Black Helicopters, Black Men in Black Outfits, Black Cars, Blackbirds and Smokers–All Post FOIA Request

Personal Report | Ramola D | June 21, 2022

I want to just record here that yesterday right after making this FOIA request to Quincy Police, the Boston FBI, DHS, and Massachusetts State Police, asking to see all police records referenced in my name–which has been wrongfully appropriated as the Legal Person Name by the corporate system which is running like stale bread on Birth Certificate Fraud–I was at the Home Depot locally in Quincy and was subjected to a few visual treats.

FOIA REQUEST June 20, 2022:

Note, that request specifically references the recent Kidnapping and Capture in SERE conditions On a False Claim by a Neighborhood Informant at a Boston Hospital of this journalist, who has previously been proffered much stalemate comms of “Black Operations” being conducted on her.

Specifically, text of this request:

“Please provide all Police Reports and Police Records of whatever kind, whether Statements, Narratives, Complaints, Notices, Incident Reports, Traffic Citations or any other kind of complaint or claim referencing the Legal Person Name of “Ramola Dharmaraj” from the time period of 2011 to the present date, June 20, 2022, made by anyone, from anywhere, verbal, telephonic, email, text, written, or otherwise on any subject.

This is an effort to locate all false-claims, false-reports, false-allegations, false-accusations being levied, present or past, against “Ramola Dharmaraj” by hostile and malicious parties who have engaged in the hostile and malicious action of unlawful kidnap and capture of the living woman who has been referenced as “Ramola Dharmaraj” and who was thence unlawfully detained on an unlawful Section 12 Psychiatric Evaluation hold at Carney Hospital, Dorchester between April 14 to April 19, 2022, where police parties informed Emergency Room Medical Personnel falsely that she was “Espionage” and needed to be held there for an additional 2 weeks and “entered into the system”: a beyond-egregious act of malice and political persecution (of a journalist engaging in public-interest journalism, very much in the public eye, and with no connection whatsoever to “Espionage”), while she has been subject to much “Neighborhood Watch” and other egregious forms of harassment for years (as publicly reported and to federal, state, and local governments).

Please provide therefore all records of police complaints and claims — of clearly false nature — which have falsely labeled “Ramola Dharmaraj” in whatever form and cast her in a false light and led to police/DHS/FBI watchlisting of whatever erroneous kind so as to warrant and permit such egregious action against her living being and her public name as a writer, educator, college professor, children’s creativity workshop leader, broadcaster, journalist, publisher, mother, and peaceful and law-abiding Massachusettsan.

This request is being made by the living woman and Massachusetts State National (falsely personaged as) who is sole attorney, beneficiary, and authorized agent for the Legal Person Name “Ramola Dharmaraj.””


In addition I sent the following follow-up note to the Quincy City Clerk and Quincy Police in relation to their partial response to my earlier request for information on contracts and communications made by police with the hospital surrounding their unlawful Kidnap and Torture incident involving a rushed and unwarranted “Section 12” mental health evaluation:

“Thank you very much for the communications above. I am now in receipt of the Brewster Ambulance Contract with the City of Quincy, and with 3 communications from the Quincy Police Department, 2 of which had been sent to me earlier on a separate FOIA request: A zipped folder with 5 audio files of very brief communications between QPD officers and Brewster personnel noting addresses, codes, and calls–but no explanations (as FOIA-requested), and a document marked CAD Incident Report #22018758 with the requested names of the 4 QPD officers involved in the unlawful kidnapping, capture, and trafficking of a living woman and Massachusetts State National on an unverified false-claim from a woman resident at 153 Pine Street whose identity has not been provided (and is therefore being protected by QPD despite the gravity of this incident), for which no written police report has been made available to this requester, and a document from Muckrock News carrying the full FOIA request and marked as received by the City of Quincy.

Please note, this request has not been fully addressed. Numbers 1 and 2 on the request have only partially been addressed with the provision of the Brewster Ambulance Contract. The Carney Hospital Contract with the City of Quincy and/or Quincy Police Department has not been provided. Further, all subsections of 3-a,b,c,d,e remain unanswered. Number 4 also remains unanswered. I am noting this for the public record, and asking once again if you could kindly address these lapses. It is of vital journalistic note that the contract with Carney Hospital where the living woman who was kidnapped and trafficked to was falsely detained for 6 days has not been provided, and that the particular stipulations of Section 12 in relation to Brewster Ambulance Services and Carney Hospital, Dorchester have not been made public. (The Brewster contract as you may know does not openly address this, while carrying evidence of redacted or withheld clauses in their contract with City of Quincy).

