Karen Melton-Stewart is Engaged in Targeting Crimes Against Others & Is Publicly Asked Once More to Cease & Desist Her Public Lie & Smear Campaigns, Upheld by Twitter, Facebook, and Activist Post

Notification, Report, Cease & Desist | Ramola D | June 12, 2021

It has been brought to my attention this morning that Karen Stewart, who poses to the world as a NSA Whistleblower, who succeeded in deceiving me, as a journalist and human rights advocate completely, who worked with me on Techno Crime Fighters Forum for 1.5 years, then turned on me in November 2019, evidently to run Katherine Horton’s smear campaigns for her, on Intelligence backing, is back to smearing me publicly again, despite her recent panicked removal of her two main Facebook sites where she has been smearing me continuously, posting public lies, noted in Notes on Past & Present TI Activism to Expose Fusion Center Excesses, Evils, & Crimes.

This was posted recently by Karen Melton Stewart @karen_kams56 on Twitter, which has distinguished itself as a supporter of hate speech and false information and an upholder of smear campaigners such as Karen Stewart, by its recent suspension of my Twitter account while refusing to suspend the accounts of those who publish lies and deceit, such as Karen Stewart.

It appears that Karen Stewart–who has posted attack-tweets on me denouncing my disassociation with Dr. Eric Karlstrom, who discredited himself in bizarre misogynist attacks on me after our Global Gestapo series closed, with Global Gestapo 12 (videos now on Odysee/Lbry/Bitchute after Youtube crashed my channel) and propping him up despite his despicable behavior to me, is now turning on him and daring to commingle my name with his.

Karen Melton Stewart’s Support of Dr. Eric Karlstrom Who Also Attacks and Smears Many

This latest regarding his attacks on Bobbi Peitsch was brought to my attention this past week by an email, blind-carbon-copied to me from Bobbie Peitsch, who addressed Dr. Karlstrom and called him out for putting her down and ignoring her extensive work in exposing conglomerates of private data-collecting networks and academic/private-sector entities as preying on those wrongfully targeted by FBI/DOJ and trafficked into DOD/DOJ/CIA/NIH/Biomedical research networks for Nazi atrocities to be performed on their bodies: “you participate in biomedical human trafficking when you stand against those who (are) standing up against this form of terrorism that clearly involves pharma/military/oil companies.”

Dr. Eric Karlstrom, ROGS ANALYSIS, Domestic Terrorist Intelligence Agencies, and CIA Gatekeeping & Fudge-Creating

The opinions of Dr. Eric Karlstrom, who maintains several websites and seems to favor the term “Gangstalking” which in itself downplays the scale and intensity of the physical assault and battery with RF/neurotech/implants endured by targets, and also appears to posit himself as an expert on targeting and “Targeted Individuals” when it is more likely he is running a front operation for the CIA–which agency he has reported previously on my podcasts as employing various members of his family, including an uncle whom he has stated occupied a pretty high position in this MK ULTRA and Manchurian-candidate running terrorist agency, also responsible for the Bay of Pigs episode in Cuba and the subsequent assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as exposed in “Barry and the Boys” by journalist Daniel Hopsicker–are certainly not to be trusted, in my opinion at this point in time, after his attacks on my own voice and work, and in view of his several questionable alignments and focuses (anti-Jewish, pro-confusion regarding Jewish/Zionist/Chabadic Satanists).

The whole world of TI activists being filled with cover operatives, spies, counterintelligence agents, disinfo agents, sensationalists, deflectors, liars, smear campaign artists, melodrama queens, embezzlers, gatekeepers, censors is a known fact. Their wheelspinning for three decades has kept these Mengele-atrocity programs going, and fed the crack-imbibing, cigar-smoking denizens of the Covert Exploitation Club in the CIA, FBI, DOD, DHS, NIH, NSF, DTRA and other fancy alphabet agencies and their entire retinue of private-party contractors feasting on the corruption dribbling out of these hotbeds of corruption and crime which use HUMAN BODIES to non-consensually experiment on, and believe their secrets will be kept forever.

This post by Eric Karlstrom while seeming to applaud the work of Bobbi Peitsch in uncovering these secret networks also puts her down, and is supported by a secondary poster “ROGS ANALYSIS”–this one giving themselves away as part of the NSA/CIA gatekeeper plantation among TIs, whose fixation is on denying IMPLANTS, that most necessary route to TI Torture and Mengele Trafficking–who denies and ridicules non-consented implants: https://gangstalkingresearch.wordpress.com/2021/03/01/debunking-the-false-gang-stalking-claims-is-relatively-easy-i-have-computer-chips-rfid-implants-in-my-body/comment-page-1

(I notice from a cursory read this ROGS ANALYSIS also sets himself/herself up as an expert on all matters TI, much as Dr. Karlstrom does and Karen Melton Stewart does, and denounces anyone and everyone working in the field as an activist and researcher, helping usefully to “muddy the waters,” a classic #MockOp CIA Disinformation and Propaganda tactic, it appears.)

Karen Melton Stewart and her Targeting Crimes, Exactly Like the Fusion Center Terrorists She Purports To Call Out

Karen Melton-Stewart runs Targeted Smear-and-Lie Campaigns, Exactly Like the Fusion Center Terrorists She Purports to Call Out

In continuing to post lies and smears against my name and against the names and work of others such as Amy Rayboun, whose recent post at Facebook, reposted here with a preface was instantly echoed by Karen Stewart with a post at Activist Post, essentially repeating the information often posted by TI activists and revived in Under Cover of Surveillance, Gross Violations of Human Rights & Civil Rights in US and Worldwide | Amy Rayboun: The Program All True TIs are Blacklisted Into with the title “How is this Surveillance?” — a product of the hypergaming, echo-stalking, neuro-spying brigade she appears to be a part of, judging by all recent signs of words on desktops, thoughts in heads being handed to her — Karen Stewart is once more driving the False-Narrative she has worked hard over 18 months to establish, with multiple posts and smears at Facebook and Twitter.

