Evidence of Panicked Shadowbanning & Numbers-Fraud on my WordPress Media Site Post Publication of Report 298 (US Dollar Gold-Backed by American Govt): Subscriber Figures Plunge

Report | Ramola D | October 20, 2022/Updated Oct 26, 2022

UPDATE Oct 26, 2022:

Wow, there IS a God! Or do I mean an awake-and-aware WordPress Maestro back there with the NSA/FBI….Noticed just now those subscriber numbers have been returned–and it will be interesting to see if they keep climbing or just suddenly go stagnant again or walk backwards….or sideways…or–Let me just say Thank you for now, to whoever is responsible: Life is So Much Better when no-one is Shadowbanned, disappeared, marginalized, peripheralized, fringe-alized, as so many (platforms) do to me constantly online…MUST I really stay on the fringe forever…? Keep it on the Up and Up ever, please!

I notice this morning that the No. of Subscribers figure displayed on my front page has suddenly plunged from over 6700 to 1309 and 1304, as viewed on different pages today.

This is directly after posting Report 298 yesterday with its momentous news of the US dollar being gold-backed by the American Government or Federation of States, restored by Anna von Reitz and Clinton James Belcher, whose existence apparently the US Government is seeking to suppress all knowledge of.

Now I should mention that I have previously witnessed the No. of Subscribers — which was steadily climbing — suddenly stagnate, go backwards, hold still, go forward, go back, freeze — all peculiar actions which made it obvious this number was being tampered with and artificially being frozen and manipulated. I don’t even think this number is accurate anymore, given these gyrations.

However I must say this enormous removal is extremely noticeable — and I have to wonder to what I owe this sudden drop. My first instinct — given what I have witnessed and been subjected to online in the way of shadowbanning, marginalizing, censoring, and disappearing — is to attribute this number-manipulation to artificial shadowbanning ideologies, prompted by malice and panic — as my deplatforming from Youtube (Ramola D Reports, on 3-30-21 at 16, 000 subscribers) and Vimeo and Twitter (Over 44 K tweets/@EccEveryday) demonstrated, and is every day evident from shadowbanning at Facebook and Twitter under the other id I have been using there (@satyaCovertCAS).

I am also being given “cues” in covert communications to suggest I am once more becoming the target of slander operations, particularly from ex-NSA “whistleblower” Karen Stewart whose work I covered, whom I worked with, and whose later Intel-led smear-operation on me along with her associate “Dr” Katherine Horton I have written intensively about. The fact that my work in research, reportage, and journalism has been profoundly slandered has been fully reported here, for purposes of truth-history. Anyone can read the trail of articles and logs here to follow the history of false-accusations, lies, smears, slander, libel from these two and the fact-based rebuttals published.

However, it is rather significant that the moment I publish a truly mega news story: Report 298 | Breaking News! Anna von Reitz Reports the American Government has Backed the US Dollar with Gold | Global Banking and Economic Collapse Averted | US and Australian Debt Paid Off which no doubt everyone in the world would like to know more about, I suddenly witness the plunge of numbers on my home page–with obvious intent to downplay the impact of my writing and work. Something I will query WordPress about — but something that should never have happened.

Here are the views when I pull up this article at my site today on October 20, 2022 and on the Wayback machine from Oct 12, 2022 when it was first published: https://everydayconcerned.net/2022/10/12/public-awakening-to-nefarious-world-agenda-european-members-of-parliament-expose-pfizers-lies-on-vaccines-stopping-transmission-fake-vaccines-used-for-show-by-politicians-french-pm-macron-include/

Here are the pages from which these screenshots were taken:

From October 20, 2022


From October 12, 2022

This is obviously clear evidence of tampering — unless we are all being asked to believe that suddenly, right after I publish a major news story, thousands of my previous subscribers decided it was the right moment to unsubscribe!

Please stay tuned for my new web site and membership platform to be launched soon — when no-one will be able to tamper with the numbers of views or subscribers displayed on my home page, and when those who wish to follow, read, listen to, view my work can do so privately.

And to the very desperate CIA #MockOpsters, NSA fiends, and FBI/DHS loons out there doing this, all I can say is Really? Such cowardice, guys? What are you afraid of? That people can figure out the truth for themselves? They can do that already!