City of Quincy Operates Microwave Weapons, Permits High Noise Harassment, Zoomers on Street, Drones in Sky, Parked Assassins, Compliant Vigilantes & Loony Flashing Lights Night and Day

Personal Report | Ramola D | April 11, 2022

Over the past few weeks, the City of Quincy Corporation has once more distinguished itself as a free-for-all venue for day-and-night crime, haven for federal agencies operating criminal activities in secret (yet absurdly visibly, audibly, and well-known to all denizens), and residence for the ill-educated and amoral minions who work for them, operating weaponry out of attics, basements, upper-rooms and living-rooms, laundry-rooms and kitchens, as well as carrying them in pickups which careen insanely up and down our streets, halting to hit.

Retaliation with Infrasound Weapons, Microwave Pulse Weapons, Acoustic Vibration Weapons, Heat Weapons

Note that it was my reporting of neighbors using microwave weapons — after Richard Lighthouse published deceitful drivel on this subject, adopting a tone of authority to state that celltowers were the source of 90% of microwave weapon attacks: patently false, when pulsed EMF signals emanate and have been recorded as emanating from neighbors’ houses, cars/SUVs/vans/pickups, garages, and garden equipment — that caused the major attack with an infrasound weapon I reported here.

Posting those #HiddenHand articles on Twitter and Telegram led on Sunday March 13 to intense migraine microwave pulse hits all day, designed to debilitate–from several sources: drones above, upper-room windows from neighbors’ houses, surrounding houses, with an increased assault all week with acoustic vibration weapons–in bed, on the couch, trying to read or trying to sleep–and intense heat assault on my spine all night and during the day, in addition to pulses shot at my face, heart, and upper right arm. This 360-degree assault I wake to and spend the entire day fielding continues to the present moment. These hits are 24/7, continuous, no let-up, 360-degrees, come from all directions, and can be traced to numerous houses around the block and to garden sheds and garages. I have indeed traced the location of the hits to these sources, using a meter and a Reflectix & foam-over-steel shield which audibly records every single vicious pulse-hit, clearly manually handled and sent with intent, not randomly issued from ultra wide band radar from a cell tower or other instrument, the very pattern of the pulses has human fingerprints all over it. Parked cars on the street send pulse-shots as well, and drones frequently come by to assist in the tracking.

What is occurring in this neighborhood (is a variety of attack operations) involves continuously operative Air Ground System tracking and recon operations–DCGS (distributed common ground system)–in a continuous training loop which sends zoomers (SUVs/trucks/pickups/minivans/sedans driven by abject lunatics) crashing into the neighborhood night and day, with drones and helicopters clattering overhead nonstop, and the neighbors assisting in tracking as well as operating vibration, sound, SQUID, and microwave weapons of their own from the comfort of their own little fox-holes right next to the unfortunate target of FBI-DHS-CIA-DIA-DOD harvesting, exploitation, and assault operations: in this case, myself.

Parked cars and heart-assault frequencies

On a walk around the neighborhood on March 14 I was hit intensely with congestion heart frequencies, curtailing my walk–hit I suspect from parked vans and pickups, or even from the electrical lines. These heart assaults continued the next day, coming directly from the Chen Le Ming (David Mok house-156) house and the house on the hill behind on Norfolk Street. This was around the time I recorded Podcast 4 in the Let Freedom Ring! series–which causes all the criminals practising fraud and treason on the citizenry to start yelling “Fire!”

Hits to knee, neck, head–from parked cars on street and from the 2 houses on either side–on Friday March 15, heart-hit during my podcast recording with Sonya Roche-Duncan–drones overhead–had to move my shield in front of my heart.

Vibration Weapons and Auditory Cortex Attack post FBI Exposure

Revealing that it is the Police-FBI contingent intimately engaged in retaliatory hits, I was hit with vibration weapons (from above, and from large trucks zooming in to park and arc electrical pulses to specific body parts) the whole weekend, with heart-hits from the Mazzeo shed or houses beyond, directly after publishing News Report 8 on DEW hits and later News Report 9 on Geral Sosbee’s expose of the FBI. Working on producing that video on March 26 I was hit at 9:30 pm with an intense precision attack on the back of my head in the left auditory cortex area–triangulated I think from a few sources–mobile vehicle, parked vehicles and portables from houses behind and at diagonal–and I am fairly certain this was an attempted V2K hit. The intense attack called for immediate shielding and moving.

Later that evening, at 11:40 pm, I was hit rather intensely at the heart, the pulse shots coming the Mazzeo shed and drive, while a drone moved above–also from the Le Ming house and the blue house with the attic window 2 doors up. These were death hits. Assassination hits–which continued at night in bed, along with major head hits and spine hits for heat throughout night and early morning–went to bed around 3 am after posting News Report 9.

Again the next morning on Sunday March 27 and later in the evening, I experienced massive heart hits coming from the Mazzeo house, and the house in the back which also looks peopled by Khazarian mafia–no doubt with a cushy job to weapon-wield with an alphabet agency, as Mazzeo has.

I have previously reported massive heart hits directly after exposing Katherine Horton, Ella Free, Midge Mathis, and in recent times also Karen Stewart: these operatives are clearly protected parties of the British Crown Corporation which is running amuck on the streets of Massachusetts, targeting and killing many and most certainly assaulting-to-the-death myself. My days of private recording while striving to understand what was happening and why my life has been suddenly attacked and destroyed are done: I am revealing the assaults now, and will not stop.

