Letter from Ramola D to the Chair & Quincy School Committee

Letter-in-PDF-Format Post | Ramola D | Feb 24, 2021

This June 10, 2018 letter was mailed to the Chair of the Quincy School Committee as well as Committee members after grave acts of defamation and libel by the Central Middle School Principal Richard deCristafaro Jr. and Vice Principal Susan Shea Conner, along with former Chair of the Committee Dave McCarthy–after the Principal was advised of the use of military electromagnetic weapons on school grounds by parent and writer Ramola D after the School Science Fair in March 2018, and was subsequently falsely reported to the Department of Children and Families by the 3 named above as being “mentally ill”–while the City of Quincy, with Chair of the Quincy School Committee and Mayor Thomas Koch at its head have openly permitted Directed-Energy-Weapons testing by the US Air Force in Quincy, as per information received from FOIA requests and established through further research–as well as all sorts of other clandestine and unlawful human experimentation by the CIA, among other clandestine organizations using military weapons. Please see Ramola D/Public Exhibit: Investigative Journalism is Not “Untreated Mental Illness” for more information and evidence of these crimes on the American populace.