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Mind Control News: Some Shielding Advice for “Targeted Individuals”

Posted with thanks to Mind Control News, Germany, for all those being covertly assaulted with EMR/scalar/sonic weapons. Mind Control News ( from Europe sends this link to some information on shielding from Michael Gleim—the link is to a Google-translated-from-German page–and … Continue reading

Massive Heart-Hits/Obvious Outright Assassination Attempts While Exposing CBS News–60 Minutes, Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg, Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, Targeted Justice, Ella Free, Matthew Aaron, Freedom for Targeted Individuals, and Others

Ramola D | Personal Report | Sep 20, 2019 For the record, I need to note that during the two weeks that I was working on finalizing and posting my Failure-to-Report-Crime Media POPPCon articles on the CBS News, 60 Minutes … Continue reading

Once Again, A Memo to President Trump: Massive Surveillance State Abuses | Treason on the Ground, in the USA: Public-Private Partners in Targeted Killing of Americans

–Ramola D/Posted 3 July, 2019/Dated & Sent Online to White House 26 June, 2019/Print Copy Received at White House August 2, 2019 Written with intent to rather briefly brief the President–but inevitably extending into more of a saga as I … Continue reading

Richard Lighthouse/Estimated Numbers: Targeted Individuals and the Terrorist Watchlist

10/17/2018 Posted by kind permission of the author, Estimated Numbers: Targeted Individuals and the Terrorist Watchlist is an e-book published by former NASA engineer and current Director of Technology at Targeted Justice, Richard Lighthouse. Hopefully this will open up a … Continue reading

Seth Farber, Ph.D: The Psychiatric Metanarrative, Targeted Individuals, and the Deep State: A Response to The New York Times

Not long ago, in June 2016, The New York Times published a piece by Mike McPhate, titled “United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers,” purporting to offer an unbiased journalistic exploration of the subject of “Targeted Individuals.” This piece … Continue reading

Holistic Doctors, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, “Targeted Individuals,” & Remote Radiation Heart Attack Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself

In light of the recent reports on the sudden deaths of several holistic and alternative practitioners of medicine, including those MDs who were engaged in cancer research and in researching cures for autism and AIDs, there is now an increased … Continue reading

Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996

RAE (Report, Analysis, Op-Ed) | Ramola D | Posted January 30, 2020 Documentary Evidence since 1994 of Covert High-Tech Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use in Targeted Surveillance, Experimentation, Operations by US Government on Americans: A Series (1) The DOD/DOJ Memorandum of … Continue reading

Ramola D Reports | Report #152: Kristen Conklin, Electrical Engineer, HR Activist on Neuroweaponry, Neuroethics, Human Rights, Transhumanism

Ramola D/Posted Oct 16, 2019 Fascinating and wide-ranging conversation on neuroweaponry, neuro-experimentation, neuroethics, dual-use neurotechnology, and transhumanism with Kristen Conklin, an electrical engineer and human rights activist with an interest in protecting human privacy but also, surprisingly, in transhumanism The … Continue reading

The Consequences of Infiltration

–Ramola D/Posted June 7, 2019 The Consequences of Infiltration in Human Rights “Targeted Individual” Activism against the combined High-Tech, Stealth-Tech War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity of Surveillance Abuses involving Remote Electronic Torture by Intelligence Agencies and Fusion Centers, Non-Consensual, … Continue reading

Unconventional Journalism in the Face of Unconventional Warfare: Is Fear of Deep State Crimes Surfacing Driving the Oregon Public Defender Sabotage of Todd Giffen’s Case? | May 23, 2019

–Ramola D/Posted 5/23/2019 As Todd Giffen goes into court today for a much-delayed Mental Competency hearing — which would not have even been on the books were it not for an early public defender (currently fired) assigned to him, Todd … Continue reading