“Here we go again”: Ex-NSA Karen Stewart Essays Goebbels as She Entrenches in her Targeted Smear Campaign With Continuing Lies On Ramola D

Ramola D | Report | Sep 24, 2020

Recently, right after CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell reported that an article of hers on her own website had been taken down, then reposted it, events I marked in a series of tweets, ex-NSA Karen Stewart, an ex-colleague in human rights activism and long-subject of my journalistic coverage, on whom I’ve been compelled to make a Statement at my site, and who–after her turn toward Mega Smear Opster & clear Intel plant “Dr. Katherine Horton” in November 2019–has spent a lot of time over the past year posting smears, lies, insults which I have endlessly rebutted, kicked in again with further lies, smears, and insults at her favorite drinking-holes: Twitter and Facebook.

Karen Stewart on a Newsbreak with Ramola D, Sep 13, 2019, two months before she began to attack, libel, lie about, smear, insult, defame me to Kingdom come

In the process, Karen Stewart also engaged in lie-sprinkled gossip with other lie-sprinkling gossipers on Twitter, notably Tiffany Fontenot of CIA Reverse Speech fame and Midge Mathis of the now possibly-defunct and quite-questionable Targeted Justice (being sued by former Legal Director, moved HQ recently to Texas without published reason, posts misdirection about burns and satellites, doxes public officials, encourages stalking public officials, ignores journalism on surveillance abuses, military weapons, fusion centers, and unlawful targeting, ignores science and scientific method, promotes Intel plants, seems to be yet another palliating false-front operation data-collecting and “handling” reporting targets of illegal DOD/CIA/DOJ surveillance-abuses with EMF/acoustic neuroweapons). As a preceding aside, it should be noted that Tiffany Fontenot apparently took exception to a note from this writer last week to please not promote Targeted-Smear-Op-Runner “Dr. Katherine Horton” as she was doing, when a tweet of hers promoting a video of Horton’s showed up on this writer’s timeline. In the ensuing exchange of tweets, Ms. Fontenot, apparently unable to withstand the onslaught of truth about Horton being posted by this writer–which she verbally professed to know nothing about, decided to slam out of the conversation by first attacking this writer and then blocking her. This precious exchange can be witnessed in part here on Twitter. (Screenshots below.) Later Ms. Fontenot, in much the style of Horton, Stewart, Mathis, and others in that camp who habitually lie, posted a few lies about the exchange, which another writer on Twitter, witnessing the exchange was quick to catch her out in. Some of these tweets are below. Note: Tiffany Fontenot has now deleted her tweets: One must wonder why.

In the ensuing scrimmage, Karen Stewart (as usual, and despite all Cease and Desists sent her way) jumped in to throw a new passel of lies and smears about, accusing this writer of being a “CIA asset” among other claims, and Barbara Hartwell of being a “CIA handler.” Two other human rights activists had also left tweets online attesting to gory smear attacks on them by Karen Stewart, which the latter then re-attacked, with fresh smears (from Karen) occasioning fresh rebuttals.

Barbara Hartwell has now written a riposte to Karen Stewart’s inexplicable and ultra-nasty smear attacks on her:

The Moral Bankruptcy of Karen Melton Stewart: Outrageous Lies, Diabolical Calumny, Extreme Provocation

Amy Rayboun also penned a rebuttal to Karen Stewart’s entirely false-reality-construct on her, which I remarked in an article, for purposes of informing all on the actual facts and truth of the matter:

BREAKING: Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart Caught Out in Running Targeted Smear Campaign on Genuine Whistleblowers Exposing Fusion Center Targeting Crimes

This is the article pulled (by unknown Intel means for unknown Intel purposes–but clearly in protection of Katherine Horton) from Barbara Hartwell’s website, which she reinstated with a brief post after uncovering it stored online in the Wayback Machine:


The original title of that article, which will be re-posted at this site shortly (to preserve it further), and which reveals much of Katherine Horton’s targeted defamation and smear campaign against myself and many, including abusive verbal assault of Barbara Hartwell, whom, like Karen Stewart, she has never met and does not know, was:


This is my thread on Twitter posting the repost of this article:

