False Narratives, Falsified Records, Easy Lies to Legitimize Crime to Invoke Public Harassment: Trademark of Unlawful FBI Targeting

Personal Report | Ramola D | Jan 6, 2022

This morning, a comment of mine on Facebook was immediately removed, I was informed, by FBI whistleblower—and only Special Agent of integrity I know–Geral Sosbee: a comment I made below a post he made linking to his posting on Aotearoa Indymedia of my recent Personal Reports—a new project I have embarked on with resolution to publicly share a summary of the daily, weekly, monthly harassment and high-tech crimes I am, from 2013 and still, being subjected to (for being a non-criminal writer, journalist, activist, educator, influencer, thinker—the kind the FBI especially likes to falsely criminalize to the world, to solicit “community-monitoring” by the easily-influenced, well-bribed, terrorized or just plain foolishly compliant) without pause.

This was Geral’s post, and my re-made comments, remembered as best I could and re-posted:

Jan 6, 2022

“Here are a few reports from RAMOLA D who records for humanity the unconscionable crimes committed against her by the enemy of mankind, the fbi & company. “

  1. I’m told my recent comment here in response to this post was removed! Now who could remove a post I make on Facebook as a comment to someone else’s post…..hmmm! Perhaps the same people who disappear ALL my posts on Facebook so hardly anyone sees them? Here is the gist of what I wrote, and I will report this in an article as well immediately.

Thank you V much for these posts Geral—and extending the reach of my articles–which seems to have had an immediate effect since I was swarmed excessively on store visits yesterday by a number of very unhappy-looking men, some women, who seemed like they were looking forward to grim futures….as they should be when the full truth comes out about what they are doing. Also accosted on the roadways by a number of men in cars engaging in U-turns, backing into spaces, or just backing—Masonic blackcraft actions. I sensed FBI CIA DHS—mostly FBI and DHS among the swarmers, contractors, minions, and fusion center employees. The CIA makes itself known by sending men in cars to drive past holding that famous weapon of intimidation in their mouths—the Cigarette. All collusive, abusive, sadistic – they will continue to be exposed at my pen. Yesterday I re-discovered the #Blueleaks trove of documents exposing what police, FBI, fusion centers are doing in targeting and attacking civilians—which I am researching further now.

  1. And in case that one is disappeared too — by the fusion center Guilty Parties engaging in targeting crimes I will continue to expose, here’s a screenshot…
  2. Think I also noted the men swarming me–who looked nervous, and mostly as-if-quite-uneducated (which one can expect I suppose from low-life thugs commissioned to attack others in stealth with deadly military weapons, Psy Ops, Lies, harassment), looked chagrined–at being found out, at being exposed, at being written about in terms describing the facts of what they are really doing to people? I suspect a change coming – but clearly my writing and Geral Sosbee‘s indefatigable work across decades in writing and documenting is a very important part of this change. It is a fact, that the FBI CIA DHS NSA who play the “Homeland Security” game have been and are seriously engaging in abuse of power, overreach, malice, torture, and sadism. They need to be removed from their positions of power over others. THEY are the ones threatening ALL our security, safety, peace, law and order, THEY are the THREATS TO NATIONAL SECURITY they casually, wrongfully, unlawfully cast innocent, law-abiding people as. Clearly I need to write an article about this….please stay tuned. I am very conscious that I as a journalist–attacked by them–need to address their crimes on me publicly. How long will they be able to disappear my work and voice?”

Jan 5, 2022

Yes I was swarmed and mobbed, at CVS, at Stop N Shop in Quincy by numbers of shady looking characters – and I did sense nervousness, apprehension, chagrin emanating from them. A small number at Stop n Shop were the faintly well-dressed, seemingly-educated sorts, yet behaving in mouldy ways engaging in the full-on harassment stare of the well-cued, well-primed minions of the fusion centers who include neighbors schooled to stare, therefore essentially becoming low-level low-life FBI-DHS operatives themselves—even the CIA FBI slightly top-level twits assigned to “check out the cheeky writer in person”; most were the ragged-beard or unshaven couch-potato species, well-shaped by their beverages into bulky sacks and lolloping around the make-up and hair coloring aisles, Minion and Paid Mercenary emblazoned across their (receding) foreheads.

