Ella’s Podcast on 2/23: Former White House Secret Service Officer To Disclose Being Targeted with Electronic Weapons, Stalking, DEWs

Please listen in this Thursday night to Ella F’s Thursday night podcast interview on 2/23/2017 with Donald Jackson, a former Secret Service officer who worked for several years at the White House, and became the target of covert electronic warfare, like many others wrongfully targeted today, after reporting a personal matter. He brings to America and the world the message that we all need to galvanize around this issue of ending electronic assaults and non-consensual human experimentation.

Please share this information from Ella with truth-telling media, journalists of conscience, and human rights advocates, so these issues gain greater awareness and help inform the American public at large as well as the global public.

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Thursday: 2/23 Donald Jackson

Personal Bio:

Donald Jackson is a former five-year White House Secret Service Officer. His active duties were from the years of 2009 to 2014. Other duties included Fitness Coordinator and a lead at the East Gate for access control. He has been a victim of Electronic Harassment, Human Experimentation, Directed Energy Weapons, and an Organized Stalking Target. He is born and raised in Chicago. Graduated from Depaul University in 2006, from where he has a Bachelor’s degree in Education, concentration in Fitness Management. While at Depaul, he was a member of Divine Living Word, a student campus ministry. With the organization he was a leader and an associate board member. Donald wants to tell his story but is also speaking out to inform that no American is safe from this hidden torture, and the country needs to galvanize around the issue of ending Electronic Assaults and Non-consensual human experimentation.

Since 2001, a large number of Americans have come forward with similar complaints of electronic harassment, directed energy attacks, illegal human experimentation, and organized stalking. Donald held a prestigious position at the White House, yet even he could not be protected. Typically, these weapons are used on real foreign enemies of the state, but out of retaliation, and inexcusable personal reasons, many innocent Americans are chosen to be tested on. While at the White House, Donald Jackson developed a great relationship with co-workers and White House staffers. However, after speaking out about a personal issue, his harassment intensified. As a result of these attacks, Donald was forced to resign.

Donald’s situation at the White House is a wake up call that indicates the reach these criminals have, the fact that they have no regard for the country itself, and this Nazi program is meant to control the masses all around eventually.

Donald is hoping his voice along with the Targeted community can help reach attorneys to take cases for prosecution, and reach the community and leaders, journalists, law enforcement, media, country leaders, and the general public.

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