Charlatan Repost article thread, Ramola D: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1306271284993683457.html

Barbara Hartwell also posted an article marking the gossiping attacks and smears on Twitter against herself and me, by Karen Stewart, Tiffany Fontenot, and Nina Gonzales, all of whom seemed to take pleasure in pursuing Stewart’s Targeted Smear Campaign on me:

Mob of Twits on Twitter Conduct Gossip Fest Against Targets: Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell

This is my thread on Twitter posting links to this article, Mob of Twits…, and responding partially to Karen Stewart’s fresh smears and stale lies:

Mob of Twits article thread/Ramola D: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1307097937034522630.html

Since the last time I noticed her smears and posted responses and rebuttals to them, as addenda to my Statement on her and in separate pieces online–I really don’t have time to respond to every single one of her endless lies and smears–Karen Stewart has raced ahead, posting more and more smears and lies on Facebook and Twitter, endlessly repeating herself, in fact, employing repetition as strategy, much as Katherine Horton did–before the Joint Statement on her false-narrative showed up her largest lies–and following in the heels of her apparent guru, Joseph Goebbels.

Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda for Hitler, had a strategy, and it was two-pronged: Tell a Big Old Lie and then repeat it forever. Soon people will forget the Facts-and-Truth and come to believe the Big Old Lie. Sort of what our Dear Leaders are currently doing, with the COVID Lies. And EXACTLY what Karen Stewart is doing, with her lies on Ramola D.

In fact, what Karen Stewart is doing is guided by our stalwart specimen from history, Old Joe Goe, whose visionary pronouncements on lies offer every corrupt US government official and certainly all bandicoots in the “Intelligence Community” especially retired, ex and former ones and especially This retired, ex, and former NSA one a clever way to put one over on the entire populace, in other words, convert the perception of lies to truth: Simply REPEAT the lie a 1000 times…

I have actually rebutted pretty much all her lies which she relays in new form each time she decides to revive her smears and lies. I checked. In fact I’m not the only one who’s rebutted her lies with absolute Fact, so has Barbara Hartwell and, especially significantly, as a witness, so has Cassandra, and so has Alex Crosbie, also a witness on Twitter to Karen’s doings. (Please see my Statement on her, which includes links to their articles and threads, and links to my own many articles and threads.)

Now it appears Karen Stewart has announced her Goebbels strategy, of a 1000 repeats, while years flow by and night falls and no doubt new viruses and pandemics flouresce, courtesy Gates and his crew, if they haven’t been beheaded yet. Posting a piece of repeat-lies titled “Here we go again,” she vows to post this everyday into eternity:

Now what exactly is this piece she vows to keep re-posting until eternity and which she claims tells the truth?

Quite apart from the rather abusive smears and insults she sprinkles all her tweets with, what is most significant to me is that what she is doing here is posting lies & continuous distortions of the truth — in obvious attempt to maintain a false-narrative on me and tarnish my name. In other words: Targeted Smear Campaign with Continuing Lies. Which she claims is truth–while her own words and the facts of history prove otherwise.

Before I once more examine these stories and lies and point to where I have rebutted them with evidence, let us not forget who we are dealing with here. Not merely has this once-interviewee turned on me most abusively, she has displayed an unhealthy obsession by creating an alias account, named, lewdly–and tellingly, “Ramola’s Sphincter.”

Let me add, by the way, that the use of Boston, MA as home for this account means nothing; anyone can shield their IP address from location-finders online, including on Twitter, with a VPN (Virtual Private Network); I use one, and have frequently conveyed that I am sitting in Hawaii or Atlanta while writing from Quincy, MA or Bangalore, India. This account is MOST DEFINITELY Karen Stewart’s account, despite the misdirective Boston, MA tag (she lives in Maryland). I will shortly post the Gallery of screenshots we have from this account, and readers can check for themselves the facts and truth, which I hear Karen Stewart is busily denying now on her Twitter feed, suggesting I personally have “admitted the IP address for Robert Sau is different”: I have done nothing of the sort. I have noted this Boston, MA tag, and I am aware VPNs can shield your location, period. My assessment: This is MOST DEFINITELY, INDISPUTABLY Karen Stewart’s alias account, set up primarily as a Hate crime, to smear and attack me publicly.)