One drove through the lipsticks and face masks making a beeline for the very cube of space I was occupying, bustling his seven-foot five-foot (that’s the sideways part) into L’oreal and Revlon, seriously occupied with women’s hair coloring for a pastime apparently, when he isn’t prone on the couch imbibing cognac through his nostrils. That was CVS – and numbers and hordes in masks (some role modelling COMPLIANCE TO THE COVID KINGS, some seriously complying, like the rudderless, backboneless fish many, many sadly-stomped-on Americans have become today, some looking homeless and sent-in just to swarm) completed that picture.

Stop n Shop also had the shopping-cart pushers break out of aisles and behind display cabinets at speed all over the place–so I had to slow my pace to a crawl to let them zoom out or in nonstop–or just swarm across the produce so you – I should say I – couldn’t get to it; their lives apparently depend on keeping the red peppers from me–or me from the red peppers. Here the agents and operatives who inhabit the local “intelligence” and “security” agencies – euphemisms for drop-all-morals-as-you-walk-through-our-doors, we-use-crime-as-our-calling-card, “law enforcement”-being-the-enforcement-of-lies-false-narratives-and-fabrications–hovered over the peaches, heads-down, right next to me, or aimed themselves at me like lasers trying to hold my gaze (now why would I look deep into the eyes of a camouflaged loon in a black mask and CIA spectacles trying to pinpoint me with his sultry stare? And who looped around and accosted me again, by the cheese and the chardonnay?) Men in masks are seeking to hide their high cheekbones (I mean their flashy jowls) and I do not look at them. Be a Covid-compliant, be a Mask-pretender, be an FBI-freak, be a CIA-creep, be a DHS-dunce, be a role modeller for jellyfish, be a Baker-peon (I mean Charlie Baker the local hedgehog in Massachusetts playing games for the British Crown)—don’t expect me to be charmed. Yes, I sensed a motley mix of chagrin, shame, feeling-of-being-outed, feeling-of-being-outwitted, feeling-of-being-exposed, generally.

On the roadways—on Beale and Pine, near the post-office, near the birches one street down, rather large and bulky bearded men, many red-haired, giving away their Khazarian origins squeezed into the tiny white sedans of the covert UN-NWO-trampling-of-American-freedoms-coup while looking like they should be driving the horses in their Cossack garb across the Mongol plain dashed deliberately in front of me as I drove, pulling T-turns, reversals, U-turns, and backing into parking spaces, backing in their parking spaces, all manner of the same exact occultist Masonic U-turn-in-front-of-you, reversing-in-front-of-you trick they think will earn them shekels or virgins in heaven – maybe both – and turn their fortunes around with me, imminently. No, I don’t imagine they’re striving to impress me, I imagine they’re trying to run their little Magick tricks to stop me and reverse my forward-drive in exposing their sorry asses: too late, boys. Some trains never stop.

The lady at the cash counter said she had never seen such a crowd like this on a Wednesday afternoon, in the middle of the day, and wondered if it was impending snow on Friday or what causing it. Wednesday is pretty far from Friday and this is New England, people are more used to snow–but there hasn’t been any snow here all winter, only rare flurries–so, even though my sadly MK’d husband just came down the stairs on an engineered Neural-Nudge (those are courtesy CIA and next-door operatives) and informed me our child’s school was having a snow day tomorrow, I don’t think all that swarming was about snow. The phenomenon of swarming around the falsely-targeted, encouraged by the fusion centers, is a well-known one and brings good business to the “Public-Private” partners running these businesses, I have frequently witnessed it in my honor—always absurd, always ridiculous—but it is clear these businesses are 100% complicit, witnessing and permitting the obvious harassment (store cameras will easily show what people are doing, collectively and consecutively driving their carts deliberately into s/elect people, they can stop this madness by refusing to collaborate with the lousy FBI-DHS-CIA fusion center felons, but no they don’t, they permit and sanction public harassment by our Homeland Security apparatus, budgeted to cause aisle-terror and street-terror, in-house-terror and in-store-terror, take your pick).