It is an irony that she presents herself publicly as an activist supporting those targeted and seeking to expose fusion center crimes, while in actuality supporting these very crimes by targeting others–as she has targeted myself, Amy Rayboun, Galina Kurdina, and several others for 18 months in my case, 5 years in Amy’s case, and, if I am correct, for over 2 years in Galina’s case now.

It is evident also that those platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Activist Post which permit her to publish her lies and smears, refuse to heed reports & complaints, and continue to publish her work are also supportive therefore of her targeted smear and defamation campaigns against many.

As I wrote recently to another prominent TI activist who hosts conference calls and who recently sought my help in reporting targeted crimes against herself, I was compelled to decline and excuse myself from assisting as a journalist in publicizing her case, given her continuing support of Karen Stewart’s work, despite being apprised of Karen’s incessant and excessive targeting of myself and many:

“Yes I’m a journalist, one with values and integrity. I stand up for those who are wrongfully accused and wrongfully smeared and slandered. I rush to the defense of many who are attacked and lied about, including by Karen Stewart. The articles Karen writes and gets published no doubt inform others, just as my work does, and others’ work. This does not mean we all have to support and promote her work. She has shown herself to have no integrity whatsoever, and has engaged in a deceitful, lying, defaming attack on me and others–nothing to endorse or support. People in “the community” do not need to have the articles by a lying, slandering, targeting NSA-agent promoted–the same agent is busy attacking and helping get others targeted; I can bet you anything Karen’s incredible attacks on me on Twitter “fed” the very fusion-center cycle of useless spying on one’s social media, naming one a threat, and keeping one “under surveillance”–essentially to perpetuate the very crimes she writes about in this new article: COINTELPRO terrorism and assault with emf weapons and neurotech, while keeping one enrolled in CIA/DOD neuro-harvesting projects. Do you know she was calling me a “cyberstalker” on social media, inverting the facts and saying I had “stalked and persecuted Katherine Horton for 18 months,” “could not keep adult relationships” (like she knows) “bullied” her “demanded quid pro quo favors as a journalist” “tried to enlist others to attack KH” and worse…? Incredible lies. I was in fact hit extremely badly during that time period when she was defaming me actively every single day and I was also hit extremely badly when I wrote about her attacks and exposed her lies and smears: Karen Stewart is very much “in” with the fusion centers,and her entire turning on me establishes definitively she is now a fusion center operative. Which she may always have been. She is walking the path of Deception or the Way of the Serpent.

In fact, I sent you the links recently to my post telling everyone to keep their distance from her, given how badly I am hit when exposing her lies–it is clear she is being protected and has the ability to command death squads on me. This was in my Notes on TI activsm page and is titled: 6 May 2021| Urgent Advisory: Karen Melton-Stewart is Dangerous, Disassociate Completely From Her

You are entitled to your opinion of Karen’s articles and Karen just as I am. The fact that the intelligence agencies and law enforcement have become terrorist organizations running terrorist activities on us is not something Karen invented or freshly declared; several of my articles, Geral Sosbee’s, Barbara Hartwell’s have discussed this. Several of my newer articles as well, including my letters to local “authorities” pointing out their crimes. What Karen has stated in her article is nothing new–you are welcome to consider it is important, that is not my problem. Karen herself has acted like a terrorist against me and against Amy, Galina, others.

The world at large is going to be informed about these crimes from a variety of sources. I am not in the slightest bit interested in worrying about any of it. I am focused on doing my work and helping inform the world, as also in helping to stop these crimes. However, I draw the line at supporting those who promote a woman who is focused on attacking me publicly with LIES. I hope you understand where I am coming from here. Karen is engaging in targeting crimes.

It is because people have been supporting Karen Stewart that she continues her lousy behavior of attacking and smearing others…

However, as I noted several times, I am aware we all make our own choices. I am NOT telling ANYONE what to do. I am telling EVERYONE I do not support ANYONE who supports and promotes this absolute monster and double agent–without bothering to call her out, recognize the horror of what she is doing publicly to people’s names (remember, I am a journalist operating in the public eye, I do have a name to uphold and protect) and just ignoring her targeting crimes and attacks on others.

It is IRONY that she writes calling out the fusion centers, it is her cover operation–since she works with them. It is also damage control — since currently she is facing several defamation and other lawsuits. And, as I see clearly now, it is also echo-stalking/hypergaming of our actions, yet further evidence of her participating in targeting crimes.

It would actually be very appropriate for me to write and point all this out in an article, in observation of her own article here–where she forgets to mention she has been engaged in avid character assassination projects herself, in very brutal and malice-filled manner, against leading activists–exactly like a fusion center terrorist herself.

–Ramola D, Email, June 10, 2021

I will add as well that the attacks I have reported of extreme heart-hits and pointed noise harassment locally when previously reporting these targeted smear attacks by Karen Stewart, Katherine Horton, Midge Mathis, and Ella Free have picked up again, yesterday and today–further evidence of the actual fusion center and black-ops Intelligence allegiance these ladies clearly enjoy, in stark contrast to the cover operation “activism” for the targeted they publicly project.


Karen Melton-Stewart is once again advised to Cease and Desist immediately from the pejorative use of my name in her abusive smear-and-lie tweets and posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. This repeat Cease and Desist follows on the many Cease and Desists issued to Karen Melton-Stewart publicly, including with this Public Notice Re. Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, Dec 28, 2020.


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