Important Notices for TIs, Journalists, Human Rights Advocates

June 12, 2018

Notice for FBI, Police, Firemen/Targeted Justice: Attn: FBI, Police, Firemen – Most people in the United States, including FBI Agents, are being tracked 24/7

February 27, 2017

Dr. Katherine Horton’s New Life-Signs Monitor to Monitor Heavily-Targeted Community Activists Reporting High Tech Crime: Life-Signs from the War Zone

Ella’s Podcasts 2/28, 3/02: Dr. Katherine Horton, Renee Pittman Mitchell

Ella’s Interview with Former White House Secret Service Officer Donald Jackson now on Youtube

February 22, 2017

Ella’s Podcast on 2/23: Former White House Secret Service Officer to Disclose Being Targeted with Electronic Weapons, Stalking, DEWS

Standing Notice/March 22, 2016:

Note to Activists, Writers, Indy Media, Bloggers, Whistleblowers: Just FYI, EMF Weapons/DEWs Are Being Used Covertly in Neighborhoods…