Very early on in this 8-year saga of outrageous harassment, in the winter of 2013-2014, when I was in absolute shock at everything happening around me, a Stop n Shop stocker turned to various of the sudden shopper-swarmers simply mobbing me—somewhere between the tomatoes and the plums—and said “this one’s a big one, we all got to pull together on this one”; this was when I was diligently writing and publishing the testimonials of various whistleblowers and targets exposing DEW & Neurotech Targeting, and researching the published record of FBI misbehavior and overreach to report it. Exposing crime, not committing it.

Which latter I am still doing now, since it hasn’t stopped—and has in fact intensified, as I have recently reported in some of my personal reports.

Is it possible someone at the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, reading my reports is actually squirming a bit and causing his “Team” I mean cohort-of-criminals operating at his command to squirm a bit more and cut back on the most obvious crimes a bit? (I’m wondering at the fear I sensed in them.) I can barely believe it, given the continued assault – but I certainly hope this is the case. The entire bunch of them needs to be squirming nonstop at the horror of the holocaust they have unleashed on me and on everyone else they have falsely-targeted for blatant stealth assault, smearing, slandering, decrying, destroying just so the real cannibals, the CIA, DOD, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force can go to town feasting and cannibalizing the innocent and the truly intelligent (You’re smart so we have to implant you, bug you, track you, buzz you, drizzle you nonstop with microwaves, ECG-you, freeze you, neuro-degrade you, modulate you, shut you down: Ask Giordano, Georgetown Ethics Cover King, he’s said as much, openly)–Mk Ultra and weapons-testing both involve covert implants and assault-and-battery with wifi/spectrum/sonic weapons. In between, the opportunistic and SRA-practicing Khazarian-Luciferian-Freemasons have also been given free access, with weapons, to the bio-hackable bodies of targets.

They haven’t stopped though. Lately they’ve cut back a bit on the most obvious droning and helicoptering and zooming up and down the street with Fire Engine 9 and monster FED EX trucks – but they haven’t stopped. I hear a drone as I write, and their ELFs from a zoomer-SUV and the next-door Mercenary Mazzeo are pounding the couch where I sit while a frisson of EMFs surrounds my head like a cloud. Two nights ago as I went to bed super early at 5 am after staying up all night finishing an article, the couch being high-intensity-vibrated the entire time, I witnessed a very large, tank-like truck speed away on Elmwood, clearly having been parked in parallel with the couch to send those ELFs in. (That’s how they seem to do it most often, with a large truck engine; vibrational assault of several different kinds to several different body parts they are frantically addicted to—and they use a variety of means including the heating system in one’s own house; but they have a predilection for the large truck.)

Earlier this morning a Scott Williams fuel-truck pulled up and parked in front of the house opposite this couch—doing nothing, just parked and thrumming ELFs into the couch—I got up to see it just standing there, vibrating: their favorite pastime these days (CIA NSA?) is to find a hyperscalar radar way, with those ELFs, into, yes, sorry to be so anatomically precise in my report, but someone’s got to do it, the RECTUM. Pulsing specific frequencies into the anus and rectum seems to be using Chinese meridians for energy flow and sending concussion headache frequencies into the head, something I have frequently experienced and now far more successfully constantly shield from. Many many falsely-targeted have reported this to me as well. The CIA NSA FBI DHS (an “Intelligence” community I’m told) are sadly obsessed with the human urino-genital system and have perfected the fine art of abusing it, every measly chance they get.

Jan 4 2022

Here’s where the False-Narratives part of this report mostly stems from. On a lone walk to a local park with our dog on Tuesday, it was clear I was being “arrival-monitored” by a very large shabby truck of a man who has engaged in this very behavior on earlier occasions, pulling up as I made it to the entrance, parking his truck (with 33 or 88 on his license plate I forget which) and disembarking two large twin-like progeny who also rolled out, with a dog in tow, the supersize surveillance trio blundering their way forward into a small group already Park’d there, ostensibly playing with their dogs.

Two points of notice of this crowd: one, very alpha, very shouty, exuberant big-and-boisterous life-and-soul-of-the-party Black dude, who threw his arms out and shouted Happy New Year! to Mr. 33 Complacent-in-Covert-Surveillance criminal-attacking-non-criminals Pudgy Dad and sons, saying immediately afterwards—all loud and clear, like a flashing beacon, because, hey Covert Criminals can do that, just talk in code while hiding-in-plain-sight: “You didn’t tell me she was BROWN! Seriously? Ha ha ha!” Now he said this not just once, but a couple times and so no, I don’t think he was talking about somebody’s dog. I do just happen to be brown (brown-skinned, from India, not-white, not-Anglo-American) myself. I don’t think I am the center of attention or should be, all the time. I don’t think random strangers are talking about me just because I show up anywhere. But I do know, from 8 solid years of being subjected to this lunacy, and from the reports of hundreds of others, that if you are falsely-targeted by the Fusion-Center-Felons at heart of this piece, you are thrust immediately into a Truman Show: nothing is organic around you, everything is engineered: you are surrounded by low-lifes, minions, scummy operatives paid to stalk, echo-stalk, harass, annoy, drain cellphone batteries, freeze cashier electronics when you are paying (also a Stop n Shop feature on Jan 5), deliberately use phrases and words in repeat conditioning and NLP maneuvers, et al: many are local residents, pushed into the Infragard/Neighborhood Watch community-monitoring programs by the Full-Spectrum-Deadhead-Feds who like to Truman-show and fortress targets in this fashion.

Now Mr. Openly Shouting Dude appeared to be an operative, perhaps a newbie, being trained in the ways of the felons-playing-prince—borne out by his literally following me later on the field to the far end as I pulled away and took the dog for a walk by the shorn maples and oaks and birches at the far end en route to heading out, and fiddling with his phone as he struggled to keep tabs on the signals he was reading (brain prints? RFIDs? I have plenty of those). He was in on it – as Pudgy Dad clearly was.

Two, there was a young couple with two dogs, one black, one whitish, very Masonic, throwing balls to them, although the woman was stationary at first—and here’s the thing. Given that NOTHING is organic around me when I go anywhere—and hasn’t been, for years—I fully expected absurdity from this crowd as I approached, and I didn’t have long to wait. This young woman was well equipped to NLP and echo-stalk: purple jacket and light blue cross-shoulder bag, very prominent, held across her body as if to draw attention to it: both colors being used often around me, but notably, colors used by me lately in videos, graphics, articles at my website, which is what they like to replay, I’ve noticed for years now, in people’s jackets, bags, pyjamas, coats, scarves, cars, around me, you name it. She was too-well-made-up for a park, with lipstick and eyeliner—but I use this too, going out, just not that much—and she said Absolutely Nothing as she stared at me nonstop with what I think now was a very fuddled, frozen gaze.

Now this is a very interesting felon-directed tactic (Read FBI DHS CIA NSA criminals-in-concert-attacking-the-neighborhood-writer-falsely-criminalized-as-who-knows-what for “felon,” please) I have experienced before—which still makes no sense, but which has been repeated around me, continuously, both by strangers and people I know suddenly showing up in an orchestrated way around me, planting themselves under my very nose, even often just a few steps or few feet away and Saying Nothing, trying to “invoke” a first-word from me, which sure as heck freezes me out immediately—and her entirely bizarre silence while staring at me head-on was enough to silence me—but I was not feeling kindly toward this obviously-planted crowd to start with.

In any case, I did say a few words to her, she answered my questions about her dogs, while her Anglo husband came by with one of those smug grins on his face which suggest he might well be one of the felon-clan; now she, rigged out in purple and blue, I don’t know, she may just be one of the Compliants, pushed into this weird behavior; well, since she was incapable of saying much apart from answering my questions while continuing to pin me with her helpless, frozen stare, I wandered off—the rest of the crowd were hanging back engaging in “directed-conversation”–Mr. Alpha, at behest of the Covid Cult said loudly “My wife isn’t here because last night she tested positive” – that’s role-modeling for: We’re all supposed to fixate now, on an imaginary disease for which our new lives must be all about taking tests for: we take tests nonstop, we talk about tests nonstop, we wear masks nonstop, and we pretend nonstop Covid’s a disease which exists – and I wasn’t going to hang around to listen to it.

