Evidence of Intel/Big Tech Affiliations: Libel and Slander from Dr. Katherine Horton Propped Up in 2022 by Google/Alphabet/CIA/MI6, Microsoft/Gates, DuckDuckgo/Weinberg

Report | Ramola D | August 7, 2022

A few days ago, looking for an old FOIA request made on Muckrock under the name “Ramola Dharmaraj”, I noticed that what came up on a Search was, right at the top, “Dr” Katherine Horton’s libel and slander, which, on further investigation, proved to be propped up by Google–run by the CIA which is really flown by MI6 I hear; Microsoft, Bill Gates’ pet enterprise; and DuckDuckGo as well, disappointingly, which is owned by one Gabriel Weinberg, possibly with German connections as Horton has as well.

Dr. Katherine Horton as people may know spent years lying publicly, slandering, and defaming me online, after working with me for a year and a half on Techno Crime Fighters Forum, seeking apparently to disappear both my name and my work–I have covered her infamy here and in numerous other articles online. Her actions of malicious targeted defamation and cyber harassment were picked up, continued, and amplified by ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, also reported comprehensively online; Stewart’s equally malicious targeted cyber-harassment has revealed her COINTELPRO connections.

Numerous Cease and Desists sent their way did not succeed in quelling or removing their slander, except haphazardly. Katherine Horton in particular has left online hugely defamatory pages at her website stop007.org, which comes up readily when I search for that form of my name: What else could that mean but a closeness on her part to the very Deep State of Big Tech: Google, Microsoft, and the “IC” associated with both? DuckDuckGo’s following along in this modality I cannot quite fathom. However what this affirms really is my reading of who Ms. Horton is really and what some of her affiliations are, opinions I have published in my articles on her, after her incredible marathon run of Assault-and-Battery-on-my-name, and her apparently intended torpedoing of the forward movement of my journalism between 2017-2018 (during Techno’s run) exposing State crimes.

Basically, Google is propping up libelous drivel published by Horton, and so is Microsoft, and so is Duck Duck Go. Thousands of my own articles, podcasts, books, websites are disappeared altogether as her slander surfaces, right at the top. A commentary therefore 1) on their propping up and libelous PR-work for her and 2) her closeness in Intel affiliation with them, exactly as I have surmised.

I’m recording this here for the record, and I’ll have to figure out how best to address this with these tech companies who run search engines but privilege Disinformation, Misinformation, Slander, and Libel while disappearing and marginalizing and seeking to project in false light a writer and journalist who has done a great deal on several journalistic fronts to expose the most execrable Technological bio-hacking and neuro-hacking and life-hacking crimes against humanity run by the Intelligence agencies and Militaries of the world, propped up and facilitated by local governments and Law Enforcement boys’ clubs.

This is further evidence of the incredible 9-year-long targeted attack on me, my name, and my life since 2013, when these outrageous targeting activities, headlined by character-assassination and false-narratives, began–being covered currently at Ramola D: Personal Reports and recently summarized at Substack:

The Larger Crime: Behind the Kidnapping & Capture of an American Journalist and Author in Quincy, Massachusetts: What It’s Really Brought To Light | Part II: The Backdrop

Screenshots from Bing, Google and Duck Duck Go posted below.

Microsoft BING

Duck Duck Go


Given Google and co’s ongoing saga of censorship nonstop of all necessary information and concomitant privileging of propaganda from various parties–the pharmaceutical industry, the offense industry (parading virtuously as Defense), the life-takeover industry (playing “Security” and “Public Safety”), etc.–here is one more evidence of their targeted defamation and disappearing of necessary journalism.