NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart: China – Falun Gong / US – Targeted Individuals


Falun Gong is a benign religion of conscience. In Communist China, by 1999 there were 70-100 million adherents. Then Communist Premier Jiang Zemin decided they were a threat to his god-like status and outlawed and arrested many. They were prisoners of conscience, with whole families living in prison work camps. China started a disinformation/propaganda campaign to discredit these pacifists as crazies, not quite human, a threat to National Security and the Chinese equivalent of “baseball, apple pie, and the American (Chinese) way.” (This hate and fear mongering campaign, worked like the hate and fear mongering campaign by the Nazis against the Jews in the 1930’s to accuse them of being “an enemy within”. Many used false vilification to turn a blind eye to mass murder of their former neighbors and friends.). This was followed up by media censorship of the extreme measures the government took against Falun Gong.

By 2006, 600 organ transplant facilities had been created in China, a 300% increase in what there had been in 1999. Americans, Europeans, other rich foreigners were flocking to China for much needed organ transplants hard to get elsewhere. The business is bringing in billions of dollars to China’s People’s Liberation military hospitals and their Militarized police hospitals. But China has no organ donor program – at all. Where are these billions of dollars of transplanted organs coming from? According to human rights experts like Dr. Gabriel Danovitch, UCLA Medical Hospital, David Matas, Human Rights lawyer, Ethan Gutman, investigative journalist, and others, the organs are coming from Falun Gong prisoners executed on demand like lobsters in a restaurant, when a customer who matches their blood and tissue type, comes to Shanghai, China for an organ transplant. China is harvesting their citizens like crops.

Now come to the USA where we claim to be the bastion of human rights and the defender of the individual. There is a secret program essentially doing the same thing, harvesting innocent humans for profit. It is being run by the Department of Homeland Security and is called the “Terrorist Watch List”, though it is entirely a scam and designed to be, by the ex-Communist experts who designed the program, Markus Wolfe (ex-STASI, East Germany) and Yevgennij Primakov (ex-KGB, USSR). While no particular religious group is targeted, there are certain similarities to choosing the victims

a)      People who live alone, with few family or friends,

b)      People who challenge the status quo by “asking questions”,

c)       People who question or reveal corruption,

d)      People who file lawsuits that reveal corruption,

e)       People who file lawsuits to protect basic rights,

f)       People who report corruption, like journalists,

g)      People who report corruption to “the proper authorities”,

h)      People who run afoul of someone in a secret society tied to the all but benign “community policing groups” tied to DHS through the Fusion Centers,

i)       People who are in the wrong place at the wrong time,

j)       People who have genetic traits, abilities, or disabilities of interest to a government or linked military or corporate entity, etc.

These people are reported as potential “targets”, with the snitch likely getting paid a “finder’s fee” or they are reported by powerful and vindictive people for some kind of vengeance and murder program to assuage their petty, narcissistic egos. Affiliated FBI, which created the Fusion Centers under President Bush (43), falsifies paperwork to put through the nearest compliant, rubber-stamp FISA Court to allow targeting and “surveillance” (slander, stalking harassment, covert attacks, etc.), of the fake terrorist to begin. The Fusion Center alerts its civilian, mercenary stalkers called Infragard and other such secret civilian standing armies, to begin 24/7 harassment in relay style against the target, with potentially hundreds of people involved performing the same harassing activity but switching off for plausible deniability to circumvent antiquated stalking laws. Eventually of course, the target notices formulaic odd and intrusive types of abusive behavior from strangers, co-workers, friends, and sometimes even family. When he voices his observations, he is quickly labelled mentally ill, marginalized, isolated, and abused. Especially by the authorities, who are ordered to withhold equal protection under the law to certain targeted individuals on a secret list which law enforcement is ordered to keep off premises and out of the reach of any subpoenas for plausible denial. They are told it is “a matter of national security”.