I would like to give the City of Quincy and QPD an opportunity to correctly and fully address this request for what should be publicly available information. If it is not forthcoming however, I will of course be compelled to address this in reportage as is.

Thanks very much.”

Black Hawk or Special Ops

As I emerged from the Home Depot pushing a cart filled with plants and holding a trellis in my hand–unable therefore to snap a picture–a black helicopter flew in fairly low and rolled over the top of the Home Depot building making a powerful clatter while people in the parking-lot barely blinked an eyelash.

I’m not a connoiseur of helicopters and don’t know what kind it was, Black Hawk or Special Ops or what precisely but it looked military and dark and sort of like the picture above of a Black Hawk.

No doubt there was some profound and noble and Plausibly Deniable reason for this hulking behemoth to be engaging in low-flow swoops over the Home Depot on Granite Street in Quincy in the middle of the day on June 20th.

But pardon me if I view such untoward flyovers with some skepticism.

Black Black Black and more Black, & Smoking

Couple that with the very obvious young Black guy dressed fully in black and pushing his cart obstreperously to park directly in front of me at an angle, apparently receiving urgent comms on his cellphone he just had to slouch over and stop in my path to peruse at that very precise minute that I exited the front area with a cart. The other black-teeshirt dude who had to time his departure with mine as he rambled across to get into the Black car he had parked just coincidentally next to my Black car. And all the many sudden smokers in cars and on the street suddenly arriving in field of view, wearing a kind of absurd ferocity on their faces….the very UnIntelligent jokers from the Third Agency from the Moon are particularly fond of this stratagem to convey who-knows-what but attempted-intimidation or attempted-threat for sure, as I’ve written about before in these personal reports especially.

At home I must note, several Blackbirds showed up at my bird seed stations–unusual, although not excessively. Plausibly Deniable for sure–and that’s the mantra of the Black Ops Club isn’t…Few people know that neural manipulation of all living beings is going on but there you go–if a Black Ops party wants a blackbird to fly into your car–as happened recently (with a starling rather), he only has to lift his Remote Neural Monitoring wand and point and shoot. Or wait, maybe switch on the local UWB (ultra wide band) radar or phased-array antenna to send pulses of a certain frequency to disrupt the emf oscillations of a certain bird brain to cause a particular action out of confusion or disorientation or re-orientation or such.

Coincidentally, Dr. Robert Duncan just posted this meme referencing Psychic warrioring and Secret twits in the Black Ops club and their obsession with Plausible Deniability on his Facebook page a couple days ago:

Covert Comms and Clueless Commsters

So consider me overreaching here or “grandly delusive” but the Covert Commsters do like to behave in bizarre ways as I have often witnessed, often heard about from others.

Going on this supposition then, I have a few things to say to this crowd of outright criminals engaging in inhumane and unethical non-consensual experimentation on the public.

The point is, what is the point of telling me it’s a Black Operation? Telling people (doctors) at Carney Hospital I’m in “Espionage” is a Black Operation? (The last I checked the NSA wasn’t paying my mortgage.) Do tell how I’m in “Espionage” please! I’m all ears.

Contracting with Carney Hospital to capture overly outspoken journalists pretending it’s a matter of “Public Safety” or “Public Health” to force psychiatric evaluations after instigating a neighborhood fracas is a Black Operation? (No wonder the City of Quincy is loath to produce this contract QPD has with Carney Hospital–is there one even? Maybe That is the Black Operation?)

The entire Section 12 Psych Hold running on people who are reporting being mauled to death with microwave weapons, milliwave weapons, and other exotic “non-lethal” Spectrum and sonic, acoustic neuroweapons of every kind is a Black Operation?

(Yes I know that: this is what I’ve been reporting for 9 years, speaking to both government whistleblowers and ordinary people who have been dragged into the dark Satanic lair of Fusion Center trafficking–where the FBI and DHS falsely watchlist and the DOD and CIA happily experiment, operate, weapons-test, Psych-test, monitor and evaluate, using no dearth of unethical assaultive Spectrum means and Neurotechnology means to do so, both part of “Cognitive Warfare” I now learn: again, inhumane, unethical, unregulated, no-holds-barred cybernetic torture of the citizenry with no “Moral Science” involved, as Amy Gutman, Chair of the Obama Bioethical Commission in 2011, 2012, famously penned in her infamous report of that name where she just incidentally left out huge chunks of witness testimonial presented by the populace of unethical Torture experimentation by DOD/CIA going on.)