In this horrific account, marked as begun in April, discovered in May or June and reported to Twitter as defamatory, abusive, hate speech–which she pulled right after an attorney informed me I could and should sue her and report her to local police for doxing me (posting a photo of my house)–Karen Stewart has posted repeats of words, phrases, names, and abusive smears, over and over, aimed at Barbara Hartwell and myself, mainly, but also others. Some of those tweets have been preserved in screenshot and can be found here, in the @RobertSau AKA Karen Stewart Gallery of Insane Tweets (now online).

Barbara Hartwell has written an article on the horrors of this alias account, which can transparently be seen to be Karen Stewart’s:

Obsessive/Compulsive, Outrageously Vulgar, Morally Repugnant, Cowardly & Reprehensible: Egregious Calumny Against Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell by “Righter of Wrongs, Robert Sau” (aka Karen Stewart?) & Mob of Social Media Harpies

My article on this mania is here:

“NSA WHISTLEBLOWER” Ex-NSA KAREN STEWART DISCREDITS HERSELF: The @RobertSau Account, Pruriently Titled “Ramola’s Sphincter”

Note, I bring up this account and the lunacy in it for a few reasons, but one among those is Karen’s use of repetition in these absurd and beyond-abusive tweets. Honestly, I don’t need to belabor the point, and I will not be addressing this matter (which she has drawn attention to in her “Here we go again” document) beyond this final report, but the fact of the matter is: Karen Stewart–for whatever reason: whether she has been compromised, has always been a double agent, secretly works for the CIA, or the Zionists, or the Pilgrim Society, is a Freemason, an Eastern Star, an Inner-Circle-Rothschild plant, an informant, an infiltrator, a fraud, a plant, a perpetraitor, has been bribed, has been blackmailed, has been post-hypnotically MK ULTRA MK DELTA MC CHAOS programmed by the CIA or NSA to attack me, has always been working with the enemy, whatever it may be, I don’t purport to have the answers here–has constructed a false-narrative-on-Ramola-D and is now trying hard to stick to it, using the famous trope of repetition as her guide, Goebbels-style.

When I first read this ridiculous piece, I was outraged especially because of her mention at the end, of “reporting (me) to the police.” I have not yet called around to find if indeed she did so or if she is just saying so. Either way, this is outrageous. Reported me to the police for what? Her own miasmic inability to have a hold on facts?

I have spent a long time thinking about these actions of abusive attack on her part and want to point out a few things before I take apart her Unhinged Abuse document. The crimes I have been reporting and which she has been reporting are crimes committed by police, fusion center agencies: FBI, Infragard, Sheriffs’ offices, in conjunction with other agencies and military divisions and Universities–CIA, DARPA, USMC, USAF, US Army, who are running weapons-tests, social-engineering-experiments, and clandestine neuro-experimentation programs on people, using weaponized neuroscience and Stasified neighbors under false-charges, never disclosed, character-assassination in neighborhoods, and falsely-enrolled “Countering Violent Extremism” and “Community Monitoring” post-Patriot-Act programs. The way these crimes are being hidden is by labeling all reporting these crimes (of being targeted with anti-personnel DEWs and community monitoring) as mentally ill, delusional, mentally incompetent: psychiatrists, neighbors, doctors, family members participate in these treasons. A very common way targets are psych-committed and Baker-acted is by neighbors calling the police on targets, claiming they are paranoid, violent, delusional: this is core targeting, which everyone who understands how this scenario is being managed and run in our new dystopian America comprehends. When Karen Stewart brings police into the conversation, and says she has “called police” on me, she is, essentially, targeting me: this constitutes perpetration. When she posts falsehoods and smears and insults on me on Twitter, she is targeting me for character-assassination: this is perpetration. When she posts her bogus, unqualified “diagnoses” of me as “malignant narcissist, delusional, has a disorder, controlling” etc., she is once again targeting me (fondly she hopes no doubt) for psych-takedown; this is perpetration. I am pointing this out for a reason: Karen Stewart–like Katherine Horton–has essentially become a perpetrator of crime here. Not merely are we looking at serious defamation, we are looking at serious targeting crimes–much in line with the targeting crimes of fusion-centers.

