Building a Narrative: Insight into False-Reality-Constructs & Fusion Center Smear Operations from the Section 12 Lady & Family Next Door

Personal Report | Ramola D | Sep 25, 2022

In continuation of the report posted here at the time it happened, on August 27, 2022: Repeat Abuse from the Section 12 Lady Next Door, Using Her Entire Family This Time, I am reporting further actions from this lady and her family directly afterward, noted at the time in my Bentley log, which demonstrate quite clearly the program of false-narrative building and smear-operation-running she and her family are embarked on--to conceal Neighborhood Watch monitoring harassment, which in itself is being run to conceal EMF Tech assault. This is also a clue to what has transpired on this street since late 2013/2014, when I first became the subject of extensive Neighborhood Watch harassment and public abuse in conjunction with EMF Technology assault, as reported earlier in multiple articles, podcasts, and interviews, and examined for context here: Ramola D | Parallel Construction To Project #FBILies About Stand-Out Americans in Order to Target Them for Life-Takedown & Deadly Anti-Personnel NLW/Neurotech Assaults.

Smear Operations and False-Reality-Constructs are built on lies, defamation, slander and false narratives which are then added to, spread publicly, and used to vilify, malign, defame, ostracize, and rationalize the public harassment of people — who are being subjected unlawfully to Overt continuous police/FBI/NSA/CIA helicopter/small plane/drone flyovers and established Mil/Intel air-ground monitoring operations and Covert military/intelligence/academic/private experimentation and weapons-testing for unethical AI, Cybernetics, Non Lethal Weapons, and Neurotechnology projects, as reported extensively here, and covered in numerous articles such as this one: Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up. This is the face of Unlawful Watchlisting, Unlawful Surveillance, Unlawful Technology Assault, and Unlawful Defamation, which Fusion Centers are running, with impunity, as if entitled–and not merely does it need to be exposed nonstop, all the players in these deadly wargames need to be exposed: particularly easy to do, when they expose themselves.

Note: I am reporting these crimes as a journalist, who is being doubly targeted and persecuted for daring to publish the truth and facts about ongoing Fusion Center–that’s local Law Enforcement, Military, Intelligence, and Public-Private Partner–crimes. Major efforts have been afoot and continue to be afoot to smear and discredit me as a writer and reporter — which means it has become doubly important for me to report all these incredibly malicious actions against me, which add to the nonstop DEW assaults as well–which the DHS-FBI-LE-CIA-NSA faction apparently want to keep hidden (but cannot, when they engage in Overt Attack as noted here), as they continue to build their Smart Grid inside neighborhoods, for great ease of access and assault in their planned Social Credit Retaliation and Suppression plan for the entire populace: radiating people in their own beds is the very dark dream of very entrenched control fiend criminals, as the late activist and engineer Helena Csorbas noted in her now-renowned petition to Biden, linked here in an article highlighting her work and findings of Radar and Tracking weaponry being used on civilians in the USA: Helena Csorba: The Havana Syndrome…Caused by Pulsed, High-Power Microwave Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)

Memos to President Trump sent earlier are here:

Memorandum to President Donald J. Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance/2017

Once Again, A Memo to President Trump: Massive Surveillance State Abuses | Treason on the Ground, in the USA: Public-Private Partners in Targeted Killing of Americans/2019

Second Attack of Public Slander and Defamation Followed by Third Attack of Intimidation and Harassment At My Door

On the evening of August 27, 2022, the day I published this piece to report the second attack (of Public Abuse and Baseless Defamation) by the Section 12 lady next door, putatively Kimberly Johnson, and her entire family at around 6 pm as I was exiting my car in my drive and entering my home (the first attack she ran on me, in conjunction with the Quincy Police Department, which led to an unlawful Section 12 Psych Hold run by QPD and Brewster on me, reported so far here in my Press Release, in numerous articles and interviews, and in reports on FOIA requests to the City of Quincy and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health occurred on April 12 and April 13, 2022, and is still being reported and being addressed in law), loud knocking on my door at 9:46 pm and continuing for 15 minutes, with frenzied doorbell ringing accompanied by very loud cursing and swearing alerted me to a third attack being run by this woman, who seemed to be standing on my porch with her husband close-by, yelling and shouting her head off.