Or redacted/withheld clauses in the Brewster Ambulance contract with City of Quincy is the Black Operation, referenced therein? (No questions asked, no explanation given when Quincy Police demand an ambulance at a certain address, professing a “medical evaluation” needed.) How convenient, to simply white out or black out those clauses in a contract so the public can’t see what those clauses say! How ethical indeed, of an ambulance service and a city government in engage in such undisclosed contracts!

Let’s Get Real: These are Spych Operations

The point is, I think I’ve dissected the matter very clearly here and indeed that is how the clandestine agencies are able to get away with beyond-egregious assault on the populace, with undisclosed contracts and verbal agreements with local governments to look the other way when people are being harvested–not being abducted by aliens, just exploited by US agencies and US military–for the most extremely invasive, intrusive, unethical, inhumane, and sickening “experiments” “weapons-tests” and “operations” and “trauma-based mind control” putatively for “Peace-Enforcement” and “Public Safety”–namely, neuro experiments and operations, involving the vilest bio-hacking and neuro-hacking involving major trauma, character-assassination, blacklisting, and life-takedown.

The Psych Hold is the cover and the gateway to getting victims of these Black Operations an unethical “psych diagnosis” from an unethical Psych Doc at an unethical hospital which has an unethical and undisclosed agreement with local police, cities and counties, codeword “Espionage”: “I understand you’re looking for an access point, to enter her into the system.”

Subjects of these ghastly Mengele operations are not “Espionage”, they’re victims of the Espionage Operations of the Espionage Agencies who have lost all moral compass and are now feeding on the populace for their brains in a frenzy of thrashing and gulping like baleen whales after plankton, and think the clever thing to do is to get that Psych Diagnosis slapped on their victims at speed, hook or by crook (definitely crook), and get them “entered into the system” where they are suddenly dragged into courtrooms, assigned social workers and case numbers, spychiatrists and spych drugs, and essentially forced into a Bizarro Universe of complete Life Takeover as a Psychiatric Case, all in the name of Public Health and Public Safety….all to preserve the Dr. Evil operations of the DOD/CIA and the fat paychecks the entire set-up industry is currently enjoying, as they gobble cream cakes and chocolate horns in between dragging off yet another female journalist, all strapped down in the no-questions-asked Brewster, to the ever-compliant ER at Carney, ready to incarcerate anyone on false claims, lies, and outright fabricated drivel, so very Safe since they’re wearing Quincy Police uniforms.

The point is: there is No Point in telling me these are Black Operations! It’s perfectly clear to everyone under the sun they’re Black Operations!

The point is: the point of writing and journalism is to EXPOSE Black Operations! No-one is going to stay silent because the Black Opsters come by, jitterbugging in their Black Hawk helicopters, desperate to convey It’s Black! It’s Black!

No, you clueless Commsters, it’s Unethical! It’s Inhumane! It’s Outright Evil! THAT’s the most important thing here–that’s what FOIA requests and writing are all about, to report the facts, to put the truth before the public, to let everyone see the HORROR of what is going on, so it can be CHANGED.

Where are the Ombudsmen, the Oversight Committees, the Nuremberg Commissions, the Human Rights boards in these unethical agencies and military divisions?

Why does the CIA believe it can go on forever, savaging lives, without reprieve?

Why does the US Airforce and US Navy and US Marine Corps and US Army and NSA and DIA and co. think it’s A-OK, to select certain “Persons of Interest” for their brain-exploiting operations, then destroy their lives all-around and slap Psych Labels on them–where is the Ethics here?

Fact is, these agencies and militaries and the contractors they work with are filled with people with no moral compass nor conscience but oodles of alertness for the next fast buck they can make, careening down Kickback Corruption Way toward them–as evident in the FBI, as documented here, and obvious from locals in Quincy who get to wear paisley ties and puff cigars while the people in Quincy get shafted.

Still Collecting Information

At this point I am still awaiting responses to all FOIA requests, including from the Department of Mental Health, which spun a quick story to get out of needing to answer any questions, but I will indeed report on this encounter and all surrounding information in a comprehensive article examining the deeper significance and larger crime here shortly.

I’m not here on this Earth to protect Black Operations, and neither should you be! Not when these involve absolute crime and carnage, as they do. Those who run, protect, facilitate, and ensure their continuance need exposing. How else can such extreme crime against humanity be terminated?