Act Now

26 Dec 2016, Intro’ing this Page

A Take-Action page, to list action items as they come in, on any and every issue of importance for humanity, living beings, and the safeguarding of our beautiful planet. Please check in at least weekly for updates, please act now: to speak out, write a letter, send a tweet, post an article, spread the word, make change happen.


26 Dec 2016

Call on the ICC to Prosecute War Crimes Justly

A petition created by David Swanson and World Beyond War is being run by Roots Action, it asks the International Criminal Court to step up to prosecute war crimes and war makers all over the world, including the US:

“The ICC is degrading rather than enhancing the idea of international justice by giving a free pass to Western war makers. The United States has itself given a free pass to its war makers, kidnappers, torturers, and assassins. The U.S. president-elect and his advisors openly plan to violate laws against war, torture, and the targeting of civilians. The people of the United States and the world need the ICC to fulfill its mission and step in where domestic justice has failed.”

People of the U.S. and World Ask ICC to Prosecute U.S. War Crimes

“After you’ve signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others.”

Speak Out for Dr. Katherine Horton

Please act on Dr. Katherine Horton’s behalf. Read more here and send a letter to the German Ambassador and to Intelligence agency heads as she recommends on her website.

Dr. Katherine Horton, Oxford Physicist, Assaulted with EMF Weapons, Needs Your Help: Please Write to the German Ambassador in Bern

Her Christmas Day appeal is powerful and a must-watch, must-act-on: