Extreme Assault on Writing Arm & Shoulder: Letters Sent to CIA and US Senate Intelligence Committee

Report | Ramola D | Sep 28, 2021

Over the last few weeks I have been hit so intensely on my writing (right) arm and shoulder that I called the Senate Intelligence Committee and wrote in to the CIA on September 13 to ask them to take action to stop these outrageous assaults–which I have written a bit more about at the log I am maintaining on a weekly basis at Ramola D | #Bentley360: Musings & Reports–Full Spectrum Record. I also asked the Senate Intel Committee for email ids to write to–no-one has bothered to supply these.

I wrote a letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee and faxed it in yesterday, to be mailed this week.

While in the past some response has occurred in relation to my letters and posts reporting the egregious and Satanic assaults on me with EMF weapons–this time the attacks on my writing arm, elbow, shoulder, hand, fingers have not stopped; I continue to shield, to some effect, and I continue to be hit, on a daily basis. It is inexplicable the depths to which these barbarians will sink–but they daily prove their lack of humanity.

And true, it is absurd writing to the thugs at the CIA and asking them to stop their horrible crimes, but I was literally assaulted so extremely I had to write.

As for the Senate Intelligence Committee, they are either oblivious or uncaring of the crimes being committed by the CIA, FBI, DHS, DOD against Americans–and they need to be publicly called out.

The kamikaze attacks on my writing arm occurred the day of and after my appearance on Info Wars with Dr. Andy Kaufman and after the Richie Allen and TradcatKnight interviews that week–during which I think I had continued my podcasts and article postings mostly still reporting on the ingredients in the COVID vaccines and the FOIA requests I had made asking for information on a purified isolate of the SARS-COV-2 virus (which doesn’t exist).

I am posting both letters here for the record, and will send notice to a few other parties as well.