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Mind Control News: Some Shielding Advice for “Targeted Individuals”

Posted with thanks to Mind Control News, Germany, for all those being covertly assaulted with EMR/scalar/sonic weapons. Mind Control News ( from Europe sends this link to some information on shielding from Michael Gleim—the link is to a Google-translated-from-German page–and … Continue reading

Posting, For The Public Record | Unlawful Targeting of an American Writer & Journalist

Ramola D | Page Created 10/28/2020 | Updated 10/28/2020 I’m posting here all articles, letters, threads, links to posts related to the unlawful EMF/Neurotech/vehicular & crowd mobbing/neighborhood stalking & monitoring/street-theater stalking & Zersetzung targeting, along with character assassination campaigns and … Continue reading

Ramola D Reports | Report #152: Kristen Conklin, Electrical Engineer, HR Activist on Neuroweaponry, Neuroethics, Human Rights, Transhumanism

Ramola D/Posted Oct 16, 2019 Fascinating and wide-ranging conversation on neuroweaponry, neuro-experimentation, neuroethics, dual-use neurotechnology, and transhumanism with Kristen Conklin, an electrical engineer and human rights activist with an interest in protecting human privacy but also, surprisingly, in transhumanism The … Continue reading

Ramola D | #Bentley360: Musings & Reports–Full Spectrum Record

Current Post June 7, 2021 | First Posted Online 26/12/2019 | Ramola D The posts in this log (pardon me but I aim to be candid and graphic, to expose the incivility, dehumanizing, and sub-human nature of these crimes) aim … Continue reading

Richard Lighthouse/Estimated Numbers: Targeted Individuals and the Terrorist Watchlist

10/17/2018 Posted by kind permission of the author, Estimated Numbers: Targeted Individuals and the Terrorist Watchlist is an e-book published by former NASA engineer and current Director of Technology at Targeted Justice, Richard Lighthouse. Hopefully this will open up a … Continue reading

Once Again, A Memo to President Trump: Massive Surveillance State Abuses | Treason on the Ground, in the USA: Public-Private Partners in Targeted Killing of Americans

–Ramola D/Posted 3 July, 2019/Dated & Sent Online to White House 26 June, 2019/Print Copy Received at White House August 2, 2019 Written with intent to rather briefly brief the President–but inevitably extending into more of a saga as I … Continue reading

Massive Heart-Hits/Obvious Outright Assassination Attempts While Exposing CBS News–60 Minutes, Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg, Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, Targeted Justice, Ella Free, Matthew Aaron, Freedom for Targeted Individuals, and Others

Ramola D | Personal Report | Sep 20, 2019 For the record, I need to note that during the two weeks that I was working on finalizing and posting my Failure-to-Report-Crime Media POPPCon articles on the CBS News, 60 Minutes … Continue reading

The Consequences of Infiltration

–Ramola D/Posted June 7, 2019 The Consequences of Infiltration in Human Rights “Targeted Individual” Activism against the combined High-Tech, Stealth-Tech War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity of Surveillance Abuses involving Remote Electronic Torture by Intelligence Agencies and Fusion Centers, Non-Consensual, … Continue reading

9/11/2018: Expose the Treason, Challenge & End Domestic US Fusion Center & Military Terrorism Masquerading as Surveillance

–Ramola D/Posted 9/11/2018 For those of us who have found ourselves wrongfully thrust under surveillance by too-well-budgeted and clearly corrupt fusion centers in the wake of 9/11, and wrongfully rolled into non-consensual neuro-experimentation programs being run by a treasonous US … Continue reading