I am now going to take apart her Unhinged document, piece by piece.

“Here we go again”: Karen Stewart’s New Piece of Libel


Notice this brilliant opener, which suggests I am repeating a lie. As usual, Karen distorts fact and all that’s previously been aired. I don’t recall “repeating that we fell out merely because she read and believed Katherine’s lies”–which latter she seems to have done for she is now professing Katherine’s lies are truth; I have written much on this matter as it was unfolding and shortly after–the fact is, Karen began a one-sided attack operation on me right after I published the Joint Statement we had worked on together–which was being written to counter Katherine Horton’s lies. I am well aware of what I have published on this matter, which I will simply re-share, in screenshot. This is from my letter to Norman Rabin recently:

Her second statement there is plain absurd and a new confabulation straight out of her foggy head. “Being fooled into disliking Ramola” and “offending” people…absurd to even impute such rubbish to me! Stating that Bill Binney, Kirk Wiebe and Catherine Austin Fitts seem to have been taken in by Katherine Horton’s lies has been twisted here by Ms. Twist and Turn into something brand new on her own, much in her style of manufacturing a new distortion each time she writes. I am not worried about people disliking me nor am I worried about offending people, I know who I am, I stand in truth, honor, and clarity, I am abusive to no-one (can’t be said about her), while I am unapologetic always about pursuing the truth, the science, the facts.


The many stories and lies and confabulated narratives in this paragraph have been addressed many times. Karen Stewart and I did not share cosy confidences in the entire period Katherine Horton was attacking me, I did not “emplore Millicent and her” to put out a Joint Statement, nor was there any “18-month obsession with and cyber-persuit of K.” This is serious defamation, and once again, previous writings establish the facts. In addition, this rather forgetful former “Intelligence analyst” from NSA forgets the digital trace that she herself leaves gives lie to her own current lies–she was perfectly cognizant of the fact that it was Katherine Horton who engaged in “an 18-month obsession and cyberstalking pursuit” not I, and she has neatly inverted the truth–in quite Satanist style–something others such as Cassandra who witnessed the writing of the Joint Statement were also shocked by:

Here is that statement Karen Stewart herself penned, with a few others she had sent on in emails earlier–ALL reported earlier on threads and articles:

I recommend these 2 articles to further pursue the truth of the matter here (look for sections covering the writing of the Joint Statement), while the tweets and notes above offer some perspective and illustrate how extremely Karen is lying:




Incredible defamation and utter rubbish, all of it fully addressed earlier in my Statement on her (section on writing the Joint Statement) and my Response to her slander in my letter to Norman. Also addressed in various threads earlier.

Frankly, this is malicious defamation: There is no evidence for these insults. I certainly did not set out to insult anyone during the writing of the Joint Statement, I did not suggest anyone owed me, I did not seek to misrepresent anyone, nor did Millicent cease responding “out of frustration with (my) lack of integrity”–this is rather presumptuous speaking for Millicent here.

(I have spoken very recently with Millicent (Phone, Friday Sep 18, 2020) about Karen’s continuing smear attacks and she is quite sad about Karen’s inexplicable behavior, thinks Karen is exhibiting MK ULTRA Post-Hypnotic Programming, and in fact suggested we pray for her.)

Cassandra was present at all email conversations during the writing of the Joint Statement and confirms these facts. What Karen Stewart is doing here is repeating and reinforcing her incredibly false-narrative changing facts.

I am re-posting here a few tweets from Cassandra’s Witness thread, expressing her observations of what transpired in that process. As I have noted earlier: There was no coercion, no abuse, no bullying, no manipulation, no controlling, no insulting, no attempts to “attack Katherine with inflammatory language” as Karen Stewart has dared to allege: there is no evidence for any of this in those emails.