Not merely was I not going to be speaking to this woman — whom I have refrained from speaking one word to since my return to my home succeeding the unlawful Kidnap-and-Capture operation she assisted in the running of on me between April 14-19, 2022 — I was certainly not going to be opening my door to her. Furthermore, I was alone in the house and did not feel safe, when a loud-mouthed woman who had previously distinguished herself as a criminal in collusion with criminally-acting police was now engaging in threatening and intimidation actions on my own porch, at my door, and late at night.

I got on the phone with a friend and stayed on the phone, until the knocking and cursing and doorbell-ringing stopped, possibly 20 to 30 minutes later.

This was an extremely intimidating, endangering, and provoking action of harassment which caused grave stress. It must be recalled that it was this woman’s extremely-high-volume screaming of public slander at me in the street, on the morning of April 12, as I stood on my own front-lawn, that led to my shouting back at her–trying to match her volume–to cease her vilification and slander, to cease her operation of weapons on me, and my penning my Notice of Harassment and Deceit which addressed the criminal operations of EMF Technology Assault in this neighborhood, inclusive of the 24/7 pulsed EMF tech signals emanating from her house, as also from several other houses on this block, some of them named in my Notice.

This new action of threatening attack cemented my impression of her as a dangerous and unpredictable woman, who seemed to be intent on harassment, provocation, and harm.

Note also that this woman has been protected by the Quincy Police Department, who refused to release information on her name and on the content of her phone call to QPD as well as the video or audio-recording she made during her first attack on me on April 12, when she recorded my response to her after her initiating high-volume public abuse and false-accusations–which was then made available to Carney Hospital staff, who then used it against me without heeding my information on context. All of which points to collusive framing operations to conceal high-tech crime.

My Bentley log for that night notes are below:

Bentley 12:31 am/August 28, 2022

Noting before I shut down for the night: Manic knocking on the door and doorbell ringing at 9:46 pm tonight. Loud shouts and swearing alerted me to who it was—the lady next door who spends her time making false-allegations at top volume in the street and engaged in the mega crime of the Section 12 in April, plus running a street theatre production at 5:45 pm or so when I returned home today from the park, as noted and posted under Personal Reports:

I got on the phone with a friend and stayed on the phone through the continued mayhem of this woman knocking – after what she has done, knocking on my door at night is an unpardonable added trespass, also seeking once again to provoke a reaction. Everything this woman does is at high volume – and I don’t have the necessary thick skin to deal with her verbal abuse; my best bet is to stay far far away from her shrieking – as I did this afternoon by simply turning my back on her and her provocation-uttering hubby and going inside.

Let me note for the record: This woman is a criminal, who, on April 13, 2022, called the police with a false-allegation on me, and initiated a Section 12 Psych Kidnap on April 14 on my living self – an act of trespass and crime committed by the police as well – after she accosted me in the street and flung—at high volume – pedo-accusations of filming her kids at me. Now she continues to verbally abuse at high volume and tops it off by knocking on my door at nearly 10 pm – after reading my report on her verbal harassment perhaps? Why on earth would I wish to open my door to her?

Let me also note for all: As a living woman and state national I am standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of the true USA, and as such am owed the law of Peace by all still entrapped in the Sea Jurisdiction of US Inc or the Municipal Corporation. No-one can trespass on my property without my invitation. No-one can or should be yelling abuse and false-allegations in the street at me. There is a cost for trespass on my property and person and that cost is listed in my Fee Schedule. All who trespass will receive a bill for their trespass and should be prepared to pay it.

Verbal harassment and abuse, verbal insults and false-allegations which are pernicious, injurious, and malicious, pursuit (stalking) while inside home sanctuary, are all crimes.

Note that I did not say one word to this couple today despite their egregious insults, I turned and walked into my home, exactly the response they can expect to any and all provocations.

I am minding my own business – and she needs to do that too, as also her husband, instead of planting themselves outside when I drive in, ready to fling lies and abuse – and ignoring her and her deranged family wholesale: When I am not speaking to her or any of them, what is her deal with needing to shout at me again with her packet of pedo accusations?

Clearly I need security cameras to record her abusive behavior and his without needing to film her myself.

