Public Notice to Deborah A Weber to Cease and Desist Libelous Posts

This is a Public Notice to Deborah A Weber  who runs the Tumblr site and Twitter handle @DeborahAWeber at to cease and desist from making slanderous, baseless, fabricated, falsely accusatory and false-allegation posts about myself or my family and to remove all libelous posts and tweets immediately. 

While some of these defaming posts were addressed in notices on Twitter, as re-posted below, many more it seems have been made, all in a tone of absolute certainty, as if Ms. Weber is privy to some extraordinary Intel that no-one else has, including myself. Quite literally, Ms. Weber has plucked her statements out of thin air, fabricating, confabulating, and conflating varied snippets of conversation she has had with me more than a year ago into blatantly false narratives which frankly read as extremely harmful to my name and character and my family’s name. Suggesting I am or my family is involved in money-laundering activities is an absolute joke but also a grave, wrongful, and false accusation which is defaming, slanderous, libelous, and actionable. Every single one of the statements Deborah Weber has made in these posts and others on Twitter and Tumblr and elsewhere on me and my family is completely false. 



Remarks made here by Deborah are blatant slander and libel and bizarre speculation on everyone she names really, including myself, my husband, Dr. Paul Marko, Barbara Hartwell. By these means she appears to be spreading slander and lies freely online. This callous disregard for the truth by Deborah Weber should be noted by all. 

Deborah Weber is hereby advised to stop posting such ridiculous lies and libels on my and my family’s name and requested once more to remove all posts and tweets publishing such lies. Such lies not merely confuse readers of my articles and creative work and viewers of my podcasts, they are absolute falsehoods which attempt to set in place a false narrative and false-reality construct about who I am, which directly affects my reputation and my work–in tortious interference which is legally actionable. 

–Ramola D/2/03/2019