Now it is possible that this young made-up woman—who was also, I think BROWN, she struck me as possibly from Bangladesh or India or Pakistan—had been fed a false-narrative before I arrived. She looked bemused and befuddled (and compliant and silent). This is definitely the case around the neighbors in this neighborhood whom we knew before the targeting-harassment started; they converted overnight into felon-directed-fiends and have stayed in that space, some progressing to doing more than most to physically assault with stealth-radar-devices and drain cellphone batteries, suggesting a closer felon-connection. False narratives, outright lies, and the most grievous fabrications surround all unlawful FBI-targeting; I have discussed this at length in relation to David Mok, a neighborhood harasser-on-the-behest-of-BRIC-FBI earlier: this situation has not changed. David Mok’s guest revealed in earshot that I—whom she knew nothing about—was a “nightwalker” meaning streetwalker or prostitute, which means really that she had been fed this amazing false-narrative by the felon-clan operating in this neighborhood with a Very Large Portfolio of Lies: this is the kind of super-scummy behavior I referred to in my podcast recently with Jack Christiana, which I will report on further soon.

By this means, silencing the neighbors with super scummy lies about me being “a prostitute and a pedophile” – the latter I learned about from David Mok, described in Parallel Construction…., the felon-FBI and felon-DHS along with the felon-AirForce was able to set up shop in their driveways for 8 years, zooming in and out, parking, flying drones and helicopters over my house and head, while drowning me in the most macabre and exotic microwave, milliwave, sonic, neural assault with multiple weapons, night and day, 24/7—ending my creativity workshops for children, ending my teaching-writing career, ending my creative-writing, ending my marriage, ending my life as I knew it then brutally, unethically (hey Giordano), and most evilly.

In recent times I have also been given evidence from Dana’s son Jack across the street that the neighbors have been told I am “mentally ill,” a common ploy the felon-clan uses, to discredit the brilliant and beautiful whom they’re targeting and tearing to death with deadly military weapons.

Apparently it’s okay for mentally-ill prostitutes and pedophiles to be stalked, harassed, Truman-show’d, MK-ULTRA’d, helicopter-harassed, drone-surveilled, noise-stunned, and large-truck-vibrated-to-death, is the message the felon-clan has given this Quincy neighborhood and which this neighborhood has meekly assented to and accepted. A new brand of morality from the felon-FBI—which sure as heck needs dismantling. Not one of the neighbors who were at the receiving-end of my natural warmth and friendliness, not to mention material generosity and compassion (teatime cupcakes, Joe Murphy) (hot soup when your power and stove were out, Christine Norton, Pat Norton!) (picking up your paper for a week when you went off on vacation, David Mok, Eman Mok!) has spoken to me about what has happened, or asked me a single question, they have simply fallen in line and continue their felon-directed street-theater and MK echo-stalking and letting the felons-with-weapons park in their driveways and zoom up and down the street engaging in street-terror.

And call other people criminals when that’s exactly what they are!

I have much more to say on the FBI’s behavior in spreading lies and character-assassination around my place of residence and larger world but I’ll reserve it for another day. Suffice to say it is this behavior—this resorting to easy lies and fabrications—which leads to young women like this one, pulled out of a local neighborhood group to accost the other brown woman in the neighborhood with a “community-monitoring-hat” (they do like to match up their ethnicities), becoming a participant in the Repression, Subjugation, “Domestic Pacification” “communitarian” operations going on.

Where she and I, being brown, may have had an organic, warm, friendly, connective conversation—building community, harmony, peace in the neighborhood—we now have a felon-directed Truman Show built on false-narratives, lies, fabrications—and surely falsified-records as well (which they won’t release to me even on FOIA request) which is what the whistleblowing of Very Special Agent Geral Sosbee has brought to us, the knowledge of the secretive and false FISA reports and warrants, the false FMA pronouncements and court orders whereby the FBI justifies-on-paper its profoundly-criminal behavior in targeting, harassing, permitting military experimentation and physically-assaulting innocents with spectrum weapons. After that, call anyone protesting this criminality “anti-government” as well. Add in “extremist” and “radical,” just for kicks. Hey, good job, FBI! Great community-building. Peace-making and law-enforcing you call it, I hear. May all your heads roll.


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