Further Building of Narrative, Further Public Slander and Defamation in the Process

The next afternoon, on relaying this incident to Geral Sosbee, FBI whistleblower who has interviewed with me several times and sends me regular notice of new articles he has posted as well as reports of COINTELPRO and other unlawful abuse sent his way by FBI operatives and minions, a former Special Agent who is very savvy about the incredibly bestial ways in which the ABC agencies, the military, and LE, with their third-party contractors, cronies, and crooks are behaving today, and have been apparently for decades in Mafia USA, advised me to post a Private Property, No Trespassing sign in my front window. I did this, just in time, for as I looked for tape in my art room which immediately fronts the street upstairs, I saw and heard the Section 12 couple–putatively Jack and Kim Johnson–emerge from their home opposite and converse–loudly–about coming over to my house again, whereupon they saw the sign in the window and refrained. Their public chatter however included further defamation and crowing “We caught you!” — a continuation of their Smear Operation they are working hard to build here — which was borne out by the scrawl on my Notice left by the woman on my porch, which I discovered later in the evening. This scrawl (Scanned below) once more pushed their pedo narrative, and is evidence they are building a false-narrative with some passion, clinging to it and repeating it, classic actions of framers and paid defamers in smear and whisper campaigns.

Additionally that week, I heard the man coaching his kids (by saying to them “What do you say, what do you say?”) to say “Stop it! Stop it!” at a point where I was just setting up to go out — which is what they had been saying the day before on August 27 (“Stop recording us!” “Shall we call the cops?” “Call 911!”), as reported in full here — further evidence of this family coaching the children to target and persecute a neighbor, not to mention engage in false-narrative building, slander, defame, and revile. Fusion center contractor families teaching their children to abuse, harass, and bully grown women and men has been reported very often to me as a reporter of these Neighborhood Watch Harassment and Fusion Center EMF Tech Targeting crimes. Now I have been treated to it happening before my very eyes and ears. 

My Bentley notes for this Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Occasion of Slander Attacks are below:

8:11 pm, August 28, 2022:

Noting for the record: On Geral Sosbee’s advice I printed and posted in my front window a “Private Property No Trespassing” sign this evening Just in time.

I was upstairs in my art room afterward–looking for tape–this overlooks the street and saw and heard the woman come out and talk to her husband about coming over again and he turned and saw my notice and laughed. The woman said, “well don’t trespass on my house then and leave your flyers here!”

I refrained from going out just then to post a second Privacy notice on the wall of the house and waited till a while later to open my front door—it was 6:50 pm, I was on the phone then–whereupon I saw they had returned my Notice of Trespass and Deceit on the porch (sent in April–which she handed to the cop whom she called, the famous Lieutenant Terence McDonnell who later lied on FOIA request and pretended there had been “no police response” that day) with some absurd scrawls on it–I have scanned her note and post it below.

She is essentially pushing her deranged — but very obviously framing — narrative of me actually pursuing her kids…..incredible criminality. Ends her note with “leave us the fuck alone…they are children!!!”” This is criminal build-up of massive defamation and character assassination. This is exactly the storyline she started her whole attack scenario on me with on April 12.

And this confirms the black character-takedown operation run on me in this neighborhood since 2013– by the exact party of “National Security” criminals seeking to and indeed running weapons-testing, AI, brain-thieving, IP-theft operations on me and on countless others all over the USA and world.

So it looks like she plans to stick to this little party construct she has going – and I will have to get cameras and a recorder to record any further public abuse and slander: I have not spoken to this woman since her crime in April and will not ever speak with her, given her trolling behavior. She is the one who needs to “leave me the f* alone” and stop with her malicious smears. But it is clear she is planning to continue her abusive behavior and I will need to put up security cameras to protect myself asap—not to mention logging every attack in my presence as I am doing now: this is clearly the makings of a long-term operation of Public Abuse, Public Slander, Public Libel, Public Crime against me and I will be documenting it. If someone wishes to tell me this is not a FBI-CIA-DHS-NSA operation using her as a frontline crisis-actor, they can try, but I will be hard pressed to believe it: someone who spends her time monitoring and harassing and noise-harassing, then starts screaming a storyline in public about filming her kids is not acting alone. This is exactly what Sharyl Atkisson reported too: FBI attempts to put child porn on her husband’s computer. When the exposing of their crimes gets “too hot to handle” for this delinquent organization, they call in their pedo-party clowns to project pedoness on the journalist. Why not just change their ways?!