The Human Sacrificers with their Bichon Frises

At Home Depot that afternoon: 2 pruny looking people one with tiny white fluffy bichon frise (surprise surprise) clutched to chest sitting in very large black spaceship with license plates J9999 parked right next to me when I returned to the car. Pruno Man put something in back, then they drove off….most pointed, and evidence of the local Luciferian Talmudic crowd who believe Bichon Frises and full-on-targets need to get the “sacrifice-to-Moloch” motif they’re pushing…very sad, sad couple who need to change their ways.

Fred di Roma Bobcats and Drillers: Noise Harassment and Tearing Up Sidewalks, Microwave Assault from Weapons Carried in Trucks

Working in the garden Friday morning that week– April 4–led to a sudden frenzied onslaught of bobcats, drillers, dump trucks, USPS mailmen all suddenly barging down the street, going one street down and starting up a major drilling racket as they drilled through the cement sidewalk in two places–removing two top squares I saw later on a walk–for no reason whatsoever: these are the new sidewalks installed last summer to much noise mania, with the City promising no more renewals of sidewalks would occur until 10 years had gone by. Ten minutes, they should have said.

Working in the garden as well, back turned to these bobcats engaging in reversing and diagonal-parking occultist Masonic maneuvers, I was also hit in the back of my neck with a spray of microwave pulses–their intent? To make my every waking moment a burning nightmare apparently. I went in to get a shield for my neck and returned to finish what I was doing.

Addendum: Directly after recent posts observing the activated noise-harassment run by neighbors–a situation I have reported extensively on in recent times–Joe Murphy, chief arbiter of Leafblower Sonic Blasts at decibel-volume to remove eardrums came pointedly out at 6 pm that day (I have to consult my records to pinpoint the date) to assault the entire neighborhood with his RISSNET-activated, Block-Captain compliance-in-vigilanteism eagerness to pulverize the silent twilight air and scare sleeping babies right out of their cribs, an assault he continued for 20 minutes straight, rushing around his superclean yard picking up a single stray leaf or two with Sonic Blaster Extraordinaire. I’d also mentioned sirens–those started up too. Hypergame theory and echo-stalking anyone? We are dealing with Morons, with an IQ of Minus Two, who imagine they are playing a Wargame against the citizenry–particularly the informed and reporting citizenry.

Drone/Satellite Hits on Roof and Side of House, Constant Assault

The sounded satellite or drone hits on the house have increased lately, as have the drones and the helicopters and the motorbikes and the sirens….More of the FBI surveillance planes or NSA picking-up-energy planes are also in sight lately, criss-crossing at layered altitudes, snail’s-pacing it across from the backyard–it’s clear the work I’ve been doing and the intention I have set to evict their ineluctable evil from this space now, not tomorrow–is causing a lot of nervous, panicked and manic scouting and sensoring and measuring in the skies and on the street.

Neighbors with their Compliant Vigilanteism, Cell Phone Trackers and Loony Flashing Lights

Let me not forget the loony neighbors with their loony flashing lights — compliant with any old MK ULTRA photic-flicker protocol sent their way — which flash at night and in the day (Murphy’s house a fiesta of madness) and their arrival-departure coinciding, all with a look of virtue on their murderous faces. The couple opposite–who spend their time tracking and hitting, with pulse-hits coming directly from their house, SUV in drive and garage–revealed their hand as the woman screamed about “video’ing her children” as I took groceries inside. Guilty conscience speaking? She was engaged in arrival-monitoring, surrounded by her kids, and she is the one who needs video’ing. Yesterday she and Buzzcut hung outside as I worked in the garden–with him rather loudly saying “You got the real Watch!” to her, proceeding to yell at high volume in supposed chatterbotting and striving to get my attention.

This is the case with all the other weapon-wielders on the street: spend their hours aiming assassin-hits at my body, then leap outside when I step outside and pretend they need to monitor me, when they should be arrested for the violent criminals they’re being.

One more event of note: speaking on the phone while outside one morning I spoke openly of the two opposite using weapons on their neighbors–while one of her kids shouted back–and she accosted the completely-oblivious to-be-ex as he drove up, exchanging lies–which culminated I learned later with him suggesting to her I was “mentally unstable”–the very narrative they’ve all set up for a smear-op and want to establish–irony profound, considering he is clearly being hit himself in the knee and throat with pulse shots from the direction of her house. He too has been terrorized by the “establishment” into this betrayal. This is the kind of situation that occurs when Stealth Weapons are used on the populace, by paid mercenaries, which is what she is. The huge crime being committed against me — and compounded by my own spouse’s being taken-in and acting against me while he himself is clearly being hit — is buried by her paid-for-protocol of pulse-shotting in secret, while maintaining a cover of propriety and normalcy on the outside (surrounding herself with her kids for plausible deniability to add). This is entrenched criminality.

Yesterday, as I stood in the art room, Blondie sat on her porch and pointed that phone up–with its color-coded echo-stalk colors–to track, swinging her child’s stroller in front to hide the phone in her hands after — I presume — she received notice from her criminal network of my snapping her with her phone out, or saw the pics herself. Very clearly she and hubby are part of the same vigilante-network, which is LE/FBI/DHS run–they are pulling in Federal funds for these programs of community monitoring, which include “technical surveillance” using deadly human-hacking and human-molesting weapons, and they have no qualms about assaulting their neighbor in secret with their stealth batter-and-pretend weapons they can all collectively deny exist. Except, we know better now.

This is the kind of lunacy ongoing and embedded crime flying under cover of Public Safety, Public Health and other lies which Quincy Corporation promotes and permits, which Maura Healey “can’t address” and which the exploitative harvesters from DOD/CIA imagine can go on forever. A rude awakening awaits them.