Public Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton

This is a Public Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton to make the following corrections in text and attribution to prevent the appearance of misrepresentation, appropriation, or false light in material belonging to Ramola D:

  1. Re-post videos from Ramola D Reports such as Stop007’s repost of Report #47 in which she has been featured only with the Title and Report Number as posted at Ramola D Reports, and to include the cover graphic for the video report as selected thumbnail and cover graphic when posting. Report #47 featuring Dr. Paul Marko and Dr. Horton with its title is included in the cover graphic below:PaulMarko47Cover
  2. Use the publishing name Ramola D and not Ramola Dharmaraj in attribution.
  3. Provide the original title and attribution for the post made at Stop007/Urgent Appeal: to reflect the original post here:, including separating the credits for text as noted in the original post (The first half of this post is not a creation of Dr. Horton’s, as suggested at Stop007.)

It is standard practice that material from The Everyday Concerned Citizen and Ramola D Reports may only be re-posted with original title, link, text as-is, and full and accurate attribution.

–Ramola D/10/30/2018