There is one other false-accusation here I’d like to address here. Karen has posted one email of mine (written during this process of excavating facts prior to writing the Joint Statement) publicly on her all-defamation Perps and Nutcases Facebook page without my permission. She chose to publish that email completely devoid of context and then proceeded to pick it apart with much circling in red and drawing attention to specific sentences as evidence of my attempt to “control the narrative.” To place this in context, that email was sent to her and Millicent while we were trying to retrace the events that led to the airing of our Video Note announcing the end of TCFF. Just prior to that email, Karen had sent an email suggesting, indeed accusing myself and Millicent–wrongfully, as she later admitted–that Katherine had not known TCFF had ended, was “sidewinded” and “should have been notified.” In that email she also suggested people were continuing to speak with Katherine. and it was “not clear” what had been concluded. In my response to this falsely-accusatory email, I pointed out that I personally had stopped speaking to Katherine well before the time she noted, thanks to Katherine’s incredibly abusive insulting attacks on me personally, that only both of them had continued conversing with her later (and could they explain why?–since they had clearly taken those conversations off the main group email thread, and I was not privy to them), that all three of us had clearly indicated we clearly understood TCFF was done, that there was no way anyone could say Katherine was sideswiped or not notified.

Returning to the above Unhinged, Karen 3 rubbish: At no point have I said to either of them they “had no right to associate with Katherine Horton without my permission”–utterly laughable! This is an example of Karen’s easy ability to distort what really transpired. I Did ask, at the time, when I learned they had given (the untrustable) Horton their affidavits, why they had not shared with me earlier that they had done so. I further asked, when it was discovered–by others, reading Katherine Horton’s tweets–that Katherine had visited Karen in her hometown in the US, why she had not shared this information with us: it is a fact that Karen Stewart did not let anyone know that Katherine had visited her, even though we were in touch at that time and had been exchanging emails and doing podcasts together. One must wonder why.

I will also add, that in retrospect, seeing that Katherine Horton had apparently come dashing to the States to insinuate herself into the circles of three NSA whistleblowers all of whom she apparently chased to and ambushed in their hometowns, it seems plausible that Karen Stewart, seeing which way the wind was blowing, decided to jump ship and start inverting Truth and Facts, so as to curry favor with Horton, as expressed above in TWO, while embarking on this defamation campaign marked by Malice, which she is still sailing on.

Her intention thus coincided with Katherine Horton’s, which has continued to play out: to lie about, smear, defame, attack and marginalize me–apparently to bury all I am reporting, leaving both thence to “inform” Kirk Wiebe and Bill Binney — while gatekeeping and burying all detailed knowledge of the actual weaponry being used on targets and the actual means by which fusion centers have pulled off these crimes, which I have reported on, to her heart’s content.

Finally, to close out Unhinged Karen 3: Karen’s idiotic labels of “malignant narcissist personality disorder” seem to come straight out of the CIA Counterintelligence handbook on how to bury a too-much-truthtelling journalist– or her mirror. I understand projection and inversion are tools of the Counterintelligence terrorists.


Much like Goebbels advises, Karen Stewart has embarked here on repeating her blather about fabrication of “bigger and bigger lies” (huh?), “bad behavior with her and Millicent,” (huh again? Any evidence for this? NONE whatsoever), blowing it (blowing what?), having “trained flying monkeys” (none that I know of; Karen’s insults of those who independently observe and speak out are just that, insults; she seems to lack the basic discernment to notice that people are using their own critical thinking faculties when they call her out, and further, isn’t it curious that I am personally being named as responsible in any way for what others independently see and say?) Classic definition of scapegoat: Katherine Horton played that game, and now it’s Karen Stewart’s turn.

What does it make these two Questionables? Highly questionable, if not suspect.

The tenor of Karen’s writing here, which she dares to address to me is insulting. The claims she makes here are absurd, conflating, and fabricated. I doubt I have ever used the term “fake whistleblowers” or worried about her “validating documents.” I do notice there are Distraction Whistleblowers (like Snowden) on the world stage. Her unfathomable malice and sudden hatred toward me — born of what: resentment? jealousy? petty bitterness? — are evident (“we will not kiss your obnoxious feet”). (I have self-sustaining feet thank you, they don’t need ex-NSA to kiss them!) Her admonitions to visit “a professional” for “delusions” are insulting. The information–the audacity, the gall, the absurdity–she shares of having run to police I have covered above. It is both absurd and seriously defamatory. To accuse someone of cyberstalking and harassing them while in actuality maintaining and extending harassive, libelous attacks on them is seriously unhinged.


