremely diabolical actions of evil in stealth assault and retaliation against a journalist to whom they apparently cannot respond directly in print, as any sane, moral, upright, decent people would do. Newsguard of course cannot answer to any expose of its military, intelligence, security, government, and pharma backing and background, which exposes everything it is doing as propaganda-watch, not news-watch: but is this how one responds to exposure of their infamy?

Meanwhile on Monday June 27, Newsguard sent me a pale note observing I had written about them, but ploughing on nevertheless:


This is Anicka Slachta writing from NewsGuard. I’m aware from the June 25, 2022, post on that the website is not looking to answer our questions, but I’m sending along my list of questions a final time as it is our policy to reach out at least three times to allow sites the opportunity to comment…..”

–Email, Newsguard to Ramola D

(She went on to cite further from my articles claiming I wasn’t marking text as opinion. Perhaps next time before I write a single sentence I should check with I’ll-work-for-chocolate Anicka Slachta if I should mark my every phrase an opinion first.)

Well, I am Still not planning to write back to Ms. Slachta or to Newsguard–but how curious is it that right after I publish an article exposing their infamy I get massively attacked with microwave weapons to the point of absolute debilitation?

Remember who is behind Newsguard, and who is behind this entire microwave-assault operation: military, pharma, security, government mavens, the same miserable species which pursues power, engages in Revenge and Retaliation activities, and now has the powerful, controlling, plausibly-deniable Stealth Spectrum Weapons means to do so.

This is the great danger of stealth weapons, very clearly a manifested danger, which is why everything about who is using these weapons, to whom they have been made available, the fact that they are in operation and use, and the great harms and dangers they represent, are all matters which should be publicly addressed and publicly known.

These are not legitimate police, security, or intelligence operations either. Being Black doesn’t excuse them.

There are No Ethics whatsoever in the use of these weapons, but no ethicist is in sight really, when so few people know there are entrenched operations permitting their use on people, and ignoring the brutality, atrocity, and barbarism of that use.