The rest of her note is equally dimwitted and arrogant “This letter is why you got sectioned”…really?

I rather think her set-up public abuse and bullying with false-allegations and lies along with the entire fusion-contingent of black, blue, and otherwise checkered opsters seeking desperately to shut the journalism down with a “dangerous, unstable, erratic, paranoid, acredible” mental-health label was intended to initiate that unlawful sectioning—and is the true reason why and how it happened. It happened because she made it happen, and because it was planned to happen.

Well, we know there is a pedo-criminal substructure here and it is becoming clearer she is a part of it.

Sep 1, 2022/Thursday 9 pm:

I also need to note 2 occasions of further false-reality-building, one where I witnessed or rather heard both of these characters coach their children to participate in public abuse and slander, the guy telling his kids to say “Stop it!” “Stop it!” (“What do you say”) when they anticipated me stepping out, and two when the woman shouted “We caught you!” – this was on the day she was planning to come visit and was stopped by the Private sign. Unbelievable!

Notice of Trespass and Deceit

My Notice of Trespass and Deceit, intended to be a private communication in the neighborhood, was made into a public notice by this woman the moment she called Quincy Police and handed it to them, along with a storyline of being harassed by me and issuing her now-famous false-allegation of recording her kids and posting the recordings on social media–which QPD, Brewster Ambulance, and Steward Carney Hospital ran with, as they traumatized, victimized, incarcerated and abused me for 6 days–not a temporary matter either, but with long lasting repercussions noted in the medical records–with actionable and defamatory false-diagnoses–associated with my name, which I am now in the position of needing to address with clarity, law, and the facts.

This has become a public matter now with reverberating implications because it seems the long reportage of similar EMF Tech and Neurotechnology assaults on Americans, British, Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Chinese, Russians, Indians, and people the world over has clashed directly with the defunct Mental Health storylines being used the world over in this very public assault on my name, life, being, integrity, and character initiated by the woman next door–which follows on 9 years of character-assassination and EMF Tech abuse as I have reported: Bullying, Abuse, and Slander should never be accepted and ignored, and both the Department of Mental Health in Massachusetts, Quincy Police, and Steward Carney Hospital physicians and psychiatrists along with the framers next door need to be exposed for their false-reality-constructs and acceptance/use of covers and lies to protect very dark military/Intel operations. Neighborhood operations in particular are being protected–and there is much to say about them, as also about Mental Health Fraud. Those being unlawfully targeted and watchlisted for Biomedical and Mil/Intel Trafficking are being re-victimized, abused, labeled, and disappeared by Slander and Mental Health Fraud — while the unethical experimenters, operatives, grad students, trackers, and monitors operate in their own neighborhoods.

I am working on my Affidavit of Truth and Statement of Fact to fully describe the events of April 12-19, 2022 which includes my Notice as an Exhibit, and this Notice will be published in full then, when the Affidavit is also complete and published.

Obviously I am speaking of very very serious matters of outright crime and extreme abuse: these are not matters to be taken lightly by Anyone — and yet we have a most invidious Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Military, and Intelligence mechanism which has established these crimes as a matter of protocol and permitted activity: this is Unacceptable. As a journalist, it is not just my prerogative but my absolute duty to report these crimes publicly. I must remind all readers as well I speak as a peace-practicing American state national and living woman on the Land and Soil, who should not be subjected to the tyranny and criminal authoritarianism of government corporations in Maritime Law/Sea Jurisdiction practicing crime.

Millions are suffering today because of these crimes committed in the lying name of “National Security”: this has to stop.

Links to the personal report articles and interviews I have published on the long 9-year-saga of the unlawful assaults on me–an author, writer, teacher, workshop-leader, poet, artist, mother, journalist, volunteer for the homeless and the blind, activist for a better world–in my own neighborhood as elsewhere–accompanied by massive Slander operations–can be found in my Larger Crime series at Plain Speaking on Substack, and in my Personal Reports here.

Links to the numerous articles, podcasts, interviews I have done both with reporting victims of anti-personnel DEW/Neurotech plus COINTELPRO crimes and with US Govt whistleblowers exposing the use of microwave weapons, radar weapons, neuroweapons on Americans and people worldwide can be found especially under Disclosure on Targeting here and in my Ramola D Reports video channel at Odysee.