To recap: Every single one of the absurd accusations and allegations in her libelous “Here we go again document” is a lie, and builds a False-Narrative which she is now repeating as she posts this rubbish daily.

What is this false narrative really? Here it is: “Ramola D is a malignant narcissist with a serious personality disorder problem who has bullied, insulted, abused, and manipulated Karen Stewart, who tried to get Karen and Millicent to attack Katherine with inflammatory language, who never wanted to write a statement filled with neutral facts, who demanded that all stop speaking to Katherine, who tried to control and bully and manipulate and failed, who has attacked many, and who has a reputation for controlling and attacking others—who therefore should be seen from now on in this light: Controller, Bully, Abuser, Malignant Narcissist.”

Essentially, in this fell swoop, what Karen Stewart is demonstrating rather clearly here is Character Assassination, exactly what the Crimes-Hidden-via-Secrecy FBI and CIA run on their opponents in the truth-seeking and peace-focused world they attack regularly with intrusive surveillance, neuroweaponry, and radar weapons.

As I’ve said before, I make no bones about pursuing the truth, about calling out frauds and infiltrators—with facts and evidence—particularly when they insult, abuse, post false-narratives, and smear, nor do I apologize for incisive clarity in my writing.

When those very controlled-opposition mavens I have previously written about start gossiping on Twitter and call me an “attacker who attacks many,” their favorite thing to say, I am personally not interested. The record of who has attacked who and how has been reported at my website and is clear for all to see: anyone and everyone who has been the subject of my writings in the Controlled-Opposition/Containment Operation “Targeted-Individual” activism space (set up very clearly to limit disclosure of Fusion Center Crimes & Human Rights Atrocities by alphabet agencies, DHS, & military) has distinguished themselves by first attacking me and then running smear operations on me: I invite anyone to check this out for themselves in the written record. I do not need to repeat myself.

I do happen to be the only publishing journalist delving rather deeply into the nature of the targeting crimes being run on the world populace, and exposing the nature of the horrific, abusive weaponry involved, now being hidden under dual-use technology labels, with new euphemisms the military invents everyday to hide their bio-hacking and neuro-hacking weapons, remote-access human-needling weapons, remote-control biorobotizing weapons, remote-control cybernetic weapons, and deadly brain-degrading neuroweapons. However, I always point to the history of journalism and disclosure in this space, I am not writing in a vacuum, there is a tremendous amount of disclosure in books, articles, and websites I am building on, and always point back to.

What better way to bury the voice of such a writer than have an ex-colleague from the NSA attack her nonstop with false narratives and false allegations? In other words: run Information Warfare on her.

Apparently I represent a far greater threat to the establishment than Karen Stewart herself, with her hundreds of letters to senators who are all co-opted and absurd demands to the White House asking for a separate pen to put “Targeted Individuals” in—not something most targets would endorse.

Finally, my conclusion here is that Karen–as per the Psy Op manual running her engine—needed to do something extra-malicious and ultra-insane in order to run me down in the public sphere and in the activism space, to other targets, especially because she had worked so closely with me in the past and supported and praised my journalism. I’ll post here a few notes she has made in the past on this subject–not comprehensive, only a sampling, to illustrate this point.


This information is posted in the public interest, to halt further speculation on the validity of Karen’s lies. Many follow her, many look up to her for assistance as victims of unlawful targeting by the Agencies and fusion centers. She is defrauding all and maintaining false-premise when she upholds false-narratives, she is engaging in continuous libel, slander and defamation when she attacks in this fashion. Suggesting she is being “stalked on Twitter”– a public space where she posts public attacks on me, is ludicrous. Once again, Karen Stewart is asked to Cease and Desist from continuing slander and lies–and absurd, chaotic smears and insults–against Ramola D.

Nazi Propaganda man Goebbels of course had a plan, a Master Plan. The largest lies, repeated forever were intended to produce a definite result. What is Karen Stewart’s intention? Repetition seems to be her MO. I hope the people reading this understand better.


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