Once falsely declared a threat, legalistic sleight of hand comes into play, the person is not only secretly accused of any heinous crime or activity imaginable without any proof at all or even contrary to all proof, but then the person is secretly declared guilty and secretly “punished” because they also have been declared secretly non-citizens, secretly non-humans, and secretly devoid of all Civil, Human, and Constitutional Rights. Local authorities are told to make up reasons to not answer their questions or help them, covering for their attackers run by the DHS/FBI/Fusion Centers. Victims are kept reeling from constant harassment, break-ins, thefts of valuable or extremely personal items, vandalism, orchestrated car crashes, pet murders, -mutilations, -thefts, false co-ordinated accusations of crimes by the actual criminals, and accused of bad performance on the job to get the person fired then black-balled. Financial, emotional, social, professional, destruction is the goal of psychological warfare called “Zersetzung” perfected by the communist East German Secret Police. The more viciously harried the target, the less likely others will believe him and the more likely the person is isolated and made entirely vulnerable to what comes next.

Taking out contracts on the now dehumanized, isolated victim with no rights:

Once put on the Watch List, everything about the person is known, medical records, finances, social security number, etc.. DHS/FBI/Fusion Centers sell “contracts” on the person to various affiliated entities. Contracts entail the use of certain chemicals, poisons, covert weaponry (Directed Energy Weapons) as well as the mis-named and related “non-lethal weapons” (which can be quite lethal) that many police have been given by the military industrial complex. You see, to keep investors coming, test results need to be available on “bio-specimens” and no human being in his right mind would volunteer to be tortured, damaged, killed by such horrific weapons of war and intended eugenics, to comply with the UN De-population decree.

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) are not the only participants in “people farming”, Big Pharma, Medical Device purveyors, and the like, which view healthy humans as of no worth as anything but lab rats to exploit in order to gain knowledge to make billions off of people born with or having acquired lucrative medical conditions to treat. So some targeted individuals are covertly or even forcefully injected with RFID chips, medical chips, nano-particles (some self-assembling) and even morgellons to induce horrific illnesses, pain, and suffering, in order to study their health decline, and to study how the “bio-specimens” react to being oppressed and manipulated by those in authority controlling such technology and controlling society around them.

Inevitably, many targeted victims end up incarcerated or put in mental health facilities for either reporting what truly is being done to them by organized sociopaths and psychopaths paid tax dollars under-the-table, or from being falsely accused by these Infragard zealots and similar neighborhood watch groups, of a non-existent crime or for merely acting in self-defense against a group of bullies wielding the potential for unfathomable emotional damage, as well as unimaginable damage by covert weaponry, which no legitimate government would put into the hands of the unsophisticated, gullible, greedy, mindless equivalent of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz, the dregs of society that make up the Fusion Center mercenaries and seditionists. But when incarcerated or committed, the innocent victims lose even more of their rights and behind closed doors are even more abused with no one to turn to at all. With prisons privatized as well as mental health facilities for profit, even ones being bought up by DHS, the victim is now lost in a matrix of unimaginable horrors. Add to this that the DHS/FBI/Fusion Centers and partners also engage in a pyramid scheme of buying life insurance, trust funds, and joint properties in the names of the falsely accused victims as well, to be collected on and distributed upon the inevitable death of their targets.

While this covert, cowardly, and duplicitous methodology to hide this State-sponsored horror of “human farming” under “Homeland Security” by a rogue, seditious government is much more difficult to reveal to the average comatose American than the China abuses, many are trying anyway to waken what is left of real humanity, that has not given itself over to self-serving, predatory fascism and transhumanism in the guise of perverted patriotism and vigilante injustice.

Is there a difference in the overt depravity of a nation like China that has never entertained the idea that its people were anything but property (expendable) and a nation like the US that continues to espouse superficial support of basic human rights as a primary core value, but uses egregious legalistic sleight of hand to secretly declare innocent individuals as “enemies within” in order pave the way for them to be abused and annihilated for profit? Is it just the minuscule modicum of honesty China shows in regard to its human rights crimes as where the US still has the audacity of outrageous and obscene pretense that makes the American genocide and perfidy even more reprehensible? And what of reports claiming America is especially targeting minorities and women with this holocaust?  

Karen Melton Stewart, National Security Agency, Intelligence Analyst, Ret.

Judge Trenga ruling 2019: Flyer Created by NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart

Download a copy of the above flyer and read the judgement in full here: https://everydayconcerned.net/2019/09/11/nsa-whistle-blower-karen-melton-stewart-recommends-sending-a-letter-to-judges-to-abolish-fraud-terrorist-watch-list-and-the-associated-organized-stalking-harassment-and-electronic-torture/?wref=tp