In response to Elise Xu, Newsguard

Note | Ramola D | July 19, 2023

Text here updated July 20, 2023

In response to Elise Xu of Newsguard this summer — following on last year’s report on Newsguard here: The Perversion of Journalism: Newsguard, a Pharma/Arms/Govt Propaganda Upholder, Therefore Misinformer Misleads School & Journalism Students on Misinformation — I was obliged to remind Newsguard of what may really be at stake when the careful science and technology reportage of a writer also meticulously reporting the crimes of counter-personnel directed energy technologies and neurotechnologies on hundreds of thousands of Americans, Europeans, and others worldwide including on herself is maligned with intent to defame.

“Cognitive warfare,” Neuroscience, Neuro warfare, Information warfare have taken on a new meaning today as the relatively new fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neuroweaponry, and Electronic Warfare Weaponry have developed tools, methodologies, compartments, and covers to attack human intelligence, writing, journalism and truth with–in addition to assailing the brains of pretty much everyone on the planet in Asymmetric form, wifi and telemetry being a large part of it–and I believe the time has come to speak openly of what lies beyond historic Internet censorship today: neurobio hacking in neuro censorship and cyber hacking in cyber censorship, both criminal, and subjects for deeper examination in a later post.

These are the emails sent to me recently by Elise Xu of NewsguardTech and my response by email with a letter attached, all below:

Postscript: This little note here has also been cyberhacked in the creation; the PDF file name with the suffix “-3” on the Letter to Newsguard may or may not be a WordPress protocol; it should really be the same as the actual PDF file name, and it isn’t clear to me currently whether this suffix has been added by nearby cyberhackers during in-creation hacking, a continuously recurring problem which has escalated to unbelievable proportion the last few days, or inhouse WordPress mechanisms, something to check.

  • “Community Healthcare Monitoring” and “Behavioral Healthcare” as subjects for deeper scrutiny have previously been covered at this site and